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Greece to receive yet another bailout

Tuesday, July 14th, 2015

If you know the the details of the bailout, your brain is being filled with useless misinformation. The important facts are the thirty thousand foot view:

That this bailout is much smaller than the previous bailouts.

That the previous bailouts had extremely harsh conditions that Greece was unable and unwilling to fulfill, and this bailout has even harsher conditions that Greece is even less able and even less willing to fulfill.

That this is not the first time that Greece has been asked to hand over the family silver as surety for a loan, and on previous occasions, the alleged family silver proved to contain no silver. Greece has a lengthy track record of yielding non asset assets to creditors.

The death of Christianity

Saturday, July 11th, 2015

I have often remarked that Christendom is as dead as Roman paganism was in the fourth century AD, but, not being a believer, have been unable to explain why in ways believers could understand.

“Throne and Altar”, however, has nailed it:

The first is a sense of the sacred, the spirit of reverence, coupled to a sense of God’s revelation in the given meanings of the world. The second is a horror of nihilism, so that a man fears meaninglessness more than he craves license. The last is basic tribal loyalty to the Church and her members throughout the ages. The theologians scorn these attitudes because they are after all natural; one finds analogous or even identical things in any vital religion. But without them, any spiritual quest is bound to begin in pride and end in apostasy.

Heartiste, minion of Satan, observes the symptoms with horror.

A religion is a synthetic tribe. But progressives hate tribalism, so Christians have piously stopped being tribal.

Some Jews are still tribal, as B smugly reminds me rather frequently. But if they are, B’s version of Judaism is not doing a lot to encourage it.

And how many fingers is O’Brien holding up, Gcochran9

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

The blog “West Hunter”, which investigates our ancestry, sometimes gets close to the edge of permitted thought. But will not slip over the edge. The globe is warming catastrophically, gay “families” are just are … just like normal families and are definitely not harems of sex slaves, and so on and so forth. And, while it industriously investigates the origin of races, there are, nonetheless, no such thing as races.

In a comment on that blog jamesd127 gives a summary of some of the more horrifying hate facts contained in “The Root of the Phylogenetic Tree of Human Populations” by Masatoshi Nei and Naoko Takezaki, Institute of Molecular Evolutionary Genetics, which tells us that the genetic distance between human populations is of the same order of magnitude as the genetic distance between humans and chimps, and that not all human populations have evolved at the same rate, with humans in environments very different from that of the common ancestor of man and chimp evolving substantially faster than humans in environments resembling that of the common ancestor of man and chimp.

To which the blog author responds simply “False”

Now it might well be that the conclusions one might draw from the paper are false, but to deny that the paper says what it says is on par with saying that O’Brien is holding up five fingers.

Nonetheless he is a good bloke. I also would say O’Brien was holding up five fingers if they had electric wires attached to my testicles.

But, since he probably does not really believe that the paper does not say what it says, I wonder what he really believes about global warming and gay families.

He does not want further discussion of this topic on his blog. He does not say “Because several large black professors with base ball bats and room temperature IQs will visit my office if this discussion continues”

Yet another final deadline for Greece

Wednesday, July 8th, 2015

Supposedly, if no agreement by Sunday, the ECB will stop funding Greece .

There have been a lot of final deadlines.

That which cannot go on forever will stop, but I would not bet on it stopping on Sunday.

Greece does not need austerity nor does it need stimulus. Greece does not need to remain in the Euro nor to exit the Euro. What Greece needs is a a massive reallocation of labor from luxuries and import consumption, to necessities and export production. Such labor flexibility could be accomplished by cutting taxes, dropping official wage floors and cutting the salaries of government employees, few of whom do anything remotely useful (“austerity”), or could be accomplished by retaining nominal wage floors and inflating them away. (Exit from the Euro plus “stimulus”)

In practice however Greece is likely to get the “austerity” of raising taxes that are far above the Laffer limit even further above the Laffer limit, and the “stimulus” of ever more governmental and quasi governmental patronage jobs. When neither measure, stimulus nor austerity, has the intended result, it will get further loans from countries less dysfunctional than Greece. These loans will gradually become stingier and stingier, and less and less able to maintain the illusion of first world normality.

Ending not with a bang, but with a whimper.

Governor Cuomo shocked that women will do anything for an alpha male thug

Friday, July 3rd, 2015

“I’d be shocked,” he said, “if a correction guard was involved in this.” he said of an incident were a couple of female guard now faces the music for enabling the escape of a couple of prisoners that they had been having sex with.

female officers were responsible for the majority of all substantiated episodes of staff sexual misconduct with prisoners.

This is an example of “not getting the joke” “or generational loss of hypocrisy”

One generation pretends, and the next generation actually believes.  When I was young everyone politely pretended women were not like this, but everyone knew women were like this.  Back in those days no one would ever allow female guards contact with male prisoners for glaringly obvious reasons.

This is a general problem with pretending to believe stuff so as not to hurt people’s feelings.  After a while, people start actually believing it.  Expect aids infested blood to be back in the blood supply real soon now.

A commenter points out that one of the guards to which Governor Cuomo refers to was male. The male guard claims that the female guard hid the hacksaw blades inside frozen meat, and he unwittingly took the frozen meat to the prisoners not knowing what was in it. The male guard appears to have been bribed to do what he thought were minor favors. The female correctional officer, however, was doing major favors.

Greece runs out of other people’s money

Wednesday, July 1st, 2015

The trouble with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people’s money.

The level of economic freedom in Greece is fortieth out of forty three in the Eurozone.  It has been falling like a stone for some time.

The real Greek economic crisis has been happening since about 2002, though it was partially hidden by very large amounts of other people’s money until 2009.

Supposedly only twenty five percent of the workforce are unemployed, but the unemployed are vastly outnumbered by the steadily and rapidly rising “inactive”.  If a young man never gets a job, he is classified as “inactive” rather than unemployed.  And most young men never get a job.

In most of the world, the anticapitalist economic left has largely disappeared, replaced by the anti white, anti male, and anti heterosexual left.  In Greece however the anticapitalist left remains significant, so that in Greece the ever leftwards movement creates profound uncertainty in property rights.  Movement leftwards in Greece buggers the economy more than movement leftwards in the US.  If you invest, chances are you will lose your investment to a gang of thugs affiliated with a political party and protected by police and bureaucracy.  In the event that you don’t lose your investment to assorted thugs, in the event that you actually make a profit, tax rates are far, far above the Laffer limit, so you won’t get your money back in any reasonable time – and with uncertainty growing every day, a reasonable time is a shorter time every day.

The government program is simple.  They demand ever greater amounts of other people’s money, so that socialism can work.  Since the evil Greek capitalists are tapped out, that is evil German money.  Other people’s money is a human right, and their failure to get it is a violation of their human rights.

And the more they want German money, the more they cultivate hatred of the Germans.  Seventy seven percent of Greeks believe the economic crisis is a German plot to install the fourth Reich on Greeks.

If you are stealing Jewish money, or Greek capitalist money, then it is a useful tactic to hate them, demonize them, and blame them for everything.  Hating and demonizing Germans is unlikely to work as effectively.