Zombie reports the day of rage

Zombie reports the day of rage.  All the pictures showing them marching down the street, symbolically confronting capitalist institutions, and so forth, show a group of less than twenty, but there is also a photograph of hundreds of people gathered in a park listening to a speech, which gathering looked genuine enough, not much indication of astroturfing.

I conjecture that there were a few hundred people that wanted to see some raging, but not themselves actually be exposed to risk by it.  Zombie remarks that in San Francisco, they had trouble attracting an audience.

It looks as though in New York, they were able to put together an audience of a few hundred in Zucotti Park, but the masses declined to confront the symbols of capitalism and finance in Wall Street.  Upon marching them out of Zucotti park, the crowd shrank.

According to Zombie in San Francisco, when they confronted various symbols of capitalism and finance in San Francisco, a few stern looks from the rentacops shepherded them out of trouble.

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  1. Alrenous says:

    Moldbug claims that democracy is a poison, and the west is simply resistant. Like how alcohol is okay for us but scythed through the indians.

    I put this together with a bit on Last Psychiatrist about some muslim demonstrations in arabia.

    Assuming that mobs are a symptom of democracy poisoning…

    • jim says:

      Indian vulnerability to alcohol is clearly racial and genetic. Vulnerability to democracy might be more social and cultural. The Scottish enlightenment was more wary of totalitarian democracy than the French enlightenment, since Scotland had actually experienced it, The Kirk and Robert the Bruce, among others, were elected.

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