Who gets sex

The simplistic account is that eighty percent of women are having sex, and twenty percent of men are having sex – a hell of a lot of sex.

It kind of feels as if it is true, it is emotionally true, but it is not literally true. The number of men and women getting sex is not hugely different. More woman are having sex than men, and substantially more women are having regular sex with a regular partner than men are having regular sex with a regular partner (reflecting substantial levels of polygyny), but not hugely more, the numbers are not all that different.

What, however, makes the simplistic account feel true, is that ninety percent of men never get to pop a virgin. Every man, except for a rather small handful of men, are getting sloppy seconds. There is not a huge asymmetry as to how many men are getting sex compared to how many women, not a huge asymmetry as to how many men are in a sexual relationship as compared with the number of women in a sexual relationship. Rather the problem is that we don’t see virgins entering relationships with other virgins, and then having sex with each other. This is the huge inequality between men and women, and between the vast majority of ordinary males, and the small minority of males that females notice – the problem is that almost every women gets popped by a high status alpha male, while very few men get to pop a hot virgin.

Eventually the hot chick slides down the desirability ladder, and reluctantly deigns to enter a relationship with some male who is sufficiently lowly and unattractive that he is interested in having a relationship with her. And most sex, most of the time, takes place between men and women that are not as grossly mismatched as women wish that they were, with the result that most sex, most of the time, is not all that unequally distributed. Most sex, most of the time, is between men and women not too far apart in the desirability ladder, with the result that the numbers are not all that unequal. But by that time, by the time she has reluctantly decided to settle for someone like you, her count has become considerable.

If you have ever had sex with a virgin, you will be in no doubt about it. If you think she is a virgin because she told you so, she lied.

The number of female involuntary celibates is roughly similar to the number of male involuntary celibates. But the female involuntary celibate is celibate because she is an alpha widow. She is celibate because she once got a booty call from Jeremy Meeks, and now rejects all lesser males in the hope that one day she will get a second booty call from Jeremy Meeks. The male involuntary celibate is likely a virgin, and if he ever had sex, he got the dregs, while the female involuntary celibate got the cream.


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  2. Poochman says:

    Do you dispute the claim that the top 80% of women are having sex with the top 20% of men (leaving the other 80% of men to fight for the bottom 20% of women)? These numbers seem to bear out with the analysis of online dating sites and is generally agreed upon in the manosphere.

    • jim says:

      Totally agree with that claim – but it does not equate to large number of men getting no sex. Just a large number of men getting crappy women.

      • TJ's Ghost says:

        White-knighting gamma (((Jesus))) is the crappy woman’s best friend, inserting himself into the discipline of a skank and elevating her into a damsel in distress in John 8:4-11.

      • torpedo says:

        > Just a large number of men getting crappy women.

        A large number of men are crappy men.

        There is a reason they only can earn crappy women in the marketplace.

        Youre portraying the observation that only the most valuable male gets the most valuable female as somewhat “unfair”, which it isn’t. It’s what happens and what can be expected to happen, when people can freely exchange sex as a form of capital.

        The richest man gets the most expensive car, the most valuable male gets the most valuable female.

        If you want to drive a better car, get more valuable in the economic marketplace. If you want to fuck a more valuable woman, get more valuable in the sexual marketplace. If you’re too dumb for the economic marketplace or too ugly for the sexual marketplace, thanks for providing experimental evidence for evolution by natural selection.

        The only solution for everybody to fuck an equally hot woman is the same as for everybody to drive an equally expensive car: socialism. I hope that you’re not advocating for sexual socialism, so the ugliest weakest loser can get his “fair share” of fresh unused pussy without earning it.

        • Simon says:

          Jim was not portraying the observation that the most valuable male gets the most valuable female as somewhat “unfair”.

          • torpedo says:

            Oh yes, he is.

            > the problem is that we don’t see virgins entering relationships with other virgins

            > the problem is that almost every women gets popped by a high status alpha male

            > This is the huge inequality

            And so on.

            He isnt just observing reality, it is for some weird reason a “problem” if the most valuable male gets the most valuable woman, and we need more “equality” by forcing high value women to sell their pussy under marker price and fuck low value men against their will.

            Just change the topic and the whiny tone becomes indistinguishable from any random “down with the 1%, wealth redistribution now” SJW loser drivel.

            • Simon says:

              You cannot read. I do not know why this blog is suddenly being flooded by shit-tier retards but it is becoming tedious.

            • peppermint says:


              Jim is saying that, prior to contraception, abortion, and college, virtually all women married with their vaginal virginity intact, but now, virtually all women meet their husband already popped, most men don’t pop a virgin, and a few men pop many virgins, and this, not actual market distortion, in terms of pairings, is the reason so many men think they’re getting a raw deal.

              And it’s completely, stunningly true, in typical Jim fashion.

              A normal man used to marry an 18-22 year old virgin. A normal man now marries a 28-32 year old used whore. A used whore used to be worthless and is still intrinsically percieved as less valuable than she is, while the age and use do materially degrade her.

              I was one of those men who pop virgins and then abandon whores. I and they thought we were getting ready to marry and we were just trying to do our best in the marketplace as it is. The fact that that is completely true is horrifying.

              Please commit suicide.

              • peppermint says:

                Ps. College has actually distorted the marketplace in terms of pairings. Good men are systematically excluded and useless men are given access to the best women. I could name specific people.

      • Anonymous says:

        In other words, the amount of sex men have is one of those fat tail distributions (heheh) that Taleb likes to talk about.

    • Anonymous 2 says:

      The only similar dating site analysis I’m aware of is that of OKCupid, which reported that women classified 80% of men as ‘below average’ in looks.

      “As you can see from the gray line, women rate an incredible 80% of guys as worse-looking than medium. Very harsh. … Paradoxically, it seems it’s women, not men, who have unrealistic standards for the “average” member of the opposite sex. … Finally, I just want to combine the two charts to emphasize how much fuller the inboxes of good-looking people get. I have scaled this graph to show multiples of messages sent to the lowest-rated people. For instance, the most attractive guys get 11× the messages the lowest-rated do. The medium-rated get about 4×. … [This] suggest some strange possibilities for the female thought process, the most salient of which is that the average-looking woman has convinced herself that the vast majority of males aren’t good enough for her, but she then goes right out and messages them anyway.” (so all hope is not lost after all?)


      (Unfortunately, the graphics were not available.)

      I think the author, Christian Rudder, wrote a book too, but I haven’t read it.

      Other references welcome.

      • jim says:

        > women rate an incredible 80% of guys as worse-looking than medium

        Which means that either eighty percent of the women are screwing twenty percent of the men, and eighty percent of the men are involuntary celibates, or else most women reluctantly, belatedly, and resentfully wind up with a man that they regard as inferior, and far below what they are entitled to and should be able to get.

        The manosphere tends to claim it is closer to the former, but it just feels like that. It is actually closer to the latter.

        • bruce says:

          Well they’re probably both right. the 80/20 is for young people currently “on the market” the latter is for older people. Things change – men become more attractive with age, women less so. So some in the manosphere say if women screw around freely from 15-30 years old, husbands should be able to screw around, say, from 30-45 years old without any protests from the wife.

          • torpedo says:

            > husbands should be able to screw around, say,

            > from 30-45 years old without any protests from the wife.

            If a man marries a 10-15 younger wife, as he should, why should a 20-25 yr old wife endure the 30-40 yr old husband fucking around without divorce-raping him?

        • Pooch says:

          or else most women reluctantly, belatedly, and resentfully wind up with a man that they regard as inferior, and far below what they are entitled to and should be able to get.”

          This doesn’t necessarily mean the “inferior” man (beta) is getting much sex though.

          The red pill would argue that the wife or girlfriend in this case is only providing the bare minimum of duty sex or no sex at all to the beta (in exchange for resources) and still giving sex to the alpha on the side, eventually ending in divorce rape for the beta. This is the core theory of Alpha Fucks/Beta Bucks.

          • Pooch says:

            So essentially just because a man has a wife, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s still not involuntary celibate.

        • Dixon says:

          It seems like many women with normal guys are remarkably willing to jump ship at the slightest chance of something better, corroborating your assessment.

    • bruce says:

      I’m sure the 80/20 number is a guess – no one knows – it could be 70/30, 90/10, etc.. But it’s unlikely to be 50/50. Men and women report roughly equal numbers of sex partners but even stupid people know men inflate their numbers and women deflate theirs (all the ones that “didn’t count”).

  3. The Rook says:

    We need to stop referring to these bums as “high status alphas.” Says who? They are useless bums- end of story. A simple solution to correct this problem is violence for the bums and redistribution of the women to proper lads when young. This way everyone gets what they truly deserve and you’ll have the birthrate set right as quickly as possible. I don’t care is chicks ‘dig’ this or that, this plan is better. If they are “high status alphas” then what the hell does it mean to be one of those??? Freedom= Misery, time to reverse this, change your mindsets and language first and keep gong from there guys!

    • invisible-ship says:

      The Republic of Plato could easily show you why an Incel v. Chad take over is never going to happen. Only physical violence can legitimate cultural change. I assure you, most incels are Skeletors and they certainly won’t fight “high status alphas” any time soon.

      More importantly, these high status alphas are mostly brain dead and blue pilled, i.e., they’re victims and potential converts.

      • Dave says:

        Blue-pilled people accept the cultural narrative at face value. Why would a high-status alpha, brain-dead or not, want to upset the applecart when he’s getting laid like tile? It must be terrible to have hordes of pretty young women scheming to get into bed with you.

      • Anonymous 2 says:

        I assume the men in the top 50-80% band don’t like being incel either. They outnumber the alphas by 50% just on their own and might feel righteously ambitious.

    • jim says:

      > We need to stop referring to these bums as “high status alphas.” Says who?

      Say women.

      This is part of the general problem of consent culture. Female choice in sexual matters tends to be really bad.

      It will not do you any good to say that they are not alpha, until you first say that women should not be allowed to choose. Until we can beat misbehaving women and put them on leashes, those guys are alpha.

      • invisible-ship says:

        You’re arguing about toasters and ovens in a world rapidly and surely approaching human cloning and motherless babies. In 50 years it will be as easy as producing and breeding the type of humans/women you want to see.

        >consent culture

        You sound like a SJW rn

        • TJ's Ghost says:

          The sterility of Silicon Valley progressiveness must give (((Jesus))) a woody:

          “Blessed are the barren, and the wombs that never bare, and the paps which never gave suck!” Luke 23:29 KJV

          • invisible-ship says:

            Are you implying it’s Jewish to genetically design and mass produce human slaves? I thought you wanted a surplus of virgin females and on a leash?

            Also, motherless =/= sterile.

            (Btw did you notice you confused Zarathustra with the Bible? Kek)

        • jim says:

          Raising kids is still labor intensive. Still takes two people. Technology has not changed that significantly, and is not going to do so.

        • Piers says:

          >consent culture

          >You sound like a SJW th

          Ok champ, go and fuck women without their consent. When you get out of prison in 20 years be sure to come back and leave more stellar comments

          • StringsOfCoins says:

            What’s up with this new influx of stupid commenters? If I wasn’t bored as shit telling dumb betas how women actually are I might bother to explain it to you beta for the hundredth time, but why bother you’re too unattractive to understand anyway.

          • Roberto says:

            It should be legal to rape unmarried women above a certain (young) age, in my opinion.

            • jim says:

              I recommend the old testament solution: Marriage by abduction of unmarried and unbetrothed women.

      • TJ's Ghost says:

        White-knighting (((Jesus))) interfered with beating misbehaving women, elevating a skank to a damsel in distress in John 8:4-11.

        • invisible-ship says:

          And? What Jesus did for some Israelite whore is practically what you want to do for all of western women.

          You want to take skanks and elevate them to damsels in distres. You want to correct women with a whip with the hopes of having virgins fuck you.

          It’s pathetic.

        • Orthodox says:

          They weren’t going to beat her, they were going to kill her.

          Jesus said, “Don’t kill a bitch.” Then he said, “Bitch, you better stop whoring.”

          • John Sterne says:

            yeah that always works just say no ho

            • Piers says:

              It works when the ho knows that she is going to be killed if she sluts it up again

              • Ron says:

                No such thing as what you said. In real life alpha cads finger their girlfriends at the family dinner table all the time. On the first date.

                Your chances of making sure she doesnt slut up againd are exactly zero.

                • jim says:

                  Your chances are actually pretty good. It is not that the death threats intimidate them, it is more that the death threats turn them on.

      • The Rook says:

        Homies, I did not mention anything about any takeovers by inches or whatever- you all know what I am talking about. Those of us in this sphere of thinking would be the ones to do it, and we can, but don’t want to. We want Trump or whoever to do it for us. So we play the cool, detached observer, that way we don’t risk losing. I get it. But who cares, with the imposition of proper order and the doling out of thumping, all things are possible.

        • Piers says:

          How about you go first then

          • The Rook says:

            How do you know I haven’t smart ass? Besides, it is going to take all of us. The same way all of us dick around on the web en masse. Capisce?

    • The Rook says:

      Homies, I did not mention anything about any takeovers by inches or whatever- you all know what I am talking about. Those of us in this sphere of thinking would be the ones to do it, and we can, but don’t want to. We want Trump or whoever to do it for us. So we play the cool, detached observer, that way we don’t risk losing. I get it. But who cares, with the imposition of proper order and the doling out of thumping, all things are possible.

    • John Sterne says:

      actually I had the opposite idea. we have had disastrous results with the bitch in every betas bed policy, breeding a nation of utter faggotry cucks. I think instead we shoudformalize your cuckiness and snip all the betas we can still let you raise our children but no more beta gene pollution.kind of a right of the lords to first night. you beta bitches larping monarchy ought to appreciate some real reaction in your larp.

      • jim says:

        England to 1820 was the product of the bitch in every beta’s bed policy, and it worked great.

        • The Rook says:

          Indeed it was, far more than it is in the Neil Strauss era. I like also how this pussy Sterne childishly asserts that whoever is not into fantasies of ruling over the ruins and being the ‘mack’ are automatically “beta,” as if such lame attempts at insult are actually effective in shutting down good ideas. Perhaps a twat like him would be on the receiving end of a thumping and being sent to bed with no dinner- sexual or otherwise. This flamer will likely be eaten my Muslims, who don’t follow such impractical ideas.

          Either way I don’t care, it’s time to round out the ‘noticing’ and start thinking results. Onward and upward guys!

          • John Sterne says:

            said the kid talking like a nigger from his moms basement, bet you can tell me all about the history of nigger music you’re an acolyte of a 60 year old guy whos big idea is 9 year olds cant be raped cause they’re asking for it sluts.This place reeks of losers that are bitter they cant get laid. so homie have another tendy onward and upward- lmaorotfit

            • jim says:


            • The Rook says:

              LOL! “Kid?” I look like a kid, but that is only due to being in impeccable shape, but thanks, I’ll take “kid” anytime. “Mom’s basement?” Do all of you ‘cool’ kids come from single parent homes or something? Your last redoubt is “mom’s basement.” Why? Did you not have a father? Are you a literal bastard? I am not an ‘acolyte’ of anyone, let alone Jim; he writes some interesting things sometimes and I like to read his musings. As you can see above, I slightly disagreed with the verbiage of my ‘guru.’ So, you are big stud who gets laid every ten seconds eh? So I guess none of what is going on in the world is real then, eh Mr. Big.

              So, to recap: you have no father, get easily butthurt and resort to high school freshman routine insults, do not get laid and assume ‘kidded’ and blackness of any that disagree with your puerile commentary. Got it, bye bye;)

            • Ron says:


              Most of the commentors here are either Sigmas, Alphas, or high Betas, including the occasional incel Omega. None of them are delusional about women, all are focused on actual results.

              You on the other hand are focused on group manipulation tactics, sabotage and shaming. This is due to your insecurity ie poor amygdala development. It could be you have good reaspns for that insecurity, ie, that you are in fact a broken parasite that should be cast out of society to die, it could also be delusion on your part due to external factors such as your environment. Either way, classic gamma behavior.

              • jim says:

                Vox Day’s categorization of males is no good, his advice on PUA is poor, and his books are full of blue pill warrior women.

                • Simon says:

                  Your advice of larping alpha to your wife is not an improvement.

                • jim says:

                  I had a wife, and all the years that she was hot belonged to me.

                • Ron says:

                  What do you see in his model that is incorrect?

                • jim says:

                  Vox is blue pilled. At best, he is purple pilled.

                  The lioness knows which lion to fuck because she sees him kill her kittens. All women are like that.

              • Roberto says:

                Quit the “Anonymous Conservative” and Dox Gay memes, Ron. They cloud your ability to assess how the world actually works.

                • Ron says:


                  If you want me to take you seriously you have to

                  A) Explain why the model is no good
                  B) give an alternative explanation

                  Telling me that a model is no good bc the author of it is a doodie brain does not mean much to me.

                • scooby says:

                  Do you think that “muh amygdala” actually explains how politics work?

                  Do you think that a “model” with Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta, Omega, Epsilon, Sigma, and Lambda males is actually worth taking seriously?

                  Get off the spectrum.

    • torpedo says:

      > Says who?

      Says the woman which gives her virginity to him instead of a “proper lad”.

      > redistribution of the women to proper lads

      Sounds like loser-driven socialism. Are you a commie?

      > A simple solution to correct this problem is violence

      Which gives the current incumbents a pretext to premptively execute sexual losers so they cant organize a sexual-socialist revolution.

      > This way everyone gets what they truly deserve

      You dont “deserve” anything a woman wont give you for free, you socialist incel.

      > If they are “high status alphas” then what the hell does it mean to be one of those?

      Young hot women throwing their pussies at you voluntarily, while socialists like you can only get it by rape.

      • jim says:

        Sure, socialism in pussy.

        Trouble with capitalism in pussy is that maximizing the return to the owner of the pussy is incompatible with family formation. The owner of the pussy will get value in the form of gifts, short term economic and emotional support, and sex with top males who are out of her league – and then die alone, childless, and eaten by her cats.

        Capitalism in pussy could work if women could and would form a binding long term contract (in other words Christian marriage), but women find it psychologically difficult to make a decision and stick to it, and require a great deal of external coercion to do so. Are apt to party till the last possible minute – and a little after the last possible minute. They require a lot of paternal supervision to invest their hotness wisely so that the investment pays off in their later years when no longer hot.

        The option of marriage, a binding and enforceable contract, is no longer available, and back when it was available, women tended to display high time preference. They would rather party while hot.

        • Carlylean Restorationist says:

          “apt to party till the last possible minute – and a little after the last possible minute”

          Here in the UK, most of the sleazy dating sites contain women well into their 50s and even 60s who are now looking for ‘the one’ but will still entertain hot liaisons. Their standards for appearance tend to be quite high and they think they’re due some paid-for holidays and high quality dates.

          It’s nothing short of tragic.

        • Poochman says:

          Why do women want to party so much? Never understood that.

          • jim says:

            It is not exactly that they want to party. The female fantasy is that a ridiculously high value man, a billionaire athlete demon pirate king, offers his undying love to fat fortyish woman with two mystery meat kids by two different mystery meat fathers.

            And they want to go to the party because someone far higher value than themselves is likely to bang them against the wall in a dark alley, which they have the vague and optimistic hope will result in him declaring his undying love.

            Partying is downstream of hypergamy. It is not that they want to party, it is that average women want males who are way above average, and ordinary males, even most extraordinary males, are invisible to them until they become bitter, disappointed, and willing to reluctantly settle for far less than they feel entitled to.

            Eventually, most women do reluctantly settle for men near their own value – after first screwing their way up and down the ladder.

          • Felicity says:


            • Ron says:

              Those two comments juxtaposed against each other are the funniest thing Ive seen in a while.

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          We don’t know what capitalism in pussy looks like.

          Capitalism means contracts, which means binding marriage is possible.

          But that marriage could also be polygamous.

          What we have is not capitalism, and not socialism, it’s anarcho-tyranny.

          • jim says:

            Capitalism in pussy is not going to work if women own their sexual, reproductive, and domestic services, because women without male supervision are too short term and irrational – people would not succeed in reproducing and family formation.

            If fathers own their daughters, and then sell or gift them to husbands, we could wind up with the conservative Muslim solution, which does not work either, because the poorer males who cannot afford a wife fail to support the social order. Too many trouble makers ensue. Property rights, including the property rights of fathers in their daughters, are undermined by violence, and this insecurity of property is not very capitalist.

            So, unless we can up the supply of females by conquest, sexbots, or slave breeding farms, really have to go with the old conservative Christian solution, the status quo ante. Fathers own their daughters, but King and Priest price control women down and deal with the ensuing shortage by rationing to one per customer.

      • BomberCommand says:

        >Sounds like loser-driven socialism. Are you a commie?

        Socialism in pussy and in social status is a good thing. Men need both to function at peak capacity.

        • The Rook says:

          I’m thinking about the good of the country, torpedo is trying to be Heartiest Jr.

      • The Rook says:

        Trendy, I did not mention any socialism, nor do I advocate any full on economic socialism. But since your faggot ass brought it up, America, and the West in general, had a sort of sexual socialism- more or less- until the sexual “revolution.” It seemed to go hand in hand with free market capitalism for the most part. Also son, elements of socialism existed in fascism, which were far manlier societies than ours- which is super pussy. Got it pussy?

      • Ron says:

        Why do women pine for Che Guevara? Why do they send naked slefies by the bagful to Nichola Cruz? Why does Charlie Mason have a lithe pretty little thing devoted to his every whim in prison?

        The free market, voting, etc. these things are the province of men. The idea of giving women full autonomy is about as “capitalist” as giving cows the right to give milk to whoever they “want”.

        The nature of woman is emotion. She can think, she can reason, she can even put off what she desires for a time, but her emotions will always, inevitably conquer her. That is her reality, and to accept and deify her emotions, is to accept and deify the base instoncts of the animal.

        I like cats, I like monkeys, I like dogs too. Frankly, a lot of these animals have more decency and sense than most people. But they are animals. And a reasoning animal is ultimately an animal. It will eventually rationalize its basest animalistic desires into policy. This is woman.

        I don’t necessarily agree with Jim that women should be forced to marry, but they should absolutely be whipped to within an inch of their pretty little lives if they engage in sex outside of marriage or concubinage (girlfriend with a contract)

    • peppermint says:

      An alpha is a guy in a full windsor tie looking confident. A beta is a slob in a child’s sweatshirt who looks replacable and looking for a replacable woman.

      • The Rook says:

        Windsor is the only knot I’ve ever tied. My hands literally cannot go in any other direction.

  4. invisible-ship says:

    Consider this:

    “Is it not better to fall into the hands of a murderer than into the dreams of a lustful woman?
    And just look at these men: their eye saith it—they know nothing better on earth than to lie with a woman.
    Filth is at the bottom of their souls; and alas! if their filth hath still spirit in it!”

    In light of this:

    “Do I counsel you to chastity? Chastity is a virtue with some, but with many almost a vice.
    These are continent, to be sure: but doggish lust looketh enviously out of all that they do.
    Even into the heights of their virtue and into their cold spirit doth this creature follow them, with its discord.”

    Going off Jim’s stats, the number of volcel’s is probably around 5% of the male population, if we’re being generous. The rest are either faggots, incels or chads. Since I am neither a chad nor a faggot, I can only speak for my fellow incels: it is high time we left women behind. I come from a generation of males who’ve had their brains turn to mush by the (((porn industry))) and it seems to me that it is worthless to fight this battle on three fronts:

    It is worthless taking our frustrations out on Chads the way @TheRook suggests because Chads are predominantly blue pilled Cathedralists, i.e., able-bodied robots ready to be converted. If anything, most Chads are also victims of Cathedral hypersexualization. Women are never worth arguing with.

    As for the (((Cathedral)))….

    In all, creating the conditions for incel culture will soon backfire against the Cathedral. For example, if Evola had never ended in a wheelchair, he might’ve never researched or written his best material.

    • BomberCommand says:

      >Since I am neither a chad nor a faggot, I can only speak for my fellow incels: it is high time we left women behind. I come from a generation of males who’ve had their brains turn to mush by the (((porn industry))) and it seems to me that it is worthless to fight this battle on three fronts:

      Typically with a civilization in collapse with the men being starved of families, the following thing happens with such men: They randomly kill others often including children of the elites (Breivik). They become gangs of bandits and acquire women that way. They form mini-armies that work to overthrow the existing order through violence. There’s a lot of crossover and movement between types of behavior, but this is typically what you see.

      We apear to be entering into randly kill people phase with incels. Banditry is a much better solution, but hard to do while the security forces are still strong. Mini-armies come later as the state weakens as civilization decays.

      • John Sterne says:

        No trust me you are, and your little revenge of the nerd fantasy is the reality your living this is the result of betas being allowed to breed betas. you want to get laid learn how to get laid its not so hard looks height strength even iq isnt required confidence is and you wreak of loser

        • The Rook says:

          Chief, I bet he or any other betas can whoop your ass with the greatest of ease. Your alleged ‘confidence’ would be no match for his fists, feet or speeding car for that matter son. LOL!

          • Roberto says:

            You’re responding to a literally brain-damaged alcoholic boomer whose wife abandoned him and whose teenage daughter is producing interracial porn behind his back while high on crack.

      • John Sterne says:

        seriously kid I just learned of this term incel after that canadian kid did just what youre talking about. start by not calling yourself an incel thats self abuse on several levels.Youre young and havnt figured things out yet and the worlds a bit screwy now but people have lived through other bad times. there’s killing needs doing but the times not yet and incel revenge would be soooo counterproductive.make something of yourself learn a little game not too much unless you want to waste your life on whores.anger and bitterness are sex killers.there’s plenty to be angry and bitter about but you have to transcend it. The problem with anders and mcveigh is they didnt help they killed the little lefty children so sad bad nazis have to tear up constitution to stop bad nazis.
        of course maybe youre an FBI agent looking for some action? Let me save you some time nothing but useless cucks here.

        • StringsOfCoins says:

          Don’t bother their is no use trying to help them. They are genetic defects whose defective brains don’t allow them to actually try.

    • Glenfilthie says:

      No it is not time to leave women behind. It is time to expect more of them by suppressing the chivalric instincts, and making them conform to higher codes of conduct. We know from previous history that our women almost as intelligent as we men are, and they are as able to stifle their poorer natures and impulses as we do. This is a matter of historical record and does not even bear argument.

      If your end game is just sex and somebody to clean your house Jim is probably an authority you can set your watch and warrant to. For me, Jim’s “desirability ladder” is just so much jargon. Call it what it is – a rat race. So it goes for men and women that value looks and appearance over character and intellect.

      Take some pride in yourselves. You aren’t looking for a woman like your mother, more like your grandmother and great grandmother. Take your time and establish her credentials – she must be warm and loving, not a feral liberal, a gossip, or a shrew. If she has any of those properties, leave her to the guys that’ll roll in the hay with anything – they deserve each other’s company and all the drama that goes along with it. When the subject of women comes up, you should address it with your heart and your soul – not your balls. Because once you’ve shagged that smoking hot tirebiter – you own it and all the drama that goes along with it, and the reality of today’s climate is that the courts will side with her rather than you.

      Fact is, most good quality marriageable women are taken off the market in their early to mid 20’s. After that – yeah, you’re looking at damaged merchandise, sloppy seconds and train wrecks.

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        Shut up, boomer.

      • Steve Johnson says:

        The man giving this advice screwed up his relations with women in the worst possible way.

        This is a guy who went to Vegas one weekend to play some poker, lost all his money and ended up homeless giving advice on poker playing and bankroll management.

        • Glenfilthie says:

          Fair enough. Enjoy your cellar, video games and celacacy…

          • Steve Johnson says:

            You know as much about me as you know about women – less than nothing because the things you think you know are wrong.

            • Glenfilthie says:

              Then why are you hurt by the assumptions, and rush to deny them? Why do you make assumptions about me?

              I’ve been married 33 years. I am not rich, but I’m free and that infuriates the young that don’t see the work that went into that. They call me a Boomer and think things were handed to me and I didn’t have to work or sacrifice for them.

              Sorry, you millennial soyboys. You will get exactly what you deserve by giving up on women and life by choosing to live in the basement and copping out. And if you treat women like crap as our host does, you will likely be treated like crap in return.

              But don’t let me influence you, your life of celibacy and bitterness await.

              • Jack in the Box says:

                Aren’t you the one with the tattooed lesbian daughter?

              • Steve Johnson says:

                >Then why are you hurt by the assumptions, and rush to deny them? Why do you make assumptions about me?

                Hurt by your assumptions? No – they’re a joke because your speculation is based on absolutely nothing and it’s about 180 degrees from the truth. As far as you I’m not making assumptions – I’m taking what you’ve said about yourself and your life as true. That you don’t recognize that what you’ve said about yourself says what it says is just more proof that you don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to women.

                Your daughter turning out to be a shitlib dyke wasn’t some calamity that fell from the sky.

                >Sorry, you millennial soyboys

                Nope, not a millennial and certainly not soy. I’ve got a 385 deadlift at under 180 lbs – how about you?

                >And if you treat women like crap as our host does, you will likely be treated like crap in return.

                You’re still giving advice about women?

                • Glenfilthie says:

                  LOL you can be anyone you want on the internet, hotshot. And no, I wouldn’t presume to give a guy like you advice. A smart man doesn’t need it and a fool won’t take it, so that lets you out handily. 🙂

  5. Dave says:

    At least half of Western females lose their virginity before the “age of consent”, so the men deflowering them are technically criminals, and very likely breaking the law in non-sexual ways as well.

    Pedophilia is a tragedy of the commons, the girls being a commons because no man owns them. If every man says, “I won’t mate with any female under X years of age”, the men with higher X get the leftovers and rejects of the men with lower X. If the white man’s law says your X is too low, change your name to something Hispanic-sounding and you’ll be fine.

    • invisible-ship says:

      I hate to imply that you’re like this, but the majority of men who browse this blog are pretty much in agreement that women in the west are roasties, sluts who need to be put on a leash.

      And here you’re arguing that the poor mistreated women of the Western world are the victims of rampant pedophilia (you also, seemed, to have equated pedophilia with taking “their virginity before ‘the age of consent'”) and third world miscegenation.

      Pedophilia or cherry popping before “age of consent” has always been rampant in the West. As for the third world rape charges ,these are the same feminist women who support racial mixing.

      Your great plan is a reflection of what Chads call beta thinking. If I do something nice for these roasties, like say ‘saving’ them from these rapists and chads even though they love them, I just might get some pussy after. Except that you don’t say pussy, you say something like “the return of the nuclear family” or “saving the west”.

      Its pitiful thinking. Just give it up. Civilization was a neat experiment, we tried. But like I said it’s time to kiss women bye bye

      >And just look at these men: their eye saith it—they know nothing better on earth than to lie with a woman.

      • Dave says:

        You’ve misread me. I see females not as victims of cruel perverted men but as a valuable resource that is going to waste for lack of ownership. Come the collapse, I expect us (Jim’s loyal minions) to write off the tattooed femcunts and take virgin wives, of single-digit ages if older virgins aren’t available.

        Another “tragedy of the commons” is birds and blueberry bushes. If the birds had an orderly society with property rights, each berry would be picked at the peak of flavor and sugar content. But when it’s every bird for himself, each berry gets picked at the first hint of color, so most of the bush’s potential nutritional value is wasted.

  6. TJ's Ghost says:

    Not surprising from a society that:

    1. elevates Jewish cuckspawn to a deity (((Matthew 1:18)))

    2. lauds eunuchs (((Matthew 19:11-12)))

    3. hopes to be admitted into angelic incel-dom (((Matt: 22:30)))

    5. curses men who like looking at pretty girls (((Mark 9:47)))

    4. and imagines “It is good for a man not to touch a woman.”

    Reading the Jew Testament—still the best-selling book—has consequences.

    • invisible-ship says:

      Im not quoting the Bible you dumb, illiterate fuck. I’m quoting Friedrich Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra, “On Chastity”. You can’t properly follow an argument if you have a completely different source in mind. Proof that you just type shit together without meditation.

      For punishment you have to stay away from the internet for 10 days.

    • Simon says:

      You have not, and will not convince anyone to adopt your views. You should start your own blog and post your monomaniacal screeds there, rather than inflicting them upon readers of this blog. I am certain you will be swamped with readership.

      • TJ's Ghost says:

        Follower of the Kike Hvítakristr, aren’t you? (Or are you going to deny that like Peter did thrice?)

    • Nikolai says:

      Putting the Gospels in parentheses is stupid for a variety of reasons.

      The overarching theme of the Gospels is that Jewish Pharisees condemned the most virtuous man in history to one of the most painful deaths possible because he healed people on the Sabbath. The New Testament doesn’t praise Jews, it makes them look like monsters.

      Jesus frequently condemned Pharisees for stereotypically Jewish behavior, told the centurion that there will likely be more gentiles in heaven than Jews and the parable of the wicked tenants and the parable of the wedding banquet boil down to God used to love Jews, but they became corrupt and unholy and now gentiles will inherent heaven instead.

      If you’ve ever actually met a liberal Jew, you’d know that they hate Christians. Even the weird neocon evangelicals who’d gladly die for Israel. Jews have a viscerally negative reaction to Christianity, they look at Christians with fear, anger, hate and disgust. (((They))) would probably prefer it if whites converted en mass to paganism because they’d, correctly, see it as whites losing seriousness, faith, competency and culture.

      Biblical Jews aren’t the same as modern Jews. When you think of a Jew you think of a short pale atheist with curly hair and glasses, you think of an Ashkenazim or a Khazar. He did not belong to either of those racial groups, Jesus was Mediterranean as were all his followers. They looked more like Assad not like an NYT writer.

    • peppermint says:

      This is the same error as Glosoli’s. Christians are nice people and hold up the bibble as a shilling point and for protection against evil, which kinda works.

      For what Christians actually believe, read the greatest Christian literature, Paradise Lost, Summa Theologica, Faust.

      Why are Homer and Shakespeare and Dante in high school instead of Milton and Chaucer and Goethe? Because Dante was a faggot who literally inserted some random woman who married someone else as an angel, Shakespeare was writing trash for trash and shit-tier love poetry pretending English is syllable-timed and expected to rhyme, and Homer is war stories with no philosophical content.

      Every high school kid in the 90s would have loved to read Paradise Lost, because talking about demons by name was cool, and we would search the apocrypha of the bible for mentions of named demons. No one thought to read Paradise Lost because the teachers made it sound boring because their professors considered it problematic.

  7. imnobody00 says:

    @TJ’s Ghost

    Hey, moron. This is the fourth comment of yours unrelated to the topic.

    It is obvious that you cannot stay on topic but you only troll about your obsession. Please take your meds and f** off. Please, Jim, ban people who do not discuss the topic of the thread.

    • TJ's Ghost says:

      I am on Jim’s topic of modern sexual dysfunction, and showing how acceptance of the Jew Testament in European society has influenced that sexual dysfunction.

      My Northern European ancestors predicted the Jew Testament would do this. They called the Jewish deity that was invading Europe “Hvítakristr,” i.e., lily-livered, cowardly, and unmanly. He is, and now, so is our society.

      A pertinent excerpt may better inform you:

      The term for “White Christ” or Hvítakristr came into currency among the heathen Icelanders at the time when pagan and Christian religions were in conflict…To call a man hvítr was to say that he was cowardly, effeminate…A related phrase was to say, “your liver is white” meaning again, a coward… which is almost identical to modern English usage, “lily-livered” with the same meaning.

      Why did the Vikings call Jesus the White [Lily-Livered] Christ?

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        How well did that turn out for the Vikings? They lost.

        • TJ's Ghost says:

          Yes, we Northern Europeans lost the Northern Crusades and the results of following the a Jewish Hvítakristr have been destructive to our society. Does that make you happy? Do you like to see Whitey suffering?

          “Conservative” Christianity, which—through creative interpretation of the Bible such as Jim does—jerry-rigged the Jewish Hvítakristr to be less destructive to our society, has lost too. Does that make you happy to see European sexual/family/national culture being further destroyed as thoroughly as Viking culture?

          • Calvin says:

            Funny how everything going to hell conincides with a widespread rejection of Christianity and the most pozzed countries/communities are the most vocal about their atheism. While the glory days featured a strong and active church.

            If the Christians were the unmanly ones, then why was it the Vikings were defeated in not just in battle but spirit, and your empty idols toppled to the ground? If your ancestors were such manly pagan men, why did they lose and convert?

            • Samuel Skinner says:

              The same reason why the Christians lost and converted to atheism.

              • Calvin says:

                Decadence and virtue signaling? Lol, no the Vikings lost on the of battle.

                • Samuel Skinner says:

                  Not sure what you are referring to. The Saxons were conquered, the Vikings (Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland) were not. If you are referring to ‘one faction adopts Christianity and crushes everyone else’, that is exactly what happened with liberalism in our society.

                • Calvin says:

                  What I am referring to is that the Vikings attempting to Christianize their people faced rebellion. Many, many times. Manly pagan Viking men against those pathetic Jew-worshippers. And who won? Hint: not the pagans.

                • Samuel Skinner says:

                  And in Iceland there was no rebellion and the outcome was exactly the same. You don’t see rebellion today because of the strength of the security services and the power of the state.

          • bruce says:

            Are you familiar with James Russell’s work/book? He argues that Early Medieval Christianity was Germanized – infused with the Germanic warrior spirit – and that this was the religion that animated our civilization for 1000+ years.

            • Calvin says:

              It wasn’t Germans who waged the Reconquista or conquered the Aztecs with a few hundred men and put their evil pagan idolatry to the sword. “Germanic spirit” is not a copout you can get away with.

              • John Sterne says:

                it really hard to sort euros its just wave after wave of cousins melting into cousins. the english are most closely related to the basques except the welsh and the cornish who…….. it never ends almost everyone is some sort of celt and yet not very few are what they were a long time ago.

        • Oog en Hand says:

          We could reverse that reasoning. If you “defeated” us, why do you bitch it is “cowardly” to burn churches instead of mosques?! You are so strong, you are so dangerous, aren’t you?!

          VARG ALL CHURCHES!!!

          Those who oppose us should have their eyes gouged out, and their hands crushed or cut off. Jesus forbids euthanasia. Hell is eternal.

          • Calvin says:

            You were defeated. Your gods proved hollow and empty and no one, not even you, truly believes they even exist any more.

            But please, don’t stop your Viking LARP on my account.

            • TJ's Ghost says:

              God (Gott, Gottin, Wotan, Woden) is the old pre-Christian deity still on your lips. Sadly, you’re too Jew-addled to realize it, even when you use it.

              • Calvin says:

                No, the people you try to LARP as worshipped a wide array of gods and spirits, from the bizarre to the stupid, and made frequent use of human sacrifice to do it. They weren’t monotheists.

                “Jew-addled”. Lol, Christianity began hated by the Jews, and they maintain that fanatic hatred to this very day. Worldwide they agitate against it and any who believe in it, whether in the name of communism or buttsex, the end is always the same. They want it neutered and eventually the name of Christ wiped from the Earth. Curiously, you agree with them, in favor of imaginary worship of dead idols even you don’t believe in.

                I wonder (((why)))?

                • Contaminated NEET says:

                  >You were defeated.

                  Yeah, so were you. Christians defeated the pagans; atheists defeated the Christians, and now Mohammedans are defeating the atheists.

              • jim says:

                It does not matter. Wotan worship is dead. The Official Christianity of the restoration worked great from 1660 to 1820, giving us western civilization: The Joint Stock corporation operated for profit, the conquest of the world, science, technology, and industrialization.

                The scientific method long predates the restoration, but the restoration made it high status – made is socially desirable to win debates using the scientific method, and low status to attempt to win arguments by other methods, until the enlightenment challenged the scientific method for status around the 1770s, and successfully crushed the scientific method by state tolerated violence after World War II.

                Yes, Christianity is prone to the problems you point out, and indeed “Judeo Christianity” is the problems you point out, but restoration Christianity did not have those problems.

                • John Sterne says:

                  christianity is dead had a good run we can go to a museum and visit it and tell our grandkids what a great run it had but its fucking dead. its a retarded superstition that not only is an open invitation for some priest to reveal his gnostic knowledge but it requires you to be a cuck and revere the chosen people stick a fork in it it done

                • jim says:

                  We always have a state religion. Our current state religion intends to murder us. We need a replacement state religion. If not Christianity, what?

                • John Sterne says:

                  > We always have a state religion. Our current state religion intends to murder us. We need a replacement state religion. If not Christianity, what?

                  first i would say always and religion are questionable superstition in the white world has been dying for 1000 years the only thing that kept it going isnt belief in magic as its useful for politics which is why it appeals to you. but its a dumb tool it sets up a situation where the state allows a priest to claim superior knowledge and power gnostic irrational ‘knowledge’ that cant be countered.because the best scams are the oldest scams these priest import other peoples religious garbage which makes other people children of your god. whites are the high trust people dont mistake individualism for atomization we had millions of ways to bond without religion in fact religion has cause quite a lot of inter white war. atomization was the result of a campaign to assault every way we bond neighborhoods clubs taverns lodges sports and you name it the left attacked it to drive whites from coming together admit it or not jews did this with lawsuits laws based on christian principles of universality gave them standing in our courts.
                  what should replace religion is what religion was developed as a proxy for family extended family village nation an ethnically homogeneous people allied with other ethno states closely related to then ie the european race.it neednt be all nazi like just what we had a little while ago what all nations have always had we just need to admit universalism was an error and particularism is the natural order.90% of the leftist problems are a result of having foreign bodies in our lands. i get this triggers you i dont know why youre cool with raping 9 year olds but an ethnostate is beyond your pale

                • jim says:

                  > > We always have a state religion. Our current state religion intends to murder us. We need a replacement state religion. If not Christianity, what?

                  > first i would say always and religion are questionable superstition in the white world has been dying for 1000 years

                  No it has not. Everything was going great and getting better until 1820, when we gave up on controlling women.

                  From 1660 to 1820 we conquered the world, created science, technology, industry, and the for profit joint stock corporation. That is not dying.

                  And we did all that under a state religion compatible with science, the scientific method, and technology.

                  > what should replace religion is what religion was developed as a proxy for family extended family village nation an ethnically homogeneous people allied with other ethno states closely related to then ie the european race.

                  We had ethno states following the collapse of the Roman Empire. Christian states conquered them because they could scale up cooperation to larger scales, and because of the Christian policy of a bitch in every beta’s bed. Every peasant got what the people who built the Falcon nine can no longer have.

                  Christians won because of a deal between political alphas and betas. Betas got chaste obedient virgin wives and children, political alphas got taxpayers and soldiers.

                  > it neednt be all nazi like just what we had a little while ago what all nations have always had we just need to admit universalism was an error and particularism is the natural order.90% of the leftist problems are a result of having foreign bodies in our lands. i get this triggers you i dont know why youre cool with raping 9 year olds but an ethnostate is beyond your pale.

                  Not cool with raping nine year olds. Stop it with the stupid insults.

                  Nor is nine year olds being raped by older males a significant problem, in part because it is highly illegal. What is legal, and what is a huge problem, what is a major factor in preventing rocket scientists from getting laid, and thus a major reason that we cannot do rockets, space, and supersonic fighters any more, is nine year old girls creeping into bed with high status charismatic adult males with adult female preselection while they are drunk and sleeping. And these days it is domestic abuse if you try to stop them from doing that. Also domestic abuse if you try to stop your fourteen year old daughter from hitch hiking four hundred miles to Arlie beach for a midnight party in her underwear.

                  In order to have a reusable earth to orbit rocket, the people who built the Falcon Nine need to get laid. For the people who built the Falcon Nine to get laid, we have to stop nine year old girls from sexual misbehavior so that they can grow up to be chaste obedient virgin wives and mothers, instead of graduating to being whores and then cat ladies. Going after the adult males that they misbehave with is a distraction from what needs to be done. Every time we punish an adult male for female misbehavior, we encourage female misbehavior.

                  Cool with ethnostates, but ethnicity does not work as a source of cohesion on the required scale. Sweden was ethnically homogeneous. That it ceased to be ethnically homogeneous is a symptom, not the underlying disease. The elite imported voters to get the desired electoral result. Sweden died of lack of cohesion, it died before it was overrun by rapeugees. The Vikings were conquered and emasculated, because the alpha viking beserkers were outnumbered by the disciplined, organized, and well equipped Christian beta foot soldiers.

                • deltahedge says:

                  Why 1820?

                  My understanding so far was the West started turn to shit when “democratization” happened as a consequence of 1789.

                • jim says:

                  1820: Attempted divorce of queen Caroline.

                  But the two are connected. In order democratize, need to discredit the King and the aristocracy, in order to discredit the King and aristocracy, necessary to deny that women could ever do wrong, except that bad men make them do it.

                • A.B. Prosper says:

                  Now there is the problem in a nutshell Jim.

                  In order to maintain a high complexity society we have to have a State religion.

                  Problem is none of them will be accepted.

                  . This suggest to be that we can’t have a high complexity society for some time and maybe we will cycle through a Dark Age so back to folk religions for us for a while and smaller polities

                  I’m not convinced this is all bad, the world is grossly overcrowded and frankly Postindustrial America and wherever else are after a while not going to be able to fuck humanity over with nukes, genetic engineering , networked computers or robotics

  8. James Jones says:

    The ratio of male to female incels is surely many to one. Most girls holding out for Jeremy Meeks are volcel, not incel. They can still easily get laid pretty much anytime they want.

    • bruce says:

      Any woman can get laid any time she wants – even the women on cable TV’s “My 600-lb life.” there’s a guy somewhere that will.

    • Piers says:

      A lot of incels can get laid too but they overlook hamplanets and fuggos. Every incel expects a cutie while they themself bring nothing to the table

      • jim says:

        Women, often at a very young age, routinely have sex with men way out of their league, men who are obviously not going to stick around. This is a problem, and needs to be stopped. And since one man can pop any number of virgins, you have to forbid women from sleeping with men, not forbid men from sleeping with women.

        • jay says:

          Healthy fatherhood not only delays puberty but ensures greater rates of virginity of their daughters until marriage.

  9. imnobody00 says:

    If you can’t distinguish between on-topic and off-topic, I cannot do nothing to heal your idiocy. But I will say it for other people who are reading this:

    Topic of the thread: The accepted belief about 20% of men having 80% of the sex is not accurate.

    Topic of TJ’s Ghost trolling posts: How Jesus is a Jew deity who invaded Europe with the name of Hvítakristr and he is the root cause of all the sexual dysfunction. (of course ignoring that our sexual dysfunction began when Western people abandoned Christianity several decades ago, but what are one thousand years to you?)

    For an idiot like you, these topics are the same. I know you won’t stop talking about your favorite obsession so I will let you make a fool of yourself.

    • TJ's Ghost says:

      Western Europe never abandoned Christianity’s claim that all souls are equal in the sight of God. Jim tries to shift responsibility to the “Enlightenment,” but the blame rests squarely with Christianity itself. The following four scholars concur with that opinion:

      [1] “In Western societies, the Judeo-Christian image of humankind—whether you are a believer or not—has secured a minimal moral consensus in everyday life. It has been a major factor in social cohesion. Now that the neurosciences have irrevocably dissolved the Judeo-Christian image of a human being as containing an immortal spark of the divine, we are beginning to realize that they have not substituted anything that could hold society together and provide a common ground for shared moral intuitions and values.” p. 297 –Thomas Metzinger, The Ego Tunnel: The Science of the Mind and the Myth of the Self. (Basic Books, 2009)

      [2] Liberal Creationism slate.com/articles/health_and_science/human_nature/features/2007/created_equal/liberalcreationism.html

      [3] “The liberal belief in the free and sacred nature of each individual is a direct legacy of the traditional Christian belief in the free and eternal souls. Without recourse to eternal souls and a Creator God, it becomes embarrassingly difficult for liberals to explain what is so special about individual Sapiens. […] The idea that all humans are equal is a revamped version of the monotheist conviction that all souls are equal before God.” p. 231 –Yuval Harari, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind. (Harper Collins, 2015)

      [4] As John Gray also notes, liberal humanist values are merely a “hollowed-out version of a theistic myth” (John Gray, 2015.)

      The notion of equality is what Jim considers a problem to our society, even who gets sex. He would do well to consider not just my but the above scholars’ opinion of the source of the doctrine of equalism: Christianity itself.

      • jim says:

        None of this is true, and you are completely off topic. Please stick to topic.

        Repetitious lies get boring. Eventually I will stop rebutting you and start censoring you, not for lying, but for being off topic, repetitious, and boring. Try to come up with some new lies, which are vaguely related to the topic.

        > Western Europe never abandoned Christianity’s claim that all souls are equal in the sight of God.

        Equality in the next world, equality in the eschaton, is not a problem. What is a problem is when people try to end history, to immanentize the eschaton, to bring the realm of God to the realm of man.

        > [1] “In Western societies, the Judeo-Christian image of humankind—whether you are a believer or not—has secured a minimal moral consensus in everyday life.

        Left wing lie. Preachers preach self esteem to blacks and women. This rejects and repudiates the doctrine of the fall, and the image that man is fallen. No original sin, only the sins of racism, sexism, etc, from which women and blacks are free. Humans are perfectable, and would be perfect if not for white males. The image of man taught in every school and every church is the diametric opposite of the Christian image of man.

        The Christian image of fallen man closely resembles the Dark Enlightenment / Red Pill doctrines of evolutionary psychology, that we are risen killer apes, and the Dark Enlightenment / Reactionary doctrine that man’s natural state is defect/defect, from where it is difficult to get to cooperate/cooperate.

        The scholar you quote lies by preaching the doctrine that Christianity, rightly understood, is actually progressivism, when in fact the doctrines he preaches as “the image of human kind”, are not the image of human kind, rather the “image of God” from which we are fallen.

        Christianity was not understood as progressivism until progressives had smashed it utterly.

        > [3] “The liberal belief in the free and sacred nature of each individual is a direct legacy of the traditional Christian belief in the free and eternal souls.

        It is a heresy derived from the Christian doctrine.

        The solution is to restore the original doctrine of the image of God, and the fall, declare anyone who rejects it a heretic, and exclude all heretics from statal and quasi statal jobs.

        We need to drop some of the thirty nine articles into the book of homilies, and introduce some new articles against new heresies.

        Since the heresies are always changing, better have an unchanging section of affirmations of the faith, which relates to stuff that is either provably true, or impossible to verify, plus an ever changing list of heresies. To get a government job, have to affirm the faith, and reject the heresies in the list of currently threatening heresies.

        • TJ's Ghost says:

          I’m going to shake off the dust on my feet instead of casting my pearls before swine. You can wallow in your comforting evasions, Jim.

        • John Sterne says:

          you sound just like an NRO cuck cucksplainin the Jewdayo cuckstioan basis of the enlightenment
          90% of christianity is immanentizing the eschaton whether they want to admit it or not when its inconvenient to the argument at hand.
          its exactly christmessage -forget jew justice logic i bring you spirit magik and i bring it for niggers and whores who are as good as you better even rich man, and this continues throughout, its probably the only thing moldberg didn’t lie about was the steady progression of cuckism- he just lied that jews took advantage of it and that nothing could be done about except to stayin moms basement jerking to animae whining about boomer parents supporting you and waiting for techno capitalist jews to let you rule without having to fight

  10. Jim,

    You really need to qualify it by age bucket. I am pretty sure 16 to 23 years old men are mostly getting nothing, and the sloppy seconds are mostly a 26 to 50+ group, with a linear scale between 23 to 26.

    The simple answer would be that the attractiveness of men increases by age.

    The longer story is… I knew just pre-puberty boys, 11-12, who looked masculine and confident. Puberty hit and at 16 they were incredibly awkward, ugly, not men but even less masculine as they were as boys, and 20+ the struggle was to regain the masculinity they used to have as boys.

    Interestingly, this correlated perfectly with acne, when puberty hit them they began to look like I did when I got sheep pox from my daughter, heh, looking like someone who headbutted a beehive, and it eased slowly uply 20+.

    Not saying acne was the reason of the low SMV: acne seems to be a psychosomatical dermatological illness somehow reflecting the inner insecurity. Folk medicine – like my uneducated by kind of wise uncle – says that acne goes away the first time you have sex. It is not 100% true but apparently acne does flare up at the time, 15-16 when boys begin to feel insecure about their virginity and it tends to ease up when they get a regular GF and regular sex and thus some self-confidence.

    • Alrenous says:

      Children are often called ‘resilient.’ This often means they show no reaction to how they’re being raised; they rebound back to some setpoint. When puberty hits they stop being resilient and start rationally evaluating how they should behave based on the available signals.

    • frankel says:

      Acne doesn’t happen if you don’t eat carbohydrates. Some metabolisms are particularly sensitive.

      Cortisol/adrenal gland activity modulates skin quality. Testosterone increases production of sebum. You’re more likely to get acne if you’re more stressed (given that you eat carbs). If you don’t eat carbs, you don’t get acne no matter how stressed. Also, substances that accelerate metabolic activity (nicotine, caffeine) seem to have similarly negative effects on skin (maybe via effects on adrenal gland).

  11. bruce says:

    RE zits.

    No, there’s more to it. Men just mature slower in terms of attractiveness. Money, success,yes but even in terms of looks. Look at TV’s Duggar family (the older kids, say the first 10 kids). The girls are all pretty. Most of the boys seem dorky looking. Same genes. Bet that’s not the case when they’re 35-40.

  12. John Sterne says:

    women rating most men below average in a poll doesn’t mean anything but they are bad at math which they are.Probably as addicted to porn as men.

    you have been conquered by niggers and jews and faggots and women crushed humiliated and you wonder why they dont want to fuck you. take your nations back destroy your enemies and control your women or be swept into the genetic dustbin of history.

    you want to sit around in moms basement whining about boomers and listening to the flattery of some jew telling you it was the crypto calvinists that did this to you but don’t worry just sit tight cause the techno cap jews are going to save you whatever you do don’t fight cause resistance is futile.

  13. Carlylean Restorationist says:

    Intellectually this makes sense.

    In the big picture, this is only a problem in the context of mass immigration. If Western nations were left alone to be themselves, a marked decrease in population in the context of technological automation and so on would be broadly a good thing: instead of every town and village building houses on every available scrap of land, we’d have pristine virgin countryside AND high technology.

    The problem only becomes salient when whites stand to be replaced.

    Honestly close the borders FIRST, worry about the relations between sexes afterwards. Maybe a more ‘natural’ arrangement makes sense, maybe a more ‘modern’ one does: who honestly knows at this point….. the problems with female behaviour in modern society are very hard to separate from the legal problems, the social indoctrination problems and the economic distortion problems.

    No I’m not making an AnCap argument here: there may very well be sound reasons to favour more atavistic arrangements. We shall see, but the first priority is to secure the existence of our people. Anything else is a distraction.

    • John Sterne says:

      Here Here conserve the people first. this requires securing the nations as a space where our people and culture are prioritized and nurtured.

      Wages will rise, costs will lower,standards will be restored, the physical and economic security whites require for family formation will be restored, two incomes will not be required to escape , 40% of the votes [almost all leftist] disappear.anyone who can not see this simple truth that gets all triggered by the “hate” has a brain rotted by jew jizz. All thats proposed is that we live like all other nations have and do live as we lived until 64.anyone who say 64 america was nazi germany is a jew or a cuck. yes sure by 64 the jews and cucks had laid the groundwork but they were still working secretly we now know what hat work was that set the stage for the last 50 years and that too will be undone but first we must retake our nations and expel the invaders and traitors.

    • Nikolai says:

      “In the big picture, this is only a problem in the context of mass immigration”

      “Honestly close the borders FIRST, worry about the relations between sexes afterwards”

      Completely disagree.

      The woman question is 10x more important than the minority question. The main cause of human misery in the west is not the presence of jews and brown people, but the absence of traditional gender roles.

      Men can’t find suitable women to marry, women spend their teens and twenties whoring around and end up miserable cat ladies. Men and women who do get married often end up divorced. The man loses his present and future assets, the kids are traumatized and raised without a masculine presence. Being raised by a single mother is a better predictor of criminality than race.

      The family is the building block of society, with female emancipation half of marriages end in divorce and it becomes essentially impossible to have a functioning society.

      The ideal is that women are not emancipated and you don’t have a significant amount of browns. But if I had to pick one, I’d always pick traditional sex roles. Minorities aren’t that much of a problem if men are allowed to be men and own the women of their household. Russia has been multi-ethnic for centuries, works fine as long as whites are in control and unashamed of it. Before the 1960s, the average american black woman was likely better behaved than the modern average white sorority thot.

      Would you rather have a wife that honors and obeys you in a 70% white society or a fashy feminist in a 100% white society?

      • John Sterne says:

        you’re probably young if you watched how carefully the left sequenced leftism you would understand why it needs to be unwound sequentially. Its not that the woman question is unimportant its just that you cant solve it when the left has 40% of the population niggers voting them into office. You will waste what few years you have left to stop leftism in a futile effort to put women back into the neolithic.never going to happen with 40% nigger population.In fact as leftists whites flee their nigger proxies to white red states they will move the electorate needle even faster.and since nrx is utter faggotry unwilling to fight votes are all you have.
        The fact is when non whites are removed not only do leftist stop getting their way at the poles but a lot of other things change that effect your min concern.The cost of non whites is staggering the trillion a year in welfare and the interest on the previous trillions in debt are not a tenth of the true cost of divershitty.wage suppression, and inflation of everything from real estate, taxes, education, medicine, insurance, law enforcement, is what makes the cost of the economic and physical security whites require for family formation unaffordable to many whites and what makes most women go into the workplace often if not usually at their husbands behest. The mere presence let alone the votes of non whites is what prohibits white culture and standard from being cultivated. slut shaming single mothers implies all niggers are shameful, shaming white men for not working at any job available rather than jerking to anime and NRX flattery in moms basement would imply most niggers too are worthless.While I am certainly not advocating the restoration stop with the expulsion of the non whites I can promise you 90% of the problems you see would go away, it would be stupid to leave the infection in place to flare up again but i remember before massive non whites life was good.

        • jim says:

          Sweden had a 100% white population. What difference did it make?

        • Nikolai says:

          “[Y]ou’re probably young”

          “it needs to be unwound sequentially”
          Yes at the moment it’s more politically viable to deport illegal browns than to control women. But de-emancipating women is more important to the long term survival of western civilization and the white race.

          “since nrx is utter faggotry unwilling to fight votes are all you have.”
          More like, since NRx knows that guerrilla warfare only works if you have the CIA or Kremlin backing you, we use twitter and podcasts instead.

          “physical security whites require for family formation unaffordable to many whites and what makes most women go into the workplace often if not usually at their husbands behest”
          Patriarchy is 1000x more needed for family formation than physical security. Crime has been going down the past few decades and whites have been having less kids. If anything it’s the most secure whites, the oven middle class, that are having the least amount of kids. Women go to college and desire a career because that’s what they’re told to do by their parents and every institution around them.

          “While I am certainly not advocating the restoration stop with the expulsion of the non whites I can promise you 90% of the problems you see would go away”
          I very highly doubt that. As Jim said, look at Sweden.

      • John Sterne says:

        Would you rather have a wife that honors and obeys you in a 70% white society or a fashy feminist in a 100% white society?

        Ill take the all white society any day And i have lived in both. even in this day and age I have no problem controlling my women you need to learn how that works, women want to be controlled like children when they are not they get scared and wild.when you allow wild niggers to run around your nation disrespecting you and jews ruling you your women are naturally going to see you as unfit.If you and jim created your little multicultural afghanistan your women would still see you as unfit and continue to bed the true rulers of afghanistan the smart jews an strong niggers.Go today to an all white area nigger and jew free you will see women all married by 24 at the latest usually 19 plenty of children if they work they respect their husbands more difficult work. You are running around an urban area looking and acting in a way that makes my generation think the faggot population must now be 60% of white men under 50, you have all been cowed into submission and it reeks when i walk passed nigger they get out of my way, if i see them laying across several subway seats i drag them to the floor and sit down.I tell my women to shut the fuck up and know their place. I take up room and I command respect i don’t let leftys and jews tell lies in front of me i call them on it and destroy their arguments.The truth is powerful. people fear it when they hear it declared.When you dance around the games that niggers women and jews run on you instead of confronting their lies head on they know they have humiliated and defeated you and your women and children weill witness that and know it too.Jims argument to act like niggers is a humiliated mans idea he has been defeated and will adopt the ways of his enemy. * years old girls are not whores to be raped 8 year old girls are children they are not my problem i dont fear them and need to subjugate them niggers and jews are my enemies women are my well women they keep my home and raise my children or at this point in life simply amuse me and make me feel good in return I feed them and give them some attention and protection.

        • jim says:

          Again: Sweden before they brought in the rapeugees to vote left. Your proposed program does not work.

          Your claim of ability to control women reeks of involuntary celibacy. Someone who had actually accomplished the things you claim to have accomplished would be far more familiar with the struggles and difficulties of actually accomplishing it.

          Even Mohammed got shit tested to hell and back, and Kings with a thousand concubines and the power of life and death over each of them and all of them frequently wound up under a woman’s thumb.

          I actually do control women. And because I do this, I know what is involved in doing it. You don’t, which suggests a lack of contact with real life women.

          • To be fair smart women control a man in a way that you never notice, thus giving one an illusion of easy, struggle-free control. One feels being in power, yet just somehow one mysteriously always makes the decisions the woman suggests to make.

            Half the battle is even noticing that you are not actually in control, if she is smart.

            • Felicity says:

              accepting good ideas from a smarty woman and being out of power isn’t the same thing. if you’re smart you want a woman whos smarter than you. a great deputy secretary is worth her weight in rubies. being out of power is when you and her disagree on something and you lose.

          • jay says:

            Since majority of those concubines didn’t reproduce. Its quite a waste of resource for those kings to have that many concubines.

        • Nikolai says:

          “I have no problem controlling my women you need to learn how that works”
          Since you compare genuinely controlling women to “afghanistan”, I don’t think you actually control your women.

          Even if you get a good girl who’s naturally obedient, it’s still a challenge to control her because everyone around her tells her to run wild and disobey you. I’ve been dating a college girl for a few months now. When we first met, her hair was 4 different unnatural colors and she had the back of it shaved. A few days before our first date I told her to dye it all black and start growing out the back. She went out and bought a box of black dye the next day and she went from looking like a rebellious punk rock type to a presentable woman.

          While any sane person would recognize this as an improvement, she immediately got concerns from everyone. Her friends, her teachers and even her parents all told her “What you changed your hair for a guy!?” “Just be yourself and do what you want and if he can’t accept it, get rid of him” “You can’t just do whatever he tells you to” etc.

          And to this day both of us still get massive pushback. Everyone around us tries to undermine our relationship and my authority. She more or less does whatever I tell her to, but controlling her and remaining in good standing with society is not easy. Patriarchy is pretty much illegal, controlling women is doable but not easy and just getting rid of niggers and jews won’t make it any easier. If anything it might make it harder since niggers normalize alpha behavior to a certain extent.

    • yewotm8 says:

      The borders are open because the women vote for them to be. If you give women influence they will invite in other men to invade and challenge you.

  14. simplyconnected says:

    This is one of those collective action problems you always bring up. We may need a state religion to enforce a cooperate-cooperate relation between the sexes, but how to get there without massive pain?
    Is the plan to simply let this thing run its course, destroy everything in its path and then try to rebuild with whatever human capital can be assembled from the ruins?
    (In practical terms does that mean anonymously theorise for now to build a foundation for later, but publicly go with the flow until all hell breaks loose?)

    • God says:

      Get rich.

      Grab a hot (and smart) wife.

      Produce at fewest four highly competent offspring.

      Hell has already broken loose. It just feels normal.

      Wait for my coming. If you are sufficiently competent, I will hire you.

      • Joe Bloggs says:

        Mission accomplished.

      • simplyconnected says:

        > Hell has already broken loose. It just feels normal.

        I didn’t realize this until I saw Moldbug’s claim that certain rates of crime are ~2 orders of magnitude higher than in Victorian times.

    • jim says:

      As I have frequently mentioned, I am stuck in defect/defect equilibrium.

    • BomberCommand says:

      >We may need a state religion to enforce a cooperate-cooperate relation between the sexes, but how to get there without massive pain?

      You don’t. Pain is required for growth.

      • Dave says:

        As long as everyone is fed, clothed, housed, and possessing only the holes they were born with, what’s the problem? Thus real change never comes until the streets are strewn with dead bodies, and sometimes not even then, cf. Venezuela.

    • >This is one of those collective action problems you always bring up.

      Which Scott Alexander calls Moloch. It is reassuring that despite the huge differences between how Scott and Jim think, they tend to see similar mechanisms, albeit with different causes and outcomes. I mean, it suggests at the very least the mechanism itself is fairly surely true, and thus there is a fairly certain methodology for figuring things out: find facts and plug them into a game-theoretical optimization machine that works with competition and selection and see what output pops out.

    • Roberto says:

      The children of the elite are all brainwashed in academia. The solution, per Moldbug, is creating an Antiversity in which the children of the elite can absorb memes that aren’t quintessentially Puritan (or Jewish) in their origin. Which currently translates to shitposting on the internet, because I just don’t see any potential Antiversity other than the alt-right.

      Since academia is no longer high-status, and rightly so, that means that the words of a popular blogger — e.g. Jim — now carry the same weight, or more weight, than the words of a tenured professor. Think about it: more people listen to Jim, and take him seriously, than there are people who listen to some bespectacled dweeb lecturing about cis-hetero objectification or whatever in a classroom.

      The problem is that the alt-right is being coopted, subverted, and destroyed by the Cathedral (by Power), and that happens because the alt-righters didn’t fully heed Moldbug’s call to recruit the youth camp rather than figuratively slaughtering it. You need to convince the elites and their children that your preferred policies will, at least in the long-term, be better for the economy, better for the military, and better for the country than whatever they believe in. Instead, you told them that you’re going to stuff them into ovens and abolish USG. Making yourself out to be an outright enemy of the Cathedral is a bad idea. I made that mistake myself, foolishly.

      Why, indeed, doesn’t Moldbug shill for Putin and/or for the PRC? Because he knows that one can’t do those things and then expect to have any influence over the Anglo-American Empire. In order to successfully subvert the Anglo-Judeo, one has to signal some degree of alliance with Anglo-Judeo’s interests. Sad but true!

      • Felicity says:

        USG is a pretty good system it’s just become too big sclerotic impotent and infertile

      • peppermint says:

        There will come a moment after which the remaining university, media, Facebook/Google employees will be executed. Before that, there will come a moment where remaining employees will be unable to find respectable work.

        This is not an empty threat, and it can’t be overemphasized, because the sooner all the competent people leave, the less painfully this dark age ends.

        As to coopting the youth camp instead of slaughtering them, competent young White men who aren’t autistic or fags have been pretending to be autistic or fags since the time ((Steven Pinker)) wrote about the phenomenon in How The Mind Works 21 years ago. The difference between then and now is then exclusion was from academia resulting in its standards today, now exclusion extends to much of the economy, resulting in the Alt-Right existing.

        Who are the children of the elite? Tim Kaine’s son may have been brainwashed in school to be an antifag. Nancy Pelosi’s grandson takes brainwashing from her, as a friend’s mom did from her freedumb rider dad to sleep with niggers. Chelsea Clinton is vapid and will never reproduce and she’s Hillary’s only child. Amy Schumer will never reproduce. The elite of 50 years ago are almost all dead, their children are worthless, and their institutions are filled with affirmative action hires that may in some cases be less worthless than their children.

        • peppermint says:

          Correction: Chelsea has two (((children))). She seems to be trying to just be a normal girl, despite Stanford, Oxford and Columbia, like the one of GWB’s daughters who went to UTexas, the other being 36, a “health care activist”, Yale graduate, childless.

      • Anonymous Fake says:

        You nailed it. The academic grinders who did everything right and never got their rich paying careers they were promised in exchange for objective measures of merit are the lifeblood of the alt-right. Insulting them for not dropping out to become tugboat captains or other rich prole careers isn’t appropriate at all. Most of them didn’t grow up with the internet, or they did but it didn’t have any prestige at the time. They never knew any better.

        Postwar Germany was successful because the rank and file careerist Nazis who were just obeying orders were treated with respect. Our modern quasi-dissidents within the system need to be presented with respectful exit options from their Cathedral. The true believers can have their Nuremberg purge later.

      • Oog en Hand says:

        And that is why I tried to convince WNs to spare the lives of people like Gigi Hadid, Bar Refaeli, Elisa Dushku, Heda Hamzatova and Makka Sagaipova.

        Contra Benjamin Fulford, I hate Putin and PRC almost as much as I hate the Cathedral. Being Dutch, knowing Pim Fortuyn, I think Putin is seriously misguided in his family policies. Both countries need to legalize euthanasia.

        Luckily, I began to learn Russian when Russia was STILL powerful, the eighties. In the nineties, I added Old Church Slavonic. Ten years ago, Chinese.

        Blue Pill: Nerds need to get laid, we need to restore monogamy and abolish female choice.

        Red Pill: Nerds need to get laid, we need to abolish female choice.

        What exactly is wrong with a PhD in Physics, MoSc in Chemistry, BoA in Comparative Linguistics getting three wives and seven concubines?!

        • peppermint says:

          Three wives will necessarily each be of lower quality than one. Concubines give birth to bastards and there is no reason to maintain a concubine instead of leaving the whore with a madam if there is no intention of producing bastards.

          A physics PhD does not brag about his other degrees, really only has an IQ of around 130, and if science was such a noble profession, why did the professors betray us to judaeo-islamic conquest? We used to call southern Europeans dago and insinuate that their mothers had been defiled by judaeo-islamics, but at least they fought back before they were conquered, and the Spanish arose without outside assistance.

          A physics PhD is not a village leader defended by his people. He is an atom existing at the pleasure of the government. The basic unit of Aryan life has always been the village, in cities, the neighborhood, and the physics PhD assists in the process of the villages and neighborhoods being broken up with the men and women transported around and mud injected into the community to destroy it by using up all the goodwill.

          A physics PhD does not deserve even one wife, since he probably doesn’t have a gun, and, since he doesn’t maintain the graves of his ancestors, he deserves a landfill when then government or its diverse agents decides to kill him and rape his concubine who’s probably on birth control.

          • Anonymous Fake says:

            Any science or engineering discipline that involves heavy visual-spatial work is going to be full of cucks. Physical beauty which sets the eyes perfectly in the face produces the best quality women yet the nerdiest men. Like women and children, these types are better to be seen and not heard. Their general intelligence is usually high-normal and optimized for getting into trouble without getting out, even if they weren’t ‘spergs.

            I’m not sure if visual-spatial IQ or verbal IQ is more suspect. Logical thought is what we need most.

  15. Eddie Willers says:

    I seem to recall a CDC study on the rate of new infections of STDs; it appeared to show that the 80/20 split was vindicated. If 80% of newly reported STD infections were among wimminz (and 20% among men) then does this not suggest that the great majority of wimminz are happy to be part of Chad Thundercock’s harem?

  16. Hey Jim, is there an email address I can reach you at? I have a political scoop I was wondering if you’d be interested in. Thanks.

  17. Mister Grumpus says:

    Downright therapeutic this one. The number one way to abuse somebody is to have The Truth be obvious to him, but leave him no one near him to confirm it back to him. Gaslighting ain’t no joke.

    The abused child is healed by a wise adult coming into his life and confirming and understanding what the child sees every day, and why he feels as he does.

    If someone’s going crazy, explain to him why he’s not crazy.

  18. Say It says:

    If you took a quarter of the time you spend on this blog bestowing honors on the worthy, formally and with real names, rather than deconstructing what they do with their cocks, you would be actively inviting the royal mindset required to make things work. As it is right now, you are still just a voyeur with a blog, a person larping as a billionaire athlete pirate king, larping as the creator of a royal new world. But always with the caveat that power must be handed over first. Once we can control feral women…Once we have control over the press, universities, and political institutions…Once… It is Cosmo Girl reaction, it’s ridiculous, and you seem to have no idea just how powerful you are. I imagine if there was someone out there who was actively doing these things, or demonstrated a willingness and capacity to, you would hush the person up and dissect the man’s sex life rather than do the humble, Christian royal thing and parade the fucker around, (or at the very least bestow the honor privately). Can’t cooperate with him yet! We can only do that once…

    You’re using the tactics of the enemy, have been for years, and won’t just resign in this singular mistake and cooperate with the very way and mindset you are in support of. Are you afraid to succeed?

    Ya know what I’m talking bout?

    • Roberto says:

      Your gay dad raped you (and now you’re gay)

      • Say It says:

        “You need to convince the elites and their children that your preferred policies will, at least in the long-term, be better for the economy, better for the military, and better for the country than whatever they believe in.”

        “Your gay dad raped you and now you’re gay.”

        The reactionaries had better leave the convincing rhetoric to someone other than you.

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