about one third banksters, two thirds …

The crisis is about one third theft by banksters, one third theft by rude, arrogant, and uncivil civil servants, and one third theft by the bastard spawn of welfare moms.

The split is not between rich and poor, but between tax consumers and tax payers.

I have emphasized the role of affirmative action loans in this crisis, and on the evidence, the great majority of the American dud loans were made to Hispanics  – though it was highly profitable for the wealthy banksters to arrange these dud loans, take the fees, and pass the loans onto someone else, and it was highly profitable for middle class loan offices to fill out the loan documents with whatever story would get the loan made, and then have the applicant sign a pack of lies that he was quite incapable of reading.

To which people reply by pointing at the crisis in Europe, where affirmative action lending is not a big problem.  So in Europe, the problem is supposedly all banksters.

No it is not all banksters:  The breakdown on the latest Irish bailout is thirty five billion to bail out the banks, and fifty billion “to shore up the public finances and allow the government to keep making welfare payments and cover other expenses such as health and education.”

So the stupid violent bastard spawn of Irish welfare mums are getting a major chunk of the loot, even though by a different mechanism to the way the stupid violent bastard spawn of American welfare mums got a major share of the loot.

The underlying mechanism of the crisis is that the regnant left (the Cathedral) buys as many votes as it needs to stay in power. As its internal discipline breaks down, it becomes more and more corrupt, hence more and more expensive, requiring ever greater expenditures on vote buying. To buy votes as cheaply as possible, it prefers low intelligence semi criminal immigrants and bastard welfare spawn, since their votes cost less, so sets about flooding society with low intelligence immigrants and bastard welfare spawn.

This does not mean there is any possibility that elections could fix the problem – there was no daylight visible between Bush and Obama, and very little daylight visible between Obama and Palin. Rather, what it means is that the measures that are taken to ensure that elections cannot fix the problem are becoming increasingly drastic.

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