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A warming world?

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Early explorations of the Antarctic report an ice free shore in areas now long covered by a growing icecap. Twenty first century science just simply lies in your face about this, with blatant barefaced fraud, but sometimes the discrepancy becomes glaringly and embarassingly obvious.

What about the North Pole? Early twentieth century attempts to reach the North Pole were frustrated by the fact that ice coverage was fragile, incomplete, and had gaps full of open water even in the middle of winter, so that travel by dog sled was dangerous and impractical. There was too much ice for it to be safe to sail to the pole in summer, but not enough for it to be safe to dog sled to the pole in winter. Today, the North Pole in the middle of winter is solidly ice bound, and it is quite easy to reach the North Pole by dog sled. So today’s north pole has a lot more ice than it did at the start of the twentieth century. The Northwest passage was difficult and unsafe for wooden ships then, and difficult and unsafe for wooden ships now.

But do we have any proxies for temperature that cover the present day, and also centuries past?

Yes we do, we have Law Dome, a pile of ice and snow in the Antarctic. Drill in Law Dome, and the isotope ratio agrees very well with recently measured present day temperatures of the weather station near Law Dome, unlike most proxies favored by global warmers.

And the Law Dome shows that in 500AD-1000AD, the temperature at Law Dome was a whole lot warmer than the present, or any recent temperatures. On the whole, temperatures have gone up and gone down, plenty of climate change, but mostly in the direction of colder, as we would expect from the growth in the icecaps.

What about surface instrument readings which supposedly show the world has warmed 0.6 degrees in recent decades?

I myself attempted to reconstruct recent global temperatures from surface instrument readings, and the data is unsuited to the task. It contains various sources of systematic error that have to be corrected by ad hoc guessing, and one can make one reasonable set of guesses and use one reasonable procedure, and get one past temperature, or a different reasonable set of guesses and a different reasonable procedure and easily get a result 1.2 degrees different without intentionally torturing the data.

We now have satellites that do provide accurate world wide readings of temperature, and have had them since 1998 (actually a good deal earlier than 1998, but the early satellites had problems that arguably make their readings non comeasurable. Debates about how earlier satellite measurements should be interpreted are difficult to resolve.)

And surprise surprise, since we have had accurate satellite readings of global temperatures, they have been fairly stable, with no obvious trend in any particular direction. There has been plenty of quite dramatic climate change in the past, and there will likely be plenty of quite dramatic climate change in the future, but it is not apparent that we have been having much climate change from nineteen ninety eight to the present.

The only data suitable for detecting small world wide variations of temperature is the satellite data, and the less one is free to torture the satellite data, the less it it indicates that anthropogenic warming is detectable.

left becomes the movement against Global Apartheidt

Sunday, December 11th, 2016

The issue used to be capitalism, now it is “global apartheid”. Our enemies believe that everyone in the world has an inherent human right to move to white countries to live on crime, welfare, and voting for less law enforcement and more welfare.

This will be demonstrated when Trump tries to close the borders. The Permanent Government will just flat in your face point blank defy him. If he closes the borders, he will have to do so by demonstrating that an air force commando outranks a supreme court justice.

As the capitalism versus socialism conflict assimilated all conflicts to itself during the early part of the twentieth century, “Global Apartheidt” versus “racism” is now assimilating all conflicts to itself. All politics become identity politics, all identity politics is becoming pro white or anti white, and all anti white politics becomes Muslim, part of the war of Islam on the west. Hence the State Department backing genocidal Sunni terrorists against moderate Muslim regimes like that of Syria.

They don’t realize that they plan to kill the golden goose.

They don’t realize that all the wealth of the world was created by white people originally and still today most of it, with the notable exception of East Asian economies, is created by white people. They think that wealth comes from magic dirt. Hence Obama telling us “You did not build that” in cheerful defiance of the obvious facts. The new emerging majority thinks that white wealth was just magically showered on whites like their EBT cards and obamaphones were magically showered on them. When they burn down a white owned shopping center, and it is not promptly replaced by shopping center run by black women, they figure that is white racism at work. “Why were blacks not given a shopping center the way whites were?” They think EBT cards and Obamaphones just pop out of the magic dirt.

Everyone graduated from Harvard, and everyone in the permanent government, believes that the wealth just sprang from magic dirt, and whites just grabbed more than their fair share, believes “You did not build that” If only those awful white males were not around to prevent wealth from showering on women and people of color. Because if you want to go to Harvard, you need to persuade Harvard that you do believe that.

Hence believe not necessity to allow whites to build stuff. Which belief system leads to killing the goose that lays the golden eggs. Factories and all that are supposedly evil. Are supposedly instruments of oppression. Hence the regulatory state that makes it impossible to build physical things in America unless your factory is grandfathered in. Everyone in the Harvard and the Permanent Government believes this, and if he does not believe it, keeps his beliefs a deep dark secret. They believe that when they shut down factories and farms and mines and stuff, they are being noble and good, are dripping with saintliness as they erase these horrid sins against Gaia, and anyone trying to keep them open is being sinful, greedy, and corrupt.

They think, everyone in Harvard thinks, everyone in the Permanent Government thinks, that the Golden Goose is keeping people poor by scarfing up all the wealth emerging spontaneously from the magic dirt, they do not realize we are paying for EBT cards and Obamaphones.

When Black Lives Matter burn down a supermarket whites build, Obama tells the owners “You did not build that”.

In the early part of the twentieth century, the left wanted the masses to seize the means of production. But with identity politics replacing class politics, all the stuff that whites do becomes equally evil, so now in the early part of the twenty first century the left wants to shut down the means of production. Everyone is supposedly going to live by swiping EBT cards and get their internet via Obamaphone. The left is now the party of rule by underclass, not the party of dictatorship of the proletariat.

The Daily Stormer reminds us that there is a secretive committee of big Jewish donors that has undue influence over the Democratic party, but the Democratic party will very shortly elect a Muslim terrorist who hates Jews as their leader. By “terrorist” I don’t mean that he personally will strap dynamite around himself and blow himself up in a Jewish synagogue, but that he will be part of an organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, that organizes people to blow themselves up. And the Jews will continue funding the Democrats even as part of these funds are used to strap explosives around suicide bombers to blow themselves up in synagogues. And they will congratulate themselves on having found a brown Bernie with which to sucker the white working class one more time. Until they import enough black African males that they get roasted on spits and eaten.

Jews will probably support the left all the way to the bitter end – as they supported Muslims during the crusades, but the logic of identity politics means that the left will not support Jews. Jews keep telling their brown allies that Jews are not really white, but this fails to have the desired effect. Jews found it a lot easier to lead an anticapitalist movement than an anti white movement.

The army tries to earn brownie points by opposing Muslim patriarchy and repression of homosexuality. General Mattis is a big offender here, pointing out that Afghans beat women, etc. It is like pointing out that Democrats are the real racists. Emancipating Afghan women does not gain the army any brownie points, nor do the rapes of the rapeugees lose the the rapeugees any brownie points. And the Muslim brotherhood can full on flat out openly oppose the emancipation of women, and still be leftists in good standing, indeed the very best of standing.

Hating whites males is the KKKrazy glue that holds the coalition of the fringes together, and the Muslim Brotherhood hates us more than anyone, so, since no friends to the right and no enemies to the left, the left loves the Muslim brotherhood and is busily importing an army of their fighters, even though the Muslim Brotherhood position on women, Jews, and homosexuals is umpteen light years outside the Overton Window. The Muslim Brotherhood is sliding into control of the left, the way communists slid into control in the thirties and forties, because they are the leftmost on the defining issue of our times. Moldbug, reading old books, said that America is a communist country. Pretty soon it is going to be a Muslim country.

No enemies to the right worked

Wednesday, December 7th, 2016

Because we did not disown Spencer, he got to speak to the world, he was heard by the entire world, saying stuff that we would like the world to hear. And the heat has gone away.


Tuesday, December 6th, 2016

The American government has over several decades passed sterner and sterner laws to prevent illegals from entering and to deport illegals when they do enter, and then proceeded to ignore those laws.

On day one, Trump will start enforcing those laws – and then the Judges will legislate open borders from the bench. They will find in the emanation of the penumbra of the constitution a universal human right for every person in the world to vote in the United States, to predate on white people by welfare and crime, and to vote for more welfare, less law enforcement against criminals, and more law enforcement against the middle class, after the fashion of Venezuela, which exemplifies anarcho tyranny in that everything is illegal, except crime, which is legal.

America’s anti discrimination laws work rather like Venezuela’s price control laws. The government legislates reality away. America makes unequal groups equal by law, Venezuela makes everyone prosperous by law. When reality continues to be real anyway, the law is being broken, therefore the government can punish anyone they please for breaking it. In America they don’t punish crimethinkers directly, but they do punish businesses that employ crimethinkers thus indirectly punishing crimethinkers. The same is partly true in Venezuela, except that in Venezuela they have shut down so many businesses that there is very little left, resulting in chaos and famine.

We on the alt-right are largely ex Brahmins, or in revolt against Brahmin culture in which we are deeply immersed, so we tend to think there is not much that Trump can do against the judges. When the judges rule deporting immigrants illegal, and being racist illegal, and that being white makes you racist, people within Brahmin culture think that will be that.

But that is not in fact how Joe Sixpack, the guy with the remote in one hand and a can of beer in the other, thinks about legality. Nor, more importantly, is it what the armed man wearing a uniform thinks about legality.

He thinks that legality is a man wearing a uniform and a gun enforcing explicit formal officially stated rules in obedience to his chain of command. And the neater the uniform and the shinier the gun, the more legal those rules are. In this, Joe sixpack is wiser than we are. Because the neatness of the uniform and the shininess of the gun is an indicator of discipline, and discipline is an indication that the rules are going to be enforced as intended, and thus an indication that the man with the gun is no threat to Joe sixpack

So what Trump needs to do is send out people in sharp looking uniforms with nice looking weapons to enforce those laws whether the judges like it or not, and imprison or deport people who break those laws without bothering with judges.

When Trump does this, the left will suffer total meltdown.

One percent of the people will say “Oh it is terrible that Trump has abandoned due process”.

One percent of the people will say “Oh it is terrible that Judges are legislating from the bench”.

Ninety eight percent of the people will say “The open borders people are being boring, change the channel to the sports news.”

The vast majority of people just do not care about due process, in part because judges have been abusing it so grossly for so long.


Sunday, December 4th, 2016

When mainstreamers read the red pill on women, they read it as “women are evil and dangerous”.  Well, women are certainly dangerous, but not exactly evil, rather subject to volcanically powerful sexual impulses that are apt to have disastrous consequences for themselves and everyone around them.

Now, me, I would fuck every fertile age woman I meet if I could.  The little man gives pretty much all of them the salute.  Obviously women are not like that, so men tend to interpret female behavior as women are less interested in sex than men – which rapidly becomes women are pure, women are angels, women belong on pedestals.

Not so.  It is that men are polygynous, women are hypergamous.  A woman will crawl nine miles over broken glass to fuck her demon lover.  And then not give her husband the time of day.

Conversely, if your wife does not much want to fuck you, she is fucking her demon lover.  If she is fertile age, and is disrespectful and disinclined to fuck you, she is going to leave, destroying all your assets and ruining the lives of your children.  Fertile age women need sex, quite a lot of sex.  If she does not need sex with you, you have a big problem. Conversely, if you fail to gratify her pretty regularly, you are going to have a big problem.

In real life I regularly see women behaving badly with disastrous consequences for themselves, their husband, and their children.  Yet I never see this in the media or in fiction.  In this, the media presents us with a wildly false image.  Women themselves are deceived, and their own bad behavior and the resulting evil consequences catches them by surprise.

Old legends present a more accurate and realistic picture of women.  For example King Gradlon and the City of Ys.

King Gradlon was raider based in Cornwall, but on one of his raids to the cold North, his armies melt away because of bad weather and logistic failure, and he is left all alone.  Then he meets Queen Malgven who proposes that he should kill her husband and steal the royal treasury, so King Gradlon gets back to Kinging again.  His wife bears a sea witch daughter, Dahut.  When Dahut becomes a teenager, she prevails on her father to build the city of Ys, which is built below high tide level, protected by dikes.  The city of Ys is a big success.  Many people migate to Ys.  It is a popular and successful pagan city based on sea trade.  At low tide the sea gates open to allow ships into its port.   Every so often his daughter sacrifices someone to the sea.  Then a sea demon arrives, makes love to his daughter, and prevails on her to open her gates to the sea at high tide, and the entire city drowns.

Female voting behavior in Europe is well explained by the theory that women rather like rape.  They are importing the rapeugees to do the raping that white men will not do.  Female resistance to rape is a shit test intended to separate the strong rapist from the weak.

At 1:20 in the video the white girl is groped by a bunch of Iranians. At 1:26 in the video freeze the frame to look at the expression on her face.

Similarly, if you see a woman alone in a twenty four hour laundromat, late at night when there is no one around, she is a single woman, because if she was married her husband would not permit it. Or if he is too weak to stop her, she will not be married very much longer.

Female sexuality and reproductive capability needs to be kept under male control and male supervision. If women have control of their own bodies, they are apt to behave badly.

Trump already setting things right

Sunday, December 4th, 2016

The first hundred days has not even begun, but Trump is already governing through business connections, elite connections, and texting, bypassing the permanent government. The Philippines was moving, arguably had moved, from US alliance to Chinese alliance. Trump and Duterte have a friendly chat, and it was fixed.

The problem was that fresh from its great successes in overthrowing governments in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc, </sarcasm> the State Department and the Permanent US government was gearing up to overthrow the government of the Philippines, but Trump told Duterte not to worry. Problem solved.

The state department was not involved in setting up this phone call, which was organized through Trump’s private business connections in the Philippines. Expect mega outrage in due course at the total lack of separation between president Trump and billionaire CEO Trump. Trump is acting as if he has just performed a hostile business takeover of the very badly run US incorporated. The permanent government will call this corruption, and in a sense it is, though in practice it is more that Trump is spending his own money and using his own business assets to govern the country. Rather than public President Trump enriching private CEO Trump, CEO Trump is applying Trump’s own private assets to govern America. There was and is uncertainty over how rich Trump is, though he flies around in a castle in the sky with a gold plated bath tub, but whether he is rich, or super rich, he is rich enough to run a presidential campaign out of his own pocket and his private connections turn out to wield a lot of power, enough power that he is not helpless before the forces of the permanent government. He was not helpless during the campaign, and he will not be helpless as president. Putting his business into blind trust would render him helpless. We voted for Trump because we well knew he was an insider and a very powerful man, and we figured that power was much needed to deal with anarcho tyranny.

The entire world has been living under the threat that if you do not install prog government that keeps up with the latest in progressivism, your country will be destroyed, like Libya or the Ukraine. Trump has removed this threat. If the Philippines is safe from the murderous, sadistic, and indiscriminately destructive wrath of the state department, so is Poland and Hungary. Expect a cascade of fashy governments around the world.

The progs complain

populist strongmen have begun to put pressure on critical media, to violate minority rights, and to undermine key institutions such as independent courts.

“Critical media” means of course media of the permanent government, either openly and directly controlled like NPR, or with a thin pretense of private ownership like the white house press core, which despite being nominally private works from government offices and receives government benefits.

“Minority rights” means of course arrogant minority privilege. Hear disruptive female hires interrupt and talk over their boss, watch good-for-nothin black hires take up the whole corridor when they walk down the corridor. Because they are almost fireproof short of a lawsuit, and you are not.

“Independent courts” means courts under Harvard’s thumb legislating from the bench – and we are about to see the “Independent” courts legislate open borders.

Progs think the Scalia court was “right wing”. Let us reflect on three packages of judicial legislation that no one on the court would challenge

The supremes are by past standards, raving lunatic fringe frothing at the mouth left. All of them.

1. Law enforcement is crippled by rules that are intended to prevent them from discriminating against blacks. The court sees that blacks tend to be convicted at higher rates than whites, concludes discrimination, and issues rules. The rules, being designed to prevent nonexistent discrimination without actually imposing arrest quotas, fail, more rules ensue.

2. Political repression. For example the Bank of Beverly Hills was destroyed not for defying regulatory rules requiring them to make loans to Hispanics with no income, no job, and no assets, but for doubting the moral superiority of those imposing these rules. “Hostile environment” is in practice, search for thought crime. If people at your company commit thought crimes, regulators will destroy it.

3. “Disparate impact” prohibits hiring on merit and recruitment on ability, giving us the stupid elite.

To fix Disparate Impact, Hostile environment, and restriction on policing you would need to give five justices helicopter rides to the Pacific ocean, for I am pretty sure that every justice on the court currently supports these things.

The fall

Friday, December 2nd, 2016

Support for democracy is falling.

In practice, “democracy” has always been rule by the left. They fix the electorate as needed, by expanding it, “educating” it, applying political repression, or bringing in a new people to replace the old people, so as to ensure a vote for current leftism. Which gets ever lefter. And current leftism has been getting crazier and crazier, faster and faster. Which requires ever more drastic measures to massage the electorate to obtain an acceptable result.

Lockean doctrine implied a democracy of property holders – since the only legitimate activities of the state were to defend the realm and uphold property rights, and allowing non property holders to vote would obviously undermine property rights. In Whig history, the restriction to property holders and the importance of securing property rights gets forgotten.

In Whig history Lockeanism was triumphant in the Glorious revolution, which supposedly established the supremacy of parliament. Perhaps it did, but Lock and his patrons were exiled. If those in power were Lockeans they were forced to remain mighty quiet about it until the early 1800s in order to avoid the wrath of the divine right monarch.

Divine right was still live when George proclaimed that God had appointed him regent. This resulted in Trump/Bush levels of derangement on the left, and the entire Victorian era and the resulting emancipation of women and destruction of marriage can in large part be understood as an effort to retroactively destroy George the Fourth. His filthy slut wife is still today written up as a long suffering saint, and hence all women are saints, and only wives are ever wronged, never husbands. We are still today suffering under a propaganda offensive created to delegitimize George the fourth. The left is still today half cracked on anything King George related. Anything your read in official history related to King George the fourth is half lies and half butthurt madness.

Whigs got the decisive upper hand when King George’s reign ended – and two years after his death instituted lockean democracy limited to property holders. Which property restriction was progressively diluted resulting in the election of lefter and lefter governments, until in 1918 they gave large numbers of non property holders the vote, who promptly proceeded to vote against property rights. So the period where Lock’s doctrines were actually in effect was about fifty two years, from 1832 to 1884. Britain went from kingly and aristocratic rule to democracy of the propertyless with an intervening period of rule by the property owning classes of about fifty to ninety years, from 1832 to 1884, or from 1832 to 1918.

This was classical liberalism, libertarianism, which is a reasonable and sane form of leftism. But it did not come to power by itself, could not come to power by itself. It came to power in coalition with two evil and crazy forms of leftism, hatred of colonialism and the doctrine that women are angels, which doctrine of women as angels was used as a bludgeon against King George and the Aristocracy, and continues to be used as a bludgeon against King George and the Aristocracy, even today.

Pretty soon the evil and crazy left devoured the sane left. Since women are angels there is supposedly no need to coercively enforce chastity on them, and the marital contract only needs to be enforced on men, not women, Enforcing it on women is supposedly just misogyny. The result was what you would expect, a massive wave of female promiscuity and adultery, for example the whore Florence Nightingale and the slut Queen Caroline, and a vast horde of illegitimate children.

A lot of libertarians believe that if we refrain from subsidizing fatherless children, we will not have fatherless children. Victorianism proved this false, with far too many women giving birth in dark alleys in the rain. If you don’t have a welfare state to support fatherless children, you have to do what the Victorians failed to do, forcefully coerce women to behave chastely, subjecting them to the authority of responsible male adults with authority to use corporal punishment. We wound up with a welfare state in large part because the Victorian failure to police female chastity with male authority and physical coercion resulted in an intolerable torrent of bastards.

The United States is a more complicated story, because, until the war of Northern Aggression, things happened state by state. Whigs generally came to power in the American Revolution, but not always and everywhere, so came to power somewhat earlier in America than in Britain. In America, Lockeanism, democracy restricted to property owners, generally had a short life. To get acceptably leftist governments elected, had to enfranchise the masses. And then had to enfranchise even more of the masses. And then enfranchise women. And then had to bring in the third world to replace legacy Americans.

Religions are synthetic tribes. So we are always ruled by a theocracy, defining religions broadly to include quasi religious doctrines like communism and proggism. But proggism, the religion descended from whiggery, itself descended from puritanism, has become ever more evil, ever more insane, and is getting crazier faster and faster. This is inevitable in a state religion that lacks an archbishop and a grand inquisitor to prevent holiness spirals. If adherents of a belief system took power, the way for the next guy to take power is to adhere to that belief system only even more so and with knobs on top.

So the day inexorably comes when proggism shall fall, and with it democracy.

Lockeanism was a pretty good idea – but ultimately it was a mere tool to power, and rapidly got left behind in the holiness spiral. The good ideas got used up, and the ideas remaining are demolition of Chesterton’s fence. When your ideology takes power, it becomes a state religion, and you are going to need an archbishop and a grand inquisitor to prevent your ideology from being devoured by those holier than you are.

You have to have someone whose job it is to stop holiness spirals, to officially discredit those who preach more than the required level of holiness, to ensure that those possessing state power are sufficiently holy but not holier than the King, the Archbishop, and the Grand Inquisitor.