Students against a democratic society

Excerpts from Carlyle, predicting social decay, in the context of today’s headlines showing social decay.

But, as Carlyle observed, in 1848, most of the Kings ran away at the first whiff of gunpowder. He hoped that they might be replaced by a sterner breed of Kings. They are not showing up yet. But, if enough people reject democracy, equality, and all that, perhaps they will.

But I don’t think so. I am with Froude, who longed for the return of pirates, rather than Kings, who recollected the good old days when Britain failed to notice that its colonialists were bandits, and continued to fail to notice their transition from mobile bandits to stationary bandits.

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  1. Thales says:

    Apropos of the day:

    “An even greater beneficiary of the second term will be the administrative class, who by their nature live largely outside the market system. This group, which I call the new clerisy, is based largely in academia and the federal bureaucracy, whose numbers and distinct privileges have grown throughout the past half century.”

    • jim says:

      Clerisy is a good word: It implies that what we have is very like a theocracy.

      The word theocracy implies that God rules, but of course, it is a misnomer, for the clergy rule.

      But clerisy is the educated people. Computer programmers don’t rule. Even with lawyers, only a minority of lawyers rule. We are ruled by educated people who are primarily educated in political correctness, educated in something very like religion.

      I think there is no alternative but a new word, and Moldbug’s “Cathedral” is pretty good.

  2. zippo the pinhead says:

    “It’s likely democracy would have come to ruin.”

    Nah. All ya had to do for it to succeed, was exclude Jews.

    But we didn’t.

    With predictable (EXTREMELY predictable!) results.

    Groan. So… what else is new?

    • jim says:

      Jews were not allowed into the elite until the 1950s or so, but the rot set inlong before that.

      You think affirmative action did not set in until the civil rights era? Segregation in substantial part was affirmative action.

      • Jake says:

        Jews are not a monolithic bloc, but if they were, they could be easily outvoted. Non-Asian minorities and single women are much larger voting blocs. Jewish influence in the media is scarely used to help Jews, and is a product of high Jewish IQ. But even if Jews were manipulating the masses, the masses themselves would hardly be innocent.

        That Jews are the only real problem with democracy is highly improbable wishful thinking.

    • josh says:

      You treat “exclude the Jews” as if it is an extrinsic problem. A problem with democracy is that it can not permanently “exclude the Jews”.

  3. elf says:

    Do not fight the people. They are a power awakening to their situation. Which is they are not sovereign, they do not rule, their Rulers are the worst Ruling Class ever, and their Constitution “Dead Parchment”.

    Consider given recent events and the passions aroused by them that Hamilton’s “Great Beast” is awakening to it’s plight? Some can’t stand the idea [democracy, The Republic] however…the reboot has gotten closer. Do consider that the Progs stand astride the world because they had Jacksonian America [Mead, and he’s correct] doing their fighting for them, and now The Worst Ruling Class Ever has not only offered endless insult but is clumsily demanding their arms?

    Now it doesn’t matter for this question what you think of them. [I don’t think you know them in any case]. It matters the Beast is awake and angry.

    For 50 years the people had Liberty, for the next 100 they had Sovereignty as well, the New Deal took away Sovereignty and they were only dimly aware. Now openly ruined, arrogant effete fools demand they disarm. They also have noticed Constitutional Lawyers such as Louis Seidman feel it’s time to drop the mask.

    It’s likely democracy would have come to ruin. But it was not democracy that ruined us, the people have not been sovereign since the New Deal.

    Again I point out it’s one thing to have Jacksonian America conquering for you, it’s another to have it first suspicious and then enraged at you.

    • zcanon says:

      To say that the New Deal is the only thing that ruined democracy is akin to saying that entropy ruined the universe.

      They are intractable products of one another. It may be true that democracy was tolerable before a certain degree of “progress” set in, but its foolish to think that that such progress isn’t an inevitability, a product of trajectories set in motion long before.

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