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Global warming scam starts to unravel

Sunday, September 30th, 2018

The basic religious impulse behind global warming is that technology and industrial civilization is a creation of whites, males, and capitalists, and primarily a creation of white male capitalists, therefore must be evil.

The political impulse behind global warming, its strategic value for the blue empire was that the replacement people were largely concentrated in blue coastal federal electorates, thus wasting their votes, so the blue empire wanted to move people who work and don’t commit crimes out of federal electorates in flyover country, where their votes were likely to tip the balance, into coastal areas where they would be massively outvoted. Similarly, the policy of bombing marginal federal electorates in flyover country with black male Muslim military age rapeugees living on crime and welfare. So they wanted to destroy productive activities, such as logging and coal mining, in flyover country. To avoid wasted Democratic votes, they want to move people who work and do not commit crimes out of flyover country, and people who do not work and who do commit crimes into flyover country. Similarly, they want people who vote Democratic armed (hence operation Fast and Furious) so that they can kill people who vote Republican (hence gun control).

The blue empire proceeded to apply its soft power to drag the rest of the world along for the ride. Thus the Paris climate treaty had almost all the pain to be inflicted on flyover country Americans, with just barely enough pain for the rest of the world to make it an “international” treaty (which is to say a treaty where the “international community”, aka the US State Department, agrees with itself), and thus avoid the inconvenience of Americans who lose their jobs because of it being able to vote against it.

To the religious impetus of hostility to industrial civilization, which is to say white male capitalist civilization, was added the impetus of hostility to those horrid rednecks in flyover country.

The only real action item on the Paris accord was smashing Americans in flyover country, making them suffer, and providing political cover for smashing Americans in flyover country. If Americans in flyover county are not being smashed, not one gives a tinker’s dam about the rest of it. It is already sliding out of sight and out of mind.

Trump has not been able to do much about the flood of illegal immigration, but the stops against coal mining and fracking rested on executive orders, and he simply issued new executive orders, whereupon those jobs that “were gone and not coming back” promptly came back.

Coal mines and such are generally in flyover country, Democratic voters on the coast, so, moving legacy American out of flyover country makes more efficient use of imported voters.

But Trump shuts down this tactic, and the entire rest of the world loses interest in Global Warming.

The rest of the world was being put through the motions to provide political cover for the blows against near. Paris was just political cover for shutting down jobs in flyover country, in order to move republican voters into areas full of wasted federal Democratic party votes.

With Trump shutting down that tactic, suddenly the soft power of “the international community” loses interest in Global warming.

One might suppose that this is the result of everyone reacting to the same data at the same time, but not so. When the climategate files came out, it was obvious that global warming was a religion, not science, and that global warming scientists had precisely zero interest in whether global warming was true of this world, that it was a religious truth, not genuinely expected to be empirically verifiable, not really expected to be supported by, or supportable by, the facts of this world.

The empirical evidence for global warming remains about the same as it has ever been. If any warming is happening, the effects are imperceptibly slight, and likely to remain imperceptible for a long time.

But suddenly, around the world, people are forgetting about efforts to fight the terrible scourge of global warming.

For some time warmists have been making a big deal out of disappearing ice at the north pole (Glibly ignoring the fact that the South Pole is far larger than it was when the first expeditions visited the place.)

Every year since 2007 highly honored high status official scientist Peter Wadhams tells us:

Arctic will be ice free in summer next year

After a decade of false predictions, more honored than ever. Being wrong works great for official science, while being right is apt to be fatal for one’s career.

Over the past couple of hundred years the North West passage has sometimes been closed all year, sometimes open briefly during summer. Always too much ice to sail the arctic reliably even in summer, always too little ice to reliably and safely reach the North Pole by sled even in winter. There is always ice, even in the North West Passage in summer, there is always open water, even at the North Pole in winter, and that is the way it is always been. Hard to see any climate change, because the day to day weather changes, and the year to year weather changes, are vastly bigger than the supposed climate change.

This year, even icebreakers could not make the Northwest passage in high summer.

Yes, the Arctic has less ice than it used to. And the Antarctic more, but I am not seeing a trend, just pink noise, temporally correlated random variation, a fractal roughly half way between red noise (a random walk) and white noise. If there is a trend, hard to discern against a background of large random changes. Finding patterns in climate change is not a whole lot easier than finding patterns in stock market price change. Retrodiction is apt to be a whole lot easier than prediction.

I will now predict the Arctic climate and weather:

The North West Passage has been open before and closed before: It will be open again, and closed again.

There have been large areas of open sea at the North Pole before, and it has been entirely covered by thick ice before: It will be covered by ice again, and open sea again.

There has always been enough ice that it is a big problem for ships even in high summer: There will continue to be enough ice that it is a big problem for ships even in high summer.

There has always been enough open sea at the North Pole that it is a big problem for sleds even in mid winter: There will continue to be enough open sea that it is a big problem for sleds even in mid winter.

It is rarely possible to reach the North Pole by ship, because ice is usually in the way. It is usually difficult and often dangerous to reach the North Pole by sled, because water is usually in way. Sledding and sailing has become easier, because aided by satellite observations, and because one can be rescued by helicopter. Helicopter rescues will continue to happen from time to time, both because of too little open water for ships, and too much open water for sleds.

Collapse of Building Seven

Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Since World Trade Tower Building seven is the most decisive evidence that the collapse of the towers was, as it seemed, the work of terrorists equipped with boxcutters, the troofers manipulatively announce it to be their strongest evidence to the contrary.

Building Seven begins its fall like a tree, falling sideways towards the holes blasted by the plane on the south Side, and the fires started by the plane on the south side.

In this video, shot from the north side it falls away from the viewer.  The structure on top disappears not because it falls into the building, for at this stage of the collapse the outer shell of the building is tilting like a tree, falling like a rigid object, but because the tilt of the building takes it out of view:

If the above image fails to animate for you, reload it in a new tab.

After about two or three seconds into the collapse it starts to fall downwards, as if in a demolition, but the start of the collapse is that the shell of Building Seven tilts and rotates southwards away from the camera like a tree falling towards the notch cut by the axeman. The change in the angle of the dark line shows that in the first few seconds of the fall, the movement is primarily rotation sideways, rather than droop downwards. The further end of the dark line drops by more than the north face of the building drops, indicating considerably more rotation southwards than droop downwards. In these images of the very first part of the collapse of the outer shell, the top of the building is moving away from the viewer a lot faster than it is moving downwards.

The image below, shot from the east side, shows it half way through its fall, transitioning from falling sideways like a tree, to collapsing downwards like a building.

Building seven was rated to survive three hours of uncontrolled fire, before the heat penetrated the insulation on the steel beams, softening them and causing them to collapse.

It instead survived seven hours of uncontrolled fire, roughly the amount of time predicted when it was built, when the builders considered the possibility of a fire raging for a long time without being brought under control.

They expected that any fire would be brought under control in three hours or less, and therefore the building could not be brought down by fire, but unfortunately the damage caused by terrorists crashing planes knocked out the water supply.

Building seven fell partly from damage, partly because the steel beams softened in the heat of the fire. When the building was designed the insulation on the steel beams was rated to withstand three hours fire:

The instructions to the bidders for the WTC 7 job were to bid on a 3 h rating for the columns and a 2 h rating for the metal deck and floor support steel, which corresponded to the more stringent fire resistance requirements for Type 1B (unsprinklered) construction. These ratings were to be achieved by application of Monokote MK-5, a gypsum-based SFRM that contained a vermiculite aggregate. According to the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Fire Resistance Directory (1983), these ratings required a thickness of 22 mm (7/8 in.) of Monokote MK-5 to be applied to the heavy columns, 48 mm (1 7/8 in.) to be applied to the lighter columns, 13 mm (1/2 in.) to be applied to the beams, and 10 mm (3/8 in.) to be applied to the bottom of the metal deck. Private inspectors found that the applied SFRM thicknesses were consistent with these values

which is a longer fire than would ever be allowed under normal circumstances. The reason for having insulation on the steel beams is that the builders expected that without insulation, fire would cause the building to fall – as it did. It fell because it reached and exceeded its design limits for not falling, and it fell as we would expect a building to fall from such a cause, in that it started its fall like a tree, sideways towards the notch.

The NPC plague

Tuesday, September 18th, 2018

For a long time I have been urging the left to engage in dialogue with us. I complain that they will neither listen to us nor speak to us, and that this will end in war, and mass murder.

Well, suddenly they have started to talk at us, with leftist NPCs showing up on reactionary blogs and lecturing right wingers on twitter and facebook. Listening, not so much. Their stuff tends to be robotic and spammy. Attempting to interact with them is like talking to an NPC (Non Player Character) in a video game. To some extent they actually are NPCs – we are seeing stuff that looks as if generated by Google’s AI, and that AI programmed by someone who has no understanding of, nor interest in, the ideas of the people he is supposedly addressing. Looks very like a hasty makeover of a similar operation and similar software directed against Muslims, with the major change in the software being a global search for Mohammed, and a global replace with Moldbug or Heartiste.

To some extent it seems to be actual humans who are mechanically following a script written for them by someone else, and who are not allowed to deviate from the script, which sooner or later results in them being endlessly repetitious, somewhat resembling a non player character in a video game, but more resembling one of those highly unhelpful telephone help systems, where one is talking to an actual human, but if your problem is not one of the very limited set of problems covered by the script that that human is required to follow, you are sol, and find yourself trapped in the same script over and over.

It is an improvement, a genuine attempt to get off the path leading to civil war. Not really an adequate attempt, since to the extent that it is actual humans, those humans are not permitted to show comprehension of the ideas that they are attempting to rebut, and crimestop genuinely prevents them from comprehending the ideas that they are attempting to rebut. In place of dialog being totally forbidden, we are getting the superficial appearance of dialog, but so severely supervised and tightly controlled that it is not genuine dialog.

They make their preprogrammed argument, you make the obvious and well known counterargument, which is not covered by the script, even though it was first made one hundred and seventy years ago, and they repeat their original preprogrammed argument, claiming to observe and to have experienced the reality that progressives are trying to wish into existence.

Open letter to Linus

Monday, September 17th, 2018

When an open source project goes social justice it dies.

It suffers the same transformation we see in entertainment intellectual properties like Star Wars.

  1. Identify a respected institution.
  2. kill it.
  3. gut it.
  4. wear its carcass as a skin suit, while demanding respect

When a stem activity, such as open source, goes social justice, then its job gets redefined as showing that women, blacks, and Muslims are capable of stem by giving them stem social roles – which is how NASA lost the capability to go into space.

If you, Linus, are replaced by social justice warriors, which always happens when you get a code of conduct, Linux slowly dies – bugs will not get fixed, misfeatures will get added, and it will suffer from bitrot as the world changes around it.

It will go the same path as Soviet and Rhodesian agriculture. Soviet agriculture never recovered from the liquidation of the kulaks, Rhodesian agriculture never recovered from the genocide of white farmers.

This code of conduct is the work of people who think that all the stuff descended from the sky, and white males, being the evil sexist racist homophobic mysogynist islamophobes that we are, snatched all the good stuff up, thereby preventing anyone else from having it.

They think that if it was not for the horrid oppression committed by white males, they could just help themselves to the stuff in Walmart, and Walmart shelves would magically refill, the way the shelves in Venezuela were supposed to magically refill.

This code of conduct was brought to you by the same thinking on display in Venezuela and in South Africa, where without white farmers the South African crops mysteriously don’t grow and without bakeries run by lighter skinned Venezuelans, darker skinned Venezuelans find themselves mysterious short of bread.

A code of conduct results in social justice warriors being helicoptered into the social role and social status of people who create value, but strangely and mysteriously, value ceases to be created.

We are all comicsgate

Tuesday, September 4th, 2018

Ethan Van Sciver sues Vox Day for personal ownership of the comicsgate brand.

This is pissing inside the tent, and is likely to result in social justice warriors taking over comicsgate, since judges will rule in favor of social justice without regard for merit.

Whosoever pisses inside the tent is my enemy, for if he sues Vox Day, likely will sue me.

As the Comicsgate Wiki rightly tell us:

ComicsGate (or #ComicsGate) is an online movement that believes the comic book industry (especially publishers Marvel and DC) is oversaturated by political messaging that appeals explicitly to only one demographic that is not interested in the medium, to the detriment of the existing consumer base and the industry as a whole. It also addresses a lack of professionalism, inclusivity, objectivity and accountability of the publishers and their employees (i.e. management, editors, writers, artists, etc.) when dealing directly with the customers.

Ethan Van Sciver is attempting to appropriate value that a multitude of other people have created, Vox Day among them, which attempt, if successful, will inevitably wind up with the brand being used to educate us in the horrors of white supremacism, male supremacism, cishet normatism (or whatever they are calling it now), islamophobia, and so on and so forth.

Ethan Van Sciver is not comicsgate.  He is pissing inside the comicsgate tent.

Inevitably, should the case go to court, the lawyers are going to depict the other side as nazis, white supremacists, islamophobes, antisemites, and whatnot, which puts the heat on everyone to hire social justice warriors and to issue comics where the main story is about a racial and sexual minority struggling with oppression.

The net effect of such a lawsuit is not just spending money on lawyers rather than artists.  The net effect is that money raised to produce content of interest to people who don’t want to be preached at and told that they are sinners will be used to hire people, to pay people, to preach at them and tell them that they are sinners.

The winner of this lawsuit will be the man most willing to use your money to tell you that you are a horrible person who should never get laid and deserves to die in a fire.