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The Blue Empire of the consulates gets it in the nads

Sunday, December 10th, 2017

I predicted that Trump would have taken power by now. Obviously he has not. But, he is working on it. Unwise to bet against Trump.

In return for Israel not funding his enemies, he recognizes Jerusalem as the eternal and undivided capital of Israel. State Department furtively instigates word wide outrage against this move, which world wide outrage fizzles out dismally. The elite is maximally indignant, the Pope condemns the move, but the masses fail to show up on cue.

As I said earlier in regard to the president re-legalizing oil extraction and coal mining:

the mighty and justifiably enraged masses are no longer spontaneously demanding whatever the permanent government wants them to spontaneously demand this morning and are no longer spontaneously enraged about whatever the permanent government wants them to be spontaneously enrage about this morning.

The sackings I have long hoped for are actually taking place. The State Department, which has been industriously working on a color revolution in the United States against Trump, is being purged.

At that link you will read a diplomat who recently “resigned” (one step ahead of being fired) telling us what good and important work he and the State Department has been doing Sudan. That would be the Sudan plunged into civil war with both sides believing that the State Department has been playing both sides against each other. He helped Americans escape Sudan, he tells us, neglecting to mention they had to flee because the State Department has pissed off the Sudanese government, rebels, and military. If a diplomat has to flee, his diplomacy has evidently been seriously unsuccessful.

The Blue Empire of the consulates has lost in Libya and Sudan. OK, those are merely far away cesspits, but Afghanistan was a far away cesspit, and Soviet defeat in Afghanistan prefigured the fall of the Soviet Empire. Add to Libya and Sudan, the Philippines and Hungary. Not cesspits, and not so far away.

Most of the empire continues to servilely move ever leftwards, and ever against local identity, electing a new people. We are still losing, and losing quite badly. But if you are a diplomat who just got fired by Trump, does not necessarily look that way.

And Mueller is biting the dust. Flynn’s guilty plea is a massive strategic defeat for Mueller.

What was supposed to happen is that Trump’s associates would plead guilty of a very long laundry list of extremely evil things that they did for Trump, at his orders, and in service to him. Then they get let off, the Republicans come under pressure to impeach him, if no impeachment, then Mueller indicts Trump, and Trump gets the perp walk.

Lying to the FBI is a fundamentally frivolous charge. If you open your mouth to the FBI, you are guilty of lying to them, if you keep your mouth closed, you are guilty of conspiracy. It is what you get convicted of when you are pure as the driven snow. What Flynn was supposed to say was “I am guilty of lying to the FBI in that I said Trump was innocent, but actually he is guilty of this long, long, long list of charges, that I wrote out while Mueller steadied my trembling hand”. But the content, or rather lack of content, of Flynn’s guilty plea indicates that Flynn has not flipped. If Flynn had flipped, we would be seeing it already. Which indicates insider judgment that there is a good chance that Trump will actually take power.

I am in favor of American empire. But the trouble is that soft power is insecure power, so your proconsuls tend to act like mobile bandits, rather than stationary bandits. The State Department and its NGOs are a horde of locusts. Recollect the utter devastation and ruin that they inflicted on Haiti. I favor an empire based on colonialism and hard power, and we cannot do colonialism without colonials, and we will not have colonials until we first fix elite fertility. You need colonials for empire, because they care about their homeland, and also care about the colony.

Bitcoin and the May scale of monetary hardness

Saturday, December 9th, 2017

The current price of bitcoin is only justified if there is a significant probability of bitcoin taking over the world, and substantially replacing other assets that are less easily transferable and/or more subject to the caprice and violence of an increasingly disorderly, unpredictable, destructive, and anarchic state.

If it does take over, will rise a hell of a lot further.

For example, investing in real estate rental property is lucrative, with steady modest income and impressive capital appreciation – but it is subject to the Ferguson effect. One fine day you find that the police protecting your investment have been deemed racist, now have a bunch of fat blue haired lesbians from the federal government supervising them at twelve thousand dollars per day per fatso to cure their horrid racism, and the police have pulled back to give the mob room to burn your property, and maim and rape your tenants. Your male tenants then leave, ashamed of their horrible racism, and your female tenants never paid the rent themselves anyway.

It would be nice to have your assets in a form that perhaps was unlikely to generate value, but did not need to be defended.

If, at the time of Caesar, a wealthy Roman invested in income producing properties, what would his wealth be worth now?

Absolutely nothing.

And this has been typical over most of the world throughout most of time, including most of the world during most of the twentieth century. If, on the other hand, he buried gold in a hole in the ground, what would it be worth now?

About what it was worth then.

But right now today, bitcoin is hitting its scaling limits hard. If scaling is not solved, the current price of bitcoin is difficult to justify. If scaling is not fixed, the price will collapse eventually.

The current plan, or perhaps it is merely a hope, rather than a plan, is the Lightning Network. The Lightning Network, if ever implemented successfully, will be able to handle and exceed Visa scale levels of transactions and Visa speed.

But money in the Lightning Network will, like Paypal money or credit card money, like Visa card money, be soft money, soft bitcoin. At the cost of a fee and some delay, you will be able to convert it into hard bitcoin. You will be able to convert hard bitcoin into Lightning Network bitcoin quickly and for no fee. Transfers from Lightning Network Bitcoin to hard Bitcoin will still be subject to scaling limits. But perhaps these limits will be acceptable when we only do such transfers infrequently and for very large sums.

Your hard bitcoin is represented by a secret key and a public key, by a collection of secret keys and public keys. (Unless, of course, it is an account at a bitcoin exchange, as it usually is, in which case it is a promise to deliver bitcoin by some guy whose only known assets are a business suit he purchased from a Chinese supplier on Ebay and two airline travel bags.)

Your Lightning Network bitcoin will be represented by an account at an exchange. And if the exchange goes down, or decides to mess with you, you will be out of pocket. Which makes it soft money. Rather like Paypal or that account on the bitcoin exchange operated by some guy with two airline travel bags who is presently located in the nicest international business hotel in Outer Mongolia, which is not actually all that nice as international business hotels go. (You did put your bitcoin into a wallet where you have real control, right?)

So here is the May Scale of monetary hardness, updated to include Bitcoin and a hypothetical future Lightning Network Bitcoin:

May Scale of monetary hardness
Street cash, gold, US dollars, Bitcoins where you hold the secret keys
Street cash, euro currencies, japan
Street cash, other regions
Interbank transfers of various sorts (wires etc), bank checks
personal checks
Consumer-level electronic account transfers (eg bPay)
Business-account-level retail transfer systems, bitcoins on the hypothetical future Lightning Network
Paypal and similar ‘new money’ entities, bitcoins on a bitcoin exchange controlled by your username and password login
Credit cards

The difference between hard money and soft money is that people are always happy to take hard money, not so happy to take soft money. Always willing to give you soft money for hard money, not so keen to give you hard money for soft money.

Kate’s wall

Tuesday, December 5th, 2017

The importance of the Trayvon Martin case is that every single person realized that obviously Trayvon Martin attacked Martin Zimmerman out of racial animus, but those arguing that Zimmerman should be charged with murder were arguing that whites should just suck up being attacked and killed by blacks. Every single person that accuses Zimmerman of attacking Trayvon, adduces as evidence that Zimmerman provoked Trayvon by suspecting him of being a criminal merely because he was dressed like a criminal and acting like he was casing the joint. But if Zimmerman provoked Trayvon, that is not reason to suspect that Zimmerman attacked Trayvon, that is reason to suspect that Trayvon attacked Zimmerman. They say that they are arguing that Zimmerman attacked Trayvon, but in fact the arguments and the evidence that they present are arguments and evidence that Trayvon, being black, was entitled to attack and kill Zimmerman, being less black.

And the importance of the #KateSteinleVerdict is that capriciously killing whites for laughs is socially approved and high status.

Several years ago in California, an invader with no license traveling very far above the speed limit on the freeway smashed rammed my car from behind, wrecking it. Police let him off. I should have seen this as a straw in the wind. One guy who does something bad is just life. One guy who does something bad with social and organizational support from other guys like himself is war and invasion. They are coming to kill us all and take our stuff.

And this is what surrender and treason looks like: Amy Elizabeth Biehl was murdered for being white while a crowd shouted anti white slurs. Her murderers were, of course, unpunished, and her father then then shook hands with his daughters murderers to celebrate their release. Traitors need to be charged with treason and executed.

Yes, we probably should have executed Amy ourselves, as well as her father, and we probably should have executed Kate Steinle ourselves, but us executing them for treason would reduce the danger to ourselves, while our enemies killing them for being white and receiving social approval, status, and economic rewards for so doing, increases the danger to ourselves.

Our elites are telling our enemies that badwhites are the problem which needs to be eliminated, but the distinction between “badwhites are the problem and need to be eradicated”, and “whites are the bad problem and need to be eradicated” gets lost in translation.

This post cheerfully stolen from Peppermint.

A good time to invest in bitcoin

Monday, December 4th, 2017

In 2013 I recommended investing in bitcoin.

Quite recently I recommended not investing in bitcoin, because my cleaning lady who has no idea what to do when her computer freezes up, is investing in bitcoin. When the widows and orphans start buying stocks, it is time to sell.

Lately I have heard tell of thought criminals opening bitcoin accounts, because they noticed “Nazis” getting their accounts blocked, and figured that come the terror, they would need some money that could not be blocked.

That, people getting bitcoin accounts for actual monetary use, is a mighty good reason to invest in bitcoin. Time was when these people would have purchased gold or uncut diamonds.

Total value of Bitcoin it is currently around two hundred billion. People hold gold for roughly the same purpose as they hold cryptocurrency. It is reasonable that the total value of all crypto currencies should be comparable to the total value of gold, which is at present ten trillion.

Some other crypto currency may, and quite likely will, replace bitcoin.

But at the present moment, Bitcoin is where it is at. The aggregate value of all the various cryptocurrencies out there is dominated by aggregate value of bitcoin.

Which gives room for Bitcoin to rise by a factor of fifty.

Invader justice for invaders

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017

Recently saw picture of the invader jury that acquitted the invader who whimsically and casually murdered a white woman. They were very pleased with themselves. They were delighted. They were extremely proud of themselves.

The problem is that for some time, Democrats have been manufacturing a unitary and cohesive invader identity that is hostile to whites, and now we are getting invader justice – one immigrant from one country is apt to back another immigrant of a different ethnicity and religion who commits a crime against a white, because they are both invaders.

And the more anti white and anti native you are, the holier you are, thus Mexicans are holier than Asians, mestizos are holier than whitish Mexicans, indios are even holier, and Muslims are the holiest of all.

And acquitting an invader who murdered a white chick for laughs pleasingly raises one’s holiness status, hence the pride and joy of the jury. If you are Asian, and you acquit a Mestizo who murdered a white girl, this raises your status towards that of Mestizos, and even further above that of whites.

Someone in the comments is going to present some complicated legal argument that it was not exactly murder for laughs, or there was reasonable doubt it was murder for laughs, and there was some complicated legal reason why the murderer should get off, that it was not really who/whom justice, but even if that argument was completely true, that would not explain the happiness and obvious pride of a jury that did something guaranteed to look very like supporting the murder of white people for being white.

These were people who perceived themselves as having gained status. Killing white people is holy. Even if that murderous illegal immigrant totally deserved to get off (and quite obviously he was guilty as hell) these people believed that letting him off raised their status, and convicting him would have made them unholy, racist, and evil.

The facts of the case are that he stole a gun and used it to kill a white girl for laughs. But the facts of the crime do not matter. Maybe there was reasonable doubt, though I am sure that if the races were reversed no one would think there was reasonable doubt. What matters is not the facts of the case, but the facts of the attitude of the judge, jury, prosecution, and mainstream media, that the jury felt that acquitting an invader who looked remarkably like he frivolously and casually committed a murderous act against white girl was pretty good for themselves.

Obviously the invader stole a gun and murdered the white girl just for laughs, or out of hatred for whites, but regardless of the facts of the crime, even if he was innocent as morning dew, the emotional affect of the jury only makes sense if invaders murdering white girls for racial reasons is holy, socially approved, and high status.