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We are all white supremacists now

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Obama promised a post racial America. We elected Obama so that we could once and for all cleanse ourselves from the guilt for our racial sins.

Obama running for election spoke of the “nation’s original sin of slavery,” in the celebrated “A More Perfect Union” speech on race.but promised redemption. Elect Obama, and your sins will be forgiven.

Shortly after election, we discovered that our original sins were irredeemable, we are all guilty, we all must be punished with hellfire for eternity.

What, in fact, he delivered is an America where all white males are irredeemably hateful and evil, and must be purged. Original sin for the crime of slavery with absolutely no possibility of redemption. (Though in fact blacks enslaved other blacks, sold a small part of the surplus to whites, and ate the rest of the surplus. Those blacks that were enslaved by their fellow blacks, usually enslaved by black authorities for petty crimes, but who then got the boat to America were vastly better off than those blacks who remained in Africa.)

Obama, running for election, told us he was going to heal the wounds of racial division. Once elected, however, the logic of ginning up the black vote prevailed, and he proceeded to pour salt on the wounds and gasoline on the fire.

The left devours its own.  Of course the left radicalized further in the last few years, as they have every year since around 1800 or so.

Some time ago I wrote to Scott saying that because he hangs out with evil and malicious people, he will be righteously condemned, then murdered or executed, and  and his death endorsed by all right thinking decent people, while I, who actually say all the things he will be falsely accused of saying, will likely be fine.  I think he sincerely thought the prediction so absurd that I must be joking, and forgot about it.

Egalitarianism is not about lifting up the downtrodden.  It is about afflicting those insufficiently downtrodden, because the insufficiently downtrodden are a status threat, and the downtrodden are not.  The left delight in the harm they cause.  They want to hurt people, and as the world moves ever leftwards, the harm that they inflict will become ever greater, the final stage of leftism being that everyone tortures everyone else to death for insufficient leftism.   Of course leftism usually self destructs before absolutely everyone is tortured to death, but they frequently make a good start on the program.

And here we are now, ruled by state religion that rules us irredeemably evil and wants to make us suffer.  Leftism gets ever lefter, and the presidency continues to go on its own way ignoring the president. What constitutes being lefter than thou cannot be predicted in advance, because if you could predict it, they would already be doing it.  But right now holier than thou is one leftist hating whites even more than the other leftist.

The privileges enjoyed by blacks over whites continue to escalate, and in consequence the self destructive and self defeating behavior of blacks continues to escalate.

Blacks, to prosper, need considerably harsher and simpler laws than whites, more swiftly and brutally enforced.  Racial quotas on arrests are the worst thing you can do to harm blacks, for while racial quotas on arrest have done immense damage to whites by allowing blacks to run wild, the main victims of blacks running wild are other blacks.

If you privilege the behavior of aristocrats over peasants, so that an aristocrat can get away with behavior that a peasant could not, can get away with violence that a peasant could not, this works fine provided that aristocrats have a good code of honor, so that aristocratic misconduct is rather classy, honorable, brave and stylish.  Privileging black and brown misconduct and violence is disastrous, because they have a code of dishonor, alleviated only be the fact that they do not follow even that.

The logic of prohibiting profiling inexorably leads to actual criminality being part of the forbidden characteristics that police are not allowed to notice.  The Supreme court has for years been dealing with an endless parade of cases where a policeman, often a black policeman, noticed a black man doing something criminal, stopped him, searched him, and found evidence of the crime, and the lawyer appealed on the basis that the policeman should not have noticed and therefore neither the original forbidden noticing, nor the evidence found, should have been admitted in court.  This has steadily escalated and filtered down to day to day police practice.

And when forbidding noticing fails to reduce the arrest disparity, we get arrest quotas.

In retrospect it is now apparent that we were locked onto this course when all men were declared to be equal.  They are not, and pretending that they are necessarily results in legal privileges for inferior groups.

We can never have the same laws for different groups, and we don’t.

“The intellectual Dark Web” – and Jordan Peterson

Monday, May 14th, 2018

Yesterday, Saturday, I was shopping at the farmers market, and at one of the stalls my girlfriend asked if we should buy some choko, and I said “You are in charge, you decide”, meaning she was in charge of cooking and the kitchen.  Whereupon the stall holder, a late twenties white male small scale farmer selling his own produce or his family’s produce, said

“Hey don’t say that.  They might start believing it!”

“Don’t worry, I beat her regularly”, I said.

“Right, that is OK then”, he said, giving me a thumbs up.

The New York Times has recently blessed “The intellectual dark web” – which is the latest controlled opposition.

If the New York Times blesses you, you are our enemy, and you intend to destroy everyone like me, you intend to deny me grandchildren, you intend to to erase my culture and destroy its statues, monuments and great buildings.  You intend to demonize and erase my ancestors and their great achievements from history, you intend to erase my past and deny me a future. You are planning to flatten the great buildings of my ancestors, and replace them with concrete boxes, because you hate my past.

All the members of the Intellectual Dark Web are the usual neocons, who are open about their intent to erase my past and crush my future  –  except for Jordan Peterson, who is not a neocon.  So Jordan Peterson and thus his followers, are being urged to assimilate to those who unambiguously intend to destroy us, and to repudiate and disown those who hope to preserve us.

Where does Jordan Peterson stand on preserving my past and my future?


White people always have a state religion. Our current state religion is progressivism, a heretical descendant of Christianity based on immanentizing the eschaton, transliterating Christianity from the next world to this.

And our current state religion hates us, and seeks to destroy us.

Children need fathers, fathers need a tribe and a faith.  Peterson is attempting to synthesize a new faith  – but it is a faith without a tribe, without tribal identity.  Adherents of Peterson’s faith have, shall have no practices that identify them to each other.  Adherents of the faith are urged to do good to everyone – which is pretty stupid, and holiness competition in appearing to do good to far away strangers (without actually doing good to them) is in substantial part what got us into this mess.  Peterson’s new faith is fully progressivism compliant, and progressivism just loves progressivism compliant faiths, which somehow rapidly become entirely indistinguishable from progressivism, and then quietly fade away.

For a faith to avoid assimilation by progressivism, has to have some key points of doctrine and practice that will prevent that assimilation – for example a commandment based on some red pill facts about women would work. Peterson gives no useful advice, let alone any commandments, on how to deal with women, though he seems to have noticed how oddly relaxed women are about the rapeugee problem.

Peterson urges males to be masculine, to not be ashamed of masculinity, which is a mighty inspiring message for men who have been demonized and taught to hate themselves and their own nature, but his concept of masculinity avoids directly confronting the progressive demonization and hatred of males and masculinity. Peterson’s masculinity is expressed in cleaning up your room and pedestalizing women, but I have found that if you want to pull chicks, important to seem scary and potentially violent. Peterson is plugging that masculinity which is the least offensive possible to progressives, the least threatening possible to progressives, but in practice, the most offensive possible masculinity is considerably more advantageous, short of actually getting into fights, and so long as smooth talking and expensive lawyers can keep one out of jail, the masculinity that the man at the farmer’s market stall was plugging, which was noticeably more virile than the masculinity plugged by Jordan Peterson.

Jordan Peterson has, in the past, been disturbingly cozy with globalists, with people who want to eliminate the white race, erase the history of white civilizations, end high tech capitalism, industrial capitalism, and large scale capitalist extraction of natural resources.

For Peterson’s new faith to resist progressive assimilation, and to actually benefit its adherents, he needs to follow up that thought about the oddly relaxed attitude of feminists to the rapeugee problem.

People hunger and thirst for truth. Jordan Peterson promises truth but does not deliver. Cleaning up your room will not make you a man, let alone get you pussy.

Inclusivity codes of conduct

Wednesday, May 9th, 2018

When an open source software project adopts a “code of conduct” it slowly dies. Bugs don’t get fixed, new features break stuff, and it is unable to accommodate updates and changes in the environment. Over time, it gradually suffers bitrot – unchanging and unchangeable assumptions in a changing world, combined with “fixes” that introduce new bugs, and confusing new misfeatures that irritate old users, never quite work as they were supposed to, and are an obstacle to new users.

And now the eye of Soros has fallen on the Space X reusable rocket program, and “women in tech” will likely kill the re-usable earth to orbit second stage. We will still get something called the Falcon Heavy which will reach orbit, but chances are that the promised reusability is never going to arrive, that it will not be able to land back on earth, promptly refuel, and promptly go back to orbit again. And will therefore never be able to radically lower launch costs.  And in a generation or so it will suffer the fate of the space shuttle. Too many disastrous accidents, costs keep growing without limit, eventually grounded for life. Similarly, the latest fighter planes have poorer performance than earlier generations of fighter planes, and much higher cost. People tell me that advances in missile technology and stealth make high performance fighters obsolete, and maybe that is true, but if performance is obsolete, why are fighters, like bridges that fall down, getting more expensive, rather than less? Looks to me that the government is buying all the performance it can afford – and all the performance it can afford is rather less than it used to be able to afford. Reminds me of the Obamacare website: No amount of money could get it up, until they gave up on political correctness, and went with a team of white males leavened with east Asian males – with white males on top.

Why is “inclusivity” so devastatingly lethal to tech?

Observe “women in tech”. As Spandrel observes “Women in tech” are women trying to get nerds out of tech. Nerds protest. “We were here first! We built this from scratch!”. Yeah whatever. There’s money to be made, so women want in. Then they saw nerds there, and then they can’t help their instincts. Nerds must go. Women just won’t live close to them; the same way humans don’t like living close to snakes or rats. That getting rid of the nerds would destroy the whole ecosystem is secondary. When tech collapses after women chase the nerds away, women will just migrate to somewhere else built by some other males, as if nothing had happened.

Hypergamy means that all women want the top men. The top 20%, the top 5%, definitions vary. Here’s some data. But even with the most generous definition, women see 80% of men as being completely out of consideration for sex. They just won’t sleep with them. If they do (and they do every now and then for money or other motives), and other women find out, well that automatically means they’re lower status, certainly lower status than women who sleep with better men. Not even sex really, the mere company of undeserving men is like a skin disease for women. It’s like an old rag worn by a leper. The attention of mediocre men is low status itself, it defiles women in their own eyes. So it follows that if possible, mediocre men should disappear. Just die.

Incel men being the most mediocre among the mediocre, they are at the top of the list for things women want to eradicate. They just don’t want them to exist. Wherever they meet them they try to make them disappear.

Google used to be very smart, is now very stupid. Still making billions, will continue to make billions, but from my point of view, has already collapsed. Most of the good stuff being created now, is being created by ex googlers. Hollyweird is now getting what techies have been getting for some time.  The only way a good techie can avoid the purge is to actually do what he would otherwise be accused of doing. The instincts of women mean that the innocent get purged and the guilty get laid.

The lioness knows which lion to fuck, because she sees him kill her kittens. Feynman was smart and famous, but to get laid, had to use his smarts to learn to put on the same performance as I perform.  All women are like that.  If some women were not like that, we would have seen them with Feynman, Einstein, and Brad Pitt.

Who gets sex

Thursday, May 3rd, 2018

The simplistic account is that eighty percent of women are having sex, and twenty percent of men are having sex – a hell of a lot of sex.

It kind of feels as if it is true, it is emotionally true, but it is not literally true. The number of men and women getting sex is not hugely different. More woman are having sex than men, and substantially more women are having regular sex with a regular partner than men are having regular sex with a regular partner (reflecting substantial levels of polygyny), but not hugely more, the numbers are not all that different.

What, however, makes the simplistic account feel true, is that ninety percent of men never get to pop a virgin. Every man, except for a rather small handful of men, are getting sloppy seconds. There is not a huge asymmetry as to how many men are getting sex compared to how many women, not a huge asymmetry as to how many men are in a sexual relationship as compared with the number of women in a sexual relationship. Rather the problem is that we don’t see virgins entering relationships with other virgins, and then having sex with each other. This is the huge inequality between men and women, and between the vast majority of ordinary males, and the small minority of males that females notice – the problem is that almost every women gets popped by a high status alpha male, while very few men get to pop a hot virgin.

Eventually the hot chick slides down the desirability ladder, and reluctantly deigns to enter a relationship with some male who is sufficiently lowly and unattractive that he is interested in having a relationship with her. And most sex, most of the time, takes place between men and women that are not as grossly mismatched as women wish that they were, with the result that most sex, most of the time, is not all that unequally distributed. Most sex, most of the time, is between men and women not too far apart in the desirability ladder, with the result that the numbers are not all that unequal. But by that time, by the time she has reluctantly decided to settle for someone like you, her count has become considerable.

If you have ever had sex with a virgin, you will be in no doubt about it. If you think she is a virgin because she told you so, she lied.

The number of female involuntary celibates is roughly similar to the number of male involuntary celibates. But the female involuntary celibate is celibate because she is an alpha widow. She is celibate because she once got a booty call from Jeremy Meeks, and now rejects all lesser males in the hope that one day she will get a second booty call from Jeremy Meeks. The male involuntary celibate is likely a virgin, and if he ever had sex, he got the dregs, while the female involuntary celibate got the cream.

John Bolton wants war

Tuesday, May 1st, 2018

John Bolton’s plan for denuclearizing Korea:

“We have very much in mind the Libya model from 2003, 2004,”

Hmm, how did that work out of Gaddaffi?

In 2011 February Gaddafi gives up weapons of mass destruction. Then Obama, or rather a presidency that Obama was unable to control, immediately launched a color revolution, which failed horribly. The State Department then had Gaddafi murdered in a US air strike in on the 2011 October 20th. But the State Department is still unable to make its color revolution stick. When the State Department attempt at color revolution in Libya continues to fall flat on its face despite the murder of Gaddafi, the US proceeds to bomb everything of value and murder everyone important. The US was able to destroy the existing regime, but was unable to impose the regime it wanted, so just kept bombing, killing, and sponsoring various armed groups to kill and destroy. After three years of savage destruction, remaining State Department assets fled the chaos that they had created in 2015. Since then Libya has been one of the very few genuinely independent states, a defeat and retreat by the US empire resembling in many ways the Soviet defeat in Afghanistan and retreat from Afghanistan. The government of Libya is, of course, not recognized by “the international community”, and is necessarily somewhat furtive and semi hidden in order to avoid drone strikes, but nonetheless, since the State Department retreat in 2015, has been able to maintain a reasonable level of order, security, and safety.

Korea is one of the many branches of the US empire that are failing to show a profit for America and Americans. The obvious solution is to spin it off. Let the rulers of North and South make the deal that they say they want to make, and bring US troops and US nuclear weapons home from Korea. If, on the other hand, the US continues to rule and occupy South Korea (at a considerable loss) this obvious presents a grave threat to the ruler of North Korea, in which case Kim would have to be crazy to give up nukes. But this plan – peace and independence in Korea – is giving “the international community” fits. The international community is horrified by the prospect of Trump making peace and denuclearizing Korea, which they correctly see as retreat.

If you want an empire, you need colonialists who settle and stay, so that they have ties to the home country, and also ties to the subject country, so that they have reason to govern the subject country well. In order to have colonialists, you need a fertile ruling elite, which produces more offspring than there are statal and quasi statal jobs for in the home country, so the elite sends their excess offspring off to settle and rule the empire.. The State Department rules instead through carpetbaggers, who tend to steal everything not nailed down and then move on to the next target. To rule an empire, you need a cohesive, family oriented, ruling elite, or your empire will disintegrate through anarcho tyranny, no matter how enormous your preponderance of military power. The State Department attempts to rule the world, but lacks a ruling elite they can rely on to rule their subject countries, or even America itself. They don’t trust the US military, the red empire, to rule, but the blue empire is incapable of rule, as was illustrated by their utterly disastrous governance of Haiti. The State Department is itself “the international community” – rootless cosmopolitans who are hostile to old America and to legacy Americans, and not particularly loyal to each other, who lack honor or human decency, who feel themselves hostile aliens in a hostile alien land, exiles, men without a country, without a tribe, without a faith, without a future or a past, a string of sand. It rules the world, but is unable to rule anything. Not only do they want to erase whites, but also Israel. The difference between Trump and the Jews who hate him and seek to destroy him is that Trump has Jewish grandchildren, and they do not. Like Angela Merkel, they want the world to end with themselves. They have erased their past, and have no future. Their enormous wealth and power is ashes in their mouth.

Their only source of cohesion is to be lefter than thou, to double down on hostility to white males. Their only faith, their only religion, the only source of cohesion that they can draw upon, is that white males have got to go. Thus we, not Kim of North Korea, not China, not Russia, are their real enemy. This leaves them in better shape than the Soviets, who having lost faith in communism had no source of cohesion at all, but still poor shape as they drift towards war. This implies that China, Russia, and even North Korea, are enemies of our enemy. Of these enemies of our enemy, Russia is most like us, and thus most likely to be an ally, as we drift towards war, internal and external.