Trump already setting things right

The first hundred days has not even begun, but Trump is already governing through business connections, elite connections, and texting, bypassing the permanent government. The Philippines was moving, arguably had moved, from US alliance to Chinese alliance. Trump and Duterte have a friendly chat, and it was fixed.

The problem was that fresh from its great successes in overthrowing governments in Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, etc, </sarcasm> the State Department and the Permanent US government was gearing up to overthrow the government of the Philippines, but Trump told Duterte not to worry. Problem solved.

The state department was not involved in setting up this phone call, which was organized through Trump’s private business connections in the Philippines. Expect mega outrage in due course at the total lack of separation between president Trump and billionaire CEO Trump. Trump is acting as if he has just performed a hostile business takeover of the very badly run US incorporated. The permanent government will call this corruption, and in a sense it is, though in practice it is more that Trump is spending his own money and using his own business assets to govern the country. Rather than public President Trump enriching private CEO Trump, CEO Trump is applying Trump’s own private assets to govern America. There was and is uncertainty over how rich Trump is, though he flies around in a castle in the sky with a gold plated bath tub, but whether he is rich, or super rich, he is rich enough to run a presidential campaign out of his own pocket and his private connections turn out to wield a lot of power, enough power that he is not helpless before the forces of the permanent government. He was not helpless during the campaign, and he will not be helpless as president. Putting his business into blind trust would render him helpless. We voted for Trump because we well knew he was an insider and a very powerful man, and we figured that power was much needed to deal with anarcho tyranny.

The entire world has been living under the threat that if you do not install prog government that keeps up with the latest in progressivism, your country will be destroyed, like Libya or the Ukraine. Trump has removed this threat. If the Philippines is safe from the murderous, sadistic, and indiscriminately destructive wrath of the state department, so is Poland and Hungary. Expect a cascade of fashy governments around the world.

The progs complain

populist strongmen have begun to put pressure on critical media, to violate minority rights, and to undermine key institutions such as independent courts.

“Critical media” means of course media of the permanent government, either openly and directly controlled like NPR, or with a thin pretense of private ownership like the white house press core, which despite being nominally private works from government offices and receives government benefits.

“Minority rights” means of course arrogant minority privilege. Hear disruptive female hires interrupt and talk over their boss, watch good-for-nothin black hires take up the whole corridor when they walk down the corridor. Because they are almost fireproof short of a lawsuit, and you are not.

“Independent courts” means courts under Harvard’s thumb legislating from the bench – and we are about to see the “Independent” courts legislate open borders.

Progs think the Scalia court was “right wing”. Let us reflect on three packages of judicial legislation that no one on the court would challenge

The supremes are by past standards, raving lunatic fringe frothing at the mouth left. All of them.

1. Law enforcement is crippled by rules that are intended to prevent them from discriminating against blacks. The court sees that blacks tend to be convicted at higher rates than whites, concludes discrimination, and issues rules. The rules, being designed to prevent nonexistent discrimination without actually imposing arrest quotas, fail, more rules ensue.

2. Political repression. For example the Bank of Beverly Hills was destroyed not for defying regulatory rules requiring them to make loans to Hispanics with no income, no job, and no assets, but for doubting the moral superiority of those imposing these rules. “Hostile environment” is in practice, search for thought crime. If people at your company commit thought crimes, regulators will destroy it.

3. “Disparate impact” prohibits hiring on merit and recruitment on ability, giving us the stupid elite.

To fix Disparate Impact, Hostile environment, and restriction on policing you would need to give five justices helicopter rides to the Pacific ocean, for I am pretty sure that every justice on the court currently supports these things.

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  1. TTAAC says:

    How exactly did Colin Powell’s State Department, rather than Rumsfeld and Wolfowitz at Defense, push for the Iraq War? All mainstream analysis suggests that State wanted a peaceful solution (exactly what you would expect from diplomats) whereas Defense was under the impression that it was a pity to have such a great military if the U.S. wasn’t prepared to use it now and again.

    • jim says:

      And your point is?

      That the state department is not guilty of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, etc, but merely guilty of Libya, Egypt, Syria, Ukraine etc?

    • TheBigH says:

      The state department was upset at the method of the destruction of Iraq. They wanted a fake revolution followed by American forces to protect the rebels. A direct military invasion empowered the red empire was too much for thier tastes.

    • R7_Rocket says:

      (((Mainstream Analysis)))

      • TTAAC says:

        Well, that’s the other reason I asked: Does Jim know something about the build-up to the Iraq War that almost everyone else is ignorant of? Apparently not.

        • jim says:

          I know lots of stuff about the origins of the Iraq war that are not generally known, or were generally known and mysteriously disappeared down the memory hole, but all that stuff is ancient history now.

          Forwarding into more recent history of Iraq. Immoderate and extremely holy Shiites won the first election, but our State Department was in denial, and failed to have them shot. Hence civil war ensued.

          Since people did not much like civil war moderate Shiites won the next election – whereupon the extremely holy Iraqi Supreme court lawlessly and capriciously ruled them out of order or some such. Our state department was still in denial and failed to have the Iraqi supreme court shot. Thus Isis.

          So though the state department did not cause the invasion of the Iraq, it replaced an invasion outcome with the sort of outcome one would get from a state department sponsored revolution.

  2. Alan J. Perrick says:

    The better thing to do, rather than threaten them with death is to threaten to make them permanently into an underclass with White Genocide reparations. If they don’t believe in an after-life, “Jim”, then let them fear this one. Penniless examples to other would be anti-whites.

    The Supreme Court is corrupt beyond imagine, in fact, to rule as many people as are within the bounds of the U.S. itself might have to be re-shaped. A sovereign court can only do so much…

    • peppermint says:

      No one really believes in an afterlife and if anyone at the beginning of RWDS time does they’ll be disposed of quickly enough. But we don’t need to punish them, we just need to make examples of them.

      Kill the top thousand progressive studies professors and the top thousand journalists. Then kill the first professor who expresses regret about what happened. That’s the temporary solution. The permanent solution is to also defund the universities and repeal the civil rights.

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        Careful, peppermint. You do not understand the mind of the true believers. The instant the LARP NAZI crowd comes after Christians, we will be all over you. We will have a theocratic monarchy established faster than you can say, “Sig Heil!”

        The Shadowed Knight

        • peppermint says:

          Haha, wasn’t even thinking about christcucks when I wrote that. I was simply pointing out that things that no longer exist are not problem.

          By the way, the symbols of your religion may be good to rally around in some places but it is fundamentally dead. It will not coexist with Darwin and Kek because it can not coexist with Darwin and Kek, but the prophesies of Darwin and Kek can no longer be forestalled, so Kek will wear Jesus’ skin.

          Mary was a whore and Joseph a cuckold, so it will be inappropriate to venerate either of them, but Jesus will be a symbol of surrender to the superiority of Western civilization, the symbol of the Alt-Lite, and I’ll probably countersignal all day anyway.

        • peppermint says:

          Ps. The name Christmas will probably be kept though I will countersignal that, Santa Claus will be recognized as Odin, gay cuckold creche scenes will go away, and people will have the proper Christmas spirit as they always have: taking what’s left in their bank accounts at the end of the year and buying stuff for their friends, and the person with the best gifts and best Christmas lights wins. Also candy canes and cocoa and family time, and mistletoe and christmas trees. Merry Christmases!

  3. Mark Yuray says:

    I’ve been saying for months that we shouldn’t be imagining Donald Trump as running for the Presidency, we should be imagining Donald Trump as bidding to acquire the US Presidency as part of the Trump Organization.

    Unfortunately you beat me to the article and now I am relegated to musing about my cleverness in the comments section, but you said it more succinctly than I could have.

    Whoever rejects the gospel of Jim, rejects truth.

    Cutting reality at the joints. Excellent article.

  4. Cavalier says:

    You know, I had this exact thought just today. I was reading Vox to ysay the bitter libloser tears, and I came across an article about Trump. Most of them are about Trump, but this one was really exceptional.

    “Donald Trump has been ruffling diplomatic feathers since he was elected by casually talking to world leaders without first getting guidance from the State Department. He’s already angered close allies like Britain and India, but his latest phone call threatens to do far more damage.”

    I kid you not, right in the first paragraph. “Without first getting guidance from the State Department.” And I cackled with joyful glee.

  5. Chase says:

    Jim – should be “non-blacks” in point one.

  6. R7_Rocket says:



  7. Doug says:

    Right on Jim.

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