Legitimate rape

Todd is deep trouble for using the phrase “legitimate rape”, for implying that a lot of rapes are not legitimate – implying that a lot of rape allegations are false rape allegations, or the post hoc reinterpretation of profoundly ambiguous events as rape.

Evolutionary psychology predicts that women will be far more upset about consenting to sex with someone that they subsequently deem a creep or a loser, than actually being forcibly and unambiguously raped, thus false or delusive rape accusations are likely to be common.

Surveys show that it is very rare for a woman married to the head of her household to be raped, and very common that the rapist is an acquaintance of the woman.

This suggests that most rapes occur under courtship circumstances, where it is apt to be inherently ambiguous whether the women consented or not.

In practice, the only common cases where a woman unambiguously consents to sex is marriage, where she consents verbally in front of witnesses, and prostitution, where she accepts a fee for service.  In other cases, consent is seldom verbal, and not merely merely non verbal, but, as in cats, pre verbal, making it genuinely hard to apply our contract based concepts of consent.  Illicit sex is usually inherently ambiguous sex.   You cannot really say she consented except she comes back or sticks around, she herself cannot really say whether she consented unless she observes herself coming back or sticking around. These days, much, perhaps most, sex outside marriage does not involve people sticking around or coming back.

Observe the courtship of cats.  On the one hand the pussy came when the tomcat called her, on the other hand the tomcat beat the hell out of her.  If human courtship is usually more subtle and nuanced than that of cats, this makes it harder to interpret in terms of coercion and consent, not easier.

If most rapes are “real”, most rapes are nonetheless the result of behavior that a woman married to the head of the household would seldom engage in, presumably immoral behavior by the woman, and thus not sharply distinct, in the women’s behavior, in her own mind, and in the kind of evidence available, from “rapes” that are the result of her retroactively changing her mind.

Much, perhaps most, human mating these days occurs on the lek pattern.  If you observe animals mating on the lek pattern, the female approaches a male, and then the male has sex with her.  There is female choice, in that the female chose to approach one male and not another, but maybe she was just approaching to check him out more carefully, and got done regardless.  It is meaningless to attempt to apply the concepts of strict consent applicable in a society of polygyny or monogamy.  The concept of rape is difficult to apply to species that practice the lek mating pattern. And humans sometimes, in some societies, particularly our own, mate on the lek mating pattern.

That most rapes involve acquaintances, and that a woman married to the head of her household very seldom reports being raped, indicates that most rapes involve female choice similar to that of leking non human animals, in that the female chose to approach one male and not another.  When a woman has promiscuous sex, sex on the lek mating pattern, she in practice usually behaves in way that makes the distinction between consent to sex and consent to be alone with a guy, profoundly unclear.  In the lek mating pattern, there is no meaningful distinction between consenting to be with a male and consent to sex.

2005 US Crime victimization survey, file cv0513.csv
Rape/sexual assault rate for wife of male head of household 0.1 per 1000 (which is one in ten thousand, which zero within the margin of error)

Notice how quickly political correctness marches on. Today, using the survey category “wife of male head of household” is apt to cause outrage and indignation. Today, households supposedly have no heads. Indeed, for a household to have a head, and that head be male, is arguably criminal, something that is supposedly only practiced by rare right wing fundamentalist extremists.

(In reality of course, all households have a head. If the head is weak, the household breaks up, and if the head is a woman, the head is apt to be weak and the household apt to break up.)

Rape/sexual assault rate for children over 18 of male head of household 2.3 per thousand

Rape/sexual assault rate for female heads of households 1.6 per thousand.

Which suggest that the overwhelming majority of real or perceived rapes occur in the context of what is politely called courtship behavior by the female, and impolitely called “cruising for some dicking”


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  1. jim says:

    To completely stop Type 2. rape you have to completely abolish the sexual revolution

    Which is to say, a society in which most women marry young, as virgins, pretty soon after puberty. Most men marry virgins soon after getting started on their adult careers, as soon as it is apparent they are going to do OK. Losing virginity before marriage, or before a plausible commitment to marry, has serious adverse consequences for a woman. There is substantial and approved discrimination against fatherless children, justified by their propensity to grow up feral, and very severe discrimination against behavior apt to render children fatherless or produce fatherless children.

    A society in which men are rewarded for future oriented and posterity oriented behavior by having pussy and posterity, and women are rewarded for future oriented behavior by family and security, and in which lack of future oriented behavior is penalized by poverty and loneliness.

    • spandrell says:

      Girls haven’t been given for marriage soon after puberty in Western Europe for centuries.

      They did in China, but there the threshold for a man to be considered to be doing “OK” kept going higher and higher, until only the rich could get virgin wives. One after the other.

      Hey it did breed a pretty future oriented people. But they got their asses kicked by whites who married women in their late 20s after years of writing lame love letters.

      • jim says:

        I had in mind Greece shortly before its golden age, the mothers of the men who fought at Marathon, the mothers of Xenophon’s ten thousand.

        • spandrell says:

          Greeks gender relations are hardly ideal, with rampant sodomy and boys as the ideal of sexiness.

          • jim says:

            Indeed. But evidently they were doing something right.

            You will recall the critics of “300” being upset about the comic book manliness of the characters. But the “March Up Country” depicts men who really were that manly.

  2. spandrell says:

    He is ahead of his time. Let’s go by stages.

    Let’s say there’s 3 kinds of rape:
    1. False rape/date rape/drunk rape
    2. Searching for dick rape of the kind Jim is talking about.
    3. Creeper rape.

    Today all three are treated equally. We are slowly starting to raise awareness on false rape, and it’s costing a damn lot to do that.

    To completely stop Type 2. rape you have to completely abolish the sexual revolution, and not even most men (clueless as they are) want that.

    At this stage trying to tell apart the 3. violent rape of a serial criminal who kidnaps women walking by the street, from the type 2. rape where a woman gets herself in the same room as a brutish guy makes him horny and he forces her is way too sophisticated for the zeitgeist.

  3. propercharlie says:

    Well done. Poor ol’ Akin stumbled into the feminist pulverizer, i.e., our entire culture, and got his manhood chewed up and spit out. I’m not a politician but maybe he shouldn’t have backtracked. Smelling blood only encourages them.

  4. Baduin says:

    I have read in some article about “Dream of the Red Chamber” that in ancient China if a woman remained alone with a man it was assumed that sex would occur as a normal result.

    The customs of all civilised countries seemed to consider it that way – a man and a woman could not be left alone in a situation where sex could occur. The whole system of social interaction between men and women was designed to prevent such a thing.

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