Rigging the vote

Rigging the vote seems to me to be redundant, since even the tea party supports unsustainable welfare, affirmative action, social security, and healthcare programs, yet oddly, vote rigging is under way.  Pajamas reports vote rigging in Texas and around the US

When the only people with a chance of winning are lunatic left, crazy left, and demented left, why bother? I conjecture this is because the major function of government has become handing out the gravy to true believers. This leads to everyone believing more truly than the next guy, everyone trying to be twice as holy as everyone else, but it also leads to vicious battles between the insider true believers, and those they doubt believe truly enough. As more and more government is handouts to political factions, the stakes are higher, so electoral contests are starting to use any means necessary, for although the election makes only a minute difference in what policy the US will follow (observe, for example, that Obama has been pretty much indistinguishable from Bush) the election will make a huge difference in who gets the gravy.

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