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Can’t stump the Trump

Tuesday, June 12th, 2018

Trump defies the world

Naturally the world press attempted to frame this as Trump taking a humiliating beating like an errant schoolboy.

But …
Brow beating

But the frame fell off with Trudeau’s eyebrows.

Trump targeted Trudeau in particular, not because of anything he said, that was just an excuse, but because the Canadian economy is the most vulnerable to a tariff war with the United States. The fake eyebrows were a visible manifestation of less visible weakness. A weak country produces, and is produced by, weak men.

Which brings me to a far more important conflict: The president’s struggle with the presidency.

The left seemingly holds all the cards. Christianity has surrendered to the left, and is dying for its own sins, for its heretical endorsement of vile sins. The left control every institution. Surely it is all over?

Well, maybe it is all over. On past performance the left, being macro scale entropy, is never defeated until they start murdering each other in large numbers, or until very few people remain and alien outsiders move in on the vacant lands.

But the left is vulnerable because incohesive. Because the left is entropy manifest in the form of people and political action, they have no cohesion, which leads to them always being out holied by even crazier leftists, the latest big leftwing projects being genocide of Christians, and boys changing sex before puberty, which is currently being promoted in comics and television cartoons, but also leads to them falling apart when opposed by a strong leader. They have a leadership vacuum, made manifest by Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Angela Merkel. The left wing tendency to absolute dictatorship is their solution to the terrifying entropy of leftism, their solution to their fear of each other, their solution to their endless and increasingly dangerous struggle with each other. They wind up with despotism as a desperately needed substitute for strength and unity.

In so far as they have unity at the moment, it is because their top people have blackmail material on each other. If Trump can get a decent prosecution going of a few mid level leftists, they are going to start singing on each other, the way they keep expecting Trump people to sing when they launch spurious prosecutions against them.

But that is a coup complete problem. How does Trump get a prosecution going, when the criminals are the Department of Justice and the FBI? On the other hand, as we approach the left wing singularity, coups become increasingly probable.

If he gets a good prosecution going, he will then own the presidency. But hard to get a good prosecution going until he first owns the presidency.

If Trump pulls off an autocoup, the next big problem will be making it permanent. The presidency is too vast and sprawling to be easily controllable, thus tends inexorably to entropy, hence leftism, and leftism tends ever leftwards. To make an autocoup permanent, Trump will have to disempower almost all of the presidency. After an autocoup, if the presidency remains vast, and vastly powerful, it will continue to work to disempower the president and his successors, though more slowly, in a more furtive fashion, and with less conscious intention.

The drift to civil war

Tuesday, May 29th, 2018

Whichever outcome happens, Trump in prison or the swamp in prison, as leftism keeps getting lefter the stakes just keep getting higher, and the processes for seizing the stakes are losing legitimacy. When things are falling apart, the first guy to escalate tends to win, and the first guy to escalate to naked violence is likely to win.

The deep state, the swamp, figured that they would illegally hound the Trump campaign, and something was bound to turn up that would retroactively justify the investigation, and they could jail Trump for some crime or other.

Because, hey if any of them were investigated, not that that could ever happen, something would turn up.

Well, they have been at it for two years, and nothing has turned up. What the press keeps announcing as another triumph is that in the course of casting the net wider and wider, they find some technicality or other with which to charge someone or other somehow connected to Trump, and hope to “turn him” – get him to rat on Trump, to reveal all these terrible Trump crimes that must surely exist. Every leftist assumes, sees as quite obvious, that if anyone connected to Trump is brought under pressure, he is likely to have some Trump crimes to report. Its inevitable and obvious – because everyone has some crimes, right?

But after two years of this, of people supposedly being about to “turn” as a result of being charged with crimes increasingly technical, boring, irrelevant, and legalistic, it is increasingly obvious that these Trump crimes do not exist, and all this illegal use of police and investigatory power is going to get them in trouble. If anyone was going to “turn”, he would have turned by now. If anything was going to turn up, would have turned up by now.

They are investigating people and charging people to pressure them to rat on Trump, to reveal the terrible Trump crimes that surely must exist. No ratting happens, indicating no Trump crimes exist.

The uniform and confident expectation that if you put the heat on some random Trump associate, he will have the goods on Trump, reveals that if you were to put the heat on some random swamp dweller, he would have the goods on some more senior swamp dweller.

Predictably, the deep state, and entire left, reacts to this problem not by conciliation and retreat, but by escalation.

A little illegality (of which they hoped that they would be able to say “Well, what does it matter now” after turning up some Trump crime that would retroactively justify the investigation) has been slowly turning into a big illegality with nothing to justify it.

And when an illegality gets big enough, it is civil war.

On lefty boards, I keep hearing the argument “Well the first FBI and DoJ actions could not have been illegal, because if they were then the later actions would be even more illegal”.

There is a flaw in that argument.

The real meaning of that argument is “Anything we do is legal because we do it, and anything you do is illegal because you do it, because we can and will escalate further than you dare to escalate.” Wanna bet about what Trump will not dare? Duterte escalated all the way, and is as a result hugely popular.

They might be right. No wall yet, and the swamp shows no signs of draining, but if they are right this time, sooner or later, will be wrong.

The expectation that something would turn up is projection. They know nothing about Trump except what everyone knows, indeed they know less, because they close their eyes for fear of exposure to thought crime. That they think that something will turn up, that any close associate of Trump must know of Trump crimes, and therefore bringing a close associate of Trump under pressure will result in him ratting out Trump for some crime or other, implies that bringing any swamp dweller under pressure will result in him ratting out a more senior swamp dweller for some crime or other.

John Huber has been appointed to investigate the swamp.

So, will John Huber do the job? Will he obey the presidency and disobey the president, or will he obey the president and disobey the presidency?

On the one hand, John Huber is an Obama appointee, which would suggest that the swamp has something on him. The nature of the swamp is that to advance very far, you have to participate in hideous crimes, you have to demonstrate loyalty by making yourself blackmailable. We don’t actually have any very concrete evidence of swamp dwellers sexually murdering abducted third world children in obscene satanic group rituals, but it is the kind of thing that they would do, and their thinking is the kind of thinking that one would expect of people socially required to do that kind of thing. If they had a normal disgust reflex, if anyone in their social circle had a normal disgust reflex, someone would have told them that 10:10 No Pressure was a really bad idea.

But, on the other hand John Huber lives were he was born. He is answerable to his God, who is represented on earth by his Church, his tribe, and his congregation. Should he fail to do his duty to the law and to his nominal employer (to President Trump) his family and his congregation is likely to look at him funny, which will give him the feeling that God is looking at him funny. That he hangs out in Utah, rather than hanging out in the swamp, means that the swamp dwellers did not have all that much opportunity to socially inveigle him to participate in blackmail material. So there is a good chance that he is going to do his job.

And, if he does his job, then what the swamp dwellers expected to happen with Trump, is going to happen to the swamp dwellers, the deep state, the exposure of one crime leading to the exposure of another crime. We know that, because they were projecting from their own social circle onto Trump’s circle. They are going to rat each other out, as they expected Trump’s people to rat each other out.

As we approach the left wing singularity (which I am still predicting for 2026) things get less predictable, and more dramatic. Expect the unexpected.

There are two likely courses:

  1. Leftism rolls on: Republican voters, depressed by failure to build the wall and drain the swamp, fail to vote in the mid terms. Democrats get a majority and impeach Trump, then imprison him for imaginary or contrived crimes, then replace or openly ignore Pence. Leftists overthrowing the elected president leads to those even further left overthrowing leftists, and those even further left overthrowing them, as in revolutionary France and revolutionary Russia. Then facing collapsing legitimacy and increasing resistance, after a couple of rounds of radical leftists being overthrown by even more radical leftists, they execute Trump and his family for fear of counter revolution, as with King Louis XVI and Czar Nicholas II.
  2. But Trump is ten times the man that King Louis XVI and Czar Nicholas II were. In the last month or so before the mid term elections he may arrange a huge confrontation with the swamp dwellers over building the wall and draining the swamp. This energizes Republican voters, and in due course under pressure of prosecution, swamp dwellers start ratting each other out, and a Trump self coup follows, where Trump seizes the awesome powers of the presidency for himself and his descendants. There is a problem with this scenario, in that Trump is short of Trump loyalists. Personnel are policy, and personnel are mostly criminal swamp dwellers who conspicuously lack the disgust reflex, indicating that swamp employment usually requires participation in disgusting things.
  3. The unexpected.

Did I say two likely courses?

Draining the swamp is an autocoup. The power of the presidency is so vast, that if a president and his successors were to successfully seize it, they would never lose power, never lose an election. But because it is so vast, it is slippery. It is more power than any mortal can successfully exercise.

For the president to keep a grip on the presidency, the presidency needs to be trimmed down to manageable size, which will require Throne, Altar, and Freehold. For the president to control the presidency, he is going to have to radically shrink it. And radically shrinking it would also ease the problem that personnel are policy.

As long as the presidency remains vast, it will remain chaotic, uncontrollable, and anarcho tyrannical, in which case the drift ever leftwards will continue, even if a Trump autocoup slows things down a bit for a while.

We are all white supremacists now

Sunday, May 20th, 2018

Obama promised a post racial America. We elected Obama so that we could once and for all cleanse ourselves from the guilt for our racial sins.

Obama running for election spoke of the “nation’s original sin of slavery,” in the celebrated “A More Perfect Union” speech on race.but promised redemption. Elect Obama, and your sins will be forgiven.

Shortly after election, we discovered that our original sins were irredeemable, we are all guilty, we all must be punished with hellfire for eternity.

What, in fact, he delivered is an America where all white males are irredeemably hateful and evil, and must be purged. Original sin for the crime of slavery with absolutely no possibility of redemption. (Though in fact blacks enslaved other blacks, sold a small part of the surplus to whites, and ate the rest of the surplus. Those blacks that were enslaved by their fellow blacks, usually enslaved by black authorities for petty crimes, but who then got the boat to America were vastly better off than those blacks who remained in Africa.)

Obama, running for election, told us he was going to heal the wounds of racial division. Once elected, however, the logic of ginning up the black vote prevailed, and he proceeded to pour salt on the wounds and gasoline on the fire.

The left devours its own.  Of course the left radicalized further in the last few years, as they have every year since around 1800 or so.

Some time ago I wrote to Scott saying that because he hangs out with evil and malicious people, he will be righteously condemned, then murdered or executed, and  and his death endorsed by all right thinking decent people, while I, who actually say all the things he will be falsely accused of saying, will likely be fine.  I think he sincerely thought the prediction so absurd that I must be joking, and forgot about it.

Egalitarianism is not about lifting up the downtrodden.  It is about afflicting those insufficiently downtrodden, because the insufficiently downtrodden are a status threat, and the downtrodden are not.  The left delight in the harm they cause.  They want to hurt people, and as the world moves ever leftwards, the harm that they inflict will become ever greater, the final stage of leftism being that everyone tortures everyone else to death for insufficient leftism.   Of course leftism usually self destructs before absolutely everyone is tortured to death, but they frequently make a good start on the program.

And here we are now, ruled by state religion that rules us irredeemably evil and wants to make us suffer.  Leftism gets ever lefter, and the presidency continues to go on its own way ignoring the president. What constitutes being lefter than thou cannot be predicted in advance, because if you could predict it, they would already be doing it.  But right now holier than thou is one leftist hating whites even more than the other leftist.

The privileges enjoyed by blacks over whites continue to escalate, and in consequence the self destructive and self defeating behavior of blacks continues to escalate.

Blacks, to prosper, need considerably harsher and simpler laws than whites, more swiftly and brutally enforced.  Racial quotas on arrests are the worst thing you can do to harm blacks, for while racial quotas on arrest have done immense damage to whites by allowing blacks to run wild, the main victims of blacks running wild are other blacks.

If you privilege the behavior of aristocrats over peasants, so that an aristocrat can get away with behavior that a peasant could not, can get away with violence that a peasant could not, this works fine provided that aristocrats have a good code of honor, so that aristocratic misconduct is rather classy, honorable, brave and stylish.  Privileging black and brown misconduct and violence is disastrous, because they have a code of dishonor, alleviated only be the fact that they do not follow even that.

The logic of prohibiting profiling inexorably leads to actual criminality being part of the forbidden characteristics that police are not allowed to notice.  The Supreme court has for years been dealing with an endless parade of cases where a policeman, often a black policeman, noticed a black man doing something criminal, stopped him, searched him, and found evidence of the crime, and the lawyer appealed on the basis that the policeman should not have noticed and therefore neither the original forbidden noticing, nor the evidence found, should have been admitted in court.  This has steadily escalated and filtered down to day to day police practice.

And when forbidding noticing fails to reduce the arrest disparity, we get arrest quotas.

In retrospect it is now apparent that we were locked onto this course when all men were declared to be equal.  They are not, and pretending that they are necessarily results in legal privileges for inferior groups.

We can never have the same laws for different groups, and we don’t.

Operation Sovereign Borders

Friday, April 6th, 2018

American judges have been expanding the category asylumrefugee to open borders to the world, preparatory for rapid race replacement and white erasure in the US. Illegal immigration is now legal in the US, indeed a fundamental human right (unlike freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the right to keep and bear arms) as it has been for some time in Germany and Sweden.

In response to this, Trump has promised to use the the military to defend our borders against invaders. The world is shocked by this terrible violation of human rights. The military should only be used for good nice kindly humanitarian purposes, such as bombing civilians in Libya to punish them for their disinclination to support a Cathedral sponsored color revolution.

To use the military for selfish purposes, such as keeping hostile and predatory outsiders on the outside, is a clear violation of fundamental human rights recently discovered in the emanation of the penumbra of the umbra of the great and glorious US constitution. The US military should only be used for good and unselfish purposes, such as teaching Afghan schoolgirls how to put a condom on a banana and blowing up people who are insufficiently grateful for the benefits of freedom and democracy bestowed upon them.

If Trump keeps this promise, chances are he is also going to have some wall in time for the mid term elections. If he does not, he will not.

Keeping either or both of these promises is likely to lead to confrontation with the judges, as it violates the inalienable human right of South America and Africa to move to America to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat.  (more…)

Republicans voters losing interest in voting.

Thursday, March 29th, 2018

Recently there was a big upset in formerly Republican safe seat, and Democrats told themselves it is because Trump is such an ultra extreme right winger who hates women.  And now another close result in a formerly safe seat looms.  Trump won Arizona by 21%, yet Republicans are in danger of losing in Arizona.  Is this because Trump the president revealed himself to be far more racist, sexist and right wing than Trump the candidate?

Well, that is what the Uniparty would tell us, but it is obviously false.  Further, the uniparty is leafleting the state with leaflets telling people it is their duty to vote to support democracy and all that, which reveals that Republicans are failing to vote because recent events reveal that no matter who you vote for, no matter what you vote for, you get ever lefter policies.

Americans voted for a wall.  Republicans voted for a wall.  If no wall, no point in voting.

Don’t vote

Friday, March 23rd, 2018

No matter whom you vote for, the uniparty gets elected.

Electing Trump has made a big difference. But he has has not made a big enough difference to prevent the government from electing a new people.

Trump’s rust belt program was undoing the great centralization.

Lo and behold:

Back in June 2009, in one of our earliest posts in the aftermath of the financial crisis, we took a “random walk down Madison Avenue” and found empty storefront after empty storefront after empty storefront.

In retrospect, the ghost town that was New York’s “Golden Mile” was not surprising: after all the US economy had just been hit with the worst recession since the Great Depression, and only an emergency liquidity injection of trillions of dollars prevented a global financial collapse.

What is more surprising is why nearly 9 years later, at a time of what is supposed to be a coordinated global recovery, a walk along Madison Avenue reveals the exact same picture.

Naturally I find it totally unsurprising that it is exactly the same picture.  The election of Trump has been a boom for flyover country, and a catastrophe for the bicoastal elite.  The Paris Treaty and the Trans Pacific Partnership amounted to “Lets smash those deplorables in flyover country.”  Though the Paris Treaty was theoretically a world treaty, most of the sacrifice was going to be made by flyover country, and everything else in the treaty does not amount to a can of beans.

The great centralization was a series of political attacks on the economy outside the bicoastal elite areas, and Transpacific Partnership and the Paris Treaty would have been the next attacks in the long series of attacks. With the attacks halted, spontaneous economic forces, primarily the internet and containerization, are causing decentralization.

The great centralization was part of the Democrat program of electing a new people. The people that they brought in to live on crime, welfare, and voting Democrat tended to hang out in the big coastal cities, resulting wasted votes, so Obama bombed marginal electorates in flyover country with black male military age Mohammedans screaming for infidel blood and white pussy, while destroying white male jobs in flyover country to move whites into the big coastal cities, where their votes would be neutralized by a supermajority of the new people.

The bombing of marginal electorates in flyover country with black male military age Mohammedans screaming for infidel blood and white pussy has stopped.  The systematic smashing of white male flyover country jobs has stopped.  This is not nothing.  This is big.  But it is just not enough to end the great erasure.

The removal of exemption for state and local taxes is a big deal. Big.  It is a tax on filling your city with imported Democratic party voters, or a removal of the tax exemption for filling your city with imported Democratic party voters.

But all these things are pretty small potatoes compared to illegal immigration. Trump can’t even send back the DACA illegals.

The new people are still being elected.  The great erasure continues.

What we know about the Reichstag fire.

Tuesday, February 6th, 2018

This is unofficial knowledge, which I expect to become official in due course, in subsequent official events resembling #releasethememo. This post is copied wholesale from a certain neoreactionary of influence, except that I have spun it slightly towards my interpretation of events, rather than his.

The Democrats applied the full suite of extremely powerful intelligence capabilities of USG to spy on Trump and everyone remotely connected to his campaign, in order to help Hillary and hurt or intimidate Trump’s people and deter potential people from joining up with him, and they wanted as much of that information to be as widely shared as possible so that the dirt they were certain would be there (which, to everyone’s surprise, wasn’t) would be leakable to the propaganda machine press and public in a way that would be impossible to attribute to any particular individual.

Using the fig leaf of an illegal fisa warrant on one member of the Trump campaign, they illegally spied on Trump and the entire Trump campaign, (“unmasking”, June 27, 2016 “Tarmac Meeting”, Samantha Power) expecting something to turn up that would retroactively make the spying arguably legal, legal in the progressive sense of “what does it matter now”.

Except that it did not.

The ultra-expensive, national security-level tools of the permanent government were pointed towards these improper targets, in the ultimate form of “opposition research”, but for free, paid for by taxpayers. They figured that what was true for practically anyone would be true for Trump, that all one needs is a pretext to start surveillance, and one would inevitably turn up evidence of some activity which could fit within the broad interpretation of the modern state’s endless list of offenses, at least enough to support an indictment, or at the very least, legal but scandalous, which is effective when used against Republican candidates when spun by the propaganda machine, or at the very, very least, not against Trump the man himself, but against one of his team or even several degrees of separation removed from them (given chain-investigating, the investigatory equivalent of chain-migration) for anything they may have done over the course of their entire lives that might end up “inadvertently” being hoovered up in the course of an infinitely-expanding network and scope of investigation. And in the last resort, use one of those cases to “flip” that individual into an informant to tell them something dirty about Trump that the surveillance couldn’t pick up.

They believed all they would have to do is just get the surveillance started. They knew the (foreign and domestic) surveillance needed a FISA warrant, which needed a foreign power hook, which had to be Russia. Which didn’t exist, so someone would have to make it up out of whole cloth. Which obviously couldn’t be corroborated, because false and totally made up, and so if supported by oath, somebody could be liable for perjury. Fusion GPS seems to exist in large part for this purpose: to produce opposition material, some of which is from normal “research and investigation”, though spun to the very limits of truthiness, some of which is a conveniently “leak” drop point for insiders, and some of which is fabricated out of whole cloth and laundered through the operator game of repetition through intermediaries, and also as a “jobs for the friends and family of valuable people” shop (cf. “Friends of Angelo VIP program”), and as a conduit to move side-payments / mole bounties / kickbacks / “household loyalty” money around, when necessary.

And so it became indispensable to find a basis for credibility and probable cause not based in actual corroboration or investigation, the only one available being “previously credible, reliable, and valuable informant.” And once the spying started, they expected that something would turn up to make the initial illegality of the spying irrelevant.

Meanwhile the DoJ and FBI were all on board, using the dossier as cover for everything they were doing, and expecting a sure and easy Hillary victory which would prevent any of this from coming to light and blowing up in their faces, and confident that Trump would never learn about it.

Except that he did learn all about it at soon as it started, probably from Admiral Rodgers and the surveillance couldn’t come up with any dirt, despite it being on and greatly expanded for months, and being a sure-fire way to produce lots of dirt nearly 100% of the time on usual targets.

This was what the whole “Mike Rogers did what?!” administration flip-out and threat of disciplinary action (recommended by Clapper and Aston Carter) was all about (as Sailer says, nobody remembers nothing.) This was also the basis of Trump asking Comey “three times” whether he was under investigation, knowing Comey would lie about it.

The Fisa Memo

Sunday, February 4th, 2018

It has long been known, long before the memo, that the Deep State engaged in illegal spying both with a false warrant, and without a warrant, on behalf of the Democratic Party Presidential Campaign.

It has long been known the Deep State, three letter police and spy agencies that were effectively part of the Democratic Party Presidential Campaign, illegally spied on the Trump campaign at the behest of and in coordination with the the Democratic Party Presidential Campaign and shared this information with the Democratic Party, the MSM, and Google. In course of this illegal spying they obtained one or more FISA warrants on false pretexts. In the course of spying on the particular individual or individuals named in these unlawful or falsely obtained FISA warrants they engaged in massive “unmasking”.

When one spies on someone named in a warrant, it is inevitable that one will “accidentally” pick up information on people not named in the warrant. “Unmasking” means that one forgets that one is pretending that this is supposed to be accidental, and just plain spies on people not named in the warrant, on the basis that there is supposedly some connection between them and the people named in the warrant. “Unmasking” means that the fig leaf that one was using to spy on someone without a warrant fell off.

The memo, with much drama, does a big reveal of one part of this story, one small part of a story that we already know, that they obtained a pretextual warrant on behalf of and in coordination with the Democratic Party Presidential Campaign.

Expect, leading up to the 2018 elections, further big dramatic reveals of the story that we already know, which will provide a legal basis for a political purge of the supposedly non political appointees in the Deep State, and to send Hillary to prison.

Expect a 2018 campaign as referendum on impeaching Trump.

If they get the numbers to impeach Trump, or get away with pretending to have the numbers, he goes to jail, and so do many members of his administration, followed by numerous Republicans, leaving only shadow rump composed of a rapidly diminishing number of the most overtly and loudly cucking Republicans – European politics. If they don’t, Hillary, or key members of her organization, go to jail.

Politically, if we care about how voters wish to vote, the best thing to do would be to refrain from purging the deep state from the three letter agencies until after the mid terms. But we are rapidly approaching the European situation where it seldom matters what the voters vote for, because all parties are the same, and any party that is not the same gets its members beaten up by Antifa and its key members sent to jail for racism, Nazism, hatred, misogyny, violent speech, Islamophobia, etc. Thus it would probably be wiser to purge the three letter agencies after another couple of big dramatic reveals, but well before the 2018 elections.

The science is settled

Friday, February 2nd, 2018

A little while ago I saw cited yet another Harvard study supposedly proving that women CEOs are just as good as men, except better, not withstanding the fact that anyone can see that women in charge are profoundly disruptive and destructive, that women can no more run a large group than they can chop wood with an axe, pilot a plane, do science, or clear a path through the jungle with a machete, that putting a woman in charge is pissing away shareholder’s assets, as divorced women piss away their husband’s and their children’s assets, so I thought I would remind you of this golden oldie:
hide the decline

Click on the graph to see it in its full glory.

Is not science wonderful?  I have been finding a pile of similar science data not just in global warmering, and in studies of demonic males viciously oppressing saintly women, but also dietary science, medical science, biology, and even string theory and materials science.  These days, the way to get ahead in any area of science is to discover that your field has some political relevance that is unlikely to occur to any sane person, and then produce data that supposedly comforts the oppressed and saves the earth from cruel exploitation by white males.  For an added bonus, you can destroy the careers of your colleagues as oppressors of the weak and vulnerable, because back in the bad old days they upheld the old evil theory (now refuted by your new data) for no reason other than hatred of some saintly victims and desire to cause harm to those saintly and long suffering victims.

Trump is on the ball

Monday, January 8th, 2018

I had hoped for a self coup making Trump King and erasing the constitution by now, but he is making significant progress. Maybe we will see a self coup on his third term.  He is not yet in control, but he is definitely biting the permanent government at the edges.

Protecting American Workers