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The Cathedral triumphantly announces victory in the streets

Saturday, March 12th, 2016

The Daily Beast:

Protesters Scare Trump Out of Chicago

The Riverfront Times in Saint Louis

The activists in this town are battle-hardened and ready to go. They’ve had a lot of fights in the last year or so, and that’s only primed them to take on bigger ones. It really makes you wonder what Trump was thinking.

Well, a short time ago, Trump’s rally in Saint Louis took place. How, I wonder, did it go?

Bunch of arrests, one guy who decided to fight the cops somewhat the worse for wear.

If you want to look for videos of violence at the Trump rally in Saint Louis, you see Trump’s adoring crowds drowning out the protester with a Trump chant, followed by Trump commanding the cops “get him out of here!”, and then you see a crazy black guy trying ineffectually to fight a couple of cops who are throwing him out with smooth efficiency and complete control.

When you try to control political outcomes using the threat of crazy black guys, crazy black guys are only a problem if no one is allowed to fight back.

And so we see frequent noisy announcements that Trump is being outrageous and horribly politically incorrect for having his people fight back. The Cathedral is confused and continually surprised by the way government cops keep maintaining order and following Trump’s directives at Trump events. The Cathedral is accustomed to controlling both sides of the pretended confrontation, the protestors and the cops both, and is confused, disoriented, and surprised by what happens when the cops support order. Order prevails.

Meanwhile, large numbers of American voters notice that, outside of Trump rallies, order does not prevail.

Despite the frequent and triumphant announcements of disorder at Trump events, what the voters see is someone able and willing to maintain order, who has the support of the men he needs to maintain order.

The Cathedral is implicitly threatening voters, that if they elect Trump, the NAMs will come around and beat them up, but what the voters see at a Trump rally tells them the reverse.

Ethnic cleansing in Ferguson

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Not all houses in Ferguson have dropped to a small fraction of 2014 prices, some substantial areas are holding value, but houses in large parts of the Ferguson zip code have dropped far far below the cost of building, or even maintaining, the house. If the ad says “located close to shopping”, it usually means that whites have been forced to abandon their homes to blacks by black violence.   The shopping areas are still partly ruins, often with rubble that no one has yet bothered to clean up.


These houses are generally listed as sold in foreclosure, suggesting that the occupants simply fled, abandoning their house to the bank.

Whites build houses for black people to live in. When the neighborhood is utterly destroyed, blacks move on to another white neighborhood.  Hence the abandoned ruins of Detroit, as blacks flee the ruins of Detroit, to ruin more recently built homes.

That is how the inner city became black.  And now, the process that made the inner city, where the wealthy used to live, a terrifying jungle stalked by upright walking plains apes, is being repeated on those suburbs targeted by the HUD and the department of justice.

This predation by blacks on whites is a major part of what makes housing and family formation unaffordable to whites – the high, and ever rising, cost of buying a house in a neighborhood which is unlikely to be taken away from you.

Everywhere, blacks live in the ruins of homes built by whites that whites were forced to abandon, often, as in the inner city, quite wealthy whites.  For white people to afford housing, we simply have to restore segregation, apartheid, and slavery.  Even if this is unfair to some individual high performing blacks, what is happening with housing is immensely more unfair.  Collective racial violence by blacks as a race against whites as a race gets blacks free stuff from whites, and this absolutely has to stop. If you don’t like my program for stopping it, what is your program?

Trump and assabiyah

Wednesday, March 9th, 2016

In the days of its greatness, the Roman Republic had assabiyah

“Horatius,” quoth the Consul,
“As thou sayest, so let it be.”
And straight against that great array
Forth went the dauntless Three.
For Romans in Rome’s quarrel
Spared neither land nor gold,
Nor son nor wife, nor limb nor life,
In the brave days of old.

Then none was for a party;
Then all were for the state;
Then the great man helped the poor,
And the poor man loved the great:
Then lands were fairly portioned;
Then spoils were fairly sold:
The Romans were like brothers
In the brave days of old.

Now Roman is to Roman
More hateful than a foe,
And the Tribunes beard the high,
And the Fathers grind the low.
As we wax hot in faction,
In battle we wax cold:
Wherefore men fight not as they fought
In the brave days of old.

Baron Macaulay’s poem neglects to explicitly mention, but takes for granted that the reader knows, that all three were aristocratic officers, and that the two that fought on Horatio’s right and left were lieutenant generals. This is reminiscent of Britain in the days of its greatness, when aristocratic officers led from in front, charging into battle in costumes that conspicuously marked them as targets, and engaging the aristocratic officers of the opposing army in personal hand to hand combat, for which glorious privilege they paid extraordinarily large amounts of money.

Our political class hates and despises the white working class, as much as it hates and despises soldiers, cops, and security guards. Democrats are disgusted by the fact that the white working class votes for them. If Hillary could turn her white working class voters away from the voting booth with whips she would, and a major reason the Republican establishment is horrified by Trump is that he is bringing white working class voters from the Democrats to the Republicans. They would rather lose to Clinton than win with the unspeakably vulgar Trump.

Trump regularly pulls stunts that our chattering classes do not understand, and therefore ignorantly ridicule, much as the New York Times ridicules Sarah Palin for using sentence structures that exceed the comprehension and reading level of the New York Times staff. In Trump’s recent victory celebration, he had piles of Trump products on display. “What is this?” asked our chatterers. “An infomercial?”

Trump was making the point that capitalists did not just grab their wealth from the secret stash before the rest of us could find the secret stash, but rather organize the production of stuff – that capitalists are rich because, in substantial part, they create wealth.

In another stunt, he called up two of his black supporters and campaigners, the Stump For Trump women, Diamond and Silk, and introduced them as having made themselves rich.

This is, subliminally, the classic fascist message – forget about class differences, let us work to make America Great Again. It is the reverse of Sanders’ message, yet appeals to the same people. One is a message of envy and covetousness, the other calls on us to be greater than that. And to the extent that the chattering classes understand Trump’s message, they hate him for it and rightly call him fascist.

Women are the dangerously lustful sex.

Monday, March 7th, 2016

Some time ago, I and a bunch of other reactionaries had a debate on whether women commonly fuck dogs.

I have no evidence that women of commonly fuck dogs, but I have lots of personal evidence that women very commonly do lots of horrifying stuff that many of my commenters find very hard to believe. These personal observations are perhaps statistically insignificant and may be from an unrepresentative sample of females, but is consistent with the rather small subset of women who watch porn, who generally watch disturbingly deviant stuff, while most males watch fairly vanilla stuff.

Most women read romance, rather than watch porn. Romance male leads are generally demon lovers, rather than the nice boy next door – one notable exception being when the female lead is sold, enslaved, kidnapped, abducted, or subject to an arranged marriage without her consent at a very young age by the otherwise nice boy next door. In the very common genre of supernatural romance, the male lead is often a literal demon. How is a real life male going to compete?

Male and female sexual impulses are the product of natural selection. In the ancestral environment there is biological and evolutionary conflict of interest between dads and daughters, in that daughters prefer cad type demon lovers, and dads prefer dad type sons in law. Daughter prefers the best sperm, but dad does not want to be stuck with support. Similarly a conflict between husbands and wives, in that wives prefer demon lovers, and husbands are seldom demon lovers – the best semen is unlikely to belong to the best protection and support.

For civilization to exist, fathers and husbands have to be able to coercively overrule the sexual preferences of women.

For it to be politically possible for fathers and husbands to coercively overrule the sexual preferences of women, we have to have it generally accepted that women are the dangerously lustful sex, whose dangerously powerful sexual impulses have to be overruled for their own good, for the good of their children, and the good of society – that women’s dangerously powerful lusts and self destructive lusts are the big problem that has to be solved, not immoral males.

Whether or not women commonly fuck dogs, for civilization to survive, men need to be inclined to suspect that they might. For civilization to survive, men need to control women’s sexual choices. For men to control women’s sexual choices, it needs to be politically incorrect to have excessive confidence in the purity and chastity of women. That women are dangerously and self destructively lustful needs to be taught by authority, presented in the media, and the sort of thing you need to believe if you want to get on with the important people you need to get on with if you hope to get ahead.


Sunday, March 6th, 2016

In 1985, when cutting first appeared, girls cutting themselves was something astonishing, something no one had heard of, that psychiatric interns had never heard of.

Now a significant minority of women cut themselves.  Hard to say how many, but probably a few percent. Not a substantial minority, but not a tiny minority either. Hot fertile age women.  Women with strong sexual needs and completely screwed up sex lives, usually sex lives screwed up by their own self destructive bad choices.  “Strong independent women” who are not in the least strong, and greatly fear independence. White women. Women totally raised in feminism.

As the epidemic grows, only now is the psychiatric industry coming up with a diagnostic category “Non suicidal self harm”  We did not have a word for cutting until recently, and psychiatrists are only now coming up with a word for it, and not a very apt word yet, for the category self harm is deliberately over inclusive, in order to avoid being exclusively female, including a great deal of what would be more aptly called “stupidity”, so that some males can be put in the same category. (The obvious difference being that after doing something very stupid once or twice, males usually stop doing that particular stupid thing.) It is politically disturbing to have a psychiatric category that is near one hundred percent female, so calling it what everyone calls it, “cutting”, is politically incorrect. Yes. Males sometimes, rarely, cut themselves. Discover it hurts like the blazes, then do not do it again.

If you google for “self harm”, the PC term, you don’t get information on cutting, but deceptive and malicious misinformation on cutting, misinformation intended to cause harm and suffering, and if you google “cutting” any page that comes up with words “self harm” in it is overwhelmingly likely to be malicious misinformation.

As it says in the Book of Genesis, women are psychologically maladapted to equality.

Think how much more comfortable she would be, how much more at peace she would be, how much saner she would be, how much happier she would be, if those were her owner’s whip marks.

Reading between the lines of girls making videos and posts about cutting themselves, they are saying to the numerous boys that pumped them and dumped them “Punish me, don’t ignore me.”

Single women vote for foreign conquest and rape

Sunday, March 6th, 2016

I am opposed to anyone voting, except perhaps married men of property and wealth who are raising or have raised their biological children with their wives, but the worst voters are single women.

Sweden is now the rape capital of the west, due to importation of masses of North Africans to maintain the vote for failed welfare statism.  When Swedish men say “Hands off our women”, Swedish women say “We are not your women”, and vote for more mass nonwhite immigration and ridiculously light slap-on-the-wrist penalties for rape.

Women do not really want the kind of society where sex happens by consent.  (Check the xhamster porn videos preferred by women) Thus single women subconsciously, and sometimes consciously, want our society to be conquered, the men killed, and they themselves sexually enslaved.

In the ancestral environment, if you were a man and your in group was conquered, you were likely to be killed or enslaved, and thus be no ones ancestor.  If you were a woman and your in group was conquered, you were indeed likely to be enslaved – to a successful man in the victorious group who would have children by you, and, knowing his children were his own, raise them well.

So we are in large part descended from men who conquered, and who resisted conquest with absolute determination, and descended from women who took to conquest, abduction, and slavery like a duck to water.

The strong independent woman, the woman living the lifestyle that feminism and school teaches her she should have, has few or no children, for children take two, and the commitment to stick it out when things go bad.  In the ancestral environment, if you were a strong independent woman you were surrounded by weak contemptible men, in which case abduction, rape, and slavery was a good way to meet manly men.

Suppose the Taliban was to somehow do a Boko Haram and abduct a bunch of baristas with post graduate degrees in victim studies and a hundred thousand dollars of student debt.  They would probably wind up  having six children and umpteen grandchildren each, so we would expect women to have evolved to rather like this sort of thing.

Or, alternatively, you can believe that women was created to be a helpmeet to man, and in the fall was condemned to desire this sort of thing.

Lots of existing societies have arranged marriages or marriage by abduction.  It seems to work just fine.  When parents, society, or respectable authority tell women to fuck someone, they fuck him, and are happy to do so.

Large numbers of well educated and wealthy English gentlewomen in eighteenth century England married whom they were damned well told to, and I don’t see any memoirs or books from any of them complaining about it.

We hear a lot about women being involuntarily trafficked to brothels, and sometimes it happens, though less than advertised, but when white nights go forth to rescue these poor oppressed and victimized damsels in distress, they are invariably disappointed.

Commanding a woman to clean some man’s floor and cook his meals is like commanding children to eat their broccoli, whereas commanding a woman to warm some man’s bed is like commanding children to eat their icecream.

In eighteenth century Australia there was a fair bit of lighthearted and unserious female resistance to shotgun marriages, they were far from entirely compliant, but looking at these incidents, those resisting shotgun marriage do not seem like poor pitiful victims of male sexual desire, but lustful bawds who were worried that the party was going to end.

Since Victorian times, historians have sought to depict eighteenth century Australian women as sexually exploited and sexually hyper oppressed, but they just cannot seem to find any examples of women seriously resenting, complaining about or resisting this supposedly horrid extreme sexual oppression. We see lots of disciplinary issues where women were punished for talking back to the husband that they were assigned to, or punished for failing to work as directed by their husband, or being absent without leave for short periods. We just don’t see any disciplinary issues, zero, despite vigorous and alarmingly imaginative search by historians, that seem plausibly related to disinclination to go to bed with the man to whom she was assigned.

Consent is useful and valuable to the extent that a women voluntarily swears to honor and obey her husband, and to stick it out till parted by death, and eighteenth century Australian authorities were pretty keen on obtaining more or less voluntary consent for that purpose.  If she is not credibly swearing that before God and man, consent serves no useful purpose to husband, family and society, women don’t really like it all that much, and the eighteenth century British and Australian authorities were untroubled by the lack of it.

The unsafe schools initiative

Friday, March 4th, 2016

In Australia there is a program, called the safe schools initiative, targeted primarily at school children near puberty and below puberty, aimed at presenting gay, lesbian and transgender role models as normal, happy, healthy regular people, despite the fact that gays and male to female transgender have an extremely high rate of death, disease, crime, suicide, murder, assault, self harm, and drug abuse, with lesbians and female to male transgender not far behind.  The reason there are not that many old gays is that most of them die of murder, suicide, disease, or drug abuse before they get old.  As the New Testament says Romans 1:27:

And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.

These happy healthy role models depicted in the material are slightly older than the target audience, the role models being just past puberty, and the target audience just before puberty, the obvious point of the propaganda being that the target audience should grow up into these happy healthy well balanced role models.

Here is one of the role models, pushed on pre pubertal children:  a schoolboy with an obviously gay fifty eight year old cuddling him:

This is blatant gay recruiting of children – it is obvious that those pushing this initiative do not believe that gayness is innate, that people are born that way, but rather that gay sex is an acquired taste to which children can be inculcated.

And, indeed, it is obvious that gayness is transmitted from pedophiles to children, Afghanistan being an example of a place and culture where gayness transmitted in this fashion is very prevalent.

While a sexual preference for young males is disturbingly common in all cultures at all times, in places and times where this preference is very severely repressed (death penalty, vigorously enforced) a sexual preference by males for adult males seems to be entirely unknown. In such cultures there is some sodomy of adult males but it is like sodomy of donkeys, an inferior substitute for the real thing. Thus, for example, during the War of Northern Aggression adult male on adult male sodomy was rare, and adult male on adult male pornography entirely nonexistent. No one wanted to look at pictures of adult males getting tapped when they could look at pictures of females getting tapped.

If what gays officially believe, that gays are born that way, is true, then suppressing homosexuality is just pointless cruelty.  If, however, what gay activist behavior suggests that gays believe, that male sexual preference for adult males is the result of gay sex environment near puberty or before puberty, is true, then we should have the death penalty for male homosexual acts, and lesbian acts should be discouraged, with females being coerced into heterosexual relationships.

Heartiste addresses the Jewish Question

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

Heartiste, minion of Satan, addresses the Jewish Question with his usual combination of insight and empirical data.

His data and conclusions are consistent with mine: My conclusions being that Jews are priests by nature, and we suffer from a crisis of an ever escalating excess of priests, and an ever escalating dangerously great theocratic power, ever escalating persecution of ever more minor deviations from an ever more extreme official state theology and theocracy of equalism, covetousness, and envy, and it is this crisis that causes the over representation of Jews among bad people doing bad things, not the other way around. If we get priests under control, then Jews are under control. If we expel Jews without getting priests under control, we are still screwed.

Trump and social class

Tuesday, March 1st, 2016

There is a bit of drama about a pressman being thrown to the ground at a Trump rally. There were fifteen thousand people at the rally. There were a few hundred black-lives-matter protestors who got thrown out. There were some illegal immigrant rights protestors who got thrown out. Did no one else get thrown to the ground?

A horde of black-lives-matter protestors are being herded out by security. They are leaving peaceably. The pressman gets out of the press box. Security guy stops him by getting in his way. Pressman is absolutely shocked, outraged, and indignant. Pressman gets right in the security guy’s face, screaming at him from an inch or two away. His spittle must be spraying all over the security guy. Security guy grabs him by the throat and pushes him out of the security guy’s face, laying him quite gently on the ground. Pressman kicks, tries ineffectually to fight. But the wonderful thing is expression on his face. He is absolutely incredulous, he is astonished, he is outraged he cannot believe that the security guy has dared to lay impious hands on him.

Observing the black-lives-matter protestors an arms length away, it is obvious that they believe that it would be entirely ordinary and expected for security to lay hands on them if they failed to leave or resisted being ejected, and don’t see anything the slightest out of the ordinary about security laying hands on some guy. That is what security does. Business as normal, nothing to see. They are leaving quietly because they believe that if they make trouble, security will kick their ass. Pressman thinks he can make trouble, and security cannot kick his ass.

But there are a bunch of people around the incident who also find security laying hands on the most holy pressman startlingly impious.

Pressmen, even though they are usually paid with the smell of an oilrag, are a much higher class than mere menials like security, security being working class, even though this security guy was secret service, who draw way better pay than pressmen.

So how does Trump come into this story I hear you ask. The security guy was not a Trump employee, he was a government cop, not a rentacop. So how is Trump involved?

Trump is involved because I am pretty sure the security guy would ordinarily have internalized the class dynamics, and let his social superior spit in his face, but listening to Trump made him less submissive, raised his spirits, made him remember he was a man.

Now if we were governed by real aristocrats, I would be entirely in favor of menials knowing their place, and would find Trump’s populism disturbing, but we are governed by scum. An aristocrat would never scream in a menials face. He might kill the menial, he might have him killed, he might permanently blight the menial’s career, but he would not scream in the menial’s face.

Which brings me to those trade deals that Trump has been denouncing.

I don’t know what Trump thinks is wrong with those trade deals. But what I think is wrong with those trade deals is that they treat making physical things in America as evil and oppressive, a sinful activity that needs to be phased out as soon as possible, as a lower class activity. These deals demand that other countries go along with America’s outrageous and oppressive copyright and patent laws, and open their doors to American capital, while opening America’s doors to physical manufactured goods, without really much asking foreigners to open their doors to American physical manufactured goods.