Spiritual Security

Putin coined the useful and important concept of “spiritual security”, as a part of national security.

All states have a state religion. If your state religion is controlled by a hostile state, you are toast. That is spiritual insecurity. The official state religion of most states is progressivism, and their progressivism is controlled by the NGOs, which are controlled by the US State Department, which is controlled by Harvard in pretty much the same way the US supreme court is controlled by Harvard. (Sometimes the president makes minor, and usually ineffectual and unsuccessful, efforts to influence the US State Department. If he gets too stubborn about it, the media demonize him.)

Back in the 1400 and 1500s the Pope was in the pocket of the Holy Roman Emperor and/or the King of Spain, and a lot of states were at war or near war or cold war with the Holy Roman Emperor and/or the King of Spain. These states found that the Pope was getting up their noses. They found Martin Luther handy to protect themselves from papism, which eventually led to the bloody holy wars of the Protestant Reformation west of the Hajnal line. Being Roman Catholic was spiritual insecurity – you were apt wind up incorporated in the almost universal empire of the triple crown.

More recently Jomo Kenyatta complained during the twentieth century: “When the Missionaries arrived, the Africans had the land and the Missionaries had the Bible. They taught how to pray with our eyes closed. When we opened them, they had the land and we had the Bible.” That is spiritual insecurity.

China has a big problem with progressivism and assorted Christian sects, many of which smell suspiciously like the State Department, discovering in the New Testament that gay sex is sacred, and husbands should obey their wives. The obvious solution is state sponsored Confucianism Manchesterized, or state sponsored Manchesterism Confucianized, but they are hesitant and confused. What exactly is their state religion? Supposedly it is Maoism, but Maoism is just not that credible these days, and they don’t particularly wish it was credible. They are half decided to go with Confucianism, but what sort of Confucianism? They are not sure. In the recent confrontation in Hong Kong, the police backed the protestors against the government, siding with the US state department against Peking. Such is the power of faith. Hong Kong suffers severely from spiritual insecurity. The authorities in Peking need to decide on something that is credible, persuasive, and sane, and go with that, for right now China is spiritually insecure. The state department plots a “democratic” takeover of China. If what happened in Hong Kong had happened in Peking, China would be ruled by the State Department and looted by Wall Street the way Russia was after the fall of communism.

Putin has a big problem with progressivism, but is taking forceful and effective measures against it. The unofficially official Russian state religion is highly unprogressive Russian Orthodoxy.

Russian orthodoxy in the west steers a delicate path wobbling between pissing off the State Department, and pissing off the patriarchy in Russia. There are no large scale hierarchical organized Christian religions in the west that seriously dissent from the State Department line that all religions, rightly understood, are the same religion, and that religion is progressivism.

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  5. War says:

    Don’t put any faith or bets on Russian Orthodoxy in America. Progodoxy is a real thing and it’s cleaning house starting with dissenters of phylatism and aiming to fill the holes created by Orthodoxy’s uninvolvedness in American nationalism with progy ideals of universal love/degeneracy.

    • bob sykes says:

      However, the Greek Orthodox and other eastern Orthodox churches, while small, are growing rapidly. Even the Orthodox churches in communion with Rome are growing. Then, of course, there are the sedevacantists and the Latin Rite schismatics. The remaining Vatican II churches are doing well, if much reduced.

      The mainline Protestants, Anglican/Episcopalian, Lutheran, Methodist and Presbitarian are dying. Southern Baptists and Evangelicals are doing OK.

      • peppermint says:

        » Evangelicals are doing OK.

        Southern Baptists need to worship niggers to prove that they’re not racist. Evangelicals adopt niggers as embryos.

        Catholics and Orthodox technically believe in IMAGO DEI too. But Orthodox are making an unprincipled exception and blessing planes to fight wars for Russia.

  6. Irving says:

    The ease and enthusiasm with which Chinese abroad take up the ‘butt sex is holy’ version of Christianity makes me think that Chinese in China are cooked.

    • peppermint says:

      Chinese abroad are abroad for a reason, and their children are surrounded by Whites with the only way to feel good about that situation being to go full prog

  7. Robert says:

    White men of the west are ripe for a spiritual mass movement, and it will happen, and it will be spectacular. As a Christian I pray it is a revival of traditional Christianity. We have lost hope, we have lost a sense of purpose, we have lost a sense of meaning and belonging, we have been driven to maddening isolation. The movement that can give white men of the west these things that he has lost, will sweep the world.

    • Corvinus says:

      “White men of the west are ripe for a spiritual mass movement”

      What white men are you referring to? Do all white men have to follow the same God?

      “and it will happen, and it will be spectacular.”

      What evidence do you have that this situation WILL occur?

      “As a Christian I pray it is a revival of traditional Christianity.”

      It really depends on how you view “traditional Christianity”.

      “The movement that can give white men of the west these things that he has lost, will sweep the world.”

      Who thinks of white men of the West as being even remotely applicable anymore?

      • Robert says:

        1) I’m referring to all white men of the west. Christianity swept through all white countries.

        2)When the leaves begin to change and the wind brings a chill, you know winter is coming. Read Eric Hoffers “The True Believer”

        3)Traditional Christianity is the most superior ideology ever implemented on planet earth.


        • peppermint says:

          In fact, Christianity is so superior, its current form is the dominant ideology of the dominant world power, though there is a significant amount of dissent on the question of whether aborted fetuses should be sold for scrap, or whether aborted embryos should be found wombs

        • Corvinus says:

          “1) I’m referring to all white men of the west. Christianity swept through all white countries.”

          So, do all white men have to follow the same God? Or, are they able to decide for themselves what is Truth?

          “2)When the leaves begin to change and the wind brings a chill, you know winter is coming. Read Eric Hoffers “The True Believer””

          Ok, so you really don’t know.

          “3)Traditional Christianity is the most superior ideology ever implemented on planet earth.”

          Says the believer of Traditional Christianity, which is your faith and your truth. Each believer of every faith feels that way. No person is able to determine what is and what is not the superior faith. It is unquantifiable. A person’s faith is their Truth. The truth is a person’s faith.

    • Oliver Cromwell says:

      Christianity is Roman-era progressivism. There can be no successful revival, only a successful new creation.

    • Robert,

      I am also a traditionalist Christian, and I share your hope for a revival. It’s good to encounter a fellow Christian who also appreciates the wisdom of tradition. I wrote the following comment after reading Jim’s blog post: facebook.com/ulixesorobar/posts/870505853059713 . Let me know what you think of it.

    • Lalit says:

      Hey I recognise this particular fantasy. The Hindus have one as well. In their fantasy, God takes birth in the womb of an 80 year-old woman and kills all the Muslims thus saving Hinduism from extinction. You and the Hindus have a lot of common ground when it comes to fantasising.

  8. viking says:

    several recently asserted the state department is running the new world order project. while i get they are certainly about foreign affairs and us hegemony of the world i dont see them as particularly effective group on their own. can you explain how they are perceived as so powerfu do they run the nsa cia have military pull to what extent are ngo not simply SJWs our govt finds to be useful idiots sometimes?

  9. TokugawaFan says:

    Japan dealt with a similar problem in the 16th and 17th centuries. The solution was to ban Christianity, ban Japanese citizens from leaving Japan, ban foreign citizens from entering Japanese territory (except for the Dutch, but only in the city of Nagasaki). All under penalty of death.

    The end result is that, to this day, Japan has fewer Christians than it had back in 1600, not even taking into account exponential growth of its population in the last two centuries. Even under what is basically American occupation, Japan is much better positioned to withstand Universalism than its neighbor South Korea.

    The only negative aspect is, of course, the fact that Asians are only good at improving existing designs rather than inventing anything new. This led to the technological stagnation of Japan under the Tokugawa Shogunate. This can be averted by China by bringing in White talent from the West and settling them in a remote region so as not to risk tainting the Chinese heartland with Universalist ideas. Xinjiang sounds nice, after all it was the homeland of the Indo-European Tocharians (Whites) before the Turks came. And China would pretty much love to fix this “historical injustice”!

  10. lalit says:

    All Religions are basically the same thing? Sounds suspiciously like a certain aged, frail, bald, malodorous, half-naked, testicle castrating spiritual fraud from India who is not revered worldwide as a Saint.

    You sure this line originated from Harvard? Or did Harvard just appropriate his Line?

    • peppermint says:

      it’s the doctrine of universal salvation: all humans are saved, except for nazis who don’t think that salvation is a thing

    • AnomalyUK says:

      Might you be referring to a certain London-educated lawyer who travelled from South Africa to bring the gospel of Universalism to the backward people in his ancestral homeland? If so, I think the question answers itself.

      • Lalit says:

        Yup, that’s the chap. The Indians might be willing to forgive the British lots of things. But the one thing they are not willing to forgive the British for, is that the British inflicted that London educated lawyer on them. Whites might be facing a genocide Because of that variant of Christianity called progressivism. But because of That lawyer Who travelled from South Africa, The Hindus of India are facing a cultural genocide as well.

  11. NeoColonial says:

    General rumours are that China is moving not so slowly to a charismatic Christian variant.

    I’m not sure how secure it is, and that will depend largely upon structure. But the basis is the esoteric form of protestantism that is best holding against the cathedral here, filtered through what survives the Chinese state apparatus there.

    It’s a pretty solid nugget.

    • jim says:

      If the Chinese state can assimilate it and Confucianize it, and prevent the State Department from progressivising it, that would be fine. (Render Confucius unto Caesar)

      If the State Department gets to control it, likely to be a rerun of the problems in Hong Kong.

      If neither the State Department nor the Chinese state gets to control it, likely to be a rerun of the Taiping Rebellion.

    • peppermint says:

      why do they want Christianity? Don’t they know that Christianity requires them to recognize Jews and thus normalizes the presence of Jews living amongst them? Are they trying to fall to the same universal plague that has just about ruined the West?

      • GameOn says:

        The Chinese out Jew the Jews with ease.

        • peppermint says:

          (300) hey everyone, let’s worship Rabbi Yeshua bar Yahweh! If you fulfil your social obligations the way you’re already supposed to, and worship him, he’ll give you an free ice cream cone after you die!

          (1000) see these people with the weird noses? They’re called Jews. They’re the chosen people of Yahweh, which is why Yahweh subjects them to subjugation all the time, but if you treat them better than your conationals, you’ll get extra ice cream when you die.

          (1850) you know, Rabbi Yeshua wishes infinity ice cream on everyone and wants you to as well. You should give more in taxes and have less babies to to support your fellow IMAGO DEIs who just want some ice cream.

          (1950) as Rabbi Yeshua taught, women are exactly like men, all are IMAGO DEI and just want ice cream. Enforcing the marriage contract on them is cruel, be more lenient like Yeshua was towards the woman at the well.

          (2010) All human life is IMAGO DEI, including Black embryos who will die if they can’t find a womb. You and your wife should adopt Black embryos.

          …we’ll see how far the chinamen get in 1500 years.

    • Dave says:

      Might I ask, what really happened in Tiananmen Square in 1989? Was it a Harvard-sponsored coup attempt, a spontaneous protest over economic problems, or something else?

    • Mycroft Jones says:

      Pentecostal Christianity is REALLY unstable.

      I fear the next great extinction event is upon us. There are 4 that we know about; I think we are about to enter the 5th. The only survivors, of course, are those who accept the first 5 books of the Bible above all others, and above all religious doctrine.

      • Corvinus says:

        “I think we are about to enter the 5th.”

        You think, ok. That’s a prediction on your part.

        “The only survivors, of course, are those who accept the first 5 books of the Bible above all others, and above all religious doctrine.”

        No, not of course. Your statement makes the assumption that you truly know. Only God truly knows. Are you God?

        What is this fixation, this fascination with the former head of the KGB who used his clout to bilk his fellow countrymen out of billions, who proposed to pay men and women to have children, who is using the Russian Orthodox Church as the conduit for Russian nationalism…to keep himself in power!

        Must we be reminded that under Soviet authorities, at least 200,000 members of the clergy were murdered, according to a 1995 Kremlin committee report, while millions of other Christians were persecuted while Putin was a member of that intelligence community.

        Moreover, what about those citizens who are not Orthodox? What about their religious liberties? Why should the Orthodox Church receive any official sanction from the government?

        Further, for what reason would the Orthodox Church come out to praise Stalin’s successes in industry and its sphere of influence, without even mentioning about the gulags or purges? Interesting…

        • peppermint says:

          » pay men and women to have children

          i.e. cuck the taxpayers lol

          socialism is for cucks, gibsmedat losers and kikes seeking bureaucratic jobs

      • peppermint says:

        you mean including the part where Jacob jews Esau out of his dying father’s blessing, which has some voodoo power? And the part where Joseph jews the country of Egypt after being accepted as an advisor by the Pharaoh, setting the stage for a revolt that the Jews call yet another persecution?

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