Daily Shoah doxed for not being sufficiently anti semitic

If the Daily Shoah is insufficiently anti semitic and pro Hitler, who is sufficiently anti semitic and pro hitler?

If they doxed me for being insufficiently enthusiastic about wanting to rob and murder Jews in sufficient numbers, there would be some logic in that, but the Daily Shoah?

Those doxers are evil and crazy, they are our enemies – because none of us is sufficiently anti semitic.

The Daily Shoah are not my enemies, but my friends, and those who are their enemies, are my enemies. Whosoever goes after the Daily Shoah is likely to go after me.

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  1. Rick.Sean says:

    The NatSoc cries “Don’t punch to the right!” as he strikes you.

  2. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    Ordinals of conflict; you don’t indulge rivalries on lower ordinal levels while rivals on higher ordinal levels still exist.

    If you could typify the essential tendency that distincts red tribesmen from blue tribes men, it is not something that maps exactly to a left-right divide (irt leveling vs hierarchy).

    Rather, what typifies a blue tribe europoid is that they are apt to spend much more focus on the *near*, than the *far*.

    A blue trubesman anywhere in the space of possible political positions they can potentially be predisposed to purport all tend to have a certain *flavor* of that position, filtered through a certain *lens*. Their criticisms may be different in form from proggies’, but the targets are the same: other white people. Ironically, often the *exact same sorts* of white people.

    As ever, reason is a tail wagged by the dog of sentiment.

    I imagine you would find similar dynamics in other species of human as well. The blue tribesman’s mental energy is disproportionately consumed by thoughts of his compatriots misbehavior, while he in turn has a rather low resolution perspective of outsiders. This is forms the well spring for several typical blue-tribe behaviors, such as ill conceived xenophilia (as the xenos exist only as an abstraction in their minds which they can project their idealizations upon…), chronic disloyalty syndrome (…whereas their neighbors are concretely present, intruding through solipsistic perception and representing the basic reality they struggle to grapple with, their mind’s ‘scales’ askew by aforementioned obsession with their misdeeds…), or heretoofore difficult to understand lapses in basic practicality (…resulting in such spectacles as having it out with soldiers while being fired upon, leveling punitive actions on police while crime spirals out of control, or opening the city gates for barbarians to murder their own people they dislike so much).

    It is no wonder that most forms of leftism throughout history have tended to come in blue tribe flavors. Indeed, anarcho-tyranny itself is perhaps the quintessential expression of a maladaptive blue tribe mindset,

  3. A pint thereof says:

    Enoch’s wife was an activist, and the chans, both 4 and 8, are NSA data capture operations.

    People really need to think clearly about just what happened here. And it isn’t simply a case of the Doxxers vs Mike Peinovich, it goes a lot deeper.

    • viking says:

      Well I think its certainly possible and at some point will be routine, which brings up the real point its not that hes a jew or his wife is its that he wasnt honest about it which made him and the right vulnerable.
      And this goes to the reaction not being clear about the JQ, it makes it vulnerable from both sides.
      Personally while I dont think all jewish wealth and power can be accounted for simply by IQ as La Griffe calculates. Even if I accepted his work I would say there are still two levels more of a problem.

      First how the wealth and power have been used; I do not buy the moldbug and Landian assertion that its only been clever jews mimicking their wasp betters to get into the club.I think some of it while not actually being elders of zion, is not too far from it. But even if I were to buy this excuse too.
      Second still leaves that we must accept that the American leadership will be somewhere between half and predominantly Jewish and that this is ok.Its not ok and if i have to explain why I really dont even want to talk to you.
      Thats not to say I dont see a path for jews to remain, it only means we have to start the discussion with honestly about the situation. And we can not do that with people lying about their ethnicity. with the reaction dancing around the issue like Land post JQ bait every few weeks only to denounce the jew haters eventually.And reaction generally taking a POSITION OF A MULTICULTURAL MERITOCRACY BEING IDEAL BECAUSE THEY CANT FACE WHAT IT WOULD TAKE TO UNDO THE LEFTS BIOLOGICAL WAR ON THE WEST.

      • peppermint says:

        I know several intelligent young Jews. They have come to me saying they are right-wing now, unlike their parents, who, whether Jew, Aryan, or brown refuse of the third world, are all communist or christian-communist. Instead, these Jews basically believe the same thing Milo does: this party is going to end soon if mass immigration continues and normal Whites aren’t able to get married so they will continue to subsidize it.

        What they don’t understand is that the reason those married Whites subsidized it for so long is christcuckoldry. My dad asked, how did slavery work out for the Romans? My friends dad talks about the Lutheran values he was raised with. My other friend’s mom goes on and on about how great her minister father was.

        Marriage makes men willing to work for their family and civilization and suffer insults as long as their children are safe. The left has unmasked itself as desiring the destruction of those children and married men will no longer allow it to exist, except if they are christcucks, because christcucks go to namefagging parties where they try to outdo each other in demonstrations of loyalty to this or that outrageous lie.

        If these young Jews are useful idiots towards the elimination of the genetic damage done to their ancestors, good for them. Whites will be more gentle in erasing the Jewish stain from their DNA than niggers would be. The Jews who refuse to return to Israel will be given constructed Aryan children matching as closely to their DNA as an acceptable Aryan can.

        • A pint thereof says:

          Catholicism has been the only thing holding the west together for the past two millennia. You’re either an idiot or a shill if you can’t see this. Probably both.

          History attests to the fact that the extent to which the west has lost its way is to the extent that the Church has been compromised.

          “Jews who refuse to return to Israel…”

          They were never there in the first place, Shlomo.

          • peppermint says:

            No, christcuckoldry did not hold the West together, in case you didn’t notice, 50 years ago christcucks fought a war against fascism and then subverted the remaining fascist governments. I’m not just whining about the stupid internal religious wars and external religious wars including pissing away Aryan blood forcing “conversion” on Jerusalem or conquering Constantinople due to its version of Latin translation of Nicene Creed.

            Who were the missionaries trying to spread Western technology and Christianity to the niggers?

            Who sends 25 cents a day less than the price of a cup of coffee to feed hungry children in African churches?

            Why did that Irish brigade side with the Mexis in the Mexican war?

            The right had power in the 80s, but because christcucks are actually the left, the right contented itself with less than half measures, which is why the rest of the left thinks their victory is inevitable.

            Many young people today who strongly identify with Caholicism are shitskins because Catholicism gives them the right to live in White countries. I know a few of these people personally.

            And yes, the Jews never really lived in Israel, as Revilo Oliver documented and most Christians continue to deny. The plan is to force them to live in Israel, or raise Aryan babies here. That’s all they’re going to get out of a biological nationalist government, which is why they are trying to resurrect cuckstainty.

            • A pint thereof says:

              You’re a moron. The only organization in the whole of human history that has dealt with the JQ successfully was the Catholic Church.

              Hitler failed, the Mohammedeans failed/are still failing, the post-Enlightenment west failed etc, etc, etc.

              The Judeo-Masonic axis has always sought the Church’s destruction as their primary goal, knowing as they do that it’s the only institution strong enough and with the requisite will to oppose it.

              • peppermint says:

                » dealt with the JQ successfully

                By somehow getting the Jews let back into all those countries they were kicked out of? By accepting the first civil rights law, the Statute of Kalisz, under which Jews have special privileges over Christians, in Poland? By allowing the Jews to remain in Spain as “converts” and clandestinely? By destroying fascist governments at the end of the last century?

                » only institution strong enough and with the requisite will to oppose it

                so what do you make of Francis?

                » Hitler failed, the Mohammedeans failed

                Sand niggers are irrelevant to this discussion. They were and are, unwittingly or not, the tools of the Jews.

                Hitler only failed because christcucks decided to destroy Germany to save the USSR because communism is closer to christcuckoldry than nationalism.

                Why didn’t the Catholics rule Constantinople after conquering it? Why wasn’t Constantinople added to the Venetian empire?

                Why was Vlad the Impaler locked up in a Habsburg dungeon when he should have been making kebab kebabs?

                • Cavalier says:

                  “Hitler only failed because christcucks decided to destroy Germany to save the USSR because communism is closer to christcuckoldry than nationalism.”

                  This is one of those things, once read, never unread.

                • A pint thereof says:

                  “By allowing the Jews to remain in Spain as “converts” and clandestinely?”

                  LOL. The reconquest of Spain took 800 years to complete, but because a few Jews were allowed to slip through the shoah net while Pedro was fighting the moslems they must all be philosemitic cucks? Give me a break.

                  All those other instances have nothing to do with the Church. They’re matters of national politics – some of them aren’t even real points: Germany “only failed” in WWII because of the Vatican? That’s a new one on me…

                • peppermint says:

                  » The reconquest of Spain took 800 years to complete, but because a few Jews were allowed to slip through the shoah net while Pedro was fighting the moslems they must all be philosemitic cucks? Give me a break.

                  Clutching defeat from the jaws of victory is a singular christcuck talent. The problem is the only people christcucks don’t have a problem defeating and grinding into dust are nationalist Whites.

                  Subverting nationalistic governments that are too friendly to christcuckoldry is another christcuck talent. For example, the governments of the UK and the US before Falangist Spain.

                  Read Martin Luther King’s speeches and tell me that nigger isn’t parroting christcucks. Oh, but he’s a Protestant, not a Catholic – Catholics don’t believe in social justice or the Beatitudes, or that all lives matter.

                  » All those other instances have nothing to do with the Church. They’re matters of national politics

                  …which have to do with the world views of the people in question. Vlad the Impaler was held because it was more important to the Habsburg monarchy that Transylvania be Catholic than that it be White. This surely because the Habsburgs wanted to rule it, but also because they cared about Catholicism and did not care about race.

                  Saying the word nigger doesn’t mean you care about race. Caring about your race means not trying to convert people of other races to your religion you got off some merchant for the low low price of your civilization’s future.

                • Alan J. Perrick says:

                  [insult deleted for repetitiousness. Have to come up with fresh insults]

                • peppermint says:

                  AJP hates Trentians and thinks everything bad to have happened is the result of the Trentian heresy, while Robert thinks the same about Protestantism. They will agree that nationalism, the world view to completely supplant cuckstainty, is worse.

                  Since Cuckstantine made the Empire cuckstained, everything about White history has been about cuckstains, heretics, and pagans, so, for an example of this blasphemous view, mudslimes are seen as no different from or possibly better than Nords.

                  Gandhi pointed out to the cuckstains that the Empire wasn’t cucked enough – “I like your Christ, but you are not like your Christ”. He was, of course, taught to speak to jewnalists by cuckstains.

                  The Supreme Court that ruled that niggers are allowed to marry Whites and send niglets to White schools was filled with WASPs. Ted Kennedy was a Trentian.

                  Nationalism, by contrast, doesn’t defend itself on the grounds of having been present during the glorious moments of White history or because muh feels.

                  (1) The biggest asexually reproducing genomes are tens of millions of base pairs, while diploid sexually reproducing genomes can be billions of base pairs. The way this model keeps DNA clean can only be understood with the concept of the gene pool, a.k.a. nation.

                  (2) Each individual has a billion 30th degree grandparents, so 600-900 years; England was never invaded between 1066 and 1948.

                  (3) The most important thing culture determines is who reproduces with who when, which drives biological and thus cultural evolution.

                  (4) Whites practiced White marriage for long enough to evolve beautiful women and cooperative, civilization-building men.

                • Alan J. Perrick says:

                  Go ahead and ban me while you’re at it, “Jim”. New terrain after the election, don’t get frustrated, figure it out if you can…


                • Alan J. Perrick says:

                  “Peppermint Papist”,

                  As much as you think of yourlself, “Jim”‘s interference has made him the bigger fish in this pond right now. Sure, discussion of Christianity’s validity is entertaining to trolls but to anyone with a shred of character, it’s merely ridiculous. I await “Jim”‘s, not your, response.

                • A pint thereof says:


                  I don’t recognise anything you’ve written in your last response as being in any way related to actual historical fact, so I wouldn’t know where to begin refuting it. Spain, for instance, is one of the least Jewish and least Moslem nations in Europe, so how one measures its actions as a failure is unclear.

                  One point though: no-one knows why Vlad was imprisoned – except of course you – but we do know it was done against the express wishes of the Pope at the time, Pius II. Plus, why are you saying it was the Habsburgs who imprisoned him; Corvinus wasnlt a Habsburg – he fought the Habsburgs under Frederick III…

                • peppermint says:

                  » Spain, for instance, is one of the least Jewish and least Moslem nations in Europe

                  Yes, let’s talk about Spain: faggotry and heroin, unemployment and Muslim invasion, priests who go to Africa to try to contract Ebola and bring it back. You think this is because the Christian worldview has been corrupted by all lives matter and blessed are the faggots they shall sodomize the children. It is true that the old worldview of conquest has been corrupted – but by Christianity.

          • viking says:

            LOL Look old school catholic here back from when mass was in latin kid, and i got to tell you what you like to think of as the real catholic church is no more than brief reactionary moments in the church which is fundamentally an extreme leftist theology, it may not have mattered as much when the church altruism teaching accrued to europeans and when our elites held absolute power, Things will never be like that again and the churches teaching are toxic. so choose is you want to be a christian or a ethnicist. Do you even know what the word catholic means?

        • viking says:

          As you know morally I can abide anything that is needed to sustain my race, but also think attempting even theoretically deporting all the jews at this point in time would be more likely blow up the movementthan cleansing us. Flipping them against the browns from here is a good first step after which we could as you suggest, and I also have suggested, then simply fuck their identity away. Those not satisfied with the fucking plan, could at that point with the browns gone and explicit white nationalism installed, make white a more stringent definition.

          • peppermint says:

            Quarter Jews like Enoch’s wife can be absorbed. No man would side with his cursed great-grandparent instead of his other grandparents. Also they probably don’t have Jew Y-chromosomes or mitochondria, just a bit of autosomal DNA that needs to be edited when we have the technology.

            Full Jews probably would prefer Israel to being so thoroughly cucked.

            Half Jews will very likely want their Aryan DNA to be in their children. People think Aryan women want mud children because of the insane levels of propaganda, but part-Aryan women want Aryan children much more.

            • Mister Grumpus says:

              (According to David Duke anyway, even in Nazi Germany, a quarter-Jew who renounced Judaism was considered a non-Jew.)

              • peppermint says:

                Was considered a second degree mischling and ineligible for citizenship, prohibited from marrying fullblood Jews and children with Germans were considered of German blood and eligible for citizenship.

                The Nuremberg Laws weren’t purely about blood. Andrew Anglin’s standard is a White is 88% White, which actually is less strict than the Nuremberg Laws since Ashkenazim are like 40% White to begin with, but is more restrictive in other cases.

    • pdimov says:

      NSA captures Everything. It doesn’t need honeypots. Other TLAs however do.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      “Enoch’s wife was an activist, and the chans, both 4 and 8, are NSA data capture operations.”

      Then never communicate or coordinate, and accept defeat before you’ve begun?

      Perfect anonymity was always an illusion. I am truly anonymous because I am too unimportant to identify, not because the technology is inherently anonymous or because I am clever. If the NSA wants your name and address, they will get it from any website you use. They can surely tell who is a dissident just by looking at which websites people access, even if they never disseminate information.

      If the authorities could or wanted to put us in camps, it would have been done already, and this movement would never have existed. Most of us would have never heard of it. The technology raises the bar on how important you can be before you are identified just a little bit, not by making it much harder to identify you, but just by requiring means that expose us as living in a terror state, something the Cathedral currently does not wish to concede.

      • A pint thereof says:

        “Perfect anonymity was always an illusion.”

        Completely agree.

        “If the authorities could or wanted to put us in camps, it would have been done already, and this movement would never have existed.”

        They’re not doing this to round people up, they’re doing it to discredit the movement. Putting people in prison camps is less effective than cutting the tree at its roots. And to do that they need to know is influential, and who can be manipulated.

        Just think for a moment, the “alt-right”, whatever that means, actually put Donald Trump into the White House. That’s insane. A force that powerful has to be tamed. We’re seeing it being tamed now…..

        • peppermint says:

          What they need to do is subvert all the chans by taking over as mods and suppressing new imageboards with more restrictive CP laws and concerted efforts at crapflooding with CP.

          Otherwise the nature of memes is to be true and poignant, because that’s what gets saved and reposted in an anonymous environment.

          Crushing ecelebs is a waste of time, because there are lots of ecelebs and people who want to be ecelebs. Enoch will be missed but he is not irreplaceable.

      • peppermint says:

        If the govt had doxed TRS, they would have given the dox to parastatals who would have posted them to /pol/. Doesn’t mean they did, but it’s bound to happen in the future.

        Maybe at some point I can be doxed and subsequently prevented from maintaining part time employment or nigger-teir housing by government and parastatal harassment, it’s well within their capabilities and almost within the bounds of acceptable behavior. They’ll have to finish killing me, though, because I’m prepared to go full Socrates and insult them from my trash can.

        Parastatals by the way is a word we need to pick up from our Greek friends.

        • Ansible says:

          >They’ll have to finish killing me, though, because I’m prepared to go full Socrates and insult them from my trash can.

          We expect no less of you.

          English is not my first language, but knew the meaning of parastatal without duckduckgoing it. Good word!

        • Brit says:

          I love this word “parastatals”, cuts to the bone

      • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

        There are some groups with sufficient resources/access to the halls of olympus that there are very few ways to do any sort of activity online in such a way that a profile cannot be built or a connection cannot be made.

        Commutatively, these are not the groups you can or should worry about.

        Its not the NSA that you should to avoid, its the legions of ‘ordinary’ voluntary auxiliary thought police out there; lurking on forums and social media, holding quota offices in human resources departments, and sitting on your neighborhood PTA.

        The point isnt to become completely invisible, the point is raising the *opportunity cost* of finding out who you are.

  4. peppermint says:

    It wasn’t /pol/, /pol/ is everyone which means /pol/ is no one. It was posted on /pol/ alongside claims that “TRSodomites” are soft on homosexuality and it showed that if you go to an anonymous forum to say something you can say it and if you go to an anonymous forum to hear something you can hear it.

    The actual doxing may have been done by a particular ugly whore detailed in Andrew Anglin’s writeup on the situation or it may have been done by someone connected to Cernovich because TRS had started openly attacking him and Cernovich knew stuff about the TRS goys. Alternatively it could have been some /pol/acks, or people from /baph/, maybe even for the stated reason.

    What it shows is the need for better opsec. Some people were starting to see the Alt-Right as a community and /pol/ as it’s message board, but anonymous people are not to be trusted almost by definition.

    I was getting increasingly worried about those goys considering how they were talon about normiebook trolling so much. I talk about my normiebook trolling too but I’m not much of an eceleb.

    • Anonymous says:

      NRx’s “operate a cabal” strategy may prove itself the right one, after all.

      • peppermint says:

        The problem with organizations based on namefagging and ideology is that as they grow and develop hierarchy the people inevitably start gaslighting each other. This is why the left exists.

        No one with an IQ >2σ actually believed what they said about the pussy tape or believed in Russian hackers. People with lower IQs believe what they are told, but the reason so many high IQ people were willing to lie isn’t just signaling reliability and comfort, or signaling their willingness to lie for a coup, but also because they all gaslighted each other at the jewniversities into thinking those lies would be acceptable.

        This is the reason the jewniversity model must be abolished. The left didn’t lose this election because it is evil, but because it is stupid.

        The only organizations that can be remotely trusted are those based on blood and locality with hierarchy from seniority or money, that’s the only way to resist the gaslighting from namefagging.

        Enoch trusted Cernovich with his personal information and probably a number of others. Presumably they were all on some faceberg group at some point, the information could have been handed off to antifa by faceberg employees.

        But also Ghoul facedoxed himself leading to thorough doxing which began the string of doxings. Why did he think that would be a good idea?

        This needs to be a wakeup call to join local natsoc organizations but not lose your head in the current year. Some day the TRS goys will be given the medal of freedom by the Augustus to follow Trump, presumably Barron. Until then, we are a perfectly legal and perfectly Constitutional movement that must act like a clandestine conspiracy.

  5. Cloudswrest says:

    I think the issue is not that they are insufficiently Nazi, but rather, are they “fake” Nazis, LARPing to discredit nationalists/alt-right.

  6. Mister Grumpus says:

    Would 1933 have gotten off the ground in Germany if 2016-style anonymity was possible back then?

    • peppermint says:

      Yes, and sooner. 2016 would not have been possible without it either. Christcucks would likely have shut it down for the Jews if anonymity had been created at any earlier point.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        I want to ask people like Jim here just how he keeps anonymity — because I know that I DON’T know all the necessary levels and angles to it — but of course I don’t ask him that because it’s equivalent to asking him to list his vulnerabilities.

        And if there were a PDF somewhere called “Online Anonymity for Retards” then how could I trust that it wasn’t leaving something crucial out? Heck if I’d know.

        Man. Such an IQ filter, this.

        • peppermint says:

          The ideal case for the government and its NGOs is for you to leave enough breadcrumbs to give them plausible deniability when they hand it your dox to the parastatals.

          Don’t copypaste posts between your your name accounts and your not your name accounts and falsify all personal details you’re not willing to give the parastatals for free, and don’t add people who know you through your not your name accounts to your your name accounts or vice versa.

          Make sure the only way to be doxed is through state intervention or non-state intervention by jewgle or faceberg. That means parastatals aren’t going to be given your dox unless they really, really want you enough to show their hand that far.

          • Mister Grumpus says:

            Let me make sure that I understand you here:

            Accept that no matter what, I can be ID’ed by the state and the mega-whoppers like Google. But they really don’t want to publicly confirm that they’re willing to do this.

            Construct my activities such that ONLY the state and the mega-whoppers can figure out who I am.

            The key is not leave enough “leakage” out there such that the state or mega-whoppers can after-the-fact figure out, package and hand over a dot-connecting “here’s how us little-guy underdog antifas figured him out” story.

            How am I doing?

      • Mister Grumpus says:


        “Christcucks would likely have shut it down for the Jews if anonymity had been created at any earlier point.”

        Did you mean:

        “…if anonymity had been DEFEATED at any earlier point.”?

  7. Oliver Cromwell says:

    Schismatics are idiots. We can argue when we win.

    • pdimov says:

      It may not be a coincidence that those things started after Trump won.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      /pol/ was never affiliated. And it is often better for mostly harmless conflicts to happen between pro-white groups rather than always between anti-white and pro-white. That way, when one pro-white group loses, the outcome is still pro-white and the white race survives.

  8. TipTipTopKek says:

    Whoever doxxed Mike did the WN community a YUGE favor. Bigly.

    He is an enemy and a traitor. He lied to us for years, lied on his Reddit AMA about his “wife who is about half as redpilled as me” when just a month ago she posted on her YT a drag queen Christmas pageant.

    I was one of the most respected members of the 504um when it was up. Top 20 poster, top 20 reputation, moderator of a regional group and of the Orthodox Christian group on the 504um.

    If I had known beforehand that he was married to a Jew, then I’d have never been on the 504um and would have had my presence in other areas. If had found out about the Jewish wife and his constant lies, that he was just LARPing as a WN, I’d have doxxed him myself.

    Mike is (metaphorically, this is an idiom) dead to me, regardless of what he does or doesn’t do. I will never extend any trust or authority to him, or anyone at TRS who knew and withheld, ever again. TRS (and the 504um if it ever comes back) may be of some use in finding new Flyovers but other than for that reason, I don’t want to have much to do with it and will be spending more time elsewhere.

    I do think that the only way forward is for there to be complete honesty from the TRS/TDS staff, and if Mike doesn’t go full 14/88 GTKRWN then he needs to leave. One or the other.

    For the good of the organization. Not necessarily for the good of the movement, it’ll go on regardless.

    • jim says:

      He was married to a one quarter Jew who was not of the Jewish faith. I have done way worse.

      • viking says:

        Do tell.
        We should be operating as if the NSA and CIA are attempting to PWN our leaders by blackmail, run false flag sites and are gathering names for the gulag. We should act as if Moldbug might simply have been an agent provocateur drawing out the new right they calculated was inevitably going to coalesce in reaction to the great replacement.

        • peppermint says:

          I’ve done worse too. It’s perfectly reasonable for a quarter Jew to look White to untrained eyes. I’ve dated women who were fully Jewish and thought nothing of it.

          Moldbug was clearly trying to define the new right and if he had written a book it would have been lauded in Jew circles and used to counter libertarianism while contemporaneous Whites like the VDare and AmRen goys would be called ethnic exclusionary and ignored. The Internet is the reason the Jews stopped winning, and anonymous imageboards are at the center of that.

          • viking says:

            Its not a matter of what we have done in our pasts,My point is we have to be open about our pasts so we are not vulnerable. The CIA didnt used to hire fags because fags were vulnerable to blackmail.

            • jim says:

              Well if you really want to not be vulnerable you could cut your own throat with a rusty razor blade.

              When our enemy has superior power, being open about our pasts seems like a really bad idea.

              • viking says:

                The NSA has built rusty razor blades into our necks controlled by remote control. I say walk out in a public space and yell the NSA has a rusty blade installed in my neck I dare them to kill a roman citizen

        • Oliver Cromwell says:

          Paranoia has an opportunity cost in lethargy and indecision. Sometimes dissidents go to jail. Deal with it.

  9. jealousy often a strong motivator for betrayal

  10. Theshadowedknight says:

    All the ones claiming that this is a false flag have missed one point. If the AltRetard had its shit together, then when someone on the board posted a doxx, it would have been deleted and the poster banned. If you attack your own side, fuck you, get off our forums. They all piled in on the attack, turning a false flag into an actual flagged attack.

    The Shadowed Knight

  11. Ulick McGee says:

    Supposedly, leftists have infiltrated 8/pol/ and started the attack.
    A lot of anti Mike Enoch posters do sound like your white grandad speaking ebonics so plausible. Or pehaps they are just kicking the enemy while he’s down.

    Direct hit. Fash the Nation gone. TRS forums down. Enoch stepped down from TDS.Turmoil and conflict in the comment sections. If you, well done antifas and your FED handlers. You turned your enemy’s weapons against him. Fockin’ stoopid, like killing your enemy’s young child, but Voxday says you rabbits don’t do long term strategic thinking so I guess you couldnt help yourselves.

    Some say the attack came from self promoting gay Jews Mike Cernovich/Milo’s branch of the Right. Woden Hates Fags or something.

    Unfortunately, there are so many sincere purity enforcers out there I am afraid it really is WNs. I am trying to keep an open mind and listen to their arguments but not much persuasion going on. It seems he should have divorced his 1/4 Jewish wife and thrown his gay, mulatto half brother off a roof as soon as he took the red pill.Or perhaps he should never have redpilled thousands of teenage and college age men because doing so with skeletons in his closet has made internet Nazis look bad? I am probably not smart enough to recognise the persuasive power of their arguments.

    Some say if Enoch gets fired from his job in a Jewish company, or gets divorced and has to leave the Upper East Side, then he is legit. Now that’s a purity test! I can see the concern. Several prominent American Neo Nazis have turned out to be Jews. How do we know Enoch isn’t working for YKW? Awakening thousands of young men to the JQ could be a Jewish plot, they are very cunning after all! Just reeling us in, The Daily Honeytrap.

    I took the red pill having been with my asian wife for 14 years. I was living in Asia. There was no white pussy there and my wife is a good Christian woman. So I’m tainted like Enoch. Any souls I save make the Church look bad because I’m a sinner and the more souls I save, the worse the Church looks, the bigger my betrayal of the Church. Enoch saved the most souls, so is the biggest traitor.

    No wonder the Nazis lost the war.

    • Joe says:

      I don’t think it’s a big deal that you have an Asian wife. It’s not ideal, but there are an awful lot of good people who married outside their race. If the new right is going to triumph in the long run it’s going to have to have a big dose of kindness and forgiveness mixed in with the smarts, determination, and clear morally-defensible values. America had long been considered “good guys” – which is why, for example, the Germans in WWII flooded west to surrender to the Americans rather than the Russians – and we don’t want or need to lose that.

  12. pdimov says:

    “Insufficient anti-Semitism” is the official story, but I’m not sure I buy it.

  13. Reactionary Oriental Libertarian says:

    LOOOL these guys are worse than the left. At least the left purges their allies AFTER they get into power. Looks like we should be defining no enemies to the right as more right wing in terms of order and not offensiveness to the left, as Moldbug advocated.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Conclusion: for the time being, everyone should go anonymous. Once doxxed, can’t be un-doxxed. Moldbug learned it the hard way, as did Enoch. Post anonymously, blog anonymously, don’t ever “namefag”. Now is not the time for bravery.

    • peppermint says:

      I’ll namefag a podcast if they can’t find anyone else, but there are a lot of the antifragile people who probably have better voices than me.

  15. Felix James says:

    Now, while I am against doxxing, I heard that TRS stirred up the hornets nest at 4chan and 8chan.

  16. Steel T Post says:

    Remember when patriots occupied Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, and it was revealed in court that there were only a few patriots amongst a vast swarm of federal agents and informants?

  17. Alan J. Perrick says:

    The chans are known for being against internet people who try to make a name for themselves. It has to do with the anonymous culture. At the same time, the chans are hot beds of ideas and memes. It goes both ways, but really it’s kind of embarrassing when people cling to their anonymity while trying to make money off of the internet. How much of the anonymously published political literature of the past gave incomes to their sources? I’d say in addition people need to learn how to not be glory-seeking provokers, as the Right Stuff did with their endless discussion about their fixation, the internment camps of the Second World War. This is about white people, not any other race.

    Of course the Talmudic Jew is a threat to a society he doesn’t see as his. But you know what, so is the Vatican-Roman “Catholic”, and the voracious Oriental. It’s about _whites_. The only group against whites are anti-whites, the worst of which are white anti-white, self-hating _traitors_.


    • Jack Highlands says:

      TRS is not in the least fixated on WW2 camps. Almost all the podcasts and articles focus on the current scene. The references, eg ‘The Daily Shoah’ itself, are 99% for laffs. Not that they would disagree much with serious revisionists, but those revisionists have enough serious sites of their own. TRS is to there to reach a far wider audience.

  18. jd says:

    Agreed. Those goys did tremendous work over a couple year period. They put a massive amount of time and effort into TRS. I think their playful and humorous delivery made their ideas more accessible to the conservative normie out there. I think they were quite influential. If you’re judging a man by the work he’s done, few, if any can say they did more to awaken people from their anti-white programming than Mike did. I don’t care who he’s married to, and I hope he continues on. Cat’s out of the bag now. Might as well embrace it. There’s no going back. I just hope he’s not ruined financially. Hopefully it’s a one door closes, but other, better doors open.

  19. Sterling says:

    Channers first and foremost want to watch the world burn.

    • Alan J. Perrick says:

      Many of them want strong leadership and were looking to see if the Alt-Right (T.M.) had that for them.

    • Phil says:

      “Channers first and foremost want to watch the world burn.”

      What a bunch of jerk-offs.

  20. ronehjr says:

    In 100% agreement. I hope those guys recover.

  21. reactionaryfuture says:

    No enemies to the right.

    Unless you want to jerry-rig a definition where you are more right. The other option is to acknowledged they are all lying bastards, clinging to lies either because they don’t understand they are lies, or because they are manipulative.

    White nationalism and the alt right are just a nest of lies, as is every position clinging to anything other than securing sovereignty.

    • jim says:

      The doxers are not my enemy because too nazi or not nazi enough, not my enemy because too right or too left. They are my enemy because they dox people like me.

      • Jazzhands says:

        >they dox people like me.

        No, Jim.

        The doxers dox Jews.

        You’re just a shabbos goy who worships Jews.

        Big difference.

        People like you don’t get doxed.

    • viking says:

      who’s securing sovereignty and how, over whom, for what purpose? Reaction is quite vague on the particulars, and its not unreasonable for those who are the natural constituents of the right to not want to be fooled again. Alt right WN is at least a bit clearer on who.And since leftism (the purported enemy of all of the above) is all about “who” who is not a bad place to start. It doesnt help that reaction takes the position that altright/WN is not worth dignifying with an answer, when it would seem reaction ought to be able to easily reassure unless reation actually is merely of set of elite jews and running dog whites taking over another set of elites jews turf and continuing the multicultural program.

      • viking says:

        This isnt a knock on the right stuff or reaction its a comment on this years long battle that ought to end, and it doesnt end because there really is a sector of reaction that is barely distinguishable from the clintons

  22. Alrenous says:

    Check for false flag attacks.

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