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Don’t worry about Trump policy reversals – yet

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Trump is reversing himself on pretty much everything. Suddenly he is the cuckservative president.

But remember, he does not formally get power until January, and actually getting his hands on the real levers of power will take at least six weeks after that. He will not really have power until March at the earliest.

The wonderful smirk on his face gives me strong hope that once he has his hands on the levers of power, there will be an April surprise. If we are lucky, a March surprise.

Well, maybe we are all going to be double crossed. We always knew we might all be double crossed. But don’t start the revolution until Trump is in power and rolling. Wait for the Comintern to burn the conveniently unguarded Reichstag, and then we shall see what happens. Then we will know if democratic politics double crosses us every time.

One of the things that give me high hopes is that Trump has been cultivating the praetorians for a long time. Plan for blackshirts, not brownshirts. In his victory speech he pissed on his base, but he did not piss on his praetorians.

A lot of the alt-right has been prepping for brownshirts. Cut it out. The left has the antifa to irregularly beat up real and imagined enemies while police stand around like potted palms, but we are not going to have brownshirts. Rather, once Trump purges the justice department, if Trump purges the justice department, police are going to stop winking at the crimes committed by antifa.

In favor of taking the left on helicopter rides to the Pacific

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Trump is our leader, and Trump plans to do this in accord with the spirit of the constitution, which is to say, without helicopter rides to the Pacific. Maybe it can be made to work that way, and if can be made to work that way, its our duty to make it work that way.

But the left really are hateful horrible thoroughly nasty people. Notice for example that servants of the Clintons have a remarkable rate of “suicide” and “accidental” death. I rather think therefore it cannot be made to work that way, that helicopter rides are going to be needed. If you allow commies freedom of speech, you wind up without freedom of speech.

There are a lot of highly intelligent really nice people on the left, for example Scott Aaronson and Scott Alexander, who pat themselves on the back about their wonderful commitment to civil discourse and how they quietly disapprove of the worst extremes of Social Justice Warriors. But they refuse to hear anything that anyone to the right of them says, and refuse to engage in in intelligent rational discussion those to the right of them, instead engaging in casual, thoughtless and ignorant demonization. Their niceness manifests as willingness to be literally cuckolded, rather than willingness to notice that the US was backing the genocide the Alawites and the Tutsis, or willingness to engage in intelligent civilized conversation with their intelligent and civilized opponents, because to engage in intelligent civilized conversation with their intelligent and civilized opponents would involve thoughtcrime. There was a time when Scott Alexander would converse to those to his right, but he, and the entire left, have stopped doing so, probably due to the ever expanding definition of thoughtcrime. The entire left has shut down any conversation with the entire right, for fear of thought contamination.

If you will not talk, it is going to be war sooner or later.

If someone just flat refuses to talk to me or talk to anyone like me, he is an enemy. So genuine unironic Nazis are not enemies, merely friends that are mistaken about socialism and the role of Jews. They will talk with me in a civilized rational fashion, so seem unlikely to murder me. Theoretically they will murder Moldbug but they really just do not seem like the kind of people who would murder Moldbug. As soon as someone like Moldbug turns up, I figure they would turn into merely ironic Nazis. But the left will not talk with me except under my moderate prog identities, nor with anyone like me. Not even the high IQ and supposedly moderate and reasonable left, those that think themselves the sane, smart, and moderate left. Which makes resolution of conflicts impossible, and in the long run, war inevitable. In the long run, they are going to wind up unintentionally blundering into trying to kill the people that they have intemperately demonized and will not hear, and the people that they have demonized and that they will not hear will try to kill them.

And, given that war seems inevitable, we would be foolish to start the salami slicer on the unironic nazis. The cuckservative collapse occurred because in an endlessly unsuccessful effort to make themselves acceptable to the left they read one faction after another out of the conservative movement, as racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, whatever, until there was hardly anyone remaining, until the salami slicer had consumed most of the salami.

I recently read how Nixon was supposedly a terrible horrible opponent of affirmative action. In actual fact Nixon enormously expanded affirmative action. He just did not go quite as far in making dissent from affirmative action a crime as some people wanted – which oversight was swiftly remedied by the justice department in a series of consent decrees, wherein employees committing thought crime constitutes proof of discrimination. Affirmative action under Nixon was the salami slicer moving into high gear, and recent events are the salami slicer running short of salami.

The winds of freedom already blow

Thursday, November 10th, 2016

Whatever Trump may do after he ascends the throne, he has already done more for freedom than every past president.

Twitter shadowbanned numerous people, including Trump himself. The morning after the night that Trump’s election was called, the CEO of Twitter resigned.The COO of twitter resigned at 2PM on the 9th, about the time it became obvious that Trump had won. The “where is Hillary” hash tag ridiculing Hillary’s failure to concede in a timely manner appeared at about 5PM on the ninth.

I imagine he expected a short and unpleasant board meeting, and decided not to attend.

I expect the man responsible for shadowbanning Donald Trump to remain radioactive for quite some time.

The practical effect of this is that the Altright has been mainstreamed. For years, progs have been saying that anyone outside the ever narrowing Overton window is literally Hitler and is going to genocide the Jews, to which the Altright replies:

“Yeah, sure”

Anti semitism, promulgated by the Altright but not by Trump himself, was a hugely effective counter measure against the stream of anti white, and anti white male propaganda. It freed people from their guilt for being white.

I expect that the Trump campaign, and the Republican party remade in Trump’s image, will hire numerous Altrightists for cushy government and party jobs, though probably not the unironic day-of-the-rope fire-up-the-ovens factions. Trumpism is that we are going to this legally and constitutionally – well, legally as the people judge legality, not necessarily legally as far left judges judge legality. Trumpism is populist. Neoreactionaries don’t really care what the people might judge as legal. But today, we are all Trumpists. And Trump does care what the people might judge as legal.

I am rather doubtful that this can be done legally and constitutionally, but obviously needs to be tried. And tried damned hard. I rather suspect that trying damned hard is likely to morph into the Trump monarchy, regardless of Trump’s intentions.

Anti semitism is false and dangerous, in that though Jews are overrepresented among political insiders and progs, political insiders and progs are not an instrument of a vast Jewish conspiracy, rather the reverse, but nobody was fighting fair, and antisemitism, the stream of memes originating largely in Pol, worked in its usual function as a populist appeal to the masses, to the considerable benefit of Trump, who though he did not get his own hands dirty, was not overly horrified by his allies and supporters getting their hands alarmingly dirty.

White people and males pull the lever for Democrats because they feel bad about being white and/or bad about being male. Trumpism was and is an upsurge of outrage against this feeling and the stream of propaganda that makes whites and males feel bad about themselves, the stream of hateful hostile venomous propaganda denigrating whites and males.

But if you think that stream is a Jewish conspiracy, you are apt to overlook the even more obvious stream of hateful hostile venomous propaganda denigrating husbands and fathers.

Draining the swamp

Wednesday, November 9th, 2016

Trump has promised to drain the swamp.

Then in his acceptance speech, he promised not to drain the swamp.

This is less worrying than it might seem, since when you purge powerful people, you don’t want them to see it coming.

From now till the start of the purge, he is going to be playing his cards very close to his chest. Any predictions made from his behavior between now and the purge will be incorrect, because his behavior between now and the purge will be deceptively moderate. The start of the purge will itself be deceptively moderate. And then he will keep on purging. How far he will go, nobody knows. I don’t know.

I would guess the purge starts in March at the earliest. First he has to get his key people into position. Then suddenly, wham, he gets his enemies out of position.

He has for many years been psychologically preparing the American people for massive firings of the permanent government, which firings the courts will deem illegal, but the public will wonder what the hell the courts are maundering about. These firings will happen when those he is about to fire are least expecting it, when they think they have gotten the upper hand over Trump. And during the first months of a Trump government, it will look as if they have the upper hand over Trump.

There may well be a Reichstag fire moment, when something happens that dramatically symbolizes the resistance of the permanent government to the merely elected government. Expect the newspapers to return to their old form and triumphantly announce how Trump has been decisively and humiliatingly defeated, how his policy is in ruins, because impossible to implement. If, as is likely, they announce that, they are falling into his trap, as when the Comintern set fire to the conveniently unguarded Reichstag.

The big known unknown is how thoroughly he intends to drain the swamp.

What we would like Trump to do is purge the government of traitors, bribe takers, degenerates, people on the revolving door between regulators and regulated, enemies of America, and, of course, Satanists. The Ming Dynasty criminalized sects because of the propensity of sect members to attain political power, such as the Ming dynasty itself. Deem membership of a sect that does weird stuff moral turpitude. Then fix numerous consent judgments organized by the Justice Department that make political dissent a violation of the affirmative action laws. Generate a precedent that disparate impact is legal, and unambiguously legalize domain specific IQ tests of the Fizzbuzz type or domain appropriate physical tests of the Marine pull up type. If only 0.1% of female and black applicants pass your company’s Fizzbuzz, you should have a cast iron defense against discrimination charges, even if search of your emails reveal engineers saying hateful things about women and blacks. Generate the legal precedent that evidence of political dissent cannot be presented as evidence of discrimination, and may not be presented in court because it merely prejudices the judgment. Then reverse the degree inflation that forces ever increasing numbers of students to spend ever increasing time in educational institutions that do not educate but merely indoctrinate. then confiscate the endowments, burn Harvard to the ground and salt the earth where it stood. Or redevelop Harvard into shops, offices, and hotels, which is more Trump’s style.

And, of course, use state power over cable and broadcast television to encourage the companies to fire Colbert and replace him with someone with an actual sense of humor and willingness to puncture actual sacred cows, like Pax Dickinson.

But before he gets to making Saturday Night Live funny again, has to get to redevelop Harvard into shops, condos, hotels, and offices.

Currently we have an elaborate system where committees give grants to people who are on committees. This renders power and funding untraceable and difficult to control. To drain the swamp, has to run government money through a direct hierarchy operating on das Führerprinzip.

So the Dean of a university should be appointed by the board, the Dean should have the power to hire and fire professors, and all academic funding should go through university, which is to say through the dean. If the Pentagon wants a professor at MIT to research something, it should pay MIT, not the professor.

We should abolish tenure. Tenure was supposed to make professors proudly independent and capable of dissent, but instead every single academic at every single institution grovels. When the line changes, every professor changes his position and instantly forgets that the line was different yesterday. The line emerges from an amorphous mass of committees, obscuring who has power and who makes decisions.

Outside funding of academics should be seen as corrupting. Would Steve Jobs be happy if one of his executives received large payments from a committee containing people connected to a competing company? All funding should go directly through the board and Dean/CEO.

And when we have replaced hidden lines of authority with direct lines of authority, on das Führerprinzip, we can then hold those with that authority responsible for what they do with it.

After getting rid of committees and outside funding, which hides who has power and who makes decisions, then and only then can we purge academia.

That is what is needed to stop Cthulhu from always swimming left, that is what is needed to make Saturday Night Live funny again. Whether Trump is up to go all the way with this program is, of course, the big known unknown.

Demon Worship

Tuesday, November 8th, 2016

The Clinton circle ritually and collectively perform degenerate acts as a sacrament (Podesta’s Spirit Cooking). There are increasing grounds to suspect that they engaged in child sacrifice.

I don’t suppose they would think of it as demon worship, rather they think they are worshiping themselves and their own magical powers, but the connections to child traffickers reveal that it is demon worship. Hillary famously said “It takes a village”, and she has taken a few, or at least she applied State Department power to protect child traffickers that stole a few.

Meanwhile, the State Department some time ago installed Ms. Park Gyun-Hye as the President of South Korea, and was and is confident of her servile obedience, and continues to feel that were she replaced, it would be a bad thing for “the international community”.

But it was recently revealed that Ms. Park Gyun-Hye was the servile and mistreated puppet of a circle of people who claim magical powers and perform magic rituals.

So if she is the puppet of a religious leader, then the religious leader must be the puppet of the State Department, or, more likely, since cohesion usually comes from shared religion and ritual practice, the State Department is controlled by practitioners of the same religion, who meet together to do disgusting stuff like drinking the blood of children, which bonds them together.

The Cathedral is not so much a single conspiracy, as the net entropic consequence of a huge number of conspiracies. It cannot be accurately modeled as a single conscious being. Apple under Jobs was an extension of the will of Jobs, and its actions were explicable as the pursuit of profit and the pursuit of excellence. The American government cannot be modeled as the will of Obama, or the will of a small group capable of meeting around a coffee table and its actions cannot be modeled as the pursuit of anything coherent or sane. But the largest and most cohesive conspiracy will exercise the most power and gain the most privilege, and the largest and most cohesive conspiracy is apt to be the beneficiary of shared religious worship and belief.

Since the Clinton circle is clearly the most powerful conspiracy, we would expect it to be the largest and most cohesive, hence we would expect it to be held together by the glue of shared religious worship and belief – religion and belief that supplies plentiful amounts of blackmail material. It is inherent in the nature of the Cathedral that one is likely to find something like a cult of demon worshipers exercising the most power. You have inner circles, inner circles within inner circles, and natural selection for the meme system most capable of gaining and holding power.

You will notice that the pope and almost every christian authority has backed Hilton to the hilt, knowing that she engages in degenerate acts conducted as a sacrament.

The wicked flee when no man pursueth

Sunday, November 6th, 2016

Trump’s final ads say “The political establishment has bled this country dry”, and Jews hear “Jews have bled this country dry”

That said, the political establishment are the people in the Podesta emails, who are disproportionately Jewish, but are not mostly Jewish, and most Jews don’t get to email Podesta.

Most of the the screen time in Trump’s recent ad is occupied by non Jewish figures representing the political establishment, in roughly similar proportion as Jews and non Jews are represented in the Podesta emails. Jews doing bad things are overrepresented in the Trump ads to roughly the same extent as in the Podesta emails, in real life, Jews doing bad things are over represented in the political establishment.

There are three Jewish villains and considerably more than three non Jewish villains in Trump’s ad, roughly the same proportion as appear in the Podesta emails.

One of the figures who briefly flash up in his ad is (((George Soros))), whose business model consists of buying worthless debt from insolvent third world governments, and then having the World Bank, also known as the US tax payer, restore the debt to its face value. If that is not bleeding this country, what is?

Trump could have used Jon Corzine instead of George Soros, but Soros is better known, perhaps because he is Jewish, but mostly because he has stolen more money and done more bad things than Jon Corzine, not only stolen much more money, but also overthrown various governments in the service of the state department, for example the government of the Ukraine, and attempted to overthrow of several more, for example the government of Hong Kong. For all his many faults, Jon Corzine has not overthrown any governments, though maybe he helped keep a government in power that should have been overthrown.

Trump uses the (((CEO of Goldman Sachs))) to illustrate “pockets of a handful of large corporation”. Goldman Sachs was the biggest unpunished recipient of bailout money in the recent financial crisis. Other institutions received more bailout money, but were punished by re-orgs that removed the worst offenders from power. Trump could have used Angelo Mozilo, who cost ordinary Americans far more than Goldman Sachs, but Mozilo was removed from power and had some of his ill gotten gains confiscated. Blankfein, Soros and Clinton are in each other’s pockets today, while no one admits that they used to be friends of Angelo not so very long ago. Maybe Goldman Sachs is notorious in substantial part because they are Jewish recipients of bailout money – but also because demonstrably more powerful than any of the other recipients of large amounts of bailout money.

If Jews are overrepresented among the readily identifiable people in the Trump ad, that is because a few Jews made themselves readily identifiable by committing enormous crimes with the blessing of the political establishment, and possessing vast power and wealth despite vast unpunished crimes. If you want an image to illustrate “Those who control the levers of power in Washington”, who would be a better image than George Soros? If you want an image to illustrate money going into the “pockets of a handful of large corporation”, who would be a better image than the CEO Goldman Sachs? Yes more money was spent to bail out Countrywide bank than to bail out Goldman Sachs, but the (((CEO of Goldman Sachs))) is still in the Clinton circle, whereas the former CEO of Countrywide, while still rich, has been unpersoned.

I suppose that Trump could have left out (((the Federal Reserve Chairwoman))), and arguably should have, but it is notorious that the Fed is intentionally causing asset inflation and blowing asset bubbles, which is an economic policy that favors the very rich at the expense of the middle class.

Rolling Stone found guilty of defamation for rape hoax

Saturday, November 5th, 2016

The judge, unreasonably and improperly, set the very high bar of “actual malice”.

Either the jury ignored the judge’s direction, or, more likely, the jury consciously or subconsciously realized that when every single person connected to this case piously agreed that there was a whole lot of rape on campus, they did not actually mean that there was a whole lot of rape type rape on campus, or indeed any rape type rape on campus, that these pious proclamations were intended as a theological truth rather than a literal truth, intended to signify that the speaker feels the pain and traumatization that women are feeling in sexual jungle, not to signify that women were literally being raped.

If we realize that consensual sex is apt to be traumatic for women, maybe we should not be letting women make these decisions. Jackie Coakley was traumatized because Ryan Duffin would not have sex with her twice. The reverse decision, refusing to have sex with the father of one’s children, or refusing to have sex with one’s husband, is apt to be equally disastrous for women.

If two men agree to exchange apples and iron, we should conclude the deal makes both of them better off, that consent is proof that the deal should go through, and lack of consent is proof it should not. With fertile age women possessed by raging hormones, similar reasoning is inapplicable.

The trouble with Jew centric theory

Friday, November 4th, 2016

We are saturated in hateful anti white propaganda. To counter this propaganda it is enormously effective to suggest that those spreading it do not internally identify as white, even though they may superficially look white, that those piously bemoaning white privilege and piously saying “white like me” do not in fact think they themselves are white, but rather, by white, they mean “goy”, that they are preaching hatred against the outgroup that they hope to exterminate by means of their underclass allies, hence the oddly suicidal Jewish enthusiasm for the Islamification of Europe.

It is a devastatingly effective meme. Wonderfully effective. And there is quite a lot of truth to it. And it works great on the anti Christian propaganda also, linking it to the the anti white propaganda. If someone is genuinely an atheist, he will not care about Christians, though he might well worry about Muslims. Show me an active, energetic prosyletizing atheist, and he energetically prosyletizes against Christians, not Jews and not Muslims, and most of the time he interprets the old testament as not meaning what it says, but rather what twenty first century Jews today think that it means – in other words, the vast majority of active, energetic, prosyletizing “atheists” just somehow happen to believe that Jews have a special pipeline to God, which is an odd belief for an “atheist” to have.

But then you wind up overlooking anti male propaganda and the huge epidemic of false rape accusations and frivolous domestic violence accusations. And wind up overlooking leftist victories before 1930s, in particular the war of Northern Aggression, and worst of all, overlooking the emancipation of women.

Jew centric theory always winds up saying that 1930s leftism, the leftism of Hitler and FDR, was just fine, that leftism was not too bad until Jews got in on it, that leftism was just fine until the Frankfurt School corrupted it. It was not just fine.

The future belongs to those that show up. Whites, particularly high IQ whites, only succeed in reproducing within the patriarchal family structure.

If you believe we must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children, because the beauty of the White Aryan woman must not perish from the earth, have to unemancipate women.

If we are going to unemancipate women, 1930s leftism is not OK. If 1930s leftism is not OK, we wind up with Moldbug’s Puritan/Harvard hypothesis.

If you would rather blame everything on Jews than on Harvard, or on the Frankfurt School rather than the Harvard of 1800, you wind up not being able to enjoy this rebel anthem:

Malaysia departs the blue empire

Thursday, November 3rd, 2016

After a wonderful speech indicting American anarcho tyranny, Duterte announced the Philippines would no longer be a vassal of the US and would henceforth be a vassal of China. And how about a bilateral trade deal between the Philippines and China? He then went to China’s ancient, traditional, and natural enemy, Japan, and said the Philippines would not be anyone’s vassal, and how about a bilateral trade deal between the Philippines and Japan?

A little while ago the notoriously and outrageously corrupt US Justice Department, notorious for launching frivolous lawsuits against corporations with deep pockets, and suggesting that the corporations settle by handing out huge amounts of slush money to private individuals who are political allies of individuals in the Justice Department, launched criminal charges of corruption against the Prime Minister of Malaysia, as if Malaysia was some suburb of Washington.

Instead of coming to the US to be put in a US jail by a US court, for crimes committed entirely within Malaysia with absolutely no connection to the US, the Prime Minister of Malaysia headed off to China to do a Duterte.

The specific accusation made by the US Department of Justice against Najib is that he had his Malaysian government do a large favor for a private Malaysian corporation, which subsequently, surprise surprise, made a large private donation to his Malaysian private political campaign, as if this sort thing does not happen all the time in Clinton emails, and as if the US Department of Justice does not openly do far worse things every day.

My analysis is that the dominoes are falling as a result of Blue Empire defeat in Aleppo, as the dominoes fell after Soviet defeat in Afghanistan, or American defeat in Vietnam. But the incompetent, hostile and unpleasant behavior of the US government also pushes its subject states to do what the weakness of the US government allows them to do.

Hat Tip Spandrell, the reactionary and darkly enlightened expert on all things East Asian.

Defining the alt right

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

According to Saboteur, the core uniting principle of the alt right is that we reject equality. Which is true.

Alternative right tells us that the alt right is those that apply the scientific method to society and human affairs. Which is true, and which not only implies that humans are unequal, but also that global warming is bullshit, and lots more along those lines.

Vox Day has issued a lengthy definition, which for all its length leaves out the absolutely vital principle of “no enemies to the right” and includes the distinctly left wing proposition that all peoples are entitled to independence. I rather think that Rhodesia and the Belgian Congo demonstrated that some people need to be ruled by outsiders. We don’t support all nationalisms. We support some nationalisms, including those of Japanese, of Chinese in China, of Israeli nationalism by Jews in Israel or intending to move there, and so on and so forth. Most of us don’t support black nationalism. We support all nationalisms of peoples competent to have a functional nation.

Red Ice adds to Vox Day’s points awareness of the Jewish Question, awareness of Jewish bad behavior in exile. The alt right totally supports the right of Jews to a Jewish nation. Non Jews in Israel should not get to vote, get government jobs, nor go to the most prestigious Israeli universities. Jews should dominate Israel. But Jews should not, however, dominate the image of ourselves that Hollywood presents, nor Washington’s revolving door between regulators and regulated. Jews demonize European history, in particular the crusades, and hold up to us a distorted twisted lying mirror of our past that makes us look ugly and crazy, that seeks to make us despise ourselves.

1. No enemies to the right. No one gets denounced or disowned or read out of the movement for being too far right. Criticisms of other alt rightists should be friendly or brotherly, or should criticize them for being too far left (Milo is gay, nazis are socialist) If you criticize someone for excessive rightism, criticize him as you would criticize your brother in front of non family and police. No enemies to the left works great for leftists. No one asks President Obama to disown his terrorist mentor Bill Ayers. If someone twits you about a fellow alt rightist who is calling for alarmingly large categories of people to be given helicopter rides to the Pacific ocean, ask him what was the position of the New York Times during Mao’s Great Leap Forward.

2. The Alt Right understands that diversity + proximity = war.

3. The Alt Right doesn’t care what you think of it. You can call us racists, anti semites, and sexists all you like.

4. America is not a proposition nation, there are no proposition nations. The Alt Right rejects the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution too. All men were not created equal, and the hundreds of millions of non whites coming to the USA do not give a damn about any of the other principles enunciated in the Declaration of Independence and are unlikely to be persuaded to care. Mass migration has rendered those propositions dead in the water.

5. The Alt Right is anti-equalitarian. It rejects the idea of equality for the same reason it rejects the ideas of unicorns and leprechauns, noting that human equality does not exist in any observable scientific, legal, material, intellectual, sexual, or spiritual form.

6. The Alt Right is of the political right in both the American and the European sense of the term. Socialists are not Alt Right. Neocons are not Alt Right.

7. Conservatives conserve, meaning they conserve yesterday’s left wing political, military, and moral victories. The Alt Right believes in its own victory and intends to re-impose the lessons of science, reality, ancient cultural tradition, and history. We intend to roll back two hundred years of progress, and in some cases four hundred years of progress.

8. The Alt Right believes Western civilization is the pinnacle of human achievement and supports its three foundational pillars: Christianity, the European nations, and the Graeco-Roman legacy. Christendom has a disturbing tendency to go left, which was corrected by such barbarian founders of Europe as Charles the Hammer. These corrections need to be kept in place.

9. The Alt Right is openly and avowedly nationalist. It supports all nationalisms of superior people and the right of all nations competent to rule themselves to exist, homogeneous and unadulterated by foreign invasion and immigration.

10. The Alt Right is anti-globalist. It opposes all groups who work for globalist ideals or globalist objectives.

11. The Alt Right is scientodific. It presumptively accepts the current conclusions of the scientific method (scientody), while understanding a) these conclusions are liable to future revision, b) that scientistry is susceptible to corruption, and c) that the so-called scientific consensus is not based on scientody, but democracy, and is therefore intrinsically unscientific.

12. The Alt Right believes identity > culture > politics.

13. The Alt Right rejects the free movement of peoples.

14. The Alt Right believes we must secure the existence of white people and a future for white children. It is a specifically non Jewish white movement. But that whites should exist does not imply that Jews should not exist. Israel should exist. And Japan should exist. And China should exist. And Thailand should exist, and so on and so forth.

15. The Alt Right does not believe in the general supremacy of any race, nation, people, or sub-species. Whites should not rule the world. The American empire, aka “the Ïnternational Community” rules the world except for China and its satellites, and Russia and its satellites. It should not do so. In particular, it should not rule Japan.

16. The Alt Right is a philosophy that values peace among the various nations of the world and opposes wars to impose the values of one nation upon another as well as efforts to exterminate individual nations through war, genocide, immigration, or genetic assimilation, such as efforts by “the International Community” to overthrow the ruler of Syria and genocide his ethnic group. We do not accept the Nazi theory that the natural state of relations between nations is war. On the contrary, we accept Xenophon’s argument that it is usually cheaper to pay in gold than in steel, that one should only obtain resources by force if one cannot obtain them by purchase at market prices. We believe that good fences make good neighbors. War is generally a consequence of insufficiently secure walls and property rights. To substitute conquest of resources for international trade is seldom profitable.

17. The Alt Right observes that men and women are not equal, that in relationships between them, the man should take the superior position. We endorse Pauline marriage – that divorce should only be for grave fault, that the husband should have authority over the wife, and the father authority over the children. We recollect that for nearly two millenia, the Church, and the Christian state, backed the authority of the husband over the wife, and backed the husband against adulterers, by the most drastic means.