Democratic landslide victory to be announced November third


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  1. Strannik says:

    And now this;

    Somebody wants Biden and the Liberals to lose, and it’s some people from the ”Deep State” too I suspect.

    • jim says:

      Trump has people too.

      Far fewer than the deep state has, and they have far less practical experience in regime change, but his people have the enormous advantage of unity of command.

      His people are less reliable than their people, but his people know who the boss is, and their people do not.

      • Strannik says:

        Unity of command is absolutely crucial, and it’s necessary components; loyalty to that boss, and belief in what they are doing with the vision he has for them and for the country.

      • Mister Grumpus says:

        I can’t get over this. I’m still intrigued by your take that the Cathedral is both centralized, yet also shadowy. There are just a few “popes” in there, somewhere, but no one for sure knows who they are, especially if the Clintons aren’t them anymore.

        I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m just saying you make sense, and also don’t make sense, at the same time, which means I don’t truly understand this yet.

        Any and every time you take out to elaborate on this, I always appreciate.

        I read somewhere that even Pol Pot kept a pretty low profile once his takeover was complete, I presume to keep from being targeted and denounced by his own people.

        I’m such a clueless bumpkin. If you said to me “I’ll lead a diffuse army of treacherous mutual defectors and take over the world” I’d have no idea how or why one could actually do that, especially if one could just work a job and hang out with his friends instead.

        • jim says:

          Enormous amounts of power have slipped into the hands of the presidency and judiciary – while the power of the president has diminished, and the legislature, if it has power, which is far from clear, seems less and less interested in exercising it.

          So we have about a thousand plus very powerful people.

          How can a mob so large keep its act together, how can they act as one?

          Lacking an official executive, and clear formal and explicit lines of authority, such cohesion as they have can only come from common adherence to the state religion – the holy faith of holy Harvard.

          So in the long run, over time, power rests in Harvard and Yales peer review. They are the ones that make up stories, and when they change their story, everyone falls into line instantly. But when their change in story involves a change in program, a change in what the government does, it takes decades to filter down to cops kicking in your door.

          So in the short run, a large anarcho tyrannical mob rules in an incohesive and disorderly fashion, and in the long run, a considerably smaller anarchy tyrannical mob, a synod of bishops of the holy faith of Harvard, rules in a somewhat less incohesive and disorderly fashion.

          The ruling elite is evidently a quite small group, but it is equally evidently too large a group to get its act together easily. We see impressive swiftness in everyone abruptly signing on to the same story overnight, but during the Obama years, we failed to see similar discipline and cohesion on foreign policy. The ship of state drifted rudderless towards the shoals of war.

    • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

      The MSM’s sudden discovery of Victorian modesty, propriety, and delicacy has been a wonder to behold. It is the gift of all gifts. The collapse of Russiagate and the rise of Spygate should, in theory, have ended their business model, but those are complicated webs of bureaucrats doing obscure official intrigue, whereas not covering a mountain of videotaped blackmail evidence held by China on a Presidential candidate 10 days before an election is something any member of the public can immediately understand. Their singularity at hand. Great is the schadenfreude.

  2. Strannik says:

    It’s looking worse for Biden and his campaign, just as I and others thought it would. More email and video leaks, more video of VP Biden himself talking funny and yelling at Trump supporters in Pennsylvania, calling them ”Chumps”. It looks and sounds bad. The guy is senile; this is elder abuse. What kind of family does this to a man?

  3. David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey says:

    All lives are equal
    But black lives are more equal than others

    St George of the 6 Felonies looked exactly like one of the more, err, protruding jawed, upturned lip pupils. So I knew what even a mainstream search engine would turn up if I put CRIMINAL after his name.

    1 – armed robbery
    2 cocaine
    3 cocaine
    4 cocaine
    5 armed robbery
    6 meth

    My HoD at a Good Catholic School told me they have less & less control over who comes into their own school. Incompetent diverchittey hires are forced on them by (((The Creep State))). Think of Cuckstain as a Palermo Mafioso, using its TLMTTI Power to bully, racketeer & pimp the dumb goy. Even private sector is effected – state power is massive & to get contracts from public srctpr , hr yentas are compulsory. A company couldn’t survive even in the PS hiring only competent NWM. Then their are gormless cucked companies *cough*!!!

    Blacks are the most indulged, mollycoddled & over-promoted group in history. We know this, but even I was shocked at the extent the (((CREEP STATE))) abuses the freedom of White Men, esp wrt Blacks, whilst working as a TA in a supposedly ‘Good Catholic School’ in Londonistan.

    When new vacancy – Asoans recommend Asians, Blax recommend blax, rats recommend anyone but NWM. Only White People are gormless enough to not stand up for themselves. Asked Asian after work drinks about boss – as I suspected he had utter contempt for the disloyal White hags who allow own dept to become TW SHC. They value loyalty + despise these judasrat Karen’s.

    It was like that Chris Jackson article at AmRen. Was shocked when my HoD told us before an upcoming (((OFSTED))) inspection:

    ‘The last inspection criticized us for the underperformance of black boys.’


    WTF should White Schools / teachers / pander to black boys? Obviously teachers aren’t closet BNP + KKK members; most are PC leftists (even in GCSs, tho less so than others). Working in that environment, it became clearer to me the Creep State Rats are basically mafia thugs, abusing & racketeering against anything not enforcing The Cathedral. Basically, each school is intimidated into worrying it’s racist, gives special treatment to black boys, exam boards over mark them – RESULT – The extreme thuggishness & low IQ of BBs is partially disguised.

    Creep State Rats also imposed ‘diverchittey’ recruitment on the school. Part of my attraction to the job was it was my old school / Catholic school. In London, Catholic schools was a good way of escaping too many darkies. BUT NOT NOW. Even tho poor Irish (+spanish, portugese, italiab, polosh) peasants like my mother helped make the school, no longer can we maintain our own demographic. Senior staff informed me they have no power over our own school. Creep State Rats impose third worlders on us. And it doesn’t matter how useless they are. W/o exception, there wouldn’t be a single black member of staff on merit!

    A common trick they use to disguise TW stupidity with the usual rat-dindu tag team vs YT. (Eg principal of The Goldberg’s + ‘Dr’ Holly on Dance Moms MO+HLS=AA.) One very black biology teacher was ‘Dr X’. I’ve long known that TCS’s LMTTI credentializes The Great Replacement. I suspected the common dynamic:

    1) Look for clever black
    2) Can’t find one
    3) Pick RELATIVELY clever one
    4) Gets crappy undergrad from 3rd rate poly
    5) Rat infestation of higher ed
    6) Education (like all humanities) postgrads = whiney poz BS
    7) Black doctor
    8) Imposed on White School in magical thinking this makes him smart
    9) It doesn’t
    10) Can’t sack him bc WAAAAAAYCIZUM

    Knew this was the case. Asked a fellow supersmart TA (doing PhD in bio at night) at works drinks. He says to me his biology knowledge is weak & regularly makes elementary mistakes in lessons with 14YOs!

    My colleague was a biased stale pale male?
    No. My colleague was a yellow Filipino!!!!

    But this man wasn’t the MoS who shocked me about Rat malevolence. Just dumb incompetent. A nasty SJW witch of an English ‘teacher’ took even someone as already RP’d as me. An utterly repellent personality & demeanor that viscerally repulsed everyone – pupils, teachers, TAs. Think that ghastly frizzy shrew on the SkyNews debate panel show ((((½ black)))) in looks & politics. Everyone HATED her.

    The Deep State manipulation was most obvious with this hysterical shrew. You could hear her classes from anywhere on the same floor, such was the kids’ visceral disgust with her obvious PC hectoring &her total ignorance of disciplinary techniques. For obvious reasons she taught lower ability classes & younger ones – Part of the reason for dumbing down of the curriculum is simply the stupidity of the AA darkies TCS forces on even ‘Good Catholic Schools’ who don’t want them. We had a huge dept – 10+ LSD staff, yet I noticed this particular vile shrew almost NEVER had any of us TAs in her class. The low ability class she taught had lots of statemented pupils. The only possible explanation is the rats don’t get hi on their own supply & wanted to cover up diversitardity & foist darkies on good White institutions DESPITE KNIWING FULL WELL THE INCOMPETENCE!!!

    I was only in her class twice – about 2 weeks apart – so there is NO WAY her hysteria could be blamed on pmt. I generally got to know PMT & none of her behaviours was consistent with it. One of the poems she taught was the very definition of cringey, exactly like that hilarious:

    Mama was chocolate
    Dadda was vanilla
    Me is better

    Crud from Chris Jackson. It was a poem that was obviously chosen by her, as it had ZERO literary value, & was crudely written & demonstrated no sophisticated rhythm or metaphor. Something like:

    A bit of Bangladeshi
    A bit of Jamaica
    A bit of Nigerian
    Make modern Britain

    Exactly what the Creep State wants – no education, no culture, no civility, no quality. Just crude indoctrination. Chris Jackson is right – Homeschool your kids.

    Not once in my time at school – as a pupil or TA – did I hear Beckett or Shaw mentioned. Curriculum is rigidly controlled by pozzed (OFSTED); All about cringey, mawkish black lesbian female authors ’empowering’ w/o reference to quality. No wonder poor w/c White lads fail! 3 main purposes to Cuckstain education:

    1 social engineering
    2 social engineering
    3 social engineering

    We all know 1984 should be compulsory as it reflects today. Not bs by mawkish ch!tyy Shakespeare about lovely widdle fairies running round magic kingdoms sprinkling potions. Don’t get me started on the sanctimonious POS sleeping pill to kill a mockingbird! History is pozzed to + you’d think the Suffragettes were the most important!

    White Boys KNOW they’re being cucked over. Took some statemented/SEN lads for help in a separate room. I never told any of them my politics, yet I had to beg them to stop telling me nog jokes! I was flattered they felt comfortable enough to to that with me. They had a visceral consciousness (even tho most of them were of lesser ability) that the elite rats & dindu thugs like Sanchez/Stirling got priority over them. If ‘No Justice, No Peace’ isn’t the very definition of a chimpout what is! Yet msm tries to portray cultmarxism as ‘young & trendy’. BS! It’s poncey liberal 50+ White ppl who swallow it. WcWM know exactly that they are discriminated against. I really hope those lads weren’t so open with 1 DSR plant in my Dept. Anglo name, not the repulsive anti-nature recessive features of Miriam margargoylis. Many other class teachers tribal. They don’t make it obv, so they needed to be careful about the yebta perma fixture in my dept. Anyone RP knows who she’d favour in a conflict between obligations to goyboys & her chance to get the Diverchittey PColice involved!!!!!!

    Deep down these White lads & dindu baller thugs threatening NO JUSTICE NO PEACE (chimpout) know that dindus + rats can’t compete with Civilized Europeans on merit, so use violence to intimidate, since Whites score higher in civilization, looks, personality, IQ, organization, creativity etc…. NO JUSTOCE NO PEACE – translated into plain English:

    Listen cracka, we’re gonna mess up yo civilization, even tho we’d never dream of going back to our mudhuys, unless you promote 100x higher than our ability, & ruin your own traditions, of free speech, civility,peace ……!!!

    They’re not interested in justice; they’re interested in maintaining their Black Supremacist privilege via distraction. Everyone knows black players get all the major decisions against White players, such is msm & referee PC manipulation. That’s why Sterling/Sanchez keep up their intimidation. Just ask a member of the French Empire of Africa XI & his scandicuck ref. Small simian brain, long simian arms – yeah play basketball if you wanna, I’m so terrified of you calling me racist & chimpingout that you can bouncwyball from trees!!!!!

    Anyone who thinks the dindus are organizing this themselves know nothing about the NAACP. Another vparasite race at the top of society with high IQ & ratlike cunning run pantifa/blm – I see a giant ‘Russian’ Nose growing like Pinocchio from Stamford bridge.

    The main reason for school racial segregation isn’t even IQ pt competence – it’s maturation rates. White kids can be bullied by thugs, tho chronologically same age, is actually aa lot more mature & streetwise. A toxic mix when added to teachers brainwashed to favour ethnic types & (((msm))) psyops making them wanna imitate thugs. HOMESCHOOL!!!

    The kids all called this hysterical new student Englush pgce SJW ‘Avatar’. Never met anyone who elicited such a visceral contempt as her, such was her shtewish, hystetical, incompetrnt, transparent attempts to hector sjw issues into all w/o tact or humour, as a means of neutralising competence. Around this time there was a major (((Hollyweird))) film by that name & she looked just like the main character. Not unusual for kids to give teachers nicknames, it happens to qualified, popular, competent First World teachers too. The hilarious thing was that even the staff called her Avatar! I never knew her name (don’t think she introduced herself). Normally a big taboo about showing a united front in front of pupils. The reason was everyone was so exasperated by her SHC ways – 1) disrupted there own lessons, 2) had to cover her lessons + meetings about her. I knew my (new) HoD was a PC type, with the usual PC airheaded CultMarx bs her demographic had. Yet even she was exasperated at having to cover her lessons & called her ‘Avatar’.

    Looking back, the amount of (((Creep State))) + (((infiltrator staff))) needed to keep her at the school was astonishing! I had seen student teachers who were kicked off their course who were FAR better than her simply bc the experienced staff didn’t rate her. Yet the staff rated Avatar far less. So how did she survive. The dynamics of (((diversity lawyers))) forcing this ‘Good Catholic School’ to be overwhelmed with incompetent Turd Worlders must go like this; the truth of what Kevin MacDonald said about anti-White behaviour being incentivized by the Deep State:


    Looking back now, I think I even OVER-ESTIMATED TW competence. Deep State knew of me & school right-wing rep. Most of us ultimately suspect blax are promoted well beyond their merit in Cuckstain, but I’d’ve thought that among the millions they could’ve found one person to keep up the PozPaganda. But no. Virtually NONE of them would have a ‘suit job’ based on merit. Beforehand, I would’ve guessed about ¼!

    Part of the reasons Poz hates White Men is bc race issues are obvious to him as he is least susceptible to msm psyops. That’s why medicult ‘profession & admin karens mess him over at all stages.

    Kids take ppl as they are SO It’s much harder to brainwash them. The sjw poz-ism is an effect of (((education+msm))) smoke & mirrors. If someone is incompetent, a kid will say it, eben if that person is dark, degenerate, feminist etc…. That’s why the medicults barrier, admin catladies desperately try to discriminate against White Men. We tend to be honest, whereas lower m-c WW are VERY easy for TCS to manipulate. Same with most public sector. I’ve dealt with Londonistan councils for a relative – it’s basically make work for black women. Curriculum + DMV lady in states – WOW – almost as if same group of rats either side of Atlantic transfers wealth from talented, creative hi IQ WM to lazy, dumb obese diversitards. I don’t even live in a diverse borough. But any urban arwas in gbr, guarantee you’ll see blacks overrepped,women overrepped. Do it. Obviously far easier for sinecure council jib than teaching. In teaching, pupils + exam rrsultts catch affirmitard actiinists out!!!!!!!

    Another funny thing was how msm lies (ofc only court history could be taught)were the exact opposite of reality! A friend told me as a NWM there is absolutely no point in me applying for any job in the public sector. As an Irishman it’s almost impossible.

    The school wasn’t to my taste, but my friend told me as an NWM you get what you can. Esp with the bigoted DOBs still allowing discrimination against Irishmat. ANd at our own schools. He said: “if you’re a black, lesbian, fat, disabled, obese hooknose Muslim, the public sector MUST give you a job”. I guess most of us know this, but quite the lengths they go to benefit blacks specifically in education amazed even me!

    One of my main reasons for agreeing to work in that school was Catholic Schools were one of the few places an Irish NWM could get a job w/o abuse & discrimination from the bigoted DOBs (dirty orange britfags). But the bar studs won’t eben let us (my HlD was an Irish woman) choose our own demographic. The DWALBREAKER for me was this, might not have agreed to work for them if I knew how cucked they were + it was actually not a very good school for that (krapp PE dept, no football/cricket, old-fashioned, stuffy, no modern music etc). Take a photoshoot of my dept in a Catholic school most time I was there you’d NEVER guess what it. Was. You might say Hindu, muz, kosher rtv… Like a CM diberchitty wet dream!!! When I say discrimination, I mean NEGATIVE discrimination, such that this was the only job I could get, not what blacks understand by discrimination – AA jobs, BWbeing physicists(!!!!!!!!), msm / ARSE numinous roles, unsackable cuzza ‘DAT be waycist’ rat gvt lawyers/polssticking their giant Nose into got Catholic schools etc…

    Funny thing is the butter BS ofsm poz pwnd just open your eyes. Dunning-Kruger effect is obvious – it was the black boys who complained most about the bio-teacher. (Everyone complained about the Eng-teacher she was so repellent).

    Also sitting in a class I could see how conscious they were of their meritocratic handicap. Whilst assisting an SN child in a low ability class which was about ½ black, I overheard them voicing this. The school streamed the forms in each year by ability – THEre were 6 forms per year, each form was given a ‘House’. The lowest form of each year was called the ‘n’ set (random name so as not to give too much away, tho all the kids knew exactly what went on). The ‘HouseMaster’ of the year put up photos of all the new first year pupils. I must confess that I hadn’t thought much about it until I heard one of the black pupils being taught in the room say to another: ‘see most of the new n set is black’. The school was relatively White for Londonistan standards (10-20% black). Tho most people who came back after being away remarked it was more diverse. (ARSE DE MONTFORT NAUSEATING BOMBAST HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!)

    Maybe the HouseMaster was an EVIL STALE PALE MALE using his privilege to undermine the black boys’ conference. He was certainly male. Whether he was stale is open to debate. But he SAF wasn’t pale by Amy definition!!! He was a dark as coal south Indian mathematician. Most of my #2s are lighter than him. In fact, he was darker than most of the African pupils themselves!!!!

    The anti-White dynamics of the public sector were revealed to me during break time whilst supervising the LSD. One of my fellow TAs – a senior black woman was discussing educational psychologists (which our dept had a lot of contact with). She said: ‘So many people have said that I should become an EdPsych. They say it would be easy for me to become one, with so many black boys having problems.’ EPs earn hundreds of pound an hour courtesy of the cucked NWM taxpayer (& loads have infantile grammar, I discovered when proofreading work for my boss). Here we see the perverse incentives that the rats instigate throughout the Cuckstain state sector:


    Because of massive TNB we should reward the black community with 1000s of £s. I can easily believe it. All sorts of TNB is indulged to ‘even out’ suspension rates. Teachers are pressurized not to officially discipline blacks, whilst overreacting to White Boys to obfuscate issues. Let me state: one of my fellow TAs was herself a deep state rat plant!


    This was all at a school that was resented by the educational establishment & considered ‘right wing’. It wasn’t right wing – most of the staff tended to be almost as brainwashed by Frankfurters as others. Everything is relative. Chatted to a teacher who had taught at ghetto schools in lunch hour a few times. He told me with fear in his voice what those schools are like, the ignorance, violence & poverty. The racial undertones were obvious (he was a White Cockney), but such is the fear of the DS in ed that he couldn’t NTN even off site in casual convoy, such is the trotskyist terror.

    I must emphasize a lot that this was BEFORE The Creepy Gnome turned the RCC into the cuckalick church. When it still expressed the values of the Europeans who developed it.

    NHS (needs to e defunded as much as the BBC) + medicult ‘profession’ in Cuckstain totally pozzed. Major branch of creep state rats screening out WM from teaching to pushCultM. Hi, Matthew Prickey!!!!!

    Every working class White Man in Cuckstain knows that if he’s up against a black man with similar qualifications / experience / personality for a job what the result will be. Even SLIGHTLY better credentials it would be the same result! Before he’d have ANY chance of trumping diversity, pozzers, catladies, retards, rats, (((hr))) & the Creep State he’d have to be SIGNIFICANTLY better credentialed than out numinous friend. That’s why so many NWM don’t even bother & have the worst results – everything in the ‘education’ – really BRAINWASHING INDOCTRINATION – system is designed to abuse him.

    Don’t expect much help from many White female teachers either! Some were good & moral, but many were judasrat brainwashed Stepford Wives. It became so obvious to me why The Creep State likes stacking the public sector (ofc paid by WM taxes) esp ed with Karen’s – latch onto any ideology, gullible, susceptible, disloyal etc… No doubt many of them actively prefer to get blacks results then Whites.

    Ironically the reason we needed Catholic Schools is bc of the NEGATIVE DISCRIMINATION the Irish faced among dirty, hypocritical, orange Britfags. One of the attractions for mr was i thoughtvit might be one of the few places in londpnistan to get away from affirmitards! Poor Irish (& to a lesser extent Spanish/Polish etc…) Peasant families like my own helped to create the values of such schools. I don’t see anyone demanding to go to Rastafarian schools – but then (((forced bussing))) only works 1 way here or in the States! Wasps+Rats in private schools are unaffected, & maliciously impose third worlders on us, being the degenerate jusasratscum they are. As a normal White Irish Man in (((Gross Cuckstain)))) there is no point applying for jobs; my colleagues tell me TDSrats are giving less room – more social engineering, less freedom, more Frankfurter ARSRS growing their huge dirty orange Chavski ‘Russian’ Noses like Abramovich’s nose bending round all those corners.

    Yes ofc throughout the history of the British police normal, upstanding, attractive White Men firmed the Police. But ofc in Cuckstain 6 million laws against that & ‘Russian’ Nose stretches 6 million contortions with ARSE colleagues to prove Cressida Diyk PigScum always were fat, lazy, northern obese black women.

    Rats letting any White Men have freedom of association or meritocracy in anything above 2 ppl – About as likely as a normal White Irish Man seeing a dermatologist on the NHS!!!!!!!


    Working class White Man spends years as a construction worker in freezing cold & rain outdoors building a school. On the last day he falls off the roof, breaks an arm & a leg. Can work no more. Wants to retrain as a teacher at the school he built. Trust me – this lad would be SHOCKED at the lengths the Deep State & its brainwashed Karens go to cucked him over… Even tho he built the darn thing & would make a better teacher than half the ‘qualified’ ethnics/Karens there!!!!


    Be careful tho – you can deplatformed as racist for saying WHITE LIVES MATTER!

    • Dave says:

      Welcome to the Idiocracy. It’s much easier to breed stupid people than smart people, so if the stupid do not starve, freeze to death, or get eaten by predators, they will multiply and take over every nation on Earth. Frontiers are great because you can move away from the drooling masses and start your own thing, but the USA stopped being a frontier society when it repealed the Homestead Act in 1976. I hear Putin’s offering land in Russia for settlement, and Elon’s racing to establish a colony on Mars before the Idiocrats figure out what he’s doing and shut it down.

    • Not Tom says:

      You see why Cominator and I find wignats so irritating? Nominally on the “right” team but consistently making no goddamn sense and having no clue what they’re talking about. Just one long stream of obscenities with no logic or direction.

      The Irish did way more to promote leftism in America than Jews. They created the Democratic machine, Jews just streamlined it and took it over. If you potato niggers ever got back full control, you’d go right back to shitting on Protestants, promoting your Papist faggotry (literally, these days) and shaking down small business owners for protection money. And no, I’m not confusing you with Italians – they had the decency to run the mafia as a private organization, not make it government policy.

      If I had my way, we’d corral all the Jews and Irish in America into one gated community and tell them to duke it out on their own without involving their victims.

      • The Cominator says:

        I’m part Irish myself unfortunately but yes the Irish have been consistently the most problem group of whites and the Catholic Church has always been a traitorous and criminal organization even if their schools used to be marginally better than public schools (which isn’t saying much, the best thing you can say about the Catholic Church is that girls who come out of Catholic School traditionally aren’t feminists man haters, they generally like men… a lot).

        The Italians used to sort of support the Democrats but they wised up quickly when the Democrats went off the rails most wops nowadays hate the Democrats whereas lots of Irish still cling to the traitor party.

        Its funny I watch a lot of interviews with ex mob guys they consistently think the modern Democrats are as insane as we do (Sammy the Bull said something like you want to abolish police patrols AND implement gun control… criminals like us would have loved it)… I’ve heard NYC and Vegas were better places when the mafia was the real power in those cities. I can speak personally that the level of “customer service” in Providence’s mobbed up strip clubs was about the best on the planet. They are the only thing I miss about New England.

      • Theshadowedknight says:

        I still disagree that wignat is a useful term, but yes, I do find this type obnoxious. I don’t care to read through and find what particular subtype this is, but white nationalists are not our enemy (except for NatSocs). The problem is not the beliefs, per se, the problem is that he does not recognize his class and stay in his lane. I have read this same fucking screed written by shit tier leftists and natsocs, unintelligent normie conservatives, and probably half a dozen other branches of the lower classes. Just replace the shibboleths with another ingroup’s, and this is every stupid internet rant ever.

        Are his beliefs bad? No, they are irrelevant. I didn’t read because he has no place sharing his beliefs. The emotions are what matters, because the author is not a dialectical operator. The emotions are betrayal and anger, which are reasonable and rational responses to modern American culture. I feel the same way, but I am intelligent and coherent and therefore don’t go into rants like this. Nonetheless, the emotions remain. He should feel angry and betrayed. Don’t shit on the proles for being proles. It is part of the noblesse oblige that we should be cultivating.

        • suones says:


          Don’t shit on the proles for being proles noblesse oblige

          This is a mistake. Noblesse oblige is an anti-concept dating from Prog 0.2-beta1. Proles should not have their “own” opinions, and should certainly not pollute priestly spaces. Once we have proper segregation in place, then we can talk about this. Which is a jihad-complete problem, of course. Meanwhile, noblesse oblige is a Leftist justification to excuse the bad behaviour of proles.

          Inflaming proles’ emotions to attack the virtuous elite that provide their sustenance is a Leftist tactic that we cannot emulate. I don’t mean “cannot” as in “should not,” but literally cannot, as it requires compulsive lying that is not our nature.

          Our offer to (American) proles should be this: a bellyful of food, a draught of wine, a ruddy wife, ten bonny kids, a house to keep them all in, two cars and a garage, a Church to go to on Sunday, fine clothes to wear to Church, friends to go bowling with, bbq on weekends, and a job that pays for it all. No-one is “entitled” to anything, of course, but a prole simply needs hard work and dedication to get all of the above (and more, like large-screen TVs, smartphones, etc). Educational credentialism be damned. This is our blue-pill for proles.

          What we do not offer proles: an “opinion” on every topic under the sun. Leave priesting to the priests. Not everyone needs (or wants) the red pill.

          Prole children who have priestly or warrior aptitude will be offered opportunity to join the Academy or Officer College, so that they may develop their physical and mental faculties, but after passing out they’ll no longer be proles themselves, for better or worse – welcome to the red pill.

    • INDY says:

      I had to hit the space bar 18 times to scroll through your post, you fuckin muppet

    • Mr.P says:

      The wall-of-words comment was copy-pasted at, too:

      /blog/ news-briefs-10-24-2020/ #comment-350488

      Looks to be identical, or at least identically wall of words long.

  4. BC says:

    So, if they’re going to pull a false flag attack, it has to be very soon. Naming the booglo leftists in BLM attacks appears to seeding the ground for it.

  5. R7 Rocket says:

    The highlight of last night’s debate between President Trump and the Manchurian candidate, Sleepy Joe.

    Joe Biden looks at his watch during the debate! 😂

    • Strannik says:

      Indeed, it’s pretty well over. This was their revolutionary gambit, but their trojan horse candidate just wasn’t able to deliver. Now they’re stuck with him until November 3rd.

      Smart money would be on deals being made with President Trump before he wins re-election, i’m watching for signs of that.

      • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

        Leaders of the losing side kiss the ring in exchange for Biden corruption probe being buried “for national unity”, i.e., to end chaos they themselves instigate in order to arrange that very deal once it’s clear Biden is toast. Hunter Biden is the tip of large DC iceberg and they are not going to expose it over a mere Presidency.

        • The Cominator says:

          Trump should perhaps make that deal BUT he should not honor it… and I don’t lightly advocate him breaking his word but when he spared Hillary it wasn’t honored so these people must be destroyed period…

          They surrendered and unsurrendered before…

          • jim says:

            Rules keep being abandoned, and the stakes keep being raised. This is likely to lead to an irregular and quite possibly violent outcome this election.

            It is going to lead to large scale violence sooner or later, possibly sooner. The only way to prevent such an outcome is to end the left singularity sooner, rather than later.

            The peaceful outcome for the election would be if Trump gets to make sure the vote is counted by loyalists – which is going to look rather like a coup, and will be perceived by the Democrats as a coup.

            He also has cooking a program to take control of the civil service, to take the power to fire his entrenched enemies, also likely to be seen as a coup.

            But this program will not suffice to end the movement ever leftwards. To end movement ever leftwards, the judiciary has to be bypassed, and many of the courts closed, perhaps all of them. The Ivies have to be destroyed or subdued and drastically reduced. Halting the left singularity is still an unimaginably radical act. Perhaps bypassing the judiciary a little bit (which he has already made a start on) might suffice, and cutting the job prospects for degrees in ignorance and stupidity (which he has already made a start on) might suffice. It would certainly be a good step in the right direction, but I don’t think it will suffice.

  6. The Cominator says:

    The Biden platform

    > covid shutdown
    > illegal amnesty
    > tax increase
    > rejoin Paris accords
    > oil industry shutdown

    Dont think fraud will be enough to save him. Hes finished.

    • BC says:

      When you have the media on your side and the tech companies, unlimited fraud is on the menu. However, what I observed tonight is reporters acting worried. Hard to have a color revolution if the press is worried what happened to them if they lose.

      • jim says:

        Trump’s executive order creating Schedule F looks like pre-coup maneuver. If this executive order actually takes effect (which is no sure thing with executive orders) then the resistance is going to be fired.

        This order comes a few days before the election, so unlikely anyone will be section F fired before the election. Federal employees believe that they will be safe no matter what happens, even if the shit hits the fan and they are caught running action for the losing side. The difference this order makes for the election is that they need to keep their heads down until the coup is resolved.

        Me, if I was a civil servant I would be keeping my head down on the basis that the coup may well involve large numbers of people being shot, but civil servants suffer from normalcy bias and recency bias.

      • Pooch says:

        Haven’t seen that yet. Do you have any examples of reporters acting scared that they’ll lose?

        • The Cominator says:

          Scott Adams and Styx who watch CNN MSNBC and NBC news so I don’t have to said they didn’t look too happy after the last debate.

          I believe Scott Adams specifically said that Jake Tapper looked like he was in pain.

          • Javier says:

            Conservative sites are just posting unedited clips of biden saying he’ll ban fracking while Twitter and Facebook desperately append ‘misleading’ warnings to it.

  7. BC says:

    I think if Trump can get Barr to arrest Hunter Biden for money laundrying and corruption that would the end of this race.

  8. INDY says:

    Trump looking low status submitting to that street shitter with the mute button

    • Strannik says:

      Bullshit, pull the other one….

      Trump absolutely owned that debate hall tonight.

      • Mike says:

        I didn’t watch much of it, but from what I heard it sounds as if Trump actually liked the moderator. At least in comparison to Wallace anyway.

        • Pooch says:

          She was terrible and predictably blatantly biased against him but he was less combative with her, even complimenting her at one point

          • suones says:

            She gave both participants a fair shake, within the (prog) media frame. She did not run interference for Biden though, the way Wallace did.

            As my example, Trump finally got Biden to admit that he would “destroy the oil industry,” (a coup in itself) even though she was already moving on to the next question, I would’ve expected a rapid change of subject by the moderator. However, she paused immediately, and point-blank asked Biden, “Why would you do that!?” At that question Biden looked up and had a “deer in the headlights” look. He fumbled for a few seconds before stammering out “… bb … because … because it’s … polluting!” Joe Biden lost the election there.

        • Strannik says:

          She’s not as bad, and appears to be redeemable at least, doesn’t carry herself like a butch dyke anyway. But yes, Trump owned it tonight. Probably won the election right there.

      • Mr.P says:

        What Trump just did to 60 Minutes is genius, film the filming of a hostile MSM interview and release his film of the filming before the enemy airs its official version of the interview.

        Has a U.S. politician, in the entire history of the nation, ever thrust a mirror in the face of the enemy so that all can see the dark face of the enemy so starkly? This has to be unprecedented.

        Genius. Pure genius. The guy is an inspired blood-thirsty magnificent bastard genius.

        • Not Tom says:

          Eh, he just did exactly the same thing Cernovich did a few years back.

          The problem with these stunts is that the people who would actually watch the 60 Minutes interview (or any other legacy media pablum) aren’t going to see the unedited tapes. The only people who will watch those are your fans. Which in the case of Trump is a lot of people, I guess, but they’re all people who already don’t trust the media.

          I’m sure he had his reasons for doing it and I’ve learned generally not to question Trump’s overall media strategy, but I think you’re laying it on just a little thick.

          • Mr.P says:

            > I think you’re laying it on just a little thick.

            Maybe so. Probably.

            But I don’t agree with the word “stunt.”

            I watched the entire 37 minutes and marveled: “Swamp, meet drain.”

            This morning, what Trump did to 60 Minutes is the subject of blog posts, tweets, and “news” stories.

            These things have a way of getting around.

      • INDY says:

        He caught his stride towards the end. “ten seconds and we have to move on,” “two minutes uninterrupted.” So gay.

  9. Strannik says:

    President Trump shellacked Biden, by letting Biden be Biden. It’s done I think, it only gets even worse for the Liberals from this point.

    I say they’ll be too demoralized, to vote Biden in, or to act up much after President Trump wins re-election.

    • Not Tom says:

      Even though he didn’t really have a choice, I concur that “letting” Biden run his mouth off was ultimately a good thing. Interrupting is obviously more alpha, but Trump hasn’t proven all that great at twisting the knife in a debate as opposed to in his own monologues – he tends to veer off on tangents and fail to get the kill shots. A better opponent than Biden might have been able to leverage the two-on-one situation and really make things difficult for Trump, but Biden himself is too weak and too senile.

      And Trump didn’t let them ignore the Hunter emails. That was important, because of the memory-holing in legacy media; a lot of people actually did hear about it for the first time tonight.

      Votes don’t matter in this election, but normies knowing about the Biden family corruption is a win for legitimacy reasons.

      • Strannik says:

        Overall we can agree that it was a good outcome. They won’t present it that way, but the people know better.

      • Pooch says:

        I agree. My only compliant is he didn’t really remind the audience that he is the law and order candidate and that Antifa mobs will return 10 fold under Biden, but it seems the softer less combative image worked by letting Biden hang himself.

        • Strannik says:

          Yes. He did remind the people of the crime in the cities controlled by Democrats though.

  10. Pseudo-chrysostom says:

    Trump says ‘Biden is going to raise taxes’; Biden says ‘im not going to raise taxes, im just going to (((make the rich pay their fair share)))’. Which is to say, raise taxes.

    The ‘fair share’ meme is a common rhetorical expression of the Pie Theory of economics; that is to say, the idea that the ‘pie’ always and already exists in state – perhaps emmanating from the aether – and that the only relevant question is who gets what slices in appropriation.

    So you know owners of capital get squeezed; and so prices go up, wages go down, potency facilitating activity contracts; and so in the end you have less to pay with anyways, but as an added bonus, have less to pay *for*, to boot.

    • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

      There is a distinctive tone you can hear from bluechecks when they are trying to anesthetize people wish to target from sensing dangers; ‘you dont have to worry about X, youre not going to lose Y, theres nothing wrong with Z’, and so on like that. It’s like a peculiar combination of trying to sound reassuring, yet also disdainful at the same time; like they just can’t quite contain the feelings of contempt they have for whomever it is they are speaking too.

    • fduvsd says:

      > in the end you have less to pay with anyways, but as an added bonus, have less to pay *for*, to boot.

      This is a desirable outcome to them. Shared misery is more satisfying for the covetous than others’ wealth. The USSR worked on this principle, and it sort of worked for a long time. The real solution is to make covetousness low status, but that is beyond the Left’s ability.

  11. Strannik says:

    Jim you said with regards to Orthodoxy outside of Russia that;

    ”Orthodoxy outside of Russia is overrun by entryists, most of them demon worshipers.”

    There’s still a few of us outside of Holy Rus that keep the Christian faith. Many of the Greeks and Arabs will go to the Vatican, most Slavs will not.

    • suones says:

      > There’s still a few of us outside of Holy Rus that keep the Christian faith

      In which case, you need to go back. If you’re an economic migrant who can’t go back easily, at least send your family back, especially your wife and children (if young). Western society is heavily infiltrated by Moloch, and there is no Church you can turn to. To wit, “Russian Orthodoxy” is only actually Orthodox when under Baba Yaga’s Russia’s nuclear umbrella.

      • jim says:

        That is excessively pessimistic. The husband is the priest of his family. Christianity has survived persecution before.

        • suones says:

          It is better to avoid persecution than to survive it, especially persecution in a foreign land.

        • Strannik says:

          Overt persecution is one thing, while the slow and quiet persecution of the heretics within the fold is quite another. Eventually we always expel them, and they dwindle and get worse or return in penitence.

      • The Cominator says:

        Strannik I know from another forum, I believe he has told me his wife is Russian but he is not. I believe he wants to fight the good fight against Moloch here in his home country at least until such point he believes its hopelessly lost.

        There may come a time to admit things are hopelessly lost and to flee and think of ourselves but that time is not now, not while Donald Trump is President. The war still goes on and good men must still fight for their own land while it can still be saved.

        • Strannik says:

          I have a Slavic background, I don’t go out of my way to give more personal details because I wouldn’t want to be doxxed, for one thing.

        • suones says:

          > Strannik I know from another forum, I believe he has told me his wife is Russian but he is not. I believe he wants to fight the good fight against Moloch here in his home country at least until such point he believes its hopelessly lost.

          Oh. In that case, my apologies to you, Strannik. If Moloch is at your doorstep, you are honour bound to fight him, to the bitter end, if need be. Death is not the worst of evils, as one of your prophets proclaimed. Deus vult! to you, brother.

          If I may be so bold as to suggest, you could also consider re-affirming the faith of your fathers. Even if every last Church is pozzed, if you have Jesus Christ to protect you, you need fear nothing. People work best with their own biologically determined social programming. You may ask your wife to convert, of course. Either way, my best wishes and prayers for you. I really hope that America becomes great again.

          • Strannik says:

            No need for apologies, we’re all on a journey, and I wish you well on your journey also.

      • Strannik says:

        I do not subscribe to your opinions on Christianity and Polytheism, specifically more to Slavic myths and legends. However I tend to believe that the ”gods” of Indo-European/Aryan Mythology were heroes of old who fought the forces of darkness, and often distorted memories of the worthies of the Old Testament.

        Orthodoxy however is universal, because God as worshiped in His Right Belief is universal by definition.

        I will do what God wills.

        • suones says:

          > I will do what God wills.

          Amen to that.

          Priestly discussion is entertainment. The above is what actually matters.

  12. Strannik says:

    Mike you said as to faggotry and Orthodoxy;

    ”Depends, the EP, the Schismatics in Ukraine, and a lot of Greek Orthodox in America are flaming faggots due to US State Department infiltration. Just look at Fordham University for evidence that yes, even the Orthodox are not immune from globohomo.”

    No. What I mean is, they’re not fooling anybody who is actually Orthodox Christian. Even the Roman Catholic Church has called itself ”Orthodox”, doesn’t make it so. With Orthodoxy, it’s a way of life and belief passed down to people, Orthodox converts and those born into the Christian faith alike. You can’t fake it, all you can do is turn people against it so that it declines further in membership. There are the ”Old Believers”, and there are the traditional so-called ”Old Calendar” Orthodox Christians, they’ll still be around regardless of what so-called ”official” Orthodoxy says or does, they’re on their way to joining the Roman Catholic Church as it is…

  13. yewotm8 says:

    I really get the feeling that they will not pull the trigger on civil war any time soon. Perhaps next election, but I feel from watching fake news that they sense their current position is too weak to have a chance right now.

    The fact that they felt desperate enough to throw out this stuff is so weak. So he follows attractive young woman up to her room, seems like sex will ensue, suddenly weird jew jumps into the room and suggests that she is below age of consent, despite her being actually 24 and an alleged journalist (was it for her highschool paper? Come on, man). They are trying to make him look bad here but he really didn’t do anything wrong especially as a recently divorced man.

    Very obvious this is a pathetic attempt to distract/dissuade Giuliani from talking about the Bidens.

    • Strannik says:

      I agree.

      I think they know all this is a lost cause in 2020 AD, they will take their chances with a better Democratic candidate in 2024 after Trump, maybe even make a half-assed attempt at getting someone to imitate Trump’s Nationalist/Populist ideology to a degree.

      • Pooch says:

        If Biden loses and they don’t try Civil War it’s full speed ahead on Comrade AOC 2024.

        • Strannik says:

          That’s my gut feeling, her or Ilhan Omar, or both. I don’t see a Biden win or civil war just yet.

        • BC says:

          I’m guessing they’ve created so many fake ballots there won’t be anyway to avoid war.

          • Strannik says:

            I doubt that seriously. fake ballots can be ”lost” or otherwise disposed of, loose ends tied up.

            As i’ve said before, at this point in some respects I think they must want President Trump for another four years, because they haven’t fully transitioned into their next phase of insanity and need time to weed out the more normal sorts.

            He’s their excuse for the more radical actions they want to take later, like nominate obvious enemies of western civilization for President like Ilhan Omar.

            It could also (or alternatively) be the case that throwing the election for Trump is a last hurrah for the more normal Democratic establishment, they having denied Sanders the nomination once more and put in Biden for a reason. Trump may be more preferable to them than total batshit insanity.

            • Pooch says:

              I see them still acting as if it is beyond the realm of possibility that Biden could possibly lose.

              • Strannik says:

                I can’t 100% deny that possibility, that some believe that Biden will win. But if that’s the top leadership that thinks that, then they are in bigger trouble than I first realized.

                Because then they’re not ”election-capable”, not having the slightest civic virtue of conceding an election that they have clearly lost, as most normal people would do under ordinary circumstances in modern times.

                If that is the case, the only option left is that of dealing with rebels under the legal constitutional aegis of article 4 section 4 of the US Constitution; ”Article 4 – The States. Section 4 – Republican Government. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion; and on Application of the Legislature, or of the Executive (when the Legislature cannot be convened) against domestic Violence. ”

  14. notglowing says:
    “Intelligence” anything saying something good for Trump? Weird

    • Pooch says:

      DNI Ratcliffe is Trump’s guy and our guy. Everyone else in the intelligence community is basically an enemy.

  15. laxatives, enemas, catheters, and ipecac says:

    The Pope has come out in support of anal marriage.

    • fgggtttttttt says:

      Is the Pope Catholic?

      • jim says:

        Not any more.

        • The Cominator says:

          Well on the other hand by longstanding precedent that every Papist accepts Catholicism is whatever the Pope says it is.

          Sedevacantists use a rather absurd LONG chain of logical contortions to get around this (it sort of makes sense to them but the explanation of it still just seems bizarre to an outsider) but I don’t really agree, once you accept Dictatus Papae you accept the ability of the Pope to make you worship Moloch…

          • jim says:

            What we call in the computer business a single point of failure.

            The community of saints, the dead, have to be able to overrule the living. You have to be able to appeal to ancient consensus. Otherwise Chesterton’s fence is going to come down.

            • The Cominator says:

              And this also needs to be the ethos of a Western monarchist state, no law will technically bind the monarch but tradition and custom SHOULD bind the monarch and a monarch who is too eager to overturn applecarts by fiat and violate freehold should tend to end up like Charles I.

              Monarchs should not be in the business of arbritrarily raising taxes in peacetime or taking people’s property and such things…

            • The Cominator says:

              The living can overrule the dead in Orthodoxy but not via one man only a council can change established tradition, and because the Orthodox don’t see too much wrong with their tradition as is I don’t think there has been a council of the whole church in I think 7 centuries.

              • Strannik says:

                Councils can’t change tradition, because tradition comes from God through the Apostles and their successors.

            • Mike in Boston says:

              The community of saints, the dead, have to be able to overrule the living. You have to be able to appeal to ancient consensus.

              St. Vincent of Lérins, venerated in both the East and the West, agrees with you, writing “Hold fast that faith which has been believed everywhere, always and by all.”

            • bjorn says:

              Jim isn’t this comment in tension with your past claims of the necessity of centralized rule? Any sovereign mortal authority, whether temporal or spiritual, must be unilateral, because the true ruler is he who rules in cases of exception. Which means that a Pope can unilaterally giveth rightism and he can taketh rightism away, as Francis is now doing. But what religious power structure would you suggest would better determine the parameters of this virtuous “ancient consensus”? It’s necessarily going to take the form of either monarchy, oligarchy, or democracy (aka half-assed oligarchy). Either way, men will be making decisions, and inevitably some percentage of the decisions men make are bad. If you have in mind a way to prevent that I’m all ears.

              • jim says:

                The state, Ceasar, the Sovereign, handles those matters that require unity of command.

                Unity of command is not how you get technology, it is not how you get technology, and it is not how you get a sound religion.

                Even firms need an internal market when they become large.

                • bjorn says:

                  But it is necessarily the sovereign that will decide when the sovereign ought to intervene. Otherwise he isn’t sovereign. If he misjudges which matters require unity of command and which don’t, who exactly is going to tell him he’s wrong, without implicitly challenging his right to rule?

                • jim says:

                  Same with religion as with market and technology. The Sovereign can intervene in any matter, but if he intervenes in every matter, the state is going to hell in a handbasket.

                  Obviously Putin is quietly having a great deal of influence on how the supposedly unchanging doctrines of orthodoxy are being interpreted and applied – but no one, least of all Putin, is going to say that doctrine is whatever Putin says it is.

                • bjorn says:

                  If the temporal/spiritual authority is subordinate to ancient consensus, then it is not the monarch/pope that is in charge, it is whoever determines the latest fashionable interpretation of ancient consensus aka the most smooth-tongued con-artist in the land.

                • jim says:

                  At that point, you do need central authority, the Archbishop and the Grand Inquisitor – but Putin is curing the degeneracy of Russian Orthodoxy without claiming the authority to make up doctrine ex Cathedra.

                  The amount of damage that smooth-tongued con-artists can do is limited. What can do a great deal of damage is a holiness spiral, the pharisees being the classic example. And you do need central authority to stop holiness spirals. But central authority seems to be quite able to stop holiness spirals without claiming the authority to re-invent doctrine

                • suones says:

                  Let’s talk about the here and now. The Pope, the infallible head of the Catholic Church, commands you to celebrate sodomy. What do you do here now?

                  Dictatus papae vs Sin of Sodom. Pick one.

                • Not Tom says:

                  I don’t see any contradiction. The sovereign is head of the warriors, and since warriors > priests, he may also appoint a head priest, if necessary. But he isn’t required to, and certainly isn’t required to acknowledge the authority of some international/supranational priestly authority.

                  The Pope isn’t a sovereign, he’s a skinsuit-wearing faggot with an inflated sense of self-importance in a distant land, with a dwindling number of followers who share his delusion.

                • Ex says:

                  I deny that the Pope has commanded this. I deny twice that he has infallibly commanded this.

                • jim says:

                  The Roman Catholic Church is in fact acting as if it is a command. It will be infallible by and by, probably as one item of large bundle of new doctrine.

                • The Cominator says:

                  Once you accept Dictatus Papae you accept the ability of the Pope to command you to worship Moloch because you have blasphemously accepted that the pope speaks with Christ’s voice and the Donatist heresy.

                  The Orthodox understanding this did not accept Dictatus Papae.

          • Pooch says:

            True Catholics of old type Chrsitianity acknowledge the Vatican as currently being occupied by Satan, thus ignore the Pope.

          • Strannik says:

            It’s really not even that complicated. Orthodoxy is right, the West was wrong in following the heresy of Papism. The real ”Catholic Church” is with Orthodox Christianity, and always was.

            • jim says:

              Exactly so. The Great Schism was a grab by Rome for what was Caesar’s.

            • Pooch says:

              Is Orthodox outside of Putin endorsing faggotry?

              • Strannik says:

                No, or they wouldn’t be Orthodox, it’s as simple as that. We’re not in it for the numbers, but for being faithful to Jesus Christ the Son of God, Second Person of the Blessed Trinity.

                • Mike says:

                  Depends, the EP, the Schismatics in Ukraine, and a lot of Greek Orthodox in America are flaming faggots due to US State Department infiltration. Just look at Fordham University for evidence that yes, even the Orthodox are not immune from globohomo.

                • jim says:

                  Orthodoxy outside of Russia is overrun by entryists, most of them demon worshipers.

              • neofugue says:

                Orthodoxy outside Russia is a mixed bag; it depends on the jurisdiction.

                Jordanville is quiet and solid. About a month ago it was fined for not upholding social distancing guidelines, so if the Progs hate them it’s a good thing.

                Overall, a defining issue that separates the “good” Orthodox from the “bad” Orthodox is the issue of Ecumenism, or Progressivism in the church. OCA, GOARCH, and the Ecumenical Patriarchate are in support of the movement. A good litmus test of an Orthodox Christian is to see if they like the American hieromonk Seraphim Rose, who spoke fervently against the movement.

                However, Orthodoxy is not dependent on an all-powerful infallible universal jurisdiction of the Papacy like Catholicism, so people in high places who worship demons do not impact the legitimacy of the faith.

                • Strannik says:

                  Well said, and on those defining issues I agree and are against them, they’re heresy, but I personally go a little further and am on the borderline of being close to the so-called ”Old Calendar” and ”Old Believer” positions in my Orthodoxy. Just not into innovation in apostolic tradition from the fathers, and very aware of infiltration in high places by crypto-papists.

  16. Shameful that Kamala Harris can stoop to this level. But then it’s expected, given her nature.

    Been widely reported in the Indian media…

    Hindus are naturally furious. But then the progressives in our community will naturally turn a blind eye to this outrage.

    • Sam says:

      For progs, shitting on what you value is a feature not a bug. How else can you demonstrate power then by causing others to suffer?

      • Also, note the symbolism from Hindu mythology:
        In the image, Kamala Harris, depicted as goddess Durga, was seen killing US President Donald Trump, who was depicted as buffalo demon ‘Mahishasura’. [Reuters]

        So the democrats seem to be clearly signalling what their plan is with respect to Donald Trump.

        • BC says:

          On reddit’s /r/politics they’ve been discussing arresting and executing Trump, his family and anyone who worked for him for a while now. They use slightly guarded terms, but they’re intent is quite clear.

          • Not Tom says:

            I wonder if anyone’s compiled a list of all the times prominent figures in the establishment have openly used this imagery, called for “Truth and Reconciliation Commissions” and so on. Could be a useful thing to circulate in about a week.

            Getting it out would be a challenge, although I could maybe see Breitbart printing it.

          • Pooch says:

            It really is startling how quickly the arrest and execution of Trump has become solidly within the Overton window. I saw a shitlib on my timeline post something about Trump mentioning he would leave the country if he lost, which should be prevented at all costs as an issue of national security because he would give secrets to the Russians, or something.

            • Encelad says:

              Wherever on reddit and other forums it is mentioned that Trump could be leaving the country, leftists overwhelmingly agree that it would be for him to avoid prison, implying they all expect him to be jailed should Biden win.


              Can’t tell if they truly believe that getting rid of Trump will finally spring the progressive Utopia instead of plunging the nation further through bloody revolution… Or if they actually know the mass killings will ensue and they actually want mass killings to happen.

              • Pooch says:

                They want mass killings of Trump, his family, and all Trump supporters to bring about the progressive Utopia.

              • BC says:

                Only far left voices are allowed on reddit these days. It used to take me months off effective attacks on leftists to get me banned on major subs these days it takes less than 2 hours.

                • evilrightwingbot says:

                  The DarkEnlightenment sub has been effectively shadowbanned. Was recently brigaded by leftists. I’m actually surprised I didn’t get banned because I called an Indian woman a faggot repeatedly, not knowing she was a woman. She claimed to be a jannie and said to me directly that the only people she hates are white.

        • Strannik says:

          Oh, I’m sure that President Trump and his group around him knew in 2015 that they had to either win entirely or face prison or worse as a consequence of failure. So failure to them cannot be an option and never was.

    • INDY says:

      “Shameful that Kamala Harris can stoop to this level.”

      What behavior? Her niece posted the photo. Who cares about india anyway?

      • Not Tom says:

        Who cares about india anyway?


        • jim says:

          India is a nuclear power. It has a low IQ majority, but several high IQ minority races/castes capable of producing science and technology, though unfortunately their fertility has collapsed.

          We should hope for an India governed by its high IQ minorities, and hope for an India that allows them high fertility.

          • swsfbc says:

            Re: Indian elite fertility

            Kamala Harris is a prime example of Indian elite degeneracy. Her mother is a Brahmin from the South Indian ethno-linguistic state of Tamil Nadu (literally “Tamil State”). Her emigrating to the US and marrying outside the community is basically a huge shit-test, that’s all.


            Indian Brahmins, especially women, are among the most pozzed communities in India. Makes sense, as priests are the most apt to fall into purity spirals without warriors in-charge.

  17. Not Tom says:

    “Justice” John Roberts shows his true colors, I hope for the very last time:

    And they didn’t even issue an explanation with their ruling, because why bother? Everyone knows it’s a partisan vote and nothing more. It figures that they’d cram this ruling through less than 1 week before the ACB vote.

    People need to start seeing more of the strong horse again. This kind of news, along with Trump passively going along with the absurd rule changes for the last debate (now they’re silencing mics in addition to changing the topics), isn’t a good look a mere 2 weeks before the election. It looks kind of desperate, like he still needs the legacy media. Maybe he does? One of the pundits said “he needs this debate to get the word out about Hunter Biden”, and I’m not sure they’re wrong, but it’s now evident that they have no intention of letting him talk about it on the debate stage.

    But then I’m usually wrong when I criticize Trump’s strategy, so I guess we’ll see.

    • BC says:

      The DOJ and FBI doing nothing is making Trump look real weak as is the murder of his supporters by Antaifa. Failure to arrest Hunter Biden is going to look almost as bad as the evidence that Joe and Hunter Biden are corrupt.

      John Faggot has long been on the list of Enemies of the Republic, no surprise there.

      • Not Tom says:

        Yeah, but siding with the leftist judges on this one and actively subverting a national election should be an impeachable offence. A SCOTUS judge has never been impeached but this would be legitimate grounds for it in the public eye, at least for non-leftists who are the only ones who matter. They need to get rid of him come 2021, doesn’t matter whether or not they have a “conservative majority”.

        The last Antifa shooter has been brought up on murder 2 charges so I wouldn’t say nothing is being done. The DA will probably try to throw the match, but so far it’s proceeding, and trials won’t start until after the election, at which point (assuming team Trump has actually learned anything) it won’t matter anymore.

        In my opinion, the most important thing now is to be taking a strong stand against those obviously interfering with the election: social media, the debate commission, and any states and courts openly preparing for mail-in fraud. We can say that none of it will actually matter, but morale matters and the “troops” will have higher morale if it looks like Trump’s side actually tried to fight.

        • BC says:

          >The last Antifa shooter has been brought up on murder 2 charges so I wouldn’t say nothing is being done. The DA will probably try to throw the match, but so far it’s proceeding, and trials won’t start until after the election, at which point (assuming team Trump has actually learned anything) it won’t matter anymore.

          That’s a fair point and I detected a distinct fear sounding the decision to keep him locked up. I think if they did release him he’d be dead within days, possibly on federal charges where he resisted arrest from Federal Marshals. I think the DA charged simply to keep him safe. I’m firmly convinced that Trump had the the other Antifa murder killed based on the way Trump talks about it.

          • Pooch says:

            Yeah I thought I read somewhere that Trump openly stated in one of his rallies that the marshals didn’t go to arrest him that day.

    • Shelby says:

      [*deleted because Shelby has not finished the Mueller test*]

    • Mike says:

      Ehhhhhh, bit too blackpilled. Trump can’t do anything about what the court justices do, not until shit hits the fan anyway. Being angry at Trump for what Justice Roberts does would be like getting angry at him for what Romney does. Not appointed by him, not really a part of his mission or ideology. Sucks that Robert’s a cuck of course, but Trump can’t just get rid of him until we get past the veneer of normalcy. For now, everyone is still pretending (well maybe the Left isn’t) that the law is still being interpreted as law, and not as simply political will-to-power.

      In regards to the debate, Trump stood strong on their original proposition, which was to have a virtual debate. Trump correctly denounced that as ridiculous and as a win for the Democrats if it went forward. He’s agreeing to these still slanted rules because he wants to get in some last jabs I guess.

      • Not Tom says:

        Roberts isn’t a cuck, he’s an enemy. People need to realize that. He’s set up like John McCain in that he’ll vote with the right when it doesn’t matter, either when he knows he won’t be the deciding vote or when the case just isn’t very important to what the left is doing at that moment. Whenever he can actually help the left, he does. That’s not a cuck, it’s a plant.

        Anyway, I wasn’t mad at Trump for Roberts’s decision, I mentioned them as two separate things. I am annoyed that he’s still agreeing to this sham of a debate even after he explicitly said he wouldn’t; it looks weak.

  18. Shelby says:

    [*deleted because Shelby has not finished the Mueller test*]

  19. Pooch says:

    And people are surprised why Durham is not indicting anyone. Trump has zero control of the DOJ or the FBI and it’s increasingly becoming obvious gaining control of federal law enforcement and prosecution is a coup complete problem.

    • Strannik says:

      Everybody knows these charges are bullshit and none of these people are in or will be in the United States. It’s a throwaway.

      • Pooch says:

        The fact that this seems to be the highest priority of the DOJ at the moment (and prosecuting ISIS sand monkeys for beheadings 10 years ago) instead of prosecuting domestic terrorists and coup plotters that are actively subverting the country is very telling of the currant state of the DOJ. They are 100% owned by the Left.

    • isaac newton says:

      I’m not surprised. trump is so far ahead you might consider it a distraction that would get more Democrats to the polls. also they’ve still got three weeks. when would be maximum impact? also there’s not much point in arresting them until they do something about the problem of corrupt judges. they’ve Got to arrest the corrupt judges at the same time, or do it with military tribunals, and that’s probably waiting till after the election.

    • Not Tom says:

      If Trump had zero control of the DoJ, then the DoJ would not have withdrawn its charges against Flynn, would not be fighting a protracted legal battle against Emmett Sullivan and the DC circuit to get the charges dropped, and would not be dumping all kinds of incriminating Obamagate information into the public domain as part of that process.

      If Trump had zero control over the FBI, then the FBI would not have released multiple reports on mail-in voting fraud, exposed the Bubba Wallace hoax, or tracked down the psycho who recently sent the ricin letter.

      Obviously Trump does not have complete control of these organizations, especially in the case of the FBI, but you’re posting demoralization porn again. Just calm down, think, reflect. There are thousands of individuals working for every government bureau, some are pro-Trump, some are anti-Trump, and some – especially the “front line” personnel – really don’t care and just want to do their jobs.

      • mifrost says:

        flynn is still in court. nothing has actually been dropped.

        • Not Tom says:

          I literally covered this in the post you replied to. It’s Emmett Sullivan and the DC circuit dragging it out, and the DoJ is fighting them. The DoJ’s lawyer isn’t pulling any punches either.

          What do you want them to do, disappear the judge? Maybe someday that kind of thing will happen, but we’re not there yet.

      • The Cominator says:

        The FBI and CIA have been bad enough that they need to be completely destroyed IMHO…

        I don’t believe Durham is corrupt or cares about what people think of him, he was certainly willing to make the FBI and Justice Department look bad in the Whitey Bulger case but he is very slow and there is only so much you can do being a lone man pissing into the wind.

        • Mike in Boston says:

          Angelo Codevilla knows quite a bit about the CIA:

          When I started working for the Senate, some folks at the agency figured out that I wasn’t a run-of-the-mill staffer. So I was visited by one of the old boys who took me up to the director’s office—the director wasn’t there at the time. He took me up via the director’s elevator, he had a key. And showed me all around and was very, very clubby with me. Then they took me to his house, which is overlooking the Potomac, with these large wolfhounds sitting about. And essentially, he said the equivalent of “all this could be yours.”

          If you play the game. I said to myself, “Hmmmm, what did the Lord say to all this?”

          and he has reached the same conclusion as the Cominator:

          CIA must be disestablished. Its functions should be returned to the Departments of State, Defense, and Treasury. […] Intelligence must return to its natural place as servant, not master, of government.

    • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

      Trump’s son just said in an interview that his father needs to dismantle the FBI should he win. Ostensibly that’s only his opinion. But saying it openly, Trump’s *son* saying it openly, is a good sign.

      Trump has been the Great Clarifier and the battle lines come into every sharper focus as E-Day approaches.

      • Pooch says:

        That’s excellent news of true. Maybe that’s why Trump hasn’t fired Wray. It’d really just be putting lipstick on a pig.

  20. Encelad says:

    They are about to go in full Robespierre mode:

    “When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission. It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.”

    • Publius says:

      As usual, Jim was right. If the left gains power, they’re going to create a Committee of Public Safety, and the first thing that committee will do is imprison or kill Trump and his entire family. But they won’t stop there. Will it end at a few thousand political proscriptions? Or will we go full Khmer Rouge? There’s no way to tell. What is certain is that the left feels a collective thirst for revenge and their thirst will be quenched only by blood. Victory for us is existential, because the left is literally and totally insane and they are in a completely real sense coming to kill us all.

      • The Cominator says:

        And knowing this in the event of victory for our side we should carry out a comprehensive sweeping Suharto style final solution to the leftist problem.

        Oh you posted something pro Biden on your facebook once… come with us.

        • Dave says:

          Oh you have a blue check-mark on Twitter… come with us.

        • James says:

          You’re going to need more than a pro-Biden facebook post. There are plenty of people who live under circumstances that force them to fake support of the left publicly not to mention countless normies.

    • Not Tom says:

      He’s right to mock the people calling it “undemocratic”, though. It doesn’t get much more democratic than that.

      They’re playing for keeps this time. They know it, we know it, and even some of the flaky moderates are starting to figure it out. All that matters now is whether the anti-left has the will to stop them.

  21. Strannik says:

    It’s looking like we may not be seeing a Biden/Harris ticket win in 2020;

    ”Neither Hunter Biden’s lawyer nor Joe Biden’s campaign have disputed the validity of the trove of data that The Post obtained after being extracted from a MacBook Pro laptop. The owner of a Delaware computer repair shop said the device was dropped off in April 2019 but never retrieved.

    A computer camera roll of nearly 25,000 images is loaded with sexually explicit selfies and porn (which The Post is not publishing), but also has snapshots from Biden’s childhood and vacations.”

    • Publius says:

      It is painfully obvious that we’re going to see the media proclaim Biden the winner no matter how the vote breaks. All you people following the electoral horse race don’t understand that we’ve *already left* the regime of peaceful and legitimate democratic transition of power. These scandals don’t matter. The votes don’t matter. The court decisions on ballot counting don’t matter. Hunter Biden’s degeneracy doesn’t matter Nobody, left or right, is going to concede the election on the basis of these antique artifacts of a calmer era.

      The game is now about pure power and counting heads. Even as we read this blog, leaders and operatives on both sides are quietly counting heads and exchanging whispered assurances with men with guns. After the election, whatever will happen will happen *fast*, and it’ll be a long time before we know the ground truth of the events of the next few months. There will be confusion, lies, and most likely violence. Nobody’s going to give a damn about the vote tallies. When the dust settles, the voting records will be adjusted to support whoever wins the real contest.

      • The Cominator says:

        The vote tallies will matter to normie soldiers and some normie Praetorians though.

        If the Democrats were to attempt to seize power with no support among men with guns it would be the best thing that could possibly happen. Trump could read the insurrection act and just start shooting people in the government for treason.

        • Publius says:

          Between the filling of the military’s ranks with bioleninist toxic waste and the wokeness of the officer corps (which is rampantly woke for the same reason every elite institution is rampantly woke), the leftists will absolutely be able to find a large number of humans (if not real men) with guns. The leftists can and will oppose Trump’s remaining in power no matter how the vote goes. I don’t know where your optimism is coming from. Trump isn’t Napoleon. He’s not going to beat his chest and induce entire divisions to defect. I worry about Trump having adequate armed support (particularly air assets). You seem to be living in a world where woke generals order the deposition of Trump and nobody listens. That’s very far from what’s going to happen.

          • The Cominator says:

            “Between the filling of the military’s ranks with bioleninist toxic waste and the wokeness of the officer corps (which is rampantly woke for the same reason every elite institution is rampantly woke), the leftists will absolutely be able to find a large number of humans (if not real men) with guns.”

            I think its only the generals who are especially pozzed. There are still plenty of warrior Colonels they just don’t make general.

            • Mike in Boston says:

              plenty of warrior Colonels they just don’t make general

              I believe the ceiling is above Lieutenant Colonel. The exception I know who got to full bird without being politically acceptable did so with the understanding that he would retire shortly thereafter.

          • Anonymous 2 says:

            I expect that the Democrats will at a minimum muddle the electoral outcome to the extent they can and then simply proclaim Trump’s second term illegitimate. They will then turn up the heat further.

            In case of a hot civil war, which at this time does not seem quite as near as it used to, the main issue will be logistics and supply chains. Perhaps not so easy to refuel and repair one’s planes and tanks when there is no safe home base to be used, if you see what I mean. I suppose we could count the military bases abroad and see what capabilities they have available. Subs could also be a quite interesting factor.

        • jim says:

          Color Revolution formula: The color revolution announces electoral victory, regardless of facts on the ground. The official count disagrees. Pointless violence ensues, which pointless violence is used as cover for the real violence, a coup by disloyal elements of the apparatus of coercion. If the disloyal elements are defeated, the US airforce bombs the country flat. The question is, will the US airforce bomb America when ordered to do so?

          Another interesting question: What is the anti air capability of loyalist forces.

          • Not Tom says:

            I keep hearing that American air superiority around China and Russia isn’t what it used to be. Even if the Air Force pilots do agree to bomb their fellow citizens, which is not impossible but not nearly certain either, it may not make as much of a difference as it has historically made in third-world color revolutions. Anti-air has become very sophisticated while US aerospace tech has stagnated and the crafts themselves are barely maintained.

            The AF probably isn’t in quite as miserable shape as the nuclear arsenal, but it won’t be the sole deciding factor in a civil war/coup.

            • Mike says:

              The problem the Air Force has is many bases lack strong ground defenses. They are bases, not forts, after all. They also require regular deliveries of fuel and other supplies. If the surrounding territory is made so unsafe that truckers aren’t willing to drive up to their gate, they will wither on the vine. The base security forces are decent, but lacking in numbers. It’s mostly just a few gates and a chainlink fence.

              It’s going to be a problem no matter which side the AF takes.

              • Publius says:

                And you don’t think that air assets can protect supply lines? And what about the navy? The navy has its own air force, one that’s immune to the interdiction you’re proposing and that can reach out and touch any place in the US worth touching. And what about foreign air bases? No, your comment is more fantasy. Even if one side disrupted operations at *all* domestic air bases using the asymmetric means you propose, the other side would have enough air assets on the water and on foreign land to wipe out the insurgent side and not even break a sweat. Unopposed, *one* US aircraft carrier could do it.

                Something like what you propose would only work if the insurgent side could commandeer air bases with their assets fully intact and find trained people to actually fly and maintain these assets. In Syria, the rebels seized plenty of Assad’s air bases (especially early in the war) but the rebels couldn’t make use of their acquisitions because they didn’t have people to fly and maintain the aircraft. Why would insurgents in the US do any better? Sure, insurgents could turn smart loyal soldiers into pilots, but that training would take a long time.

                Might the insurgents capture pilots along with aircraft? Sure. But you can’t make captured pilots fly missions for you.

                • Mike says:

                  When I was at Bagram in Afghanistan we had an incident where some Korans wound up in a burn pit. It pissed off the locals so much there were countrywide riots. A lot of our supplies had to be trucked in and for a while we had shortages because truckers didn’t feel safe approaching our gates. We almost ran out of toilet paper and had to stop showering to conserve water.

                  I’ve always kept at minimum a 6 month supply of toilet paper on hand ever since. So it can be done.

                  You are also assuming that ALL air force facilities go one way or another, or ALL naval vessels go one way or another. It’s going to be a lot messier than that. And the typical stateside AFB just has a chainlink fence, not massive T walls like Bagram.

                  I had to do security forces augmentee work as well when I was in, so I got to ride around with SF personnel on patrol. For an entire stateside base on a single shift the total amount of people guarding the entire base at one time was maybe 30, 40 people, and 25% of those were stuck guarding gates, so the gaps and blind spots along the perimeter were huge.

                  And we get away with that because nobody is trying to break in and wreck our stuff.

                • jim says:

                  > And you don’t think that air assets can protect supply lines?

                  No air assets cannot protect supply lines. Air assets are for attacking the other guy’s supply lines.

                  The hierarchy of war is that soldiers can control civilians, a group of soldiers can control dispersed soldiers, artillery, tanks and air can control groups of soldiers, air power can control artillery and tanks, and fighters planes can control ground attack planes.

                  Drones are turning into unmanned ground attack planes, and anti air is turning into unmanned fighter planes.

                  But at the bottom, you still need boots on the ground. And without boots on the ground, your supply collapses. So in a civil war situation, if the air force obeys the deep state, and the cop on the beat obeys Trump, the air force is going to wither on the vine.

                • Reziac says:

                  The two airbases in territory I’m familiar with could be isolated by blockading one or two highways. When you have to airlift in jet fuel, it puts a crimp in your flight plans.

                  And as others note, they are defended on the ground by open space and/or chainlink fence.

                • Dave says:

                  Ten people showed up to hear Biden speak, but thousands of military personnel will show up to fight for him if the media says he won the election. Yeah, sure.

                  The problem with using the Air Force to carry out white genocide is that you first have to get all the white people out of the Air Force, which soon results in it not having any flyable aircraft, as happened in South Africa.

            • Publius says:

              Why would our air power compared to China and Russia matter for current purposes? Do you imagine these powers intervening? I don’t. They’re going to sit back and eat popcorn as the US implodes.

              The conflict we’re talking about will be fought between factions of the US military using US military assets. Our air defense in general is pretty lackluster even against Chinese and Russian planes. Our air assets will be even less effective against our own, which tend to have better stealth than the Chinese and Russian aircraft. We don’t have S-400s. US air strategy is to combat enemy air assets with fighters, not fixed missile emplacements.

              I don’t know where you’re getting this idea that US air capability has lapsed. There are thousands of planes in our various air forces, over 100,000 precision-guided munitions, and millions of conventional munitions. All of these assets work just fine, and (unlike our nuclear arsenal) they’re all regularly tested. On top of all that, we have long-endurance drones, high-capacity stealth bombers, and CAS assets.

              It is impossible to win a conventional modern war without air superiority. This idea was true 80 years ago, and it’s even more true now. The Iraqis learned that lesson well.

              Do you imagine running some of guerrilla campaign in lieu of a conventional war? Those things seldom achieve their stated ends. Guerrilla war is hopeless. The only way our imminent conflict becomes a long-duration conventional war is if both sides gain access to significant air assets. If one side or the other fails to do that, whichever side controls the air wins quickly and utterly.

              Of course the best outcome in any future conflict is the air force and navy pilots defecting to us en masse. But that’s not going to happen. It’s wishful thinking. In reality, either *all* the air force and navy pilots will obey the woke generals or *almost all* of them will. Any hope lies in this difference between “all” and “almost all” being big enough to provide short-term deterrence while the two sides stabilize and a more orderly conflict emerges.

              • Not Tom says:

                Why would our air power compared to China and Russia matter for current purposes? Do you imagine these powers intervening? I don’t. They’re going to sit back and eat popcorn as the US implodes.

                You wrote a lengthy reply that completely missed the point. At no time did I say or imply that Russia or China would intervene. It was simply a point to substantiate the fact that USAF isn’t very effective anymore against modern, organized militaries. Great for bombing third world countries with medieval technology back to the stone age, not so great for winning protracted wars against industrialized societies with competent leadership.

            • awildgoose says:

              Not Tom-

              If you look at the anti-air capabilities fielded by Russia and China, it is clear that both of them have very sophisticated, layered integrated air defense systems that are capable of dealing with everything from tiny drones to B-1Bs and B-52s.

              In comparison, US has the Patriot on land, the Standard missile at sea, and not much else as far as I can tell.

              • jim says:

                Russian anti air did not seem to do much good for Armenia.

                • BC says:

                  Got a link or general search terms for the air war with Armenia? Ever since the at home political war heated up I’ve completely stopped following foreign events not related to it.

                • jim says:

                  search TB2 Azerbaijan

                • Pseudo-chrysostom says:

                  Vatniks would probably say something along the lines of ‘export monkey models ))))))’

                • BC says:

                  That’s really impressive. I hope Trump has plans to avoid being taken out by drone strike.

                • awildgoose says:

                  Armenia doesn’t field the Russian Pantsir S1. That system is designed to counter the drones that have been effective for the Azeris.

                • ppbdrs says:


                  A big difference is that Russia expects Armenia to buy materiel from it, while Turkey is supplying Azerbaijan for free on favourable loans.

                  The level of high tech coming out of Turkey surprised me. What wouldn’t surprise me would be that NATO has provided this tech to Turkey for great justive democracy and human rights.

          • Contaminated NEET says:

            Nobody is going to show up for this civil war, and the Left will get their color revolution by default. They control the organs of information, and they will muddy the waters enough that Constitutionalists and loyalists will be too confused and uncertain about what actually happened in the election to fight.

            Fighting this fight would take an intensity and a certainty that our side does not have the power to instill in our supporters. With the TV, the radio, the papers, the internet, and the educators unanimously proclaiming that Biden won the election, our rank-and-file will not have the righteous certainty to take up arms.

            >But NEET, nobody trusts the media liars!

            Bullshit. Extremist internet weirdos who post here might not, but normalfag conservatives/Constitutionalists absolutely do. They will mouth the right words, but then they consume the propaganda and believe it that it’s basically true, even if there is some “spin.” They might not end up believing in a clear Biden victory, but they will know the election was a mess with “undemocratic” shenanigans on both sides, and they won’t believe in a clear Trump victory either.

            • jim says:

              You are suffering from normalcy bias and recency bias. There is always a civil war in a left wing singularity. If we don’t get one this election, then 2024 or 2026.

              Things have been grossly abnormal, and rapidly getting more abnormal every year. If the house accepts one set of electoral college delegates, and the senate a different set, what happens then? Presumably the supreme court issues a ruling, but the Democrats have been delegitimizing the supreme court in preparation for and expectation of such a ruling. Given that preparation, they are not going to accept the supreme court ruling if it rules against them, which it likely will.

              The Democrats are running the color revolution script – which is intended to avoid civil war and be resolved quietly by coup, but often civil war ensues. They have screwed up color revolution many times before, and the conditions for color revolution this time around are less favorable.

              Every left singularity, civil war ensues eventually. In a large proportion of color revolutions, civil war ensues. We have a color revolution and a left singularity. No matter what the outcome, normalcy is not on the table.

              • Contaminated NEET says:

                Maybe we will get a civil war eventually, but 2020 or 2021 are far too early. Normalcy may not be on the table in the long run, but for now things still seem normal enough that the normalfags aren’t going to flip over the table. Food is on the shelves, the currency has value, electricity is flowing, and the people the Leftist mob destroys are few in number and can plausibly be painted as bad guys. The normalfags will not freak out when their conditions are OK and all the media tell them that the Left is justified and reasonable.

                • R7 Rocket says:

                  @Contaminated NEET

                  “Food is on the shelves”

                  Food was disappearing from the shelves early in the lockdown.

            • Not Tom says:

              Bullshit. Extremist internet weirdos who post here might not, but normalfag conservatives/Constitutionalists absolutely do [trust the media]

              They really don’t. Even the polls, which themselves skew left, have shown in recent years that fewer people trust the media than trust Trump. It’s really hilariously low, between maybe 15-40% depending on which surveys you look at. Trump has done more than any other president in history in terms of exposing the media for the liars and whores that they are.

              There’s a problem with memeplexes, sure. Normalfags and tradcucks obsess over “pedophilia” and QAnon and subscribe to color-blindness and muh free speech and other dumb classical liberal ideas. But these things won’t stop them from doing what they have to do to defend themselves, their families and their property.

              Look at gun sales in 2019-2020.

          • pyrrhus says:

            However, it is an open question whether jet fuel will continue to be available in quantity if there is a civil war…Most of the production and the refineries that make it are located in Red states, and pipelines are rather easy to sabotage….

            • The Cominator says:

              Fighter jocks and aircraft mechanics tend to be Trump type people (even if chair force bureaucrats and most of the navy tend to be Democrats). The leftist side of the civil war is going to find itself with both a shortage of pilots and maintenence problems.

            • Publius says:

              Again, supply interdiction against the air force as a whole is totally impossible. Even if you managed to shut down all domestic air bases, US airbases in foreign countries would still be able to operate and buy jet fuel from foreign sources. On top of that, aircraft carriers would still be able to launch sorties against US targets on the mainland and themselves refuel from foreign sources. All this talk about what’s located in red states doesn’t matter one damned bit because the US air force is global.

              Stop the wishful thinking already. The left isn’t going to just roll over and agree to be defeated. They’re going to have plenty of people on their side whom we’ll have to defeat. They’re going to have significant military assets, probably including capital ships and lots of aircraft. The left will never ever stop or give up ever. They’re going to have to be defeated inch by bloody inch. Blowing up a few pipelines in red states won’t even faze them.

              • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                Physical warfare comes from the weaker side thinking it has a good chance of winning, or of not being punished brutally if it loses.

                There is no way the first is true at the current level of troop support for Trump and the widespread belief among Trump supporters that election fraud is likely. Lefties are outnumbered and they know it or will quickly realize it in the escalation toward a potential hot war involving government soldiers.

                The top-down control organs of the left become less and less influential the more things escalate. The half-life of CNN’s relevance is a few hours into a real crisis develops, press conferences from the Pentagon a few days. Physical control is middle down, the colonels taking over (in fact and sometimes in name) from the generals.

                Being outnumbered 2-1 or more and hoping for media and top brass to fight and win the political war, or reach a truce that guarantees your safety after the shooting is over, is a slim and fickle branch to rest upon, and I don’t think the lefty troops will like their chances. More likely they sit it out waiting to see what happens between Antifa and the Car Parades (I think we know already) during the escalation.

              • jim says:

                > Again, supply interdiction against the air force as a whole is totally impossible.

                Supply interdiction against any one air force asset, or most of them separately, is dead easy, and is a huge problem with air force facilities near the enemy. The British were totally screwed in their recent middle eastern adventures for lack of boots on the ground. Their air superiority did not do them much good.

                And while our airforce is still reasonably functional, our navy is dead in the water because progressive domination always destroys that which it takes over. The qualities that make our air force still somewhat functional also make it less likely to obey orders to bomb Americans, and if they do bomb Americans without adequate boots on the ground, they are going to die.

                • Publius says:

                  > Supply interdiction against any one air force asset, or most of them separately, is dead easy, and is a huge problem with air force facilities near the enemy.

                  Yes, it’s a big problem for air bases near the enemy. An air base doesn’t have to be near an enemy to threaten that enemy. Many air bases are stationed far from mainland US territory and these air bases will nevertheless be able to attack it. For example, there is a major air base at Pearl Harbor. (Hawaii is deep blue territory.) It’s roughly a 2,300 flight from there to San Francisco. An F15E has a range of about 3,000 miles and can be refueled in the air. Why wouldn’t aircraft from Pearl Harbor be able to bomb the mainland US, especially if the mainland US has no functioning air defenses?

                  But aircraft won’t have to fly all the way from Pearl Harbor, because they’ll be able to fly from much closer aircraft carriers instead. How, exactly, are boots on the ground supposed to do anything against an aircraft carrier in the middle of the ocean? You need air assets of your own or good SAMs to counter aircraft. Boots on the ground by themselves won’t do it. Boots are necessary but not sufficient.

                  > our navy is dead in the water because progressive domination always destroys that which it takes over

                  Yes, progressive domination destroys everything, but the navy is not so destroyed that our ships and aircraft and missiles have literally stopped working. All the armed forces drill and practice regularly. They maintain a minimum level of competence in the routine drudgery of warfare. If nothing worked, if the navy were literally dead in the water, it would be obvious.

                  Yes, the navy occasionally crashes ships into each other. Embarrassing. But they move plenty of ships around without incident and the vast majority of naval aviation training missions happen without any aircraft blowing up at all.

                  You don’t need personnel at the height of excellence to make a plane take off, drop some bombs, and fly home. You need even less excellence to push the launch button on a cruise missile. Institutional decay isn’t a binary thing. An organization can be seriously rotten and still quite dangerous.

                  Do you really think the navy is so far gone that it can’t put munitions on targets *at all*? That the whole organization is so full of incompetence that they can’t operate their equipment at even a basic, robotic level? I don’t see any evidence of this level of decay.

                  > if they do bomb Americans without adequate boots on the ground, they are going to die.

                  It’s true that aircraft can’t hold territory and infantry can. But infantry by itself is no threat to aircraft. How exactly are boots on the ground going to reach up and hurt pilots in the sky? Those pilots aren’t going to die, not unless their side totally loses the war.

                  You’re arguing that the left is so dysfunctional that they can’t operate their equipment at all, that the ships won’t move and the catapults won’t work and the missiles won’t fire. I think that’s a dangerous underestimation of the enemy.

                • jim says:

                  > the navy is not so destroyed that our ships and aircraft and missiles have literally stopped working. All the armed forces drill and practice regularly. They maintain a minimum level of competence in the routine drudgery of warfare

                  Actually, the Navy no longer maintains minimum competence in the routine drudgery of warfare. Shaniqua’s incapacity was too embarrassing, so minimum competence in the routine drudgery of warfare was deemed racist, sexist, and unreasonable demand on the Navy’s limited resources. The routine drudgery of logistics continues, but the routine drudgery of maintenance is just drudgery but not maintenance.

                  And if we are able to physically subdue the mainland part of the airforce, we can then destroy the navy and far flung air bases.

                  > But infantry by itself is no threat to aircraft. How exactly are boots on the ground going to reach up and hurt pilots in the sky?

                  Pilots in the sky have to land. The battle of the Kokoda trail was all about Port Moresby airport. Ground troops, very large numbers of ground troops, were fighting other ground troops for control of the sky over the Coral Sea, while the airforce was largely ineffectual against either side, because the terrain made troops hard to find, tanks useless, and large concentrations of troops useless and impossible. The airforce was absolutely vital in controlling the Coral Sea. Whoever controlled Port Moresby airport would control the Coral Sea, and whoever controlled the Kokoda trail would control Port Moresby airport, but the airforce was utterly impotent to control the Kokoda trail.

                  Boots on the ground controlled air sea power in that battle. Air sea power did not control boots on the ground.

                • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                  > You’re arguing that the left is so dysfunctional that they can’t operate their equipment at all

                  It’s not enough for the left to have a lot of functional military people. They have to have entire functional units plus the belief among members of those units that Trump is not supported by a considerably larger number of functional units and functional personnel.

                  The fighting forces stationed in blue states have a composition similar to the national military, so there is no reason to think that e.g. California can just “take” its bases with it and secede or fight as a geographic unit. More likely is that the military in California can help subdue a rebellion in California.

                • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

                  Shaniqua and her fellow Democrats are over-represented in logistics and support staff, and under-represented in special forces and other high value combat troops. The tip of the spear is more white, male, rural, Christian, Southern or Midwestern, armed (before joining the military), and conservative than the military as a whole, let alone the entire USA. Like every other part of the calculus this favors Trump.

                • pyrrhus says:

                  The air force requires a steady supply of jet fuel and lubricants,, high tech spare parts, highly trained maintenance people,food and medical supplies and force protection for all that and the pilots…and yet the planes spend almost all their time on the ground….Not going to work if surrounded by a hostile population…

                • James says:

                  A Navy guy in the surface fleet once told me, “If we ever fight a war that depends on even one destroyer in our entire fleet being fully operational, we are fucked.”

          • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

            That overseas military ballots are being found in ditches tells you how it ends if the military gets involved. The police of course skew even further for Trump, having been put on notice that they will be the first target of purges (2021) and re-education (2022) under a Harris administration.

            I hope it will end earlier than that on the street, with Trump’s car parades going paramilitary in the event of a BLM-Antifa “uprising” in November.

        • James says:

          There are no normie Praetorians.

      • Strannik says:


        I think that most of us here know that much of what really happens to determine things happens behind the scenes, and has been that way since, well, forever…

        Your scenario has been likely the real case with every election since 2000 AD, if not earlier, in America.

  22. David 'The Diversity Mastermind' Lammey says:

    My Yankee Friends,

    Follow ilhan Omar third world style this election –



  23. R7 Rocket says:

    Trump has 100% support from every single police union. This should be useful to the President for the purpose of combating Democrat vote fraud. Nearly 900,000 law enforcement officers on President Trump’s side, vs a mere 14,000 armed FBI agents.

    • Publius says:

      Indeed. In addition, he has the support of significant fractions of the military. Trump could and should seize power and save the Republic in the same way that Augustus did. I can attribute his failure to do so only to a failure of imagination on his part.

      • Strannik says:

        Or, maybe he’s busy doing things behind the scenes while everyone else is absorbed one way or another by his crafted persona.

        • awildgoose says:

          This is highly likely.

          Word has surfaced that Steve Bannon is behind the release of the Hunter Biden information. Bannon recently claimed much more is coming.

          Bannon, along with Giuliani, appear to serve as Trump’s consiglieries.

          • Strannik says:

            Exactly. Sometimes, you’ve got to have people outside the government officially, in order to get things done.

          • Not Tom says:

            Huh? We already know it’s from Giuliani, he explained how he got it and even went on a couple of shows to talk about it and display the fabled laptop.

            Where could Bannon possibly figure into it? He doesn’t have those kinds of connections and has proven himself an unreliable ally at the best of times.

            • Strannik says:

              I think a lot of this ”unreliability” and all that is just tactical and strategic deception. I know that both President Trump and Steve Bannon are both readers of Sun Tzu.

              We’ve been at war for a while, war in some fashion, and I’m certain that Trump and Bannon and Giuliani and Erik Prince are well aware of that. And the high stakes involved.

              • Not Tom says:

                I’m not buying it. Not going to dump on Bannon for no reason, not going to dump on anyone who isn’t attacking us, but this “secret friends” business is QAnon-tier conspiratardery and a major source of misdirection and demoralization on the right.

                “Sessions is a good guy, Barr is a bad guy. Bannon is an angel, (((Kushner))) is the devil incarnate. Mad Dog Mattis is going to lead us to victory, Steven Mnuchin is an evil old Goldman-Sachs swamp rat. McMaster is actually running a secret double-agent campaign FOR Trump, Carson and DeVos are just incompetent fools.” I mean, these people are always wrong and never seem to get tired of being wrong.

                So I’m just going to believe what I can see with my own eyes, and what I can see with my own eyes is that Steve Bannon shares a little bit of Trump’s philosophy and doesn’t seem to be actively working against Trump, but he’s got his own agenda that very often does not align with Trump’s or with ours, and pulled Trump into bad news cycles more than once because of his tendency to mouth off to “friends” in the legacy media. I think he’s an okay guy, certainly better than most of the media, but I think Trump cut him loose for a good reason and am not inclined to speculate much beyond that.

                • Strannik says:

                  Bit of a strawman there, in my opinion. I barely know anything of the conspiracy type stuff you’re talking about, but what I do know is this; President Trump had to have had very powerful friends to even make it as far as he has. And both he and his friends just to have made it this far and want to go further, must be aware of the stakes involved, aware on a level you or I would be totally unaware of.

                  This is not a war fought in the open. What we see in the open is like watching the thrashings of sea monsters fighting below the waves, and all we see is just the troubled waters at this point, no blood, yet.

                • Not Tom says:

                  And so from that, you logically conclude that Bannon is pulling strings, when we have a clear timeline of what happened which Bannon does not figure into in any way?

                  What’s step 2 in this 3-step profit plan?

                • The Cominator says:

                  Lets distinguish facts from Q bullshit.

                  Does Trump have a certain amount of dissident elite backing sure.

                  Does this make Q a legitimate source, no.

                  Is Giuliani a formidable guy and one that Trump can trust on this issue, yes. He took down the mob he was probably involved in engineering the Comey announcement last election.

                  Is Bannon an overly reliable guy, not really. Hes done some good but Bannon is kind of an attention whore sometimes. He was talking to the enemy unauthorized for no good reason not necessarily spilling all sorts of secrets but if you talk long enough to the enemy you’ll reveal things…

                • The Infinity Banker says:

                  “QAnon-tier conspiratardery”

                  Wake up, Paul. The Trump PSYOP, the greatest PSYOP of all time, the greatest PSYOP in all of human history, is about to manifest itself in the real world, with the force of a thousand suns.

            • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

              Bannon is enthusiastically pushing the Giuliani material, in part because he will go to jail for decades should a Harris administration DOJ prosecute his bullshit fraud case about the border wall. There is reason to distrust his abilities at execution but think he unreservedly supports Trump here in addition to the self-preservation motive.

              • Pooch says:

                Anyone going to jail if Trump loses is ourguy. I listen to his show often and he’s a staunch supporter of Trump in every way. My only criticism of him is that he has CCP on the brain in the same bizarre way that some on the right (like Anglin) have Jews on the brain.

  24. … andthe Biden “rally” looks like a bunch of middle-class, middle-aged, non-queer, normcore-dressed whites i.e. that not at all that coalition of the fringes the Dems generally count on.

    • Strannik says:

      In a way, they’re attending a wake, the wake of the old Liberal Democratic Party. What comes after could well be that party’s fracturing into pieces and/or restructuring into a vehicle for mass Muslim immigration into America.

      These people are those aging liberal boomers that were hippies back in the day and thought that they’d usher in a ”better” America. They didn’t. Hence the funeral metaphor I used. This Biden/Harris candidacy represents the dashing of their hopes and the mockery of their plans by God.

      • Fred says:

        I remember someone (maybe Jonah Goldberg at NRO) once observing that the 1984 election was the last gasp of the “New Deal coalition”: Mondale was the end of an era (although I’m inclined to say 1988 and Dukakis).

        I get a similar vibe from this election cycle: it’s the last gasp of the Clinton-type neoliberal DNC boomers, the Vietnam-protest demographic who started taking over the party after being BTFO in 1984. Now, say 35-odd years later, they’re on their way out, being replaced (by millennial/Xer wokes) much as they in turn had replaced the New Dealers.

        • Strannik says:

          I agree, I think you’re right. After these people pass on, the Democratic Party will be totally taken over by peak lunacy. And they’ll willingly finish handing over the keys to the kingdom to the Chinese and the Islamists.

        • jatt arya says:

          spandrell posted link,

          he also has a theory on refractory and excitement cycles for women.
          Wondering jim’s opinion on that?

          • jim says:

            “Face to Face” is detached from reality or plausibility.

            For example, he says industry has not come, steel has not come back, Trump has abandoned his promises of re-industrialization. He is not living in Trump’s america as it actually exists, but in the Trump America prophesied by the Democratic slogan “Those jobs are gone and they are not coming back”.

            He is isolated in a self imposed bubble of delusion and unreality. He notices that no one cares about electing Biden, and concludes that no one cares about electing Trump.

          • awildgoose says:

            Speaking of women, Rollo Tomassi recently theorized that we are witnessing the birth of a global religion headed by women.

            I don’t that’s a bad take at all.

            • Fred says:

              Sounds intuitively right (although I can’t think of anything of Rollo’s I’ve ever disagreed with). Where did he say this?

            • oagsgs says:

              An easy trap to fall into. When we say “women are slaves to their hormones and incapable of leadership” we do not mean “some” women are like that, or that they may change at will. AWALT.

              One of Moldbug’s key insights is that struggles of “the people against elites” never involve “the people” at all, but instead one faction of elites uses “the people” to cover for its war against the other faction.

              The same applies to women. Whenever you see “women” leading something, you can be sure to find handlers behind it.

              Also, “global religion” lol. It’s just Christcucks being BTFO (for now).

            • Dave says:

              Headed by women but not birthed by them. Women don’t build institutions, they infiltrate institutions created by men and turn them into big cuddly empathy-fests while the men go off and find something else to do.

              Women are attracted to male power; men are repulsed by female power. A big chunk of Sweden’s male population lives in Thailand because why fight for a better country when you can just move to one?

  25. info says:

    Long love the bureaucracy saith the bugman:

  26. Mister Grumpus says:

    Now The Russians are hacking the voting machines, I hear.

    I can only guess that now they’re just trying to lose so badly, yet after “polling” so well, that the wide discrepancy “can only be the result of massive fraud” on the R side.

    • jim says:

      I have a more pessimistic interpretation. Whatever bad things the left is doing, it almost reflexively accuses its enemies of doing.

      • Strannik says:

        Absolutely. But recall that Trump’s campaign is aware of this and i’m certain they have instituted counter-measures to mitigate the fraud. Democrats have actually been doing this sort of thing for decades now.

        • pdhvgo says:

          Kennedy stole an election from Nixon. Even Hollywood had to put a lampshade on it.

          • Strannik says:

            Yes, and we somehow made it through that era. But the stakes have gotten higher, ans so we have to be vigilant and do our civic duty as voters.

            • The Cominator says:

              JFK unlike the rest of his family (including the old man who rigged the election) wasn’t a willing traitor or a commie.

              He might have been a reckless hedonistic drug addict but not a traitor and JFK also understood the Laffer principle of taxation in an era when not many people did.

              LBJ the guy he was whacked to install otoh WAS a traitor.

              • Strannik says:

                I have a few ideas about JFK and LBJ and that era, but I tend to keep them more to myself really. We’re still dealing with the consequences of those times, but frankly I don’t think we the American people know much at all of what really happened-least of all those who lived through it!

      • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

        The left generally does this accusing not for things it is merely also-doing, but things it does at industrial scale, several orders of magnitude beyond what any of its competitors could hope to do.

        The more extensive, professional, institutionalized, bureaucratic, auto-piloted, widespread, pervasive and assumed their own conduct is, the easier it is to submerge it into the background of business as usual and not even notice anything happening. In contrast to the appalling violation of norms when the peons slightly to their right so much as attempt to do the same.

        • Not Tom says:

          Peons is exactly the word. This is aristocratic privilege.

          The Opposite Rule of Liberalism is technically true but omits part of the story. They don’t accuse in order to deflect or assuage guilt, they do it because they honestly believe it’s perfectly acceptable for them and unacceptable for their enemies.

          When your team makes the rules, it’s the height of arrogance for the opposing team to complain about you breaking them.

          • sugpca says:

            Just to keep things clear, “aristocratic privilege” is a good thing. Kakistocratic privilege is not.

          • Omar is just a Trump card now. says:

            Yes, but it’s worth getting the meme precisely correct on this.

            The left has literally and exactly what they conjure with the term “white privilege”, only real.

            The privilege of being the default, the norm, the null hypothesis, the imperceptible background against which all else is noticed and (harshly) judged. The privilege of presuming all good people agree, have already agreed and decided on how things are to be, without any discussion ever having taken place.

            For the overt warrior crusader factions such an Antifa or BLM, it is Action Film Hero Privilege, where laws and Commandments can be broken at will with a smile, because “we” all know (by the white privilege null hypothesis) that the hero is doing Good as he kills, steals, hacks, and hijacks his way through the enemy.

            On the opposite side, the literal and exact meme for the status of the right is Jim Crow. The left gets the White facilities (media, universities etc), the right gets second- and third-rate Colored substitutes, with the authorities down their throat on the flimsiest and phoniest pretexts at the first sign of organization or resistance.

            • Not Tom says:

              Sure, call it Prog Privilege if you want.

              I like to conjure up the image of old aristocrats because the more moderate liberals have tremendous antipathy toward the idea of an aristocracy and it’s fun to watch the mental gymnastics of them trying to explain how it’s totally different in their case.

              Gentry is another good term but kind of archaic, a lot of them just don’t get the reference.

            • Oog en Hand says:

              “On the opposite side, the literal and exact meme for the status of the right is Jim Crow.”

              So, the progs will say: “Taste of your own medicine!”

              This, of course, is captain obvious.

      • Plenty of countries are still using paper voting, and not because they are technologically backwards primitives but because of a conscious choice that paper ballots are harder to hack, and being harder to hack, they are also harder to be accused of having been hacked. Both aspects can do a lot of damage to a peaceful transmission of power. The first time I heard about voting machines existing in the US raised an alarm in my mind: why do both parties trust Diebold so much?

  27. […] last time was size of rally audience. Trump is packing them in, whereas Ukraine Joe is speaking to empty parking lots. Rather, he is shouting randomly at […]

  28. The Cominator says:

    I don’t think the Dem schemes will work their minions are too incompetent and I think there is still a margin of fraud.

    Michael Franzese was probably the biggest earner for the mafia (at least from things other than drugs) since Al Capone and he has to worry the government could still harass him because they never recovered most of his gas tax money. I don’t think he would say this unless he knew for sure based on information he has that Biden was doomed.

    He certainly knows 1st hand not to underestimate Giuliani.

    • Not Tom says:

      There’s no such thing as a “margin of fraud”. What are you actually trying to say?

      • The Cominator says:

        Theoretically the Democrats could say that Biden won with 10000% of the vote realistically though there is a margin that is probably less than 10% of the vote they can swing…

        What I said is Franzese is still potentially a target of fedgov harassment for lost gas tax money… he wouldn’t come out for Trump unless he knew for sure Biden was doomed. Hes a pretty savvy guy…

        • Not Tom says:

          Voter turnout is usually a tiny percentage in any precinct so they can just say there was historic voter turnout and they all voted Dem. Will that make sense when compared to new voter registrations? No, but only the fringes like us pay attention to that.

          I suppose you’re intimating that the actual vote tallies will show Republicans with too much of a lead to bridge with fake votes. But remember, the margins in swing states can actually be extremely small, and they can also mysteriously lose Republican absentee ballots (which is why Trump is saying to vote in person). And most importantly, they can simply report whatever made-up vote counts they please through the legacy media megaphone, and social media will suppress any objections.

          You’re looking at this from the point of view of neutral vote-counters who simply allow fake ballots to be counted. But you’re not considering the possibility that actual counts are completely ignored and new ones are made up and substituted in their place. Who can prove that the counts are false, if state governors and election officials participate?

          It doesn’t have to be a grand conspiracy and doesn’t have to be in every state. Just a few people, maybe a few dozen people, in a few key states. The media shills will automatically know what to do, which messages to amplify and which ones to bury.

          After the election, if Trump remains in power through either peaceful or not peaceful means, then we may discover the truth about what happened. Then again, maybe not; Russiagate/Obamagate was 4 years ago and we’re just starting to really get all the facts, and it’s still only the fringes who are paying attention. The average boomer knows Trumprussiaputinhackers was bullshit but has no idea how the sausage was actually made. There is plenty of opportunity for fraud.

          • The Cominator says:

            “You’re looking at this from the point of view of neutral vote-counters who simply allow fake ballots to be counted. But you’re not considering the possibility that actual counts are completely ignored and new ones are made up and substituted in their place.”

            They can do this in some Democrat cities and have been doing it since probably the 1960s but its questionable whether they can extend this to areas they don’t already have complete control over.

            If there plan was to change votes online using the “niggergate” flaw 4chan beat them to it.

            If there plan was to use mail ins that is probably if anything backfiring on them as mail ins are being thrown out in droves and Trump’s base is overwhelmingly going to vote in person.

            I firmly believe that a margin of fraud still exists but we shall see, I suppose Biden can win Florida because of an unexpected 6 gorillion votes from Broward county for Biden.

            • Pooch says:

              Does not matter if they can win or not. They are going to announce victory and when Trump pushes back against that claim they’ll frame the ensuing post-election mail vote chaos as Trump “suppressing the vote”. Then, they’ll launch Color Revolution.

              • Strannik says:

                I have the suspicion that things won’t get to that point. Can’t say why exactly I feel that way, but I figure it would be like watching sausage being made-you really don’t want to know, but you’ll like the finished product.

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