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Saudi Monarch executes US agent who tried to overthrow him.

Tuesday, January 5th, 2016

Note the sudden explosion of friendliness between Iran and the US State Department.

They were both trying to overthrow King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, King of Saudi Arabia and Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques.

Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr was the face of Arab Spring in Saudi Arabia. Pretty obvious he was a tool of Iran, but the interesting question is: was he a tool of the US State Department?

“NGO” stands for “non government organization”, but if an organization is actually non governmental, for example McDonalds, no one calls it an NGO. In practice, “NGO” means “US State Department Front Organization”. This is an open secret, as for example when they advertise for employees, they are apt to describe the openings as government employment.

The reason that they call themselves non governmental is that they actively campaign in US politics and foreign politics, which is illegal or embarrassing for the US government to openly do.

When the Saudi princes arrested Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr for trying to overthrown them, the NGOs – pretty much all of them – went bananas, revealing Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr to be an NGO tool, and thus a US State Department Tool.

Note the great success of Arab Spring in Syria, Libya, and Egypt.

In favor of a repressive state religion:

Saturday, January 2nd, 2016

We anthropomorphize the Cathedral as a person or a conspiracy.  Such anthropomorphizing is a good approximation for corporations, since they make considerable efforts to make the approximation true – by concentrating all power in the CEO, and then delegating power from the CEO.

However, the cathedral is rather a bunch of conspiracies, and its direction is determined by entropic forces akin to enthalpy, rather than a sinister and clever plan.  To build a ruling coalition, divide power into bite sized morsels and distribute widely.  Not a good plan for operating a functional organization.   Mann is sovereign, and Mann is an idiot.

In Europe you go directly to jail for thought crimes.   The US has the first amendment, so employs a workaround.  If a business employs thought criminals, it has a “hostile work environment”, so gets sued by social justice warriors, and has to pay them large sums, making thought criminals effectively unemployable, and social justice an obscenely lucrative career option.

This, however, does not work on open source, hence Gamergate is relatively successful.  The Social Justice Warriors attempt to seize open source projects.  Sometimes they seize them, and to their surprise destroy them, often they get pushback, which pushback they attribute to Gamergate and the Neoreaction.  And indeed it is true, in that Gamergate and the Neoreaction is the think tank of the pushback, but what makes the pushback effective is the propensity of the revolution to devour its children, what makes the pushback effective is that leftists pretty soon start persecuting leftists for insufficient holiness, with the result that pious leftists find themselves, to their horror, deep shame, and great embarrassment, joining forces with Gamergate and the Neoreaction in self defense, as the Montagnards found themselves collaborating with the Dantonists.

There is always a state religion.  There never was a golden age of freedom of speech and thought.  However if you have many states with many state religions, and there is a lot of movement and communication between them, as in America before the civil war, then truth stands a chance, because if the gentleman from Massachusetts cannot say the truth, the gentleman from Virginia can say it, because before the Mormon War and the Civil War, the State of Virginia had a different and independent state religion from the state of Massachusetts.

The religion of Massachusets wound up conquering the US, and eventually the world, in large part because Virginia took religious freedom seriously, while Harvard and Massachusetts was unyieldingly and fanatically determined to extirpate it with fire and steel and still are unyieldingly and fanatically determined to extirpate it with fire and steel. When crazies and fanatics go up against moderate, compromising, and cynical cosmopolitans, the moderate and cynical cosmopolitans tend to get trampled.

If ever there was freedom from the state religion in a white state, that state was Virginia before the War between the States, and it did not end well.

We today have two problems:  A single monolithic state religion, that since World War II has dominated the entire world, and a state religion with no archbishop and inquisition to keep the crazies in line.   Kings put Bishops on the payroll to shut up the crazies.   If you have a state religion controlled by the holiest, you get holiness spirals of ever more holy people

Having freedom would be the cure, but freedom within a single state is tricky, and, as we saw in Virginia, vulnerable to violence from the holy.  Whites are prone to state religions.  Asymmetric repression leads to movement ever leftwards.  The state religion has to repress the excessively holy as well as the insufficiently holy, or it inevitably gets ever crazier.

If freedom for the insufficiently holy is hard to achieve, restricting the liberty of the excessively holy is easy to achieve.

White nationalists tend to mistake repressing the excessively holy, controlling the priesthood, for controlling the Jews. Effective measures to keep the priesthood and the excessively holy in line would quite disproportionately affect Jews, but Jews as such are the wrong target.