Anonymized funding for terrorists

I was outraged to hear that Fidelity and Schwab had seemingly funded Kimberlin, but held off mentioning it because I suspected that they had merely been laundering other people’s money in their role as financial institutions – which turned out to be the case. It looks like some people funding Kimberlin unsurprisingly did not wish this to become known, thus Schwab’s name was on the check, the way the bank’s name is on a bank check – the equivalent of a brown paper bag full of small used notes, except that you cannot get a tax refund on a brown paper bag full of small used notes.


4 Responses to “Anonymized funding for terrorists”

  1. red says:

    sham* not shame

  2. red says:

    I’ve suspected for a while now that the majority of the charities are really funding vehicles for leftists and their supporters. But I never would have imagined that it was a tax free way to support left wing terrorism. Clearly the GOP has to be in on this entire setup. Even stupidest political party in history would be roasting their enemies alive with bullshit like this. I can’t think of a stronger case for GOP being a sham party.

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