There will be war

Politics is about who whom.  Politics is tribalism and sectarianism.  The question is simple.  Who’s side are these guys on?  What tribe to they favor grabbing all the loot, and what tribe to they plan to destroy?  Ferguson burning is real politics, not ethanol subsidies.  Milwaukee burning is real politics. The violence that followed Trump’s cancelled Chicago rally is real politics.  Politics is the destruction of your enemies, the burning of their homes, the seizure of their women.

Politics is to defeat your enemies, to drive them before you, to take from them all they possess, to see those they love in tears.  If you are not ethnically cleansing Ferguson, and Milwaukee or resisting the ethnic cleansing of Ferguson and Milwaukee, it is not politics.  If you are not dumping weeping anchor babies over the border, it is not politics.

And if the other side is engaged in politics, and you are not engaged in politics, you lose.

Rotherham was the women of one voter group being forcibly emancipated, and then forcibly unemancipated to the benefit of another voter group.  Similar operations are taking place conspicuously and spectacularly in Sweden and Germany.   That is politics.

Politics is not abortion.  Politics is who gets control of women’s sexual and reproductive services.  Emancipation is not natural for women, and if one group’s women are emancipated, they will be taken by another group, and will be mighty glad of it.

Politics is ethnic cleansing and seizing the women of your enemies, politics is about land and women, and it has been about land and women ever since the wealthy and successful were driven out of the American inner city and lost their inner city properties.

If you are not destroying your enemies and securing land and women for your supporters, you are not engaged in politics.  The left is engaged in politics, mainstream conservatives are not.

For a conservative party to exist, it must unite to protect those that commit sacrilege against PC, in the same way it now unites to destroy them.  This requires them to reward their friends and punish their enemies, in the same way that they now reward their enemies and punish their friends.

For democracy to exist without massacre, pogroms, arson, and ethnic cleansing, requires very high levels of social cohesion and trust that we no longer possess, and that our government has been systematically destroying.  Diversity plus proximity means war.  If white males start nakedly pursuing their own interests the way that every other interest group does, it is going to be war.  If they don’t, genocide.

War is easy, peace is hard.  Governments everywhere have forgotten how easy war is, how difficult peace is, and gleefully throw jet fuel on the fire.  The natural state of mankind is war. Peace requires a high level of trust, cooperation, and well functioning social technology, all of which are being enthusiastically dismantled.  Peace is an elaborate machine with many moving parts, all of which have to work together correctly.

The anglosphere has been internally peaceful since the Mormon War and the War of Northern Aggression, so we think internal peace is natural.  This, however, is survivorship bias.  The anglosphere rules the world because of long internal peace.  But peace is not natural.  Peace is hard.  Ever since the wealthy and successful were driven out of the inner cities, we have been on a trajectory to where politics gets serious.


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  1. Nxx says:

    Filing this in the red pill cabinet under extra strong.

  2. Steve Johnson says:

    “War is easy, peace is hard. Governments everywhere have forgotten how easy war is, how difficult peace is, and gleefully throw kerosene on the fire. The natural state of mankind is war. ”

    Actual war is just as hard as peace – bombers, fighter jets to control airspace, fleets of ships to transport military aged men to fight, etc. What’s easy is cheap low level anarchy where no one trusts anyone but family and fights it out with the other gangs until they establish turf.

    If we’re lucky, this ends in war. If we’re not, anarchy. If we’re insanely lucky Trump becomes emperor and is succeeded by his sons.

    • Cavalier says:

      I disagree that we would be luckier with war than anarchy. I think we would be much luckier with anarchy than war.

      Anarchy is fought man vs. man, family vs. family, tribe vs. tribe with small arms and a will survive. Rugged white men would clean house, their own house, and recreate the Age of Mayberry.

      War is fought state vs. state with tanks, planes, drones, and nukes. Especially nukes. No spring cleaning; chance of showers and radiation. No thanks.

      • Eskyman says:

        Hiroshima was nuked; Detroit was not.

        Which city came out better?

        I fail to see how anarchy ever leads to Mayberry. It leads to Ferguson more often.

        • jim says:

          The problem in Detroit is not anarchy. If it had been anarchy, whites would have been allowed to defend themselves and the city would be prospering.

          • Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodell says:

            The problem in Detroit – is Dat-riot. Dem dare Neegroos be kept as pets of the other protected class of the (((name you shall not mention))). Whites will never be allow to protect ourselves until we rid OUR society of the Zio-menace that has plagued us since 1913. We must restore the Immigration Act of 1924 if we hope to recapture this nation from the (((powers))) that passed the Immigration Act of 1965 that, as (((Emanuel Cellars))) stated, Open the flood gates and, as Barry Obama Soetoro stated, that would fundamentally transform America (from a White Christian Nation) to a third-world hellhole.

          • James says:

            Indeed. Destroit is anarchy tyranny. Everything is illegal except being a criminal. Worst of all is honestly reporting crime, because that makes the statistics look bad.

      • lalit says:

        But Y’all don’t even have Anarchy. What Y’all have is anarcho-Tyranny

    • Fred says:

      Sir, You miss the point. War is easy because it is natural not because it costs less.

  3. JRM says:

    The article more or less subsumes politics into warfare. This is in essence true today in US. Because our previously cohesive ethnic and social body politic has been infused with rampant and aggressive diversity, and our intellectuals are traitors almost to a man.

    If your side is doing politics and the other side is doing war, you are probably in big trouble.

    Post-1865, politics was Teapot Dome, or Boss Tweed, “reform” v. incumbent. It was about fiefdoms and treasure. A few heads got cracked but it was still politics. That was when there were certain unquestioned ideas about race and cultural superiority.

    Since the 1950’s (Brown v Board; Little Rock; bus seats) it has been less and less politics, edging closer and closer to war. The 1960’s and early 1970’s were clearly small-scale war.

    Politics were again more heavily practiced for awhile there, I would say, in the late-70’s through the 1990’s. While the enemy was thoroughly infiltrating our institutions, preparing for war, we were doing politics.

    Recent conditions have qualified as war, per the post. A determined war against tradition, masculinity, and White genetics. We’re in the middle of a full-fledged assault right now, curiously many still don’t or won’t see it.

  4. Dave says:

    Instead of taking a stand against inner-city monkeys, whites have adopted a semi-nomadic lifestyle known as “suburban sprawl”. Buy a cornfield in a town with “good schools” (goodwhitespeak for “no niggers”), cover it with spacious but cheaply-built houses, and when diversity starts moving in, abandon those houses to ruin.

    Europe doesn’t have enough space or money for this, but they’re just American vassal states, so they get to shut up and do as Harvard says.

    • JRM says:

      Dave said: “Buy a cornfield in a town with “good schools” (goodwhitespeak for “no niggers”)…”

      Yes. I am always a little in awe when I hear “good Whites”, often very liberal ones who voted for BHO with an overflowing heart, talk about getting their kids in “good schools”.

      This often entails selling one house to buy another. The process is hardly easy or one done in half-consciousness; but I doubt that you could get an acknowledgement out of these people that it was really all about the niggers with anything less than application of the thumbscrew.

      As (((Saul Bellow))) said: “A great deal of intelligence can be invested in ignorance when the need for illusion is deep.”

      There are a whole lot of these “good Whites” out there in this country. What will become of them when the war becomes too obvious to be avoided?

      • Hidden Author says:

        You guys assume liberals share your use of “good schools” as an euphemism rather than sincerely believing that some schools have better teachers than others…

        • jim says:

          I think it is mighty clear what liberals mean by “good schools”.

          Once in a while some doofus takes the “good schools” rhetoric literally, or pretends to take it literally, and throws a few hundred million dollars at some “bad schools” with the aim of attracting white kids to them. It does not attract whites to them, therefore, very few whites take the “good schools” rhetoric literally.

          They are prepared to impose the logic of that rhetoric on other people’s children using bayonets, but unwilling to accept the logic of that rhetoric being applied to their own children.

          The reason they don’t want their kids to go to “bad schools” is that they don’t want twelve year old adult black males beating the crap out of their twelve year old white children.

          The reason they want to live in a suburb that has “good schools” is not, however, that they want their kids to go to “good schools”, though they do. It is that they hope to delay the time that they will be ethnically cleansed out of the home that they have paid for at staggeringly high “good school” prices.

          • cloudswrest says:

            “Once in a while some doofus takes the “good schools” rhetoric literally, or pretends to take it literally, and throws a few hundred million dollars at some “bad schools”

            *How Newark schools partially squandered Mark Zuckerberg’s $100 million donation*


            • jim says:

              The author has to say something optimistic about spending two hundred million. She was allowed to say very little to show for it, but could not say nothing to show for it, so she points at magnet schools, which are in fact pretty much irrelevant to the two hundred million pissed away. But:

              1: Even the disappointing magnet school gains she lists are unreal, as the supposed good performance of magnet school blacks disappears when whites and blacks have equally completed puberty.

              2: Libtards still refusing to send their white children to be beaten up and raped by twelve year old black adult males even at magnet schools.

          • Hidden Author says:

            Again you assume everyone considers race as significant a factor as you do but with the liberals not taking the implications of that seriously out of sheer evil malice…yes, high IQ is important for a student to learn a lot. But even if two students have the same IQ, one will learn better, if his teacher is more skilled at explaining the curriculum, keeping the student focused and preventing troublemakers from distracting him.

            You may assert that this concern is less relevant than the concern of race…but you did not! Instead you are asserting that good schools are a reference to race apparently because teacher quality isn’t even an actually existing factor to take into consideration…LOL!!!

            • jim says:

              Again you assume everyone considers race as significant a factor as you do but with the liberals not taking the implications of that seriously out of sheer evil malice…y

              I don’t “assume” it. I observe revealed preference. The liberal progressive response to magnet school initiatives intended to attract whites to “bad schools” by throwing ridiculous amounts of money at those schools reveals that when it is their own children who are to be beaten and raped, liberals take race about as significantly as I do.

              They don’t take race seriously when it is badwhites being forced to abandon their homes, but they do take race seriously when faced with demands to send their own children to be beaten up by twelve year old adult black males. They are fine with other people’s children being beaten up and raped.

            • jim says:

              you are asserting that good schools are a reference to race apparently because teacher quality isn’t even an actually existing factor to take into consideration…

              Observed behavior is that teacher quality is not in fact a factor that libtards take into consideration. Magnet schools in a great many cases do in fact have better teacher quality, but when it comes to sending in their own children for beatings and rape, liberals do not give a shit.

              • Hidden Author says:

                What about when upper-class blacks send their children to private schools? Whites didn’t seem to flee the Obama children and as Barack said Trayvon could have been his son!

                • Anonymous says:

                  You are a fucking tool.

                  How many upper-class blacks are there? Hmmm….

                  4-5 niggers in a school of 500 doesn’t diminish the “good school” label. Once niggers are more than 1-2% of the student body, the school loses “good school” status.

  5. Glen Filthie says:


    I’m ahead of most on this one and saw it all ten ~ fifteen years ago when I was called a racist/fascist just for speaking the truth. I started gearing up for the inevitable, more vicious attacks that will start coming from the liberal left and their pet shit skins.

    If you can’t live well in the coming hard times – may you at least die well and take as many of them with you as possible.

  6. Robert says:

    Running to the hills is not a good plan. Local organization and network building is the way forward. We are scattered and leaderless. Even with Trump, if I don’t see a bunch of trains filled with foreigners heading south, then we are still in trouble. We have all but lost our women, we have all but lost our will to survive. If you are interested in a group trying to stop the decline, check out

  7. Jack Highlands says:

    Given Ferguson, Milwaukee and Rotherham, there already is war.

    Just rather one-sided at an early stage – doubt this one will ever be ‘declared.’

    The next phase begins when the other side steps beyond the internet and starts to push back. It’s as inevitable as rain.

    • Corvinus says:

      “The next phase begins when the other side steps beyond the internet and starts to push back. It’s as inevitable as rain.”

      So, rugged white boy, when do expect yourself to unseat yourself from your computer and begin recreating the Age of Mayberry?

      • Jack Highlands says:

        Sword warfare is for young men and old generals. I am neither.

        I do what I can with pen warfare. Yes, it often grows stale. But events are changing quickly now. Who knows where they will take me?

      • Mr. Rational says:

        Lesson learned from 60’s radicals:

        Never do what you talk about.

        Never talk about what you do.

      • LoL No says:

        Begging opponents to telegraph their punches is unbecoming. Then again, judging by the smug tone of your post, I’m sure you’re accustomed to begging…. Carry on.

      • Anon says:

        You have to be one of the dumbest commentators here. Every single post you make is inane.

        • Corvinus says:

          Jack Highlands…

          Sword warfare is for men, period.

          Mr. Rational…

          In essence, sit on the sidelines until compelled to remain there or become involved. Sounds cuckish to me.

          Lol No…

          No one does smugness than you, Internet Tough Guy. Talk is cheap. Be like your idol, Anders Breivik.


          Lol No is a white man, Anon. Why are you hatin’ on one of your fellow whites?

          • Anon says:

            Apparently you’re even dumber than previously imagined. Learn how nested replies work before you come back and make more inane comments about things you don’t understand.

      • Anonymous says:

        Court the wrath nigger.

  8. Jack Highlands says:

    War is politics by other means.

    And as Chagnon showed, war is fundamentally over women. But that was hard for even the Alt Right to see before the advent of the rapefugees.

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  10. Mike says:

    Jim, is there any chance the US would fracture if the dollar lost its value?

    I am unsure that tax collectors would be able to collect nationally if they begin to demand payment in gold or labor. Would not Gresham’s Law and the black market of 94kk Americans out of the labor force make resource collection impossible without the dollar?

    “If white males start nakedly pursuing their own interests the way that every other interest group does, it is going to be war. If they don’t, genocide.”

    That’s a big if. Taxation permits the Cathedral to Converge private enterprise. If White males have any chance, it is through the black market operating among 94kk Americans out of the labor force. And further, through donations.

    On a separate note, if White males are more concerned about their shared genetic survival than tech advancement, it would follow that the best and brightest get drawn in to the Alt Right or other ethnocentric pursuits. And if highyeer education was hostile to those pursuits (it is), it would follow that White males abandon higher education and “disappear” from the e

    • Mike says:

      …and “disappear” eyes of the cathedral into trade schools and black market.

      That black market is where the new factions of North America should arise when the Collapse hits. If we forget de jure borders, and focus on demographics, Canada and the US are near one and the same. As more racial/ethnic groups fall into the black market, borders should become even more porous. And as borders become porous, short shrift on the part of a sickly Cathedral should mean “No Go Zones” for the Federal government.

    • jim says:

      I don’t think a collapse in the value of the dollar is likely soon, despite massive misconduct in that direction. The Japanese Yen is a lot further down that track than the US dollar, and it has not collapsed yet.

      • peppermint says:

        Yeah, the debt:GDP is going to go up as GDP collapses

      • Trollercoaster says:

        Japan does not run a perpetual trade deficit i.e. the Yen does not chase more “real stuff” than Japan produces.

        USA however runs a perpetual trade deficit i.e. lots of dollars chasing real stuff, more real stuff than USA can produce. If the rest of the world stops buying US debt and financial instruments, US Govt. will still need the same amount of real stuff for dindus and bureaucrats, and will print like crazy to (try) to get it.

        So basically all that needs to happen for USD hyperinflation is for the rest of the world to cease giving us real stuff for nothing. Will happen suddenly.

        • Andrew E. says:

          Yes, this is the FOFOA view. With which I agree.

        • jim says:

          The US runs a perpetual trade deficit because it is an international currency, and because rich people from all over the world stash their wealth in America. You gain power in country X, steal everything not nailed down, pry up anything nailed down, set it on fire if the prybar does not work. Then you stash the loot in America for when you lose power. If America no longer ruled the world, people would no longer stash their wealth in America, but that happens after the collapse, it does not cause the collapse.

          • Andrew E. says:

            The elites won’t continue to stash wealth in America if they lose the perception that their wealth will be preserved. The global elites could suddenly find themselves in a ‘bank run’ on the dollar.

          • peppermint says:

            What happens when Iran starts selling oil in rubles, bitcoins, or euros? Sure, it’s America not ruling the world, and sure, it’s America’s fault, but it isn’t directly chosen by the internal logic of the America economy or American dissidents.

            SS will not be paid by migrants. SS is paid to migrants and only the Alt-Right can stop those payments. Who is paying that 10% SS/Medicaid tax and also the rest of the mo money fo dem programs?

            If two people pay a third of their income they can support a third person, or more than one third person, to do Democratic Party activism. Employment isn’t increasing and employment at middle-class tax-paying incomes is declining.

            To this what passes for Left intellectuals are claiming that robots will take all the jobs so no one will have to work so it doesn’t matter, or simply saying racist, goldbug, kook and dismissing the thought.

      • Zach says:

        Didn’t the CBO project close to 150% GDP by 2040? Then reaching Greece levels…

        I think it was something like that. These projections are impossible.

        • jim says:

          So? Things are going to blow up financially in 2040.

          I expect war before 2040.

          • Zach says:

            My comment was supplemental. Even the Government projects itself to die. Which is interesting.

            War when? Collapse was estimated here around 2050, is this War thing your new outlook or an old outlook?

            • jim says:

              I have always expected war around 2026 or so. Been making this prediction, with minor changes in the date, since the fall of the Soviet Union. Qualifying that by saying that war in inherently unpredictable. Wars happen because people do not expect them. Wars happen because side one expects side two to capitulate peacefully and side two expects side one to stop pushing when it does not get anywhere. Thus if lots of people start thinking that absolutely terrible war is going to happen around the mid terms of the successor to Trump or Clinton, because the stakes are getting too high, elites will lower the stakes. At the moment, however, Clinton is enthusiastically upping the stakes, raising the demands, while Trump shocks the world by not rolling over and cucking. Projecting stake raising to 2026, we get war – Ferguson and Milwaukee go nation wide. Calais goes Europe wide. On the other hand, if people realize they are driving over a cliff, they won’t.

              At somepoint, quite soon, all the goodwhites are going to agree that the badwhites need killing, only to discover that those in charge believe there is no such thing as a goodwhite.

              You ask what they think they are going to do without white males to reload their EBT cards. They don’t think white males reload their EBT cards. They think badwhites stop their EBT cards from being reloaded. That is what Obama means by “you did not build that”. That is what “strong empowered woman” means. She is so empowered that her EBT card is always loaded and her credit cards are never declined.

              So I will cautiously qualify the prediction by saying “war, or the left collaborates in a major defeat for the left, in the way that the right has always collaborated in major defeats for the right”. So war unless the left accepts a Trump presidency, allows Trump to be Trump, and then consolidates what he has done after he dies or retires – One hundred percent of anchor babies drop kicked over the great Wall of Trump by the following left wing administration.

              • pdimov says:

                “war, or the left collaborates in a major defeat for the left”

                There is a theory that what will actually happen is that the elites will, at some point when diversity becomes unbearable, redefine left to have always been against diversity, and swiftly deal with it. The evil conservatives will suddenly find themselves having always been pro-diversity and the associated destruction – and will dutifully assume the role.

                I’m not sure that the elites can pull that off though.

              • JRM says:

                @jim: “Wars happen because people do not expect them. Wars happen because side one expects side two to capitulate peacefully and side two expects side one to stop pushing when it does not get anywhere.”

                This is a classical description of how wars like World War I started, with starched Governmental potentates furiously saving face and talking about National honor right until the guns started firing. (Although as an aside, the young men of Europe couldn’t wait for a chance at glory by shooting another European from a different European country. There was huge pen-up popular demand for conflict, and huge street celebrations when War was announced were de rigeur.)

                But jim, what about wars like the Neo-Con War of 9-11 (or was it 9-10?) 2001 to present? In that ongoing situation, attempts and offers from “dictators” to back down or make peaceful overtures were not only not wanted, they were ignored.

                Wouldn’t you agree that the ongoing wars (and US-backed upheavals) in the Middle East and North Africa do not fit the classical scenario you describe above?


                @jim: “…because the stakes are getting too high, elites will lower the stakes.”

                Maybe not: “Hubris” . Plus a profound hatred of regular old Joe Sixpack. The elites may have more than a mere casual interest in the destruction of the White middle-class.

                • jim says:

                  Wouldn’t you agree that the ongoing wars (and US-backed upheavals) in the Middle East and North Africa do not fit the classical scenario you describe above?

                  They thought the Arabs were going to throw flowers at us and vote for progressives. They believed their own propaganda that Islam, rightly understood, is progressivism. Still believe it.

                  They were, and are, astonished, that Bashar al-Assad refuses to capitulate and his people remain loyal to him when it so completely obvious that if he surrenders everything will lovely, there will be flying unicorns farting rainbows, and everyone will hold hands and sing Kumbaya. Why does he just not resign so that we can get to the bit where everyone holds hands and sings Kumbaya? Why is he is so totally stubborn and unreasonable? It just defies understanding.

                • peppermint says:

                  last time I was talking to intelligent progressives, as defined by hanging around jewniversities, about this, which was about three years ago, they all agreed that it might take decades to educate the afghans into voting for gay marriage, but “we” have a moral obligation to stick around for those decades and burn any muslin that disapproves

                  of course it has to be through corrupt faggots instead of straightforward rule, since straightforwardly ruling them would hurt their self-esteem or whatever

                • Hidden Author says:

                  Including the college professor Kevin MacDonald?

          • peppermint says:

            Yeah, I’m expecting war within the decade and collapse in two decades at the latest. For decades nazis have been saying that they will stage trials for the race traitors, but what was needed for a war is utmost clarity of who is on which side. There will not be trials for college professors or ranking journalists.

            • Hidden Author says:

              Including the college professor Kevin MacDonald?

            • Dave says:

              The ranks of journalists and non-STEM college professors have been so thoroughly purged of non-communists that no trials are needed, you can simply hang the lot of them.

              Maliki thought he was a genius for purging Iraq’s military of Sunnis, until those Sunnis laid his soldiers down in pits and shot every one of them.

              • jim says:

                We don’t want to hang Havel’s greengrocer.

                In the English restoration, leftists were given the opportunity to “conform”. Conforming leftists were invited to reapply for jobs similar to their old jobs at similar pay, and generally got them.

                • Oliver Cromwell says:

                  However the same people and their children and grandchildren came back immediately and began reversing the restoration.

                  Revolutions characterised by mass hangings of opponents tend to be disasters. Perhaps that is coincidental. But there are other ways.

                  One way is to retain Progressivism as the formal state church but as a dead husk, just as the Church of England is still formally the state church but in fact is a dead husk. The Progressive church can have the exclusive right to perform modern marriages when traditional marriage is restored elsewhere. Remaining loyalists to the Progressive church will enthusiastically take the opportunity to suppress their own birth rate while that of their opponents explodes, and disappear.

                • jim says:

                  However the same people and their children and grandchildren came back immediately and began reversing the restoration.

                  Not the same people.

                  Their grandchildren and great grandchildren

                  If we had executed Lord Howe for treason, heresy, and apostacy in 1776, a century after the restoration, all would have been well.

                  We still had legal enforcement of Anglicanism and monarchy by divine right all the way up to and including the Regency. Parliament wanted to declare George Regent, and he refused to allow them, being appointed by God. As long as Kings could make divine right stick, as long as they were head of the Church and you had to adhere to the Church to hold any politically sensitive job, as long as the aristocracy officered the army, the restoration was not reversed.

                  Whig history backdates their successes to the Glorious revolution, which was twenty years after the restoration, but this is not true. Rather, they managed to get away with a lot of stuff that they should not have been allowed to get away with, but they did not actually get the upper hand until the British Empire was officialy declared under Queen Victoria.

                • jim says:

                  That said, I rather like your plan that only social justice warriors can perform marriages, and while they industriously marrying a three men, a small boy, and a horse, actual marriage is restored under another name by new organizations.

      • R7_Rocket says:

        Japan is a homogenous society with high social trust. Japanese society will survive a collapse of the Yen.

  11. Every other group out there already aggressively lobbies for their interests in a ruthless zero sum game. It is inevitable then that non-rich white males will be forced to do the same to survive, it’s already happening.
    I for one never much cared about race but I learned the reality that others have a box they put me in whether I like it or not. If I must play that game…very well…may as well play it well. Do they not understand how they needlessly create their own opposition?

  12. Alan J. Perrick says:

    The Anglosphere is strangely separated from Great Britain, then.

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  14. Oatsalot says:

    I do agree with your point on the necessity of a homogenous society, in order for democracy to function effectively. But politics ends where violence begins. Violence can be utilised to attain the goals sought by politics – but these are two distinct spheres of agency, requiring a very different set of skills, competencies and procedures.

    With traitorous elites and corrupted political systems, “politics” has failed Europeans. Thus we nations, and our American counterparts, must become prepared for violence. As you rightly note, the invading Arabs, Muslims, etc in Europe, and the fifth column of Blacks in the USA, have known and acted upon this for a long time. It is long overdue that we all accept the inevitable battle that faces us, and future generations, for primacy in our homeland.

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