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In Russia, there is freedom

Monday, August 31st, 2015

Recently a gay black journalist murdered a white woman and a white man because he hates whites. This happens all the time, continually, day and night, but was more newsworthy this time because he did it live on air and on Facebook and explained his reasons on Facebook.

In Russia, but not in America, the news reported this event as “a black man …”

We love Putin, because Putin defends freedom.

Trump: Empowering the powerless

Thursday, August 27th, 2015

There is a rule that people like Jorge Ramos are entitled to act like like the subhuman savages that they are, and white males must respectfully suck it up.

Trump broke that rule.

People like Jorge Ramos should not be allowed out in public without a leash. All men are not created equal, and forcing people to act as if they were unavoidably and necessarily oppresses the superior.

This post categorized in culture rather than politics, because election campaigns are merely theater. Trump bouncing Jorge Ramos is more important than anything a president can do.

It begins

Sunday, August 23rd, 2015

A huge flood of blacks from subsaharan Africa is pouring into Europe, since stopping them has very recently been made illegal, and when they arrive, they are guaranteed free food and housing, and the welfare state and feminist laws has left white pussy readily available, undefended, and defenseless.   What man in his right mind will protect a slut (assuming she wants to be protected, which is unlikely)?

A necessary consequence is that whites are going to be eliminated from Europe – probably not any time very soon, but now it begins:

Boris Palmer, the Green Party mayor of Tübingen, told Welt newspaper the town was struggling to find accommodation for migrants.

“The Police Law has clear rules. If there is a threat of homelessness in a city, vacant houses can be seized for accommodation,” Mr Palmer said.

And if they are not vacant now, they will be soon after a bunch of blacks move in next door.

These guys were sleeping in mud and thatch huts before they came, if they were not sleeping in the long grass. Now they get a house some white man built. And when they turn that house into a burned out ruin, after the fashion of Detroit, built by whites, burned by blacks, they will complain of racism and systematic discrimination because whites still have nicer stuff than they do, so they need to take more white stuff and wreck it also.

Blacks are like locusts. They take the stuff that white people built, for example the American inner city, destroy it, and then move on to take something else. They cannot be stopped because the state apparatus forbids white collective self defense, while encouraging black collective rioting, encouraging collective attacks on random isolated whites motivated by black hatred of whites and black sense of collective identity. This raises the cost of housing for white people to unaffordable levels, preventing family formation.

Whites move out from their houses because of state sponsored collective black violence, as is happening now in Baltimore and Ferguson, and blacks move in to houses white people built.

Trump plan to stop (nonwhite) immigration

Monday, August 17th, 2015

The Trump plan broadens the Overton Window by speaking the unspeakable.

Ann Coulter says “I don’t care if @realDonaldTrump wants to perform abortions in White House after this immigration policy paper.

Of course ending immigration is enormously popular.   Everyone is unhappy with the program to turn all white nations majority nonwhite in the fairly near future, but no one dares say so.  The program  will turn whites into a market dominant minority, and market dominant minorities usually get genocided or ethnically cleansed sooner or later, as for example Zimbabwe and large parts of South Africa.

The ideology justifying the eradication of whites is already in place and taught at every school.  White males cause poor performance of women and nonwhites by thinking evil thoughts at them.  They do this because they are just hateful and malicious.   For example after blacks acquired Detroit, whites, out of sheer hateful malice, turned it into a third world hell hole by thinking evil thoughts at it.  Since no amount of thought reform seems able to halt these evil thoughts, obviously white males have to be eradicated and white females bred with nonwhites.

Of course it is possible, that as in latin America, whites can manage the decline so as to avoid the usual fate of market dominant minorities.  In most latin American countries, people believe that they are all one race, and anyone who notices that they are not is apt to fall down several flights of stairs in a one story police station.   But I am not seeing any military, political, ideological or social preparation to manage the transition.  People continue to throw lighted matches into what will soon become a pool of gasoline.  Recall what was done to the Tutsi in the Congo with the full military and political support of the Cathedral.

Trump’s plan, despite being outside the recent Overton window, is oddly moderate. No plan to halt welfare for illegals, no plan to forcibly remove illegals already here.

Further, Trump’s plan relies on the cooperation of the courts, who will surely not cooperate.  Australia found it necessary to bypass the courts and  use direct military power, and use what are officially regional processing centres run by “civilian contractors” but are in fact prison camps run by the military (yes, those civilian contractors).

The Trump plan resembles the various anti immigration initiatives of the Australian labor party, which failed because of hostility and forcible resistance by government employees, and fraud and defiance by the courts.

Presidents cannot do $#!& unless they are prepared to use the military, as the Australian government finally did.  And the US military has become so PC in its upper ranks that it is far from clear that it would obey such orders.

Political correctness castrates men

Wednesday, August 12th, 2015

A public radio station (Government left wing propaganda station) had its staff testosterone levels tested. They all came out pathologically low, the highest being a gay New York Jew who almost made the official normal range (the official normal range being much lower than the actual normal range) Every one else was less than half the lower limit of the supposed normal range.

In the ensuing conversation, they remarked on how girly and effeminate public radio is.

“Todd had never been seen as especially manly during his life, but thought maybe here, in this group, compared to the rest of us, he might at least stand a chance”

“That at least someone would be girlier than I. If I cannot be the most manly in public radio, where the hell can I be the most manly?”

This suggests that filtering for political correctness is filtering for lack of manliness.

Alternatively filtering against “rape” and “sexual harassment” is filtering against manliness.

Or, and this is my preferred hypothesis, political correctness actually causes lack of manliness, that continually censoring one’s words and thoughts, continual crimestop, has the same effect as continually being defeated, humiliated, and degraded, in reducing testosterone levels, that crimestop lowers your ability to reproduce.

This would explain the continual and major drop in testosterone levels. It is not literal estrogen in the literal water supply, but metaphorical estrogen in the metaphorical water supply.

Intact fetal cadavers

Friday, August 7th, 2015

An anti abortion organization, posing as a fetal tissue buyer, gets planned parenthood to agree to arrange for twenty week babies to be born alive, and then supplied to the buyer.

At which point you are doubtless thinking “How mature is twenty weeks? Are they conscious?”

Here is a video of an unborn boy masturbating at fifteen weeks. (At 6:30 into the video) If he can beat himself off, he is conscious. (From fifteen weeks to birth, there is a male hormone surge, to ensure that little boys are born looking conspicuously different from little girls. During this hormonal surge, unborn and newly born males are apt to beat themselves off)

Of course, really it makes no moral difference whether the baby is killed one minute before birth or one minute after birth, and whether the still living but abandoned child is sold for profit. The profit just reminds us of what we are allowing people to do.

If children are not valuable, except as their parents value them, if they can be disposed of at whim, there is no moral basis to force men to provide child support, any more than they should provide cat support for cat ladies.

If children are inherently valuable, if allowing them to be killed brutalizes us all, because a society that can dispose of unwanted babies can dispose of unwanted pensioners, political troublemakers, etc, then women have no right to abort, still less to abort without paternal permission, and no right to behave in ways that deprive children of fathers.

It would seem that children have zero value except their mothers value them. And if their father values them, but their mother does not, they still have zero value. But, if their mother values them, they have infinite value – except that they can be denied their biological fathers.

So we go from infinite valuation of human life, to treating children as disposable garbage, accordingly as convenient for women, and inconvenient for men.

Skittles guy and female agency

Saturday, August 1st, 2015

There has been a tremendous amount of research in how to sleep with as many women as possible, and it is relatively easy to obtain good scientific data on this question, because the experimenter can try one thing on a statistically significant sample of women, then another thing on a significant sample of women, then form theories based on the results, and test the theory with yet another significant sample of women. Heartiste is your best entry point into this research. Be warned that not all experimental results can be easily and accurately expressed in words. If having trouble with the words, check the words against a frame by frame analysis of video. Ninety percent of it is in movement and body language. Mating preceded language, and still does.

The optimal strategy for sleeping with as many women as possible is exemplified by Skittles Man.

However, this strategy is suboptimal for keeping women around. You are not going to fulfill your Darwinian imperative unless you keep a woman around.

We don’t have the scientific knowledge for keeping women around that we have for getting them into bed in the first place, but I probably know slightly more than most. Research on this topic is costlier and more time consuming, and one is always facing samples that are statistically inadequate and unlikely to be comparable.

After being sexed a while, girls want signs of love, which Skittles Man conspicuously fails to provide – but not signs of neediness, they want behavior that show you care for them, but not behavior that shows you want to please them.

Believing that women lack agency helps with this. If you think that what she wants is not necessarily relevant, that women lack agency, then giving her what you think she needs does not show neediness, but affection.

Women want to be owned. They want to be owned by someone that loves them, but not someone that needs them. If you don’t think women are entitled to make decisions, nor good at determining their best interest and acting on it, you will not be acting needy. If you simply believe that decisions are yours to make, that her decisions are made by your permission and are ultimately subject to your approval, if you don’t believe that women have agency, in the sense that they are not morally entitled to agency and are not good at exercising it, you will express that belief non verbally and she will gladly accept that belief – provided of course that that belief comes out of love.

If you want to reproduce, you should believe that women should be property, should be pets, are happier that way, and that a society that allows them agency is corrupt, ridiculous, immoral, and absurd.